Bullying and Online Trolls: My Story and What I've Learned


Bullying is something I have spoken about a couple of times on my blog before because it really is a topic quite close to my heart. However, I'm taking the time to discuss it with you all again because it's an issue that remains as relevant as ever.

I have been bullied quite a few times in my life - I was bullied for a short time at primary school, an even shorter time in my first year at secondary school which actually involved the bully being removed from my form and then I was bullied online from Year 10 to Year 13 and throughout my first year at college, resulting in about 5 years of bullying.

I thought it was over when it died down in about 2016 but over the last year it's begun to start up again - and it's only since this most recent bout of bullying that I've begun to really notice something; the bullying begins when I become more successful.

Just having a lil' laugh in the face of the haters who have tried to bring me down

When the online bullying started in Year 10, I had just got myself into my first proper relationship, one of the few serious relationships in the year group at school, and the bullying began. When I started college, I started my blog and began to do some really cool things, like working with Channel 4 and 4Music and getting my own radio show. The bullying got worse, with people slating my work, telling me I wasn't going to get anywhere (lol) and needed to quit writing (even bigger lol).

At one stage I even got the police involved because I just couldn't deal with it anymore, but the police told me until they caused me physical harm they couldn't intervene. Sigh.

Fast Forward to 2018 where my life is the absolute best it's ever been. I'm in an amazing career, on a great wage. I live in a beautiful home with the love of my life. I'm getting the chance to travel the world. My business is taking off and becomes more and more successful all the time, I'm more confident in myself than I've ever been and really living my best life and do you know what?

People can't stand it.

I've brought it up a couple of times already, but a nasty photo of me was made and circulated around the town I live in. I've had people who I believed would be life long friends write nasty, indirect snapchats about me and behave so nastily I've had to cut them off altogether. I've had people cut me off, for no reason. I had a twitter account set up that only followed me and responded to all my tweets for a while with nasty comments, telling me my boobs were saggy, that I was fat and so on. And then almost two weeks ago, there was this:

An account was set up on Instagram with, what I can only assume, was the sole intent of writing nasty comments on my photos, because they had no posts on their account and no followers and then went back through 92 photos and videos on my Instagram feed in less than five minutes to post five nasty comments before I blocked them.

Once the initial hurt and upset dissolved, the comments are quite humorous. Taking jibes at my weight clearly because they know I've just lost weight and am proud of how good I look right now. On one photo their best insult was "tin foil". Literally lol. 

Commenting no my boyfriends appearance however, is something I won't tolerate. Ever. I am very open and share most of my life online, including the people in it. Say all you like about me - I've probably heard it all before - but comment on my loved ones and it's over for you. I didn't care what this troll was saying about me, but to say such nasty things about my boyfriend was just completely out of line. 

"When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing"

Bullying is still a huge issue that needs to be properly tackled - and yet it's something we don't seem capable of tackling very well. The number of bullies and trolls is growing, and the number of people becoming depressed, ill or even ending their life over it is growing with them. Bullies caused me to self harm, caused me to develop odd eating behaviours, dragged my self esteem down to below zero and made me feel worthless. This, in part, lead to me becoming a victim in a violent relationship. In short, bullies and online trolls absolutely ruined my life. 

But I got through it. I'm one of the lucky ones. It wasn't easy, but I made it - and so now I'm going to share with you some of the things that I learnt, in the hopes that if you're being bullied too, they might help you.

Bullies are never happier than you

People aren't bullying you because you're sad, or because you're having a rubbish time. People are bullying you because you make them feel uncomfortable or insecure or vulnerable about their own lives. Look at how many celebrities deal with online bullies and trolls every day, simply for living a lavish life that they earned that these bullies and trolls can't obtain. In my case, as I've already said, my life is currently the best it's ever been and I'm very open about this online. Bullies and trolls can't stand to see this, because they don't want people to have things they don't have, and so I've seen a rise in bullying and nastiness directed towards me.

Bullies are very sad, lonely and bitter people. People who think their life hasn't gone quite according to plan. People who think they deserve better. People who don't have a loving partner, or a nice home, or a caring family. Bullies are always worse off than you, and that's why they try to drag you down to their level - so that they can feel better. It doesn't excuse their behaviour at all but it definitely is worth remembering how good your life must be for someone to work so hard at trying to get to you over it. 

Most bullies and "anonymous trolls" are people you know

Or, even worse, people you considered friends. Anonymous trolls are always someone you know, someone close to you - hence why they know so much about you and know exactly what to say to hurt you the most. I once found out my entire circle of friends were writing incredibly nasty things about me on Twitter, because they knew that at the time, I didn't have Twitter. When I did join Twitter, what felt like my entire year group all tweeted the hashtag #TheDownfallOfTwitter - because they no longer had a safe space to bitch about me where I couldn't see. 

When this kind of thing happens, there's not a lot you can do. I'm 22 now and if there's one thing I can tell you about friendships, it's that they are incredibly fickle. I wish that growing up, I had kept a very small, select circle around me, rather than being friends with everyone when many of them were stabbing me in the back.

This point does link back to the first - people want to see you do well, but never better than them. If you can excel at something and a friend can't, this can turn them into a bitter, nasty bully - this has happened to me on numerous occasions, and it hurts a lot. Your friends are supposed to be your cheerleaders, are supposed to clap when you win! But sometimes your successes reveal the true colours of people you believe are your "friends". 

This is not anything to do with you - it's a reflection of the kind of person they were to begin with, and you're definitely better off without someone like that in your life. 

No reaction is the best reaction

Now obviously this seems a bit hypocritical, as I'm dedicating a whole post to bullies and trolls, but as a general rule of thumb, I've found that no reaction is the best reaction. I used to rise to the bait everytime it was offered, respond with fury to every nasty comment and mean post I saw about me, write my own indirect posts about people who wrote indirect posts about me. Really, this just added fuel to the fire. Bullies and trolls thrive off your reactions - it spurs them on to keep being nasty because they love knowing that they have power over you and your feelings. That they have the power to bring you down.

Don't give them that power. I'm now well trained in simply blocking and deleting. Of course, if the bullying is serious it should be reported. I got the police involved in the photo situation and it was swiftly nipped in the bud. But for nasty comments online, simply delete them and block the profile. It drives bullies and trolls absolutely crazy when they can't get to you. 

As I've mentioned, bullies are never happier than you. Imagine your life being so sad, so lonely, so miserable and bored within your own life that you have time to dedicate all your free time to visiting the profile of someone you apparently don't like - especially under the guise of a troll account - to leave nasty comments. Imagine. You've gotta pity them really. They just need a hug and some guidance in the right direction. They've obviously been through some shit that's left them feeling this way about other people, so pray for them, block and delete them and move on. 

And remember - if a hater keeps checking on you, that's not a hater, that's a fan.

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Love YOU Q and A's

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Yesterday morning, I used Instagram's newest feature, the Question Sticker, to host a Q and A over the course of the next 24 hours about body positivity and boobs. This was in relation to a blog post that I published yesterday morning about boobs (you can read that here!) and how I learned to love mine, even though they aren't 'perfect' in the eyes of the world.

The Q and A was far more successful than I had anticipated and some of the questions I received were actually quite challenging - I definitely needed more than just an Instagram story to answer them, and so some of them I will actually be covering on my blog. However, it wasn't just the kinds of questions I was receiving that allowed me to measure the success of the Q and A, nor the quantity of questions either, but rather the feedback I received during the Q and A, and even now after it.

So many individuals, male and female, came to me with just the nicest things to say about how much I was helping them to feel better about their own body, how I was helping them on their self love journey and to become more body positive and so on, so on.

Honestly, feedback like this means the world to me and it couldn't make me happier. Obviously, all I want to do is help people to learn to love themselves and become more body positive!! It's all I ever talk about! So it got me thinking - maybe these Q and A's are something I should do more regularly? Of course, I posed this question to my followers on Instagram and got a resounding YES that I should be doing this more regularly, with the most popular suggestion being weekly.

Obviously, I was so happy people wanted to participate in body positivity and self love Q and A's with little old me on a weekly basis and I was more than happy to get this started off right away! So in order to do this, I now need to set some things in motion to make it all happen.

First things first, I've made an Instagram Story Highlight (my first ever one!) to record the first Q and A, so if you missed out, don't worry! You can go back and revisit it on my Instagram here.

Click that little pink circle on my Instagram profile to catch up on the first ever Q and A!

Secondly, if it's going to be a mini project in itself, it needs a name. At the moment, I've named it Love YOU Q and A's. Love obviously links in with my brand and Love YOU works well with it being all about loving yourself, covering the topics of body positivity and self love. However, if you feel there's a better suited name for this, I'd love to hear it! I'm open to suggestions.

Thirdly, I need to decide on a day. Insta stories are live for 24 hours so it won't matter about work hours so much, as you'll be able to access the Q and A all day and all night - but is there a preferred day? I will be doing a Twitter Poll and asking on Facebook/Insta too, but please feel free to comment a preferred day below.

Lastly, I need to make a logo to use as the cover for my Q and A's! Send me all your fave logo designers and also any ideas! I'm thinking to keep it in line with my brand it's gotta be pink, white and incorporate a heart...

I have lots of ideas for this Q and A project, and can't wait to see how it pans out. Guest hosts, me asking YOU questions, different content ideas and so on. I'm really excited for this and glad that something I did on a whim has created the potential for something really exciting.

Did you enjoy the first Q and A? What would you like to see in future Q and A's? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Let's talk about boobs (again!)

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Boobs. Half the world's population has them - and yet they're a topic that are so often misunderstood. For that reason, it's a topic that I love to talk about.

I have been blessed (arguable word, but we'll go with it) with relatively large boobs. Sitting firmly at a tiny little A-B up until I was 16, I suddenly sprouted, bypassing pretty much all other cup sizes and jumping pretty quickly up to an astonishing F cup. An F! At the time I was proud, because everyone wants big boobs, right? I wore outfits that showed them off, frequently received compliments about my curvaceous figure and generally felt pretty lucky to be part of the "big boob gang".

Until the online bullying started. Because one of the comments that seemed to appear over and over again was that I had "saggy" boobs. This was something I'd not paid any attention to before, I'd never even considered my own boobs to be saggy and I definitely didn't feel like this was a good thing. Everyone knows boobs are supposed to be perky and firm at all times, with or without a bra, right?

Wrong! (But we'll get to that in a minute!)

I felt extremely self conscious about my boobs, and the more comments I received - particularly from girls - the worse I felt. However, me being me, I didn't let it stop me from wearing the clothes I wanted. I still wore pretty, unpadded bralets, low cut tops etc, truly sticking a finger up at the world and telling them that I didn't give a fuck what they thought about my breasts. But on the inside, I really did care. No one else seemed to have saggy boobs, no one else seemed to be suffering from the problems I was - only women who were old or who had breast fed! 

Once I came out of my previous long termrelationship, I struggled with dating. I had 0 body confidence, I had 0 confidence at all for that matter - and I felt particularly unattractive thanks to my boobs. 

"No one else seemed to have saggy boobs, no one else seemed to be suffering from the problems I was"

Thankfully, fastforward quickly through the 18 months or so of being single and I underwent a transformation where I fell in love with myself, gained so much body confidence, defeated my battles with body image and really loved and embraced my body exactly as it was. Sometimes, I did get the niggle in the back of my mind about my boobs, but then I'd remind myself how great I looked and just move on. 

Until I became subject to some nasty behaviour online - again. And guess what they decided to target? 

Yep, my "saggy" boobs. 

Not only were nasty comments made, a nasty picture was actually made, making fun of how my boobs looked in a selfie I had uploaded a while back (where, by the way, I looked pretty damn good). The picture was circulated far and wide, even by people I believed were my friends. I was so hurt, but more than anything, I wanted to bang people's heads together and bloody educate them on how boobs work - and especially on the magical tools women use called bras

Let me demonstrate. 

Exhibit A: Me in a bodysuit, not wearing a bra (a regular occurance because ew bras) vs. me in a push up bra, a popular tool amongst many women across the globe.

Look at the difference a bra makes! On the left, I look like I have "saggy boobs" and on the right, with the help of a decent bra, I look like I have the most voluptuous cleavage in the world. Guess what? That's what bras are for! They pick your boobs up, give you a cleavage, make you look bigger and rounder than you are. It's the whole reason women wear bras! Forget about the support of a bra, we just wanna look good because that's what the media and society has made us believe is our number one priority!

Let me demonstrate again, just in case you're still dubious.

Exhibit B: Me in a strappy, unpadded bikini vs me in a padded, tie up front bikini. 

Again, look at the different! Same girl, same boobs, very different looks - my boobs in their normal state on the left vs my boobs pulled together using the knot mechanism on the bikini on the right look so different. That's because bras make the world of difference, and if you think that all girls naturally have boobs that sit like mine do in a padded bra, you're mistaken. Some women do, of course they do! But only a small minority. 

So often, I choose not to wear a bra, or to wear one of the aforementioned pretty, unpadded and therefore 0 support bralets. They're comfier, they're cuter and I don't give a damn if they make my boobs look saggy or not because I like wearing them. I thought I was the only one, going a bit crazy, but then something amazing happened...

At the end of 2017, influencer 'The Slumflower' brought to light her social media movement #SaggyBoobsMatter and it is just so needed! The movement has the aim of educating the world on the fact that everyone's boobs look different - they're different shaped, different sizes, sit in different places and even people's nipples differ massively too! No two sets of boobs are the same and that is totally okay! The Slumflower herself has what are labelled as "saggy boobs" and she rocks them. And with her confidence to show them off the way people show perky boobs off, many more girls have come out into the light to show off their natural, "saggy" boobs too - and all being very proud of them, as they should be! 

"I love my boobs and I won't be shamed into thinking they aren't great"

Men are ridiculous for thinking that all women are going to have what I like to call "pornstar boobs" - big, bouncy, F cup boobs that sit under women's chins and never deflate ever in their lives, with a cleavage you could get lost in. Sadly boys, boobs are always changing. They change with your hormonal cycle, they change if you take the contraceptive pill, when you lose weight or gain weight, they change when you get pregnant, when you breastfeed and when you get old. There is a whole multitude of reasons as to why your boobs change and they happen often. For men - and even women - to think boobs will stay the same for your whole life is just yet another societal expectation most women will fail to reach.

I love my boobs and I won't be shamed into thinking they aren't great just because a handful of uneducated and misinformed individuals think they're "saggy" and therefore "gross". Welcome to the world of natural breasts, and whilst you're at it, go and do some research into the ever growing, world famous #SaggyBoobsMatter movement. You might just pick up a thing or two.

People need to remember that boobs are, first and foremost, lumps of fat designed to feed babies, much like udders on a cow. They're not sexual organs used solely for the pleasure of men. Never have been, never will be. Additionally, if you're about to comment on someones breasts, take a second to think about what you're about to say and why you feel like it's your place to say it. Lastly, if you're about to comment on someone's appearance in a negative way, make sure that you're a bang on ten out of ten yourself before you criticise someone else.

I love my boobs perky in a push up bra and saggy in a soft bralette. They look banging either way, and so do I. 

In the words of The Slumflower herself, you should be very grateful you're even able to see my boobs.

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Ibiza for beginners!

Ibiza tips

If you have me on Instagram, you'll have been subject to my ongoing spam of Ibiza photos! I recently went on holiday there with my boyfriend, Jonny, and honestly I had such a good time. 

Whilst Jonny has always, always wanted to go to Ibiza, it's never appealed to me - I've not really ever wanted to go and get smashed day after day and come home feeling crappy. To me, that didn't sound like a holiday. However, back in 2017 when Stormzy hosted the first ever Merky Festival at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, I knew I wanted to go - so when the tickets for the 2018 festival went on sale, Jonny and I booked them straight away! The festival itself is only two days, so we decided to fly out the day before and add a couple of days afterwards too, to make it more of a holiday. 

Ibiza boyfriend

I was a little dubious for a number of reasons. First of all, at the time of booking the holiday, I had put on weight and didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, so I worried I'd feel horrible and unattractive next to the undoubtedly slim, gorgeous girls who would be there. Secondly, I wasn't that into drinking - I like a couple to make me buzzed but I don't really enjoy getting smashed. Would I really enjoy Ibiza? Thirdly, the money - everyone says that Ibiza is incredibly expensive and it actually made me feel sick that I could be spending 40 euros + on one drink! Lastly, I prefer city break holidays, so I just worried that aside from the festival, I just wouldn't enjoy the trip in general. 

Well, I'd like to tell you all now that I was wrong about all those factors. If you've never been to Ibiza before and are going soon, or considering booking a trip there soon, let me share my experience with you...

The People
Everyone knows the Ibiza stereotype - skinny, tanned, gorgeous, wearing barely any clothes girls and lads lads LADS with six packs who pick up multiple girls a day. 

Wrong, wrong and wrong again.

I felt so more at ease with the people I was surrounded with in Ibiza than I expected! Yes, I had lost some weight myself and so felt more comfortable in my own skin which definitely eased up any insecurities I may have had, but I was genuinely so surprised because everything I had thought about Ibiza-goers was wrong. There were men and women of all shapes and sizes, all ages (really- even people who were 'old'!), all kinds of backgrounds and all wearing whatever the hell they wanted and I absolutely loved it. It sounds bad to say but I just hadn't expected to see any girls bigger than a size 6 in bikinis. I saw women of all size, and I also saw women with all kinds of boobs too, and I revelled in it. It wasn't all just unrealistically perfect girls like I'd been dreading - it was all kinds of girls, all looking like absolute babes! It was so great to be surrounded by all these people who were owning their bodies and rocking fab outfits and just having a good time. 

body confidence

In terms of lads, I didn't come across any that struck me as the dickhead lads I expected to see. Basically, the Ibiza stereotypes I had expected to meet appeared to be totally wrong! 

Drinking + The Prices
Because I'm quite a light weight, I don't have to drink much as it is. However, as it happens, the weekend before going away I had an alcohol related incident that went incredibly badly, and kind of put me off drinking too much ever again. I managed to get nicely buzzed every single day, particularly on alcoholic slushies and cocktail ice pops! I paced myself every day, about one drink an hour, and drunk about 3-5 bottles of water a day between drinks to a) stay hydrated (it is hot out there!) and b) make sure I didn't get absolutely paralytic! 

It worked nicely. I wasn't sick once, didn't get so messy I embarrassed myself, didn't pass out and didn't get a hangover once! Better still, once I was home I didn't get a case of the "Ibiza flu" either! Jonny was the same, although he deffo drank more than me, but we both agreed we did it the "right way" - happily buzzed but not too much that we felt horrible every day! 

Ibiza drinks

In terms of the prices, it really wasn't expensive as I expected. I was told I would have to pay around 40 or 50 euros for one drink. This wasn't the case. We drank at Ibiza Rocks Hotel, Amnesia, Ushuaia and out at restaurants with our meals and never paid more than 20 euros for one drink. 

We took 1100 euros to last four days and actually came home with money - we drank every day/night and went out for two or three meals a day too, so make of that what you will.

Things to Do
Ibiza is definitely a party island, but there is still plenty to do! There is the other side of the island, which is apparently lovely and not party orientated at all, but unfortunately we didn't have time on this trip to visit. 

However if you're staying in one of the main areas, such as San Antonio, then there's lots to do. There's plenty of restaurants and bars for the days/evenings, you can hire quad bikes and mopeds, there's shops and there's also the beach, where you can sunbathe or hire a variety of boats (some of them are truly amazing with slides coming off of them!)

Ibiza Beach

However, if you're partying every night, you are probably going to want to sleep for most of the next day! If you book a hotel, try and get one with a pool, so you can chill in there all day! There's a fairground nearby and a harbour where you can take ferry rides. There's also plenty of pool parties every day at Ibiza Rocks, which is good! 

Tips and Tricks
So for any of you first timers going, here's what I'd say...

- Wear whatever you want because that's what literally everyone does. 

Ibiza outfit

- Bring glitter and gems for pool parties and club nights, people wear a lot of those!

- Drink plenty of water. Alcohol dehydrates you as it is but Ibiza is hot and you'll be out in the sun a lot, which can lead to you getting ill! Drink your water.

- Eat! I went to Ibiza with the mentality that I wasn't going to eat much because "I didn't want to look bloated in a bikini". That is a STUPID idea, especially if you're drinking. Enjoy some of the local food, like a delicious seafood paella!

Ibiza food

- Think carefully about wearing heels. You'll be on your feet a LOT.

- Wear sun cream! It reached highs of about 32 degrees whilst I was out there (start of July), and people often forget to top up suncream, or forget that it washes off in the pool. The pool is where your skin is most vulnerable so don't think you're safe just because you're submerged in water! 

- Book club tickets before you go! Yes, you can sometimes get cheaper deals when you're out there, but if you book in advance it saves you time and money. For example, we booked Amnesia in advance and paid 50 euros. We were able to plan the days either side of Amnesia accordingly to make sure we weren't too worn out (it was open until 6am!) and tickets on the door started at 60 euros so it was worth it! It also takes away a lot of stress of trying to decide what to do.

Amnesia Ibiza

- Take plenty of bikinis! If you're in a pool everyday you'll need at least three!

Have you been to Ibiza before? Share your tips below! Similarly, if you have any questions about Ibiza for me, feel free to ask away!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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I can't make up my mind!

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I am the worst at making decisions. I mean literally, the worst. 

Once I've made a decision, great! I stick to it, I'm rock solid on it and there's no wavering me. And it's odd, because in a lot of aspects of my life, I'm incredibly decisive. From a very young age I've known exactly who I am, what I want from life and what I want to achieve. Those were very easy decisions for me. 

But ask me what I want for dinner, where I want to go at the weekend to make the most of the sun or what TV show I want to watch and I'm stumped. 

I guess it's a good thing that I'm decisive about the things that count, right?

I recently relaunched my blog and announced that I was going to be focusing on four main categories - body positivity, self love, relationships and careers. However, after my recent holiday to Ibiza, and with three more holidays coming up over the next 10 months (and hopefully more!) I discovered that you guys really enjoyed my travel content. More surprising to me was that I wanted to make more travel content. 

Which left me stumped with a problem - because my blog has four niches, and five is definitely too many. Body positivity, self love and relationships all link, with careers being the odd one out, and whilst I do love writing about it, I don't write about it very often. 

So do I replace careers with travel? Travel allows me to talk about travelling with a partner, therefore fitting into relationships, and being 'beach body ready' and the likes, fitting into body positivity and self love. So even though I just relaunched, is it okay to already be making changes simply because I can't make up my mind?

And then I realised there was something else I posted about a lot.

Something I love a lot - food!

But that's easy to incorporate into body positivity and self love for obvious reasons, and of course if I were to delve into travel, it would be easy to incorporate food, too. I eat a lot and I like to eat well - I often Instagram my food so it only makes sense to try and link it into my blog content to create unified content across all my platforms. That was the aim of my rebrand and relaunch, after all.

That's it. 

This post has helped me to make up my mind (I think).

Scrapping careers and taking on travel instead. What do you guys think? When I ran a poll on Insta and Twitter the majority of people voted for travel content. Will you be sad if I let careers go or are you more excited to see travel content instead? 

I think this is going to be a very exciting new string to my b(l)ow(g). It will give me the chance to book more holidays and trips, in the UK as well as outside of it, and also will give me a massive opportunity to pick my camera up and kickstart my photography game again too. 

So Love from, Florence Grace - a platform focusing on Body Positivity, Self Love, Relationships and Travel. 

What do you think? 

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Being Beach Body Ready

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If there's one term I can't stand it's 'beach body ready'. 

It's toxic, it's destructive and it's just totally negative, implying that you have to look a certain way to be allowed on a beach. 

Growing up, I went on more 'diets' than I can remember, always striving for that perfect 'beach body' and always thinking of myself as a failure because I could never quite get there. All I wanted, more than anything else, was to be skinny. It was the only ambition I had for a long time, and tt makes me sad when I look back on my teenage years and see how much time I wasted hating myself and depriving myself of food I loved to try and make myself look a certain way. 

"Recently, I had a pretty nasty photo made of me 
and circulated around the town I live in by people 
I believed were my friends, making fun of my boobs"

Of course now, quite a few years later, my stance on self love and body image is totally different. I've spent the last couple of years learning about body positivity and self love and then using this knowledge to help me to love and embrace myself. It's been such a tough journey, but so rewarding too - I am more confident than I have ever been in my life, and I am so comfortable in my own skin that I just know 16 year old me wouldn't even believe it. 

It helps a lot that we're starting to see a bit more diversity in mainstream media now. When I was growing up, most of the mainstream celebrities I could relate to looked the same - small, skinny women with big boobs and bums who ate salad every day and looked incredible at all times. Now, I think young people are lucky because they have a far more diverse range of people to look up to - personally, I really look up to Grace Victory, Megan Crabbe (Body Posi Panda) and The Slumflower.

All of them have helped me to embrace myself and love myself exactly as I am. Megan Crabbe changed my relationship with food and how I thought about eating and food in relation to my body and mental health. Grace taught me how to fall back in love with fashion and to challenge societal standards of 'perfect' so that I can still dress like a badass babe and feel like a total Queen, even if I'm not a size 6. She also taught me how to exercise to be healthy and feel good, not just for the purpose of losing weight - which totally changed my perspective on it all. And lastly, The Slumflower, a woman who created an incredible movement; the #SaggyBoobsMatter movement. I have been teased and bullied and criticised for years over my boobs because they aren't big and perky 24/7 - sometimes I choose not to wear a bra and they look saggy (dun dun duuuun!)

All three of these women have helped me to change my life drastically. Now, at 22 years old, I feel the best I have ever felt in my life. I don't resent food, or feel guilty for eating pizza three nights in a row. I exercise if and when I want to, purely to feel good and better my health. I embrace my cellulite, my little poochy belly, my 'saggy' boobs, my chubby cheeks and the eye that squints when I smile. All these features make me, me - and I'm pretty damn great. 

I'm not saying it's always easy, because it's not. Recently, I had a pretty nasty photo made of me and circulated around the town I live in by people I believed were my friends, making fun of my boobs. Often, I have nasty comments made about my shape or size. Sometimes, I simply have to battle with myself and my own mind. But I always overcome it, and in the end it's always worth it.

"Being beach body ready doesn't mean 
being a size zero with a six pack anymore"

This year, for the first time in my life, I will be heading to a beach in a skimpy bikini feeling 'beach body ready' without perhaps fitting into societies idea of being beach body ready. I'm curvy - my hips are bigger than my motivation to get through the week on a Monday morning lol - my arse is sizeable and my boobs are so big that sometimes I find myself physically moving them around so I can get comfy. LOL. Such is life of a curvy girl. 

Because of my curves, I'll never be a size 6 - even if I had the flattest tummy, my bum and hips would not allow it! But do you know something? I don't want to be a size 6. Or even a size 8. I'm happy being me, somewhere between a size 12 and a size 16. I could never maintain being skinny - I love and enjoy food far too much and exercise not enough! And now, mentally, I'm at a place where I don't really care about being skinny either. I love how I look, my boyfriend loves how I look and I am here, able to fully embrace everything about myself. 

Self love is important. Embracing your wobbly bits? Just as important. 

Being beach body ready doesn't mean being a size zero with a six pack anymore. It means loving every inch of yourself, throwing on a bomb ass bikini and heading to the beach to live your very best life.

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Love from, Florence Grace - The Rebrand!

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I have been running Love from, Florence Grace for four years at the end of July. Four whole years! In that time, my blog - and ultimately, my career - has really evolved. I'm no longer just a blogger with big dreams. I'm a content creator living  her dreams. Love from, Florence Grace is so much more than a blog now, with 'Love from...' becoming more of a brand. It encapsulates not only my blog, but my magazine (Love from... magazine) and also the name of my freelance content creation services. Everything I do comes under the title "Love from...". My starting point, my birth place. 

The Rebrand

Because I've been doing this for so long, my branding has kind of been... well. Non existent, and all over the place at best. I've never been able to slot myself into any kind of niche, like a fashion or beauty blogger, because I cover such random things. I like to class it as "real life", but it just doesn't seem to fit. I blog about anything and everything, from dealing with heartbreak to signs of an abusive partner, from embracing your body to ways to get fit whilst avoiding diet culture, from things you learn whilst working in retail to how to land yourself your dream job. After analysing my blog for a while, it seemed clear to me that my content landed in four main sub sections; self love, body positivity, relationships and careers. 

I already cover self love and body positivity hugely across Instagram when I'm microblogging, and I pay a lot of attention to relationships and careers in Love from... magazine, so for my blog, why not focus on all four of those areas to tie it all together across my various platforms and create some consistency? 

My brand is a piece of me - I want people to see work, branded as Love from... and know that it's mine. It's got to be recognisable and it has to carry my own traits; sassy, bold and relatable.

So that's what I'll be doing. No more accepting irrelevant sponsored opportunities just for the money, no more posts trying to fit into a niche that I'll never be apart of! I'm switching my content up and changing it to really bring the Love from... brand together. The logo's are already sorted, and have been for a while, my colour scheme will be as it is for the magazine - predominantly pink and white - and my tone of voice will remain as sassy and outgoing as ever. The brand will scream Flo-ness and will hopefully be recognisable across all social media platforms and beyond.

The Content

In addition to rebranding and switching my content up, I also want to create more regular content on my blog. I seem to be blogging less and less nowadays, which makes me sad as I really do love it and it's helped me to get to where I am today - I honestly wouldn't have achieved any of my successes if it wasn't for my blog, so I really am grateful to it and don't want to neglect it! At one point I blogged every single day for a year, even whilst I was on holiday, on my birthday and on Christmas Day too! I don't want to go to that extreme again but I do want to up my game a lot

I'm going to try my very best to post at least once a week now - even better if I can get two up a week! I already post on my other social media platforms every single day, and try to microblog on Instagram everyday, so I really want to create a similar level of consistency on the blog too. Maybe things I microblog about, I can blog about in more depth here - who knows?

I often lack inspiration when I throw my all into my magazine content, but I'm going to try and keep it exciting, interesting and open as I always have done. 

Let's get going!

So I guess I'd better get started! I'm really excited about taking my blog, and my brand, to the next stage and can't wait to see what new opportunities this presents to me. After four amazing years, I never think it can get better, but it always does (which is nice) - so hopefully this lucky streak will continue!

I hope you're as excited about this rebrand as I am - and please, if there's anything you want to see from me, be that a certain blog post or a whole new venture for the Love from... brand, please don't hesitate to let me know!! My content is for me of course, but ultimately, it's for you!

So let's get going!

Love from,

Florence Grace

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