Is there life after death?

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Is there life after death? It's a question I'm sure almost everybody has asked. We all want to know if there's something more than this, because we struggle to face the idea that once we die, that's it, game over. Finished. We want to believe the stories, the movies, that we will haunt our loved ones, get up to tricks as an unsettled spirit, live on as an angel watching over people. You get the gist.

I have always sat on the fence with this one. 

I have experienced 'ghostly' activities, things moving around, being flung across my room before my very eyes and so on. Thankfully this was at a previous house and once we moved, they stopped! However, in spite of this, I have still never been sure. 

I often watch ghost documentaries with my sisters and my dad that discuss people's 'real life' paranormal encounters and am always left wondering if there could be any truth to their stories.

And then there's the book I discussed a few weeks ago, "Goodbye, Dearest Holly". The father of one of the murdered girls, Holly, met with a medium to find out about the death of his daughter, and the medium knew everything. Along with several other mediums, about where the daughter was killed, where she'd be found, who killed her and so on, all long before these answers were provided by the police. 

Instances like this do make me stop and think- is there really something after this life? Do we really continue living as something else? A ghost, spirit, something else through reincarnation?

It makes my brain hurt to even think about it. Because say we do turn into ghosts- what then? Are we a ghost until the end of time? Do we ever just cease to exist? Of course it would be nice to feel as though we could live forever, perhaps be reunited with loved ones who have passed away...but is this what we would really want? All good things must come to an end and I suppose that must include life too.

Wow. This is very deep for a Thursday night!

Reading "Goodbye, Dearest Holly" really made me believe in life after death, in some form or another, but I guess I will never be 100% sure on the matter because there's no way we can truly ever there?

Love from,
Florence Grace

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6 months in...

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As we approach the 1st of June with a scarily rapid speed, I can't help but feel a little freaked out that we are pretty much half way through the year. It's seven months today until Christmas, and seven months and 7 days until 2017. How bloody scary is that?! I genuinely do not understand where the time is going this year, it just seems to be disappearing more and more quickly. Anyway, I wanted to take some time to reflect on the kind of year 2016 has been for me so far.

Well. It's definitely been different! 

Of course, I expected that this year I'd be getting up to more exciting things with my boyfriend, but at the stroke of 12 on New Years Eve, I entered 2016 single- quite literally feeling like it was a new year with a new me. I didn't think I would be able to cope, I didn't see how my life would be able to go on after such a harsh and sudden adjustment after nearly five and half years of a set routine. But something magical happened. 

I was fine. 

I dreaded what 2016 had to hold now that I felt totally alone. But I shouldn't have because so far, 2016 has given me nothing but blessings. I have gotten closer to my old friends, spending more time with them now that I have more time to give. I've spent more time with my family, in particular my youngest sister, which has been lovely. And I've also made some incredible new friends, who dragged me out of my dark place into a much brighter one and have helped me to see the sunny side of life again. 

I've had fun chatting with boys, meeting boys on night's out, but I've still remained single. It strikes me that, right now, it's what I need. From the age of 14 I was in a relationship and missed the whole "teenage self discovery" that most people go through. So now, at the age of 20, I feel like I'm going through that- growing as a person, gaining confidence, becoming more independent. Better late than never hey?

I've been looking at doing things I never would have considered before, such as studying internships in Paris, working with dolphins in Greece, travelling the world for a few months. I've become more spontaneous, more willing to go on totally random adventures, more willing to explore new things. 

I've also had the time to focus more than ever on my career. I've made some big moves with my magazine- setting up a website for it being one of them!- and I've been blogging every day to develop at that, purchasing a template to make it look more professional and working more than ever before on the content that I produce. I've worked with Channel 4 and I've been looking into attending college again in September to become a qualified radio presenter with a 100% chance of employment at the end of the course. 

On top of this, I've lost weight, I've started to wear more make up, I've gotten my first set of eyelash extensions, I buy more expensive treats for myself...basically, I love myself more, and I'm treating myself more because of it. 

I feel better, healthier and above all, happier. I dreaded the idea of 2016 and worried so much on New Year's Day about what the next 366 days would hold for me. I needn't have wasted any time doing that, because my year has turned out just fine. That's not to say there haven't been up's and down's, because they have, but thankfully there's been nothing to drastic and I feel very lucky. Here's hoping the next half of the year treats me just as well, if not better!

Have you had a good year so far? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Let's talk about boobs.

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Just as the title suggests, let's talk about boobs. Because to be honest, I've had enough. 

I mean, it's annoyed me before, but it wasn't until last night when I saw a certain post that I had to "go off on one" shall we say. That's right, I ranted about boobs, on Twitter, for all of the world to see. This was the post that triggered it:

Now of course it wasn't Halle Berry's response that made me angry, because she was amazing! It was the person tweeting her! Not only did they get Halle's name wrong but their comment is just ludicrous- and also suggests they have never seen a pair of boobs before! Here's some fun facts about boobs...

  1. Everyone's boobs are different. Different shapes, weights, sizes. No one has the same pair of boobs. 
  2. The vast majority of people have one boob larger than the other- usually this is the left boob. No one's boobs are symmetrical because guess what? The human body isn't symmetrical. 
  3. Not all boobs are pert and perky. The larger and heavier a persons breasts are, the lower they can sit than smaller boobs, thanks to a little thing called gravity. (However this isn't always the case, of course!) This is why we wear bra's- to push them up and make them look how society has told us our boobs are supposed to look. 
  4. Not everyone wears a bra to support their boobs and this can cause them to look "saggy" or "lopsided" or "uneven" or "wonky". This is okay, by the way.
  5. You don't have to comment on anyone's boobs but you're own. So if you have nothing nice to say about someone's boobs, it's probably best you don't say anything at all. 

I can't believe that it's 2016 and people- especially those of the male variety- seem to believe women's boobs are rock solid lumps that stay perky and don't move around no matter what. Spoiler alert- boobs move when we walk, when we run, when we roll from our back to our side in bed. They move, and because of this, they don't always look like Katie Price's. Okay? 

Can we seriously just stop victimising people for their bodies? Like, why do people actually care so much about what someone else looks like? Focus on your own body, your own health and your own happiness- and leave other people alone! It's really not a difficult concept at all. 

Love from,
Florence Grace

*DISCLAIMER. Everyone's boobs are different (hence the point of this post), and you may find that your boobs don't fit the "criteria" I have mentioned. Everyone's boobs are different and that is OKAY!*

Getting eyelash extensions!

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Today I did something very exciting...I got my first set of eyelash extensions! It's really bizarre because I had been contemplating getting them and then all of a sudden my best pal Abby was like "hey, I've done a course in eyelash extensions and need some people to practice on for free, you up for it?"- so of course I was like yes

I was a little nervous as I've heard mixed reviews about eyelash extensions. Some people said that they were great, some people said they ended up damaging the natural lashes- overall though, it was obvious that it just depended on where you got the lashes done and whether you looked after them correctly. 

I was also nervous because Abby had told me it would take two hours to do and that most people end up falling asleep- something I definitely didn't want to do! What would I do without my phone for two hours? What if I needed a wee? What if my eyelids got glued together?

Of course, I had no need to worry. Abby was very professional, we had music playing and conversation flowing and so I didn't fall asleep, my eyelids did not get glued together and I didn't need a wee- it was all fine! 

I wish I had taken a "before" photo, but here's an old selfie so you get the idea of what my lashes looked like before the extensions:

And here is what my eyelashes looked like after Abby had worked her magic: 

Don't they look so lovely? I didn't want them to look overly dramatic, just a little bit more than natural and normal- if I remember rightly, these are 11mm in a "glamorous" look, but Abby might correct me on that. I literally love having lashes that stand out, look nice and long and have a permanently curled look too! 

The after care is a lot more simple than I thought- don't get them wet for 24-48 hours, don't use waterproof make up (like mascara) and don't touch them or brush them excessively. Simple, right?

I love how my eyelashes look and will definitely be getting them replaced over and over once they've fallen off! Then I can have fabulous lashes all the time, which is what every girl wants right?

Have you ever had eyelash extensions, or have I tempted you to get some now? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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A rant about boys...

Guys, I have 10 minutes to spare- I totally forgot about todays blog post! Here's a quickie for ya...

My life has been a bit like Made in Chelsea at the moment- boy drama, girl drama, more boy drama and...yep, more boy drama!

days drama vacation kristin laguna beach

I don't understand why boys feel they can play girls off against each other? Especially girls who are, oh, I don't know, best friends?! It's crazy, do they think we won't communicate with each other about who we're talking to? They surely can't be that dumb?! Of course, I'm sure the same can be said about the behaviour of some girls too, but as I'm only interested in men I only have one perspective!

Let's also discuss the C Bomb shall we...

Nope, not the one you're thinking of.


empire  fox empire stop chill

Nothing gets my girl Xenia riled like a boy dropping the C Bomb on her, and I know I feel the same. If I'm angry about something, it's because you've done something worth being angry over. Boy, don't tell me to "chill" when you're being rude, nasty or playing me off against someone else! I am not going to chill, and you telling me to is actually going to make things worse, not better.

boys dumb dumb boys

Sigh. All of this drama and we still find ourselves pining over the male species. What is wrong with us girls hey? We should just stick together, buy some cats, eat some ice cream and watch Bridget Jones. We would probably all be a lot happier! What do you think?

Love from,
Florence Grace

How to get blogging inspiration!

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Hey, it happens to the best of us. You're on a blogging roll and then out of nowhere, poof. All inspiration and post ideas, gone! It's more than a little frustrating and can really hold you back from writing. Here's some tips to help you get that motivation and inspiration back!

As a lifestyle writer, I like to read articles on current issues, and often this provokes a reaction from me, which I choose to then blog about. You can read all genre's of magazines to provide you with the right kind of inspiration for you blog. You could even go beyond magazines, seeking out articles online, in the papers, or maybe even just reading a book! 

mic  science mic arts books

Take a break.
If you tend to sit down and write numerous blog posts in one day, then you can use up all of your inspiration very quickly. Take a break from blogging, step away from the computer and do something different. Tidy your work space, go for a walk, bake a cake...any of this could lead to further inspiration for you, which is great! 

spongebob squarepants working break break time

Look to other bloggers.
Check out what some of your fellow bloggers have been writing about. Have they written a post which you could respond to? Is it a tag post that you could join in with? Looking at other bloggers' work is a great source of inspiration. 

Listen to music.
Really! Lyrics are very powerful things in music and they may strike a chord with you that brings about inspiration for a blog post! 

interscope  music music video beats headphones

Ask for help.
There's no shame in asking for help! Put out a tweet asking for ideas or, better still, what your readers would actually like to see you writing about. This way you'll not only get a rush of ideas but also be able to create content you know will be enjoyed. 

tv parks and recreation help aubrey plaza april ludgate

How do you get over a lack of blogging inspiration? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace



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I wanted to start a 'series' on my blog recently but had absolutely no inspiration as to what I could do. It wasn't until I whipped my laptop out this morning to write today's blog post and had one of my two fur babies flop across the keyboard, as per, in order to prevent me from writing that I had a lightbulb moment. I should do a cat series! 

I write about my cats quite often on Twitter and share images on my Instagram of them too. My sister (embarrassingly) made them their own Instagram account too, which has actually had pictures taken from for larger Instagram cat accounts! Of course, my series needed a name, and as it's Friday, Feline Friday just seemed to work! 

So here's the introductory post to the new series, FELINE FRIDAY. Today I shall introduce you to my two little fur babies, Doris and Elsie. 

They were born sometime around the end of June (not exactly sure, I shall have to check that with my sister!) and belonged to my mums friend, who had numerous cats. My mum had already been toying on and off with the idea of getting two kittens for a few years now, and when she found out her friend was willing to give these kittens to us as a gift, because she already had so many cats, it seemed like a "right place, right time" moment, and so we said yes! Elsie and Doris came home on the 26th August 2015, a week earlier than I expected and so I was very surprised to see them as I walked through my front door. 

They were tiny. They fitted in the palm of my hand and were just so cute! They were also impossible to tell apart...

The girls arrived at home!

However, despite looking the same, their personalities are very different and we began to be able to tell them apart almost straight away. Elsie was more playful, Doris more reserved and quiet. As they've gotten older, this hasn't changed. Doris is very "pathetic" we say haha, she likes to loll around in your arms, being cuddled and stroked and made a fuss of. Elsie is far more boisterous, running around, playing with her toy bunny in a similar way you'd play fetch with a puppy and hating to be picked up and cuddled for more than a few seconds!

They are desperate to get out of the house and play outside, but they haven't been spayed yet, and so we have to keep them inside! However, we did buy a little cat lead to experiment with- Doris is more sure of this than Elsie. Whilst she only likes to be outside for a few minutes, Elise will not tolerate the lead- or the outdoors- at all, despite spending the vast majority of her days staring wistfully out of the window!

Both cats love boxes, and here is Elsie with her beloved Bunny!

I didn't realise it was possible to love anything as much as I love these two little kittens- I quite literally adore them! They're so sweet and loving and so clever too! They wait by the door for us to get home, they can hear my mum's car from half way down the road and always run to greet her, they cuddle us at night and dribble on us whilst they purr (which I like to think is affectionate!). They're truly part of our family now and I never thought I would say this but, I am a crazy cat lady! 

I'm hoping they will gain a sister in November, as I've asked for a Sphynx kitten for my 21st birthday...but I guess we shall have to wait and see about that! 

Now it's your turn! I know several blogger friends who have pet cats- I would love to feature them in my FELINE FRIDAY series! If you'd like to get involved, drop me an email at and we will sort something out! 

Love from,
Florence Grace

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