Seven reasons cats are better than people

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Seven reasons cats are better than people

If 2016 has taught me anything, its that people suck. Like, really, really suck. As a pet owner, I've come to realize that my cats- and cats generally- are far better than people. Here's seven reasons why.

You don't need to share your food with them
They might try to steal your food for their own but they never actually eat it, unlike humans who will always try and steal your food from you!


Cats don't have two faces
Cats make their feelings for you obvious all the time. If they don't like you, you'll know about it. They'll give you a quick scratch and tell you to fuck off if they don't want you around. They don't pretend to like you and then leave!

They let you dress them up
And let's not lie, we all have that friend we'd love to give a huge makeover but just wouldn't be able to, right? Well cats don't really have the ability to stop you from putting them in hilarious little costumes, and they always look so cute!

They aren't needy
Cats are so independent and can look after themselves. They don't rely on other people (other cats?) to look after them or sort them out, they can look after themselves perfectly well. 

They approve of sleeping too much
Cats sleep all of the time, so they don't mind when you do it too! They won't judge you for sleeping 20 hours of the day even though you should be working or whatever!

They listen no matter what
What you're saying could be utter bullshit, they'll still sit in your lap and listen to you blabbing on about whatever, whenever. The best part is, they can't interrupt you either. 

They don't reject your love
They might not revel in being cuddled and kissed all the time, but they don't stop you from doing it either, meaning you always have someone to 

Are you a cat person, or more of a dog person? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace


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I have a lot of bad habits- to be honest, who doesn't? I was talking to someone about them the other day and they said "oh my gosh you should do one of your funny gif blogs about it!". So here we are. Here is one of my "funny gif blogs" all about my bad habits, just for you...enjoy.

Biting my nails
Except, I don't bite my nails? I will only bite my nails if I have false nails on which is super weird, right? It's like my body actually rejects the idea of having long nails. My dad is forever saying "FLOSS! Stop biting your fake nail!" and I'm just like was I? Oh... my bad.

Not being able to say 'no'
Honestly, I can't say no to anyone. If my boss asks me to work when I know I'm busy I always say yes regardless. If someone asks me for a favour and I know I can't do it or don't want to do it, I'll still say yes anyway. If someone asks if I'm okay when I'm not, I still say 'yes'. WHY CAN'T I JUST SAY NO?

Putting clothes away inside out
I pull my clothes off and usually that leaves them inside out. Usually its last thing at night so I just chuck them in my drawers how they are (or on my bed...or the floor...) which is fine, until the next time I want to wear said clothes and have to faff around trying to work out why one leg of my jeans is all twisted and weird and end up breaking my nail as I try to sort it out. Oh yeah, thanks past Flo for being a lazy shit and not putting your clothes away properly.

Leaving a bag (or six) of rubbish on the back of my bedroom door
This one is down to me and my sister okay! We have so much crap in our room all the time- bottles, baby wipes, tags from our endless stream of new clothes that we can't afford- and we can just never be bothered to go downstairs. So we start our own rubbish bag, with the good intention of taking it downstairs later on...then suddenly its four months later and there's six carrier bags of rubbish on the door and you and your sister are sat crying with laughter at your embarrassing lives. (This genuinely happened about two days ago. We are disgusting. We know)

Having resting bitch face
People say they have resting bitch face because it's been one of the trends of 2016 or whatever, but I genuinely do. The other day I walked into work and Charlie said "Flo, you okay mate? Whats wrong?". I was like "nothing...?", because I was genuinely having a really good day! Turns out I just looked super pissed off...which is pretty much the standard for me. I just have a mean face! I can't help it alright! 

Tolerating Katie Hopkins
Can't help it, I love the woman, leave me alone.

Wearing odd socks
And also wearing socks that aren't my own. If you see me wearing socks you better believe there's a 99% chance they aren't mine. I think one of the things Vieve says to me the most is "Are you wearing my socks again?". Its not that I don't have any socks, I do. It's just they are all covered in pictures and my sisters have lots of plain white ones! 

Not getting enough sleep
I'm normally running on about 4 hours sleep because I've stayed up late working. If we're talking and you see me yawning, or trying not to yawn, I'm honestly not being rude and I'm not bored of your conversation- I'm just genuinely so tired and I need to sleep more! 

Chatting to fuckboys
If you're prone to replying to 3am booty calls disguised as caring text messages, letting boys play with your emotions and keep you dangling on a string and then getting your heart broken at the end of it can I get a hell yeaaaaah

'Cause that's me.

What bad habits do you have? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace 

Things you'll understand if you grew up in a house of girls

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I am the eldest child of three, and all three of us are girls. In some ways, the three of us are incredibly similar (we don't care about anything, lash out at people who insult us, hate everyone etc. etc.) and then we are totally different too...and where there's differences, there's clashes. I've spent my life living in a house of girls, and let me tell you I've learnt a couple of things whilst doing so...

Privacy does not exist
I mean, at all. It didn't matter where I hid my Felicity Wishes diary, my sisters still found it, and vice versa. We actively sought out each others diaries to use them against each other! Growing up with girls I've also had to share the bathroom (not by choice), had my sisters walk in on me without knocking, had my stuff rummaged through so that one of my sisters could find something she had convinced herself I'd taken...oh gosh, it's endless. If you want privacy, don't live with girls. Trust me.

You end up sharing everything
For me, it's my hairbrush. Almost every morning I wake up to see my sister going through my cosmetics drawer, and almost every morning I say "What the hell are you doing?", to which she says "looking for your hairbrush". She doesn't even deny the fact she uses my hairbrush, she just accepts the fact that she doesn't have a hairbrush, I do, we share a room and so hey, presto, whats mine is hers. Cool. 

You will never get your own laundry 
It's first thing on a Monday morning, I'm running late for work because I've slept through my alarm. I'm still half asleep trying to get changed and for some reason, my jeans won't go over my knees...oh look, it's because they're my 14 year old sisters black jeans, not mine! 

For real, I end up with my mums clothes, my sisters clothes but never my own. All I can say is, make sure every girl you're living with has incredibly different dress sense- it will make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to washing. If you all dress in a similar way...well, get used to sharing. (See point two)

Your sisters will be the first to snake you out
My sisters love to snitch- particularly my youngest- but I have also done my fair share of snitching. As sisters, there's nothing better than watching your sibling be told she can't watch TV for the next week so you can have it all to yourself, am I right? 

...but they will also be your greatest ally
What do you mean the peanut butter jar lid is broken and just left in the cupboard hidden out of sight in the hopes that no one would ever see it or even think about it again? Nope, none of us have a clue who did that! 

As sisters, sometimes you just know which battles you need to stick together for. Fighting Mum over her jar of peanut butter is one of them. 

*Mum, this was just an example because I'm an uninspired writer. Honestly, none of us know what happened to the peanut butter jar lid*

You can wander around in your underwear because there's no brothers/dads around to complain
Honestly, I'm either in my pyjamas or my underwear. I only get dressed if I'm leaving the house and as soon as I'm home again, the clothes are off. We're all girls here, we all know what a bra and knickers look like, walking around in nothing but that is totally okay! 

Your periods link up
As is the case with all women living in close proximity, your cycles will definitely match up. In my house, if one of us has a particularly bad period, you better believe that we are all gonna have a bad period! It's best to avoid our house when we're all bleeding together (lol).

You will use their most precious items without asking
Yep, I have to admit if my sister buys a nice perfume then I will definitely steal a spray of it! Or if I'm short of make up wipes (hardly a precious item, I know) or concealer or something, I definitely borrow from someone else. Oops.

You're all actually besties
Yeah, you might fling the insults around, throw things at each other, having screaming fits that leave your neighbours deaf for weeks afterwards and torment each other almost non stop but...really you're all the best of friends! Me and my sisters get on so well (when we're not winding each other up) and I wouldn't have it any other way! Cute, right? 

Love from,
Florence Grace 


To Anne-Marie

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To Anne-Marie,

I will never forget the day I discovered you and your music. Scrolling through my Facebook feed, SB.TV shared your 'Boy' song on their page. I gave it a listen and fell in love instantly- not just with the song and with your voice, but you and your style. You were rocking a look so similar to the one I desired to achieve myself but was often mocked for. I particularly loved your big hoop earrings, an item I am almost never without myself!

After watching the video I remember tweeting you and being over the moon when you responded! And I've been following your journey since then, listening to your songs, engaging with you online and seeing you perform too. I saw you at Wireless, in the very front row, and introduced my best friend Alex to you- she's now almost as big of a fan as I am! Then this week, on Monday, we saw you perform at the Koko Club in Camden and you blew our minds all over again.

I wanted to write this post for you- to you- because you have honestly helped me through 2016 so much. When I started this year, I was heartbroken, devastated and felt like my life was over. The guy I had loved for almost 6 years who I was a "true ride or die" for (get it?) had cheated on me and broken my heart, leaving me on New Years Eve to start the New Year by myself. I have honestly never felt such heartbreak, such anger and such sadness. I honestly didn't know how I was going to make it through 2016.

And then I heard Boy. I listened to it over and over and over. Gentleman reduced me to tears, and then came Alarm, and I couldn't help but to be absolutely resonated with each and every one of your songs. Just before I saw you live on Monday, I heard your new song, Peak- yet another song that seemed to perfectly capture all of my own emotions.

On Monday night though, you hit me with a song that I had somehow never heard before. As I listened to it, I almost couldn't believe you hadn't written this song for me. I could feel my friend watching me, she asked me if I was okay and I thought I was until you sang the line

"Maybe you need some therapy, maybe you should lose a couple homeboys, give up on the home grown, look at me"

I genuinely stopped breathing, I felt like I'd been winded and I couldn't help but to cry. I'm not going to go into overly personal details but that one line, that one tiny part of one song, it hit me harder than a sack of bricks. It summed up everything I'd been through in the last five years, everything I'd spent the last year trying to get over and I couldn't believe that both you and I had gone through such a similar experience and that you'd managed to write such a beautiful song about it.

After I cried through this song, I vowed I would never cry over that situation, the last five years or that one nasty person ever again. It was like a weight had been lifted; you'd sung what I needed to hear and now it was over. Well and truly over.

In addition to helping me emotionally, you've helped me in other ways too. My body confidence has improved, and you inspire me to be more daring with my fashion choices and sense of style every day too! Your hard work and determination are also incredibly inspiring to me and encourage me to keep pursuing my own dreams too.

Anne-Marie, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without you, without your songs, I would not have been able to make it through 2016 as well as I have done. You have helped me get over the last five years and taught me that I am far better off without toxic people in my life dragging me down. Because of you and your music I am happier, I am stronger and I am definitely more confident too. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've done for me, without even realizing it, and I wish I'd got to meet you after your gig to tell you all of this in person (although me being me, I probably would have cried!) but maybe I'll get another chance to tell you one day. Your music has made 2016 a far better year for me and I hope that, now you've shared your feelings with us through your music, you start to feel better about it all too. You are amazing and I can't thank you enough.

Love from,
Florence Grace


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This could be the last blog post I ever write- ever.

Okay, it probably won't be but I am genuinely scared of dying in my sleep tonight. I'm not even doing anything drastic haha, I am literally trying a night time throat spray. Let me explain...

Since pretty much birth I have had problems breathing through my nose. Crazy, right? It's not that I can't do it; I definitely can. However, I can't do it easily. If I need to breathe through my nose, I have to honestly sit and really force my body to do it. It comes naturally to me to just breathe through my mouth and essentially, forget I even have a nose to use for breathing. It's never really been a problem for me; sometimes my family and my friends complain that my breathing is slightly louder than they would like as we try and watch a film together, but other than that, it doesn't really affect me and people don't really notice.

One thing it does affect is my sleeping. As a child I was such a heavy breather at night that my sister would hurl toys at me in the darkness of our shared room to shut me up because she couldn't sleep! Sometimes I would snore, sometimes I wouldn't. It wasn't a big deal. I even managed to share a bed with my ex boyfriend for over four years and not have him complain much- I think he literally only woke me up once to tell me I was unbearable to sleep with, which is good going right?

So you might understand why I'm a little confused as to why in the last year or so my snoring has gotten so fucking bad? It's not every night, but it's more nights than its not. Most mornings I wake up to find my sister, who I share a room with, has moved to the sofa downstairs. I've looked up all of the things that cause snoring to get worse and none of them apply to me. I'm not over weight or gaining weight- I'm actually losing weight and am over a stone lighter than I was this time last year-, I'm not a heavy drinker and I'm not a smoker.

I am now incredibly self conscious about sharing a room with people, even my best friend Bobbie, although she tries to make me feel better about it but honestly it doesn't work. So after some online research and some advice from a pharmacist, I've decided to experiment with some different things that supposedly 'prevent snoring'. There's some tablets, a mouth wash, a throat spray, a nose spray and of course nose strips, so a lot of products to work my way through hoping for a solution!

The first thing I'm trying is the throat spray. I've had to be careful as some of them aren't suitable for people with nut allergies and almost all of them aren't suitable for people with asthma (apparently because if these ailments I'm know who you are). Anyway, I have found one suitable for me and I'm trying it tonight. I'm only slightly worried that a side effect is that your throat can swell up but I'm going to use it about an hour before I intend on sleeping so there's plenty of time for me to have an allergic reaction and be able to do something about it... I hope.

So guys, are any of you snorers? Are any of you bad snorers? If so help me please! I never used to be this bad and I really want to stop being such a warthog!!!! Its utterly embarrassing and really stressful for me too haha! If you know something that's going to help me out, please feel free to comment it below, I will so appreciate it!

Wish me luck with this new product...I hope it works!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Coming off of the pill PART 2

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Not too long ago I wrote about the first couple of weeks without taking my contraceptive pill (catch up here) and the kinds of effects it was having on my body. I had a lot of people message me about it afterwards, a lot of people ask me questions and a lot of people wanting to be kept up to date with how it was going. Well guys, I have had my first pill-less period and I can tell you... was effectively exactly the same. In fact, it was better than my periods way back when, before I started taking the pill. It wasn't particularly heavy and I didn't experience much stomach pain, bar from Saturday night when for some reason my tummy was literally in agony. I finished my period the next day so maybe there was some correlation there? I don't know.

*Dad please stop reading this post here*

What I can tell you is that my boobs absolutely killed for about three days before my period arrived. In all seriousness, I was genuinely contemplating going to see a doctor because it was pain unlike anything else and they were incredibly sensitive too! However, I remembered people saying that for the first three months your body acts like it's pregnant and I also knew my time of the month was close so I held out...and I'm so glad I did because I would have looked very stupid to a medical professional haha! Anyway, once my period came the boob pain disappeared and I haven't had an issue with it since.

I haven't been too emotional like I feel I normally am when I'm on my period. I feel like I've been pretty much up every day, rather than constantly switching between up and down over the smallest of things.

Bloating hasn't been an issue either praise the Lord. Usually, my period bloats me out so much and I look double my size- or I feel that I do, anyway. It was always so uncomfortable and meant that I lived in slouchy jumpers and jeans that disguised this. However, this period wasn't bloated at all, I feel like my tummy remained almost exactly the same and I was even comfortable enough to go out in tight fitted clothing, such as a bodycon dress and a bodysuit! I'm not sure if this is linked to not taking the pill in anyway but it's definitely something new for me.

I'm still feeling a bit funny about food. I'm nowhere near as hungry as I was before, but when I am hungry it's still at 10pm and only hungry for little snacky things, or weird things like seafood sticks. The only meal I am consistently eating right now is dinner, and even then if that wasn't a family affair I'd probably be more than happy to miss it. I'm just kind of off food, for the most part!

*Dad if you didn't stop reading, please definitely stop reading now. And Mum. For real. *

My sex drive has, so far, remained pretty much unaffected. I've not felt a huge drop in my libido as I was told to expect, which I guess is a good thing? I didn't have a mad surge of hormonal madness whilst on my period either, it was just the same as it always is! So honestly not much to report there.

Now it's a Monday and I ordinarily I'd be starting a new packet of pills, but instead I'm starting my second pill-less cycle. I was told that the first three periods are the hardest, but thankfully this first one was relatively easy to deal with...I just hope they don't get worse as time goes on!

Please remember all of these experiences are very personal to me, and if you're considering coming off the pill, there is no guarantee that it will be the same experience for you! If you do have any questions then feel free to ask them, but I'm definitely not a professional of any kind and you should always speak to your doctor/a health professional if you're unsure about something!

If you've already come off of the pill, let me know if this was the case for you and if the next period to come is going to be a bad one...I feel like I really should be warned about that kind of thing!

Love from,
Florence Grace

One for the ladies!

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This weekend was pay day weekend (yay!) and of course Black Friday weekend too. I was one of many, many people who went on a crazy shopping spree and bought way too many things with money I definitely don't have.

One of the things I bought a lot of this weekend is underwear. I've said before how I often struggle to find pretty underwear that fits well and looks nice, but this weekend I've found that a lot of high street stores have really stepped their game up at the moment- like, massively! All of them are incredibly cheap compared to stores such as Marks and Spencer's and Bravissimo, and they're all mega cute too, so I thought I'd share some of the best ones I've found with you guys!

I'm not just saying this because I work there, but Topshop lingerie is really on point right now...I've gone from owning zero Topshop underwear to suddenly owning quite a lot, particularly some of their lingerie bodies which can definitely be worn as outerwear, such is the trend right now. My favorite set in particular is a black velvet body with matching underwear- there's two varieties of bras and knickers, so you can mix and match the styles depending on your personal preference, and altogether the sets come to no more than £40. However, don't forget to use your student discount for 10% off!

I've linked one of the bras and one of the pairs of knickers below, but the other items should come up as suggested products along the bottom of the page!

Velvet bra 

Velvet knickers

River Island
River Island's bralets are so beautiful, I literally want every single one of them right now! I'm a sucker for a cute mesh bralet as it is, but some of the ones that River Island have in right now are just gorgeous! A lot of the bralets could definitely be worn under a cute sheer top with some mom jeans or on a night out, which definitely makes them more appealing (to me anyway!). And with an average price of £16 you really can't go wrong! Here is a few of my favourites: Here, here and here!

Primark underwear has a habit of being very touch and go. You'll either find something amazing or you go in and everything is absolutely appalling, greying granny pants and misshapen bras. However, their Secret Posession bralets and their lingerie bodies right now are incredible! There's a whole load of mesh and floral applique going on, several cute sets (who doesn't love an underwear co-ord) and lots of seductive looking lingerie which every girl needs to feel a little bit more confident about themselves, am I right? Obviously Primark being Primark, the bras are so cheap- I got three floral bralets with matching pants for £30! However, you can't shop online, so you'll just have to pop into your local store and see what they have! You can get an idea of whats available HERE though.

I am Boohoo's number one fan, but have never really been keen on their underwear. However, there is so much that I completely adore right now, I've honestly had to refrain from making any purchases at all because I seriously can't afford it! Much like other online boutiques, such as Missy Empire, they have a lot of cheap mesh bras with cute appliqued patches and embroidery, as well as some sexier bras with matching underwear and suspenders and everything else. They've got some great bras in the sale right now, starting at £4 and then going up to no more than £24! Some of my favorites are this one, this one and this one.

Where do you shop for the best underwear? Am I missing out on some of the best places? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace
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