Saving face!


When it comes to my face- or rather, looking after my face- I am the worst. I often leave my make up on when I go to sleep simply because I'm too tired to take it off, or if I do take it off I just use a babywipe (I can feel all the beauty bloggers screaming at me right now). I do use a moisturising strobe balm underneath my foundation which keeps my face quite soft but that's honestly about it. I don't really have many major skin issues, so skin care just isn't something that I think about. 

So when my friend Chloe, who is the account manager of Clinique at the Aylesbury Boots store invited me to come down and find out about their different skin care products I thought, 'why not?'. 

Well, I'm not lying when I say that girl has changed my life. For real. 

I have never used Clinique products, and obviously never had a facial or skin care routine, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect and let Chloe have complete free reign with my skin and my face. I find it quite hard to find products that I enjoy using on my skin, but Chloe assured me that Clinique products are as good as perfect- they test them on something crazy like 800 people, 7 times over! If one person has a bad reaction, they don't put it on the market. So yes, the products are practically perfect!

The first thing she did was ask me about any problem areas I felt I had, such as dry skin, enlarged pores, redness and so on. She used a little nifty device to make note of the issues I told her about. 

I told her that my biggest problem was getting little patches of dry skin in my T-zone and my horrific pores on my nose that I just can't seem to do anything about. From the description of my own skin, Chloe was able to work out in just a few minutes the exact products I would need for my skin. This included three bottles of product and a rather daunting looking brush...

She started with the scary looking brush. Clinique like to teach their clients how to use products before they buy them, so rather than just using the brush on my face Chloe instructed me how to use it and made me do it myself. The brush vibrates for 30 seconds and you just gently rub it over your face. I felt very revived afterwards! It's a little steep in cost at £79 but it lasts forever and you can use it all of the time, even in the shower! So it's definitely a worthwhile investment. 

Once I'd brushed my face over with this little device, it was time for the products! Chloe started with the facial soap, which was massaged into my face to cleanse it. It went on really smoothly and didn't feel too heavy or sticky on my skin which was a nice sensation on my face- I hate when products feel really heavy on my skin, it's so uncomfortable! 

The second thing she used on my face was the Clarifying Lotion, a product that acts as a liquid exfoliator. She explained to me that the problem I was having with my pores is that they were probably just clogged up with dirt (bleeee!) and needed a good cleanse. I sat there thinking "there's no way this will work, I've cleansed my pores before and nothing happened". But oh my gosh I could not have been more impressed. Chloe used literally the smallest amount of product on a pad that she wiped over my nose, and then she showed me what came off...

Okay so first of all how gross is that!?! But once you get over the inital gross-ness of it, how amazing is that? She wiped a teeny tiny amount of liquid over my nose and with absolutely no pain, no drama, no stinging, nothing, it pulled all of that out of my pores! I looked in the mirror and could see a difference in my nose straight away! I have honestly never been so impressed with a product and genuinely couldn't believe my eyes!

The third thing was the Dramatically Different lotion, which was bright yellow! This cream was so light on my skin and rubbed it so easily. It's used to keep your skin looking vibrant and keeps the natural glow from within to make your skin look healthier. You can put it on underneath other products too and it improves how they stay on your skin! Chloe did a patch test on my neck of a product, one with Dramatically Different lotion underneath and one without and there was a noticeable difference, both in how easily the product was applied to the skin and also how it felt on my skin afterwards!

Following this three step skin care routine, Chloe knew I wanted to work on sorting my pores out, so introduced me to the Pore Refining concealer, a product that makes your pores virtually invisible! It was hard to pick up on camera the dramatic difference that it made but we gave it a go... it made my nose feel incredibly soft too! (You'll have to excuse the dryness on my nose...this is part of the problem we are trying to eradicate!

Left side is with the pore concealer, right side is without!

It's safe to say I was impressed with this skin care routine, and was desperate to find out how much it would cost me to buy these products and continue with the routine at home. Well, it's safe to say they aren't the most cost effective products in the world, and altogether would come to about £70...however, the products last for two years and, as Chloe pointed out to me, everyone see's your face every day! It's important to use only the best products on it! 

While I sadly can't afford the full size products right now, Chloe showed me that there was a great alternative, of all three of the skin care products in a smaller size for just £20- so this is definitely something I'll be investing in! However, Chloe was also kind enough to give me some samples of the products she'd used on my face to tide me over until payday, which is great!

I was also then told about an amazing deal that Clinique has on offer right now! If you buy any skincare product, as long as one of them is foundation, you get some incredible free gifts! Take a look at all of these...

Incredible, right? Not only is the makeup bag a decent size and super cute in design, it's jam packed with Clinique goodies, including a gorgeous lipstick and highlighter! As previously mentioned, I hadn't ever used Clinique products before, but after having a play around with all of these products it's safe to say that I'm fully converted into a Clinique fan! Not to mention I am now correctly looking after my face, 21 years later...

If this post wasn't enough to convert you into a Clinique fan too, then maybe this offer will. Head over to the Clinique counter in Boots in Aylesbury and quote the code "LFFGClinique" to receive a free foundation sample! (If you feel a bit weird about saying that outloud, you can also show them this part of the blog post!) So what are you waiting for? Pop into Boots Aylesbury and spoil yourself to something from Cliniques brilliant range of products!

Thank you again to Chloe for inviting me in to get sorted out- she was absolutely amazing and I was so beyond impressed with her service, her advice and just how lovely she was! She's definitely a credit to Clinique and has made a new customer out of me!

Love from,
Florence Grace 

9 Signs A Guy Is A Fuckboy

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There's absolutely no denying that when I came out of an almost-6-year relationship the concept of fuckboys was definitely a new one. When I was 14 (the last time I was single!), 'fuckboys' just weren't a thing- or, at least not as much of a thing as they are now. Suddenly, I was thrown right into the deep end because everything had changed. You didn't just like someone and become boyfriend and girlfriend; suddenly there was a difference between 'talking', 'seeing someone', 'dating' and then being 'in a relationship'. 

To be honest, I hate it. But not as much as I hate fuckboys. I'm now well aware of how to tell if someone is a fuckboy or not, thanks to the guidance of my girlfriends and it has started saving me a lotta lotta time. If you're still as baffled as I was this time last year, let me share with you some of the signs of a Grade A fuckboy...

All about the snaps
If he only ever snaps you, he's a fuckboy. Believe. Me. If he won't add you on Facebook, if he won't text or call you, heck if he doesn't even ask for your number at all, but if he snaps you alllllll of the time, better believe the boy is a fuckboy. It won't be long before the dick pics and the nude requests come rolling in, and they'll all be more awful than the last. Delete, block and tell that boy BYE. 

He messages you past 2am
And by message, I mean snaps you of course. But seriously, if you hear from a guy after 2am he is honestly only after one thing; a booty call. It doesn't even matter if they don't have your number, they will call you through Facebook messenger. Trust me

He ignores you in person
So you've been chatting quite a lot, sending a few cheeky pictures, talking about hooking up...and then when you see him in person, he totally blanks you! What's that about? 

Girl, it's because he's a fuckboy. 

He will come and see you on special occasions
Like, a Friday night past 2am. When you're drunk. So he can pick you up in his car and have his way with you. Nuh uh girl, don't do it. Do. Not. Do. It. 

Every conversation is about sex
"Hey how are you? Had a good day? Yeah, good, I had a great day thinking about you...wanna send me a picture to remind me what that booty looks like?" 

This is a genuine conversation I have had with a fuckboy. And it's not unique- it's pretty standard fuckboy conversation. If he don't wanna talk to you about your day, he's not interested in anything other than the bang he's trying to get. Cut him off. 

His words don't match his actions
If he always talks about banging you (in a mutual conversation, not when he's pretending to ask about your day first...) but never actually comes to bang you, he's a fuckboy. And possibly also has a girlfriend. Either that or he's a virgin who has succumbed to the peer pressure of 'lad culture' and that's why he feels the need to talk about sex all the time. Either way, steer clear. 

Speaking of girlfriends...

Fuckboys are rarely single
Either they have a girlfriend, have ten women on the go or they've got a girl who thinks she's his girlfriend who will definitely come for you if she finds out you've been chatting with/sleeping with 'her' man. Honestly, fuckboys are never 100% single. Ever. 

They never want more
When you eventually get sick of the bullshit and tell him you want him to step up to a relationship of leave you alone, he'll come out with some crappy "I'm not ready right now but if I was it would be with you...let's see how it goes for now, just take it slow?"

No. Do not 'see how it goes', because you will see him going after every other girl except you. He's just saying this to ensure you stay in his life to send him nudes whenever he likes, and he'll try and act like he's genuinely sorry that he isn't in the right space of mind to date but believe me, he doesn't give two shits. Respect yourself enough to walk away...or brace yourself for him begging for nudes come 2am.

Remember...their social media profile says it all
If they write non stop about football and menism, pose with a joint in every Insta post, tweet J Cole and Drake lyrics and are holding a fish in their profile picture, they're a Grade A fuckboy. 

(This one's a joke...kinda)

Love from,
Florence Grace 

Remember ladies, you can sleep with whoever the hell you like, and if you want to go for a fuckboy, that's cool boo, keep doing you! No judgement from me, I've been there and done it and it's not for me! This is a post for the girls who want to steer clear of them. 

Silk-Skin Review!

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Yesterday me and my best friend Abby went to the Professional Beauty show in London. I had never been to this show before but Abby had been the previous year so had filled me in and I was pretty excited! I couldn't wait to have a shop around all of the different beauty stalls, meet some new business contacts, build some PR relationships and discover some new beauty brands!

We got to the show as it opened at 10am and straight away got ourselves a free, giant golden Moroccan tan bag which we used to pop our goodies in throughout the day. Walking around the first lot of stalls, I stopped and had my hair done, and me and Abby both got our lips done with a divine glitter lip kit that stayed on my lips for 29 hours without smudging, chipping or smearing! I was beyond impressed and bought four different glitter colours...the best part is, they can also be used on your eyes too! Anyway, that's another post for another day. Today I want to talk about the second product I bought, the Silk Skin Exfolitor kit.

I hadn't heard of these hair removal exfoliator pads before, but Abby had. There were several stalls selling them, but one when woman waved us over we decided to have a chat with her. She sat us down straight away, hauled my leg over her lap and straight away began rubbing at my *slightly hairy* leg with one of these pads. In less than ten seconds I had a baby smooth calf- it literally felt like silk! I was beyond impressed.

I don't have very hairy legs anyway- my leg hair is very thin and blonde and grows very slowly. I'm not ashamed to admit that I can go for a couple of months before I even need to shave my legs! However, when I do shave them, one thing I do have to deal with is the prickly growth! While it takes a long time for this to happen on my legs, on other areas of my body (under my arms, my bikini line) this can happen as soon as the next day!

The woman manning the Silk-Skin stall explained how this exfoliating pad got rid of all of your hair in seconds (as she had demonstrated on Abby and myself) but better still, there was no prickly grow back! Of course the hair would grow back- in three months time! But when it did, it wouldn't feel prickly like shaving. I couldn't believe it; I mean, yes, she'd made my legs feel like silk right now, but for three months? Really?

The lady went on to tell me how these pads could be used all over the body, including the face (not that I would need that!) and that it took twenty-five minutes to shave the whole body entirely. She also assured me that the kits were cruelty free and good for sensitive skin too, which really made me happy considering I get quite bad eczema. I don't know what it was but something sold me and I purchased a pack that would last two years for £20- the price of a pack that would last one year, so it was a bit of a bargain!

I couldn't wait to try the kit out as soon as I got home. Within the kit you're given two pink pads, one larger one about the size of a tangle teezer, and one tiny one the length of your forefinger, meant for your bikini line and your face. You have to stick the exfoliation pads on yourself, and there's enough pads in the box to get you through the year. This part is very easy to do- they have backs that you peel off, just like a sticker, and then you simply stick it to the pink pad.

The pads have handles on which makes it easy to hold while using- and the using part is very simple indeed. You just rub in circular motions over your skin at quite a vigorous rate, moving the pad both clockwise and anti clockwise until the hair comes off; a process which honestly takes seconds and is a very painless process too! I did both of my legs fully in under five minutes and can happily report that today there's no prickly-ness. My legs are smoother than they've ever been after a shave! At the Silk-Skin stand the lady explained that shaving was very damaging to the skin, and no one would ever achieve smooth silky skin with a razor- this exfoliating pad would change that.

Well, I know it's only been a day but I must say, so far, so good! I have since done my underarms and bikini line and I am smooth with no itchiness from regrowth, no pricklyness from regrowth and actually, no sign of regrowth at all. This was definitely worth buying and I'm so glad that I did! It's definitely going to come in handy for summer, and I couldn't recommend it enough. If you're going to spend £20 on anything this year, it should definitely be a Silk-Skin kit!

Love from,
Florence Grace

I'd Love You But I Need Another Year Alone

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, a public holiday that people seem to have a bit of a love-hate relationship with.

Me? I love Valentine's Day! I love all of the cute trinkets, homeware and gifts that come out and have no qualms purchasing too much of it for myself, regardless of whether I do or don't have a boyfriend to share the day with. I actually blogged about why Valentine's doesn't suck for single people last year because I was so sick of seeing all of the single people bitch about the holiday, particularly when you know that most of them would think otherwise if they were in a relationship.

I feel much the same this year, of course. It's my second year of being single on Valentine's Day and I honestly couldn't give less of a fuck because I still love the day, I still love buying cute bits like heart shaped candles for myself and I still had a lovely day. My sister and I swapped gifts for each other, spent the day in London together and then ordered a Domino's in the evening- pretty perfect, right?

The thing is, after the year I had in 2016 in terms of boys, I actually feel like right now, I actually prefer being alone. I spent 2016 not only learning to love myself and who I was but also trying to get involved with other boys and it was just... a disaster. After being treated so poorly in my previous relationship, there's no denying that my standards are pretty high now because I will honestly settle for nothing less than perfection; I want to be treated like the Queen I finally see myself to be. It's taken long enough for me to learn to love myself, for me to recognise what I actually deserve and how I deserve to be treated- I'm not settling for less than the absolute best. Is that really that unreasonable?

So on Valentine's Day, I truly took some time to love myself. To pamper myself. To appreciate myself. Right now, I'm in the mindset that no man is ever going to be able to love me the way I love myself, and I am a firm believer that the relationship you have with yourself is of the utmost importance.

"If other people make you happy, they can also make you unhappy"

We have to stop relying on other people to make us happy, because as Hugh Grant realises in About A Boy, "if other people make you happy, they can also make you unhappy". I'm fed up of searching for happiness in another person- in a man. I'm not going to find it. A man might be able to make me happy, that's true. But if I'm miserable within myself, with who I am and what I'm doing, I'm never going to be truly happy. I'm never going to be able to give 100% to someone else if I can't even give 100% to myself. 


I've mentioned it before (countless times, actually) and I'll mention it again; 2016 was the year I learnt to really love myself, more than I ever have before. With the help of my true friends and my family too, I feel like I really blossomed as an individual and grew into the person I now feel I should have been all along. I see now that spending too much time with the wrong person really stunted my growth. 2016 saw me evolving, lead me on a journey of self discovery. Now, I know my worth. I know who I am and what I want. And I'd be lying if I said it wasn't thanks to these boys...

The one who pushed his luck
This guy was the first guy I kissed on my first night out as a single girl. With my beer googles on, he was the hottest guy ever. I don't remember his name or anything about him, and the only reason I even remember him after getting insanely drunk that night is because he continues to stalk me on almost every night out I have. If I see him, he always comes over and tries to kiss me. It got to the point where I actually had to have him removed from a club for harrassing me. Never. Again.

The fuck boy
There was, of course, the fuck boy. He pulled a classic "I'll slide into her DM's" shortly after it became public knowledge that I was single and it wasn't long before his charm wore off and he was turning into a bit of a sleaze. Me being me, I couldn't help but fall for the guy anyway, and he continued to fuck me about on and off for the vast majority of 2016. Sigh.

The stalker
I met a guy on a night out. We had fun together. He then proceeded to stalk me for the next couple of weeks of my life, even dragging another girl with him into my place of work and following me around the shop, whispering and giggling. The message he sent afterwards saying 'you see me today' was the final straw and that boy was ctrl+alt+deleted.

The nice guy
Or so I thought. I was actually having a really nice time getting to know this guy, hanging out and so on. Then I found out how he'd treated his previous girlfriend (horrifically, by the way), about all the girls he was messaging asking for nudes while with me and I realised I didn't actually like him all too much. Next!

The booty call
This guy only ever calls me at 3am, 5am, 2am- when he's drunk- and then gets mad when I don't answer...because...I'm sleeping? Isn't that kind of obvious? One time, I did answer and boy do I wish I hadn't. Guess what he wanted? Sex, at a drug den he was hanging out at. Right there and then I knew I was better than this. #Blocked

The ghost
The final guy of 2016 was the worst. This guy allowed me to open up to him, more so than I had to any previous guys throughout the year, and to actually begin liking him and wanting more from him and then what did he do? Yep, you guessed it; he ghosted. Just like that we went from messaging all day every day to absolute radio silence; he was gone off of the face of the Earth as far as I was concerned. Fab.

"Keep your heels, head and standards high"

Pretty tragic, right? 

I think that I felt like I couldn't be single. After being with someone for almost six years, I didn't want to be alone. I liked being with someone all of the time- or so I thought. As a result, I was dropping my standards and accepting 'okay' instead of  'amazing', all for the sake of not being alone. And really, I've got to thank these boys because they made me change my mind set. Not only that, but they've also helped alter my entire outlook on relationships too. 

It's so easy to sit there and say it's my fault- my fault that guys ghost me or fuck me over or mess me about. It's probably all my flaws, or because I don't look like Kim Kardashian right? 


There's nothing wrong with me, and the right man will think I'm perfect in every single way, flaws and all, excess weight, bed hair, bad temper and everything else. But, that being said, the fault does lie with me, and the fact that I'm not ready to be in a relationship yet. I need to be alone. 2016 showed me this. Don't get me wrong, if my dream man came around the corner I wouldn't say no- but what I will stop doing now is settling for okay, for average, all for the sake of not being alone. The thing is, I'm not even alone! On Valentine's Day I had two of my guy mates (who aren't in the 'friend zone' for anyone who might be about to suggest that!) send me cute Valentine's messages, and my best friend Alex did too. I had lovely gifts from my sister. Every other day of the year I'm showered with nothing but love and praise from my other friends too, not to mention the rest of my family. Being without a man does not mean that I am alone. 

"I'd love you but I need another year alone"

Catfish and the Bottlemen said it best in '7' when they sang "I'd love you but I need another year alone". Because I think that I do. I'm still working on myself, for myself, and until I'm truly happy within myself I can't allow myself to turn to someone else for happiness. I'm a work in progress, and who knows how long that will be the case for? Not me!

And anyway as the cliche goes, I am a strong, independant woman who don't need no man! 

I'm not saying other people can't make you happy; they definitely can! My friends and family make me happy all of the time! But that happiness can be temporary; you need to try and find happiness within. 

I hope you all had a fabulous Valentine's Day, single or not, but never forget that the most important relationship you'll ever have is the one with yourself. Work on it every day, learn to love yourself as much as you can and you'll feel so much happier, I promise. 

Love from,
Florence Grace 


I spent the whole of 2016 trying to lose weight, become healthier and fitter, and this is a journey that has continued into 2017 with me- and, I'm happy to report, is going pretty well too! I've written before how I don't struggle to adjust my eating habits, but do struggle with exercise. Thankfully, I've taken up Zumba now and it seems to be working wonders.

In my transformation post the other day, I shared how I struggled to curb my addiction to fizzy drinks- specifically, Coca Cola. I love the stuff and used to go through countless 2 litre bottles a week- which now seems repulsive to me because I can't even bear to think about how much sugar I was pouring into my body! I haven't cut Coke out of my diet completely but I have reduced my intake of it quite drastically, which is sad but it had to be done for my own health.

So, you can only imagine how happy I was when The Juice Shed Company got in touch with me about their Juicy Fuel Cola- a healthy alternative to Coca Cola that also happened to be one of your five a day! (I know, I couldn't believe it either...). The drink is labelled as a "Cola Fruit Juice Drink" and contains literally nothing bad- no preservatives, no added sugar or sweeteners and no e-numbers either. It's a totally healthy version of Coke! Obviously, I was a little dubious that anything could replace my beloved Coca Cola and still taste good, so I accepted The Juice Shed's offer of a product review.

They very generously sent me six cans of Juicy Fuel Cola- three cans of plain cola and three cans of cherry flavoured cola, complete with a funky flyer or two that perfectly matched the brands image and lighthearted personality.

I cracked open a can immediately, desperate to try these healthy, fruit based Coke alternatives and I hoped and prayed that I wouldn't be disappointed.

The verdict?

I wasn't!

Okay, I was by the cherry one, but I don't like ordinary cherry coke anyway, so that I could have guessed. I'm more than impressed with the ordinary cola though! While you can taste a slight difference between the Juicy Fuel Cola and ordinary Coke, and it's slightly less fizzy, it tastes virtually the same. If someone told me I could never drink Coke ever again, I'd be more than happy to settle with Juicy Fuel Cola instead.

I still couldn't believe that these fizzy drinks were healthy and one of your five a day, but on closer inspection of the can, I could see that it was all true.

I was thrilled! I could allow myself to enjoy a fizzy drink without having to worry about how bad it was for my insides! And could count it as one of my five a day, meaning I could eat one less fruit or vegetable, which for me is a very good thing!

I was more than impressed, and not just by the generosit of the company and the taste of the drink- I loved the design of the can too! Long and thin as opposed to short and stout like a Coca Cola can, the original Juicy Fuel Cola can is matte and smooth to touch, while the cherry flavoured drink is shiny. Both are very tactile and both have aesthetically pleasing fonts/passages of text on them, similar in style to the branding of Innocent Smoothies!

I would definitely recommend these drinks to anyone (not the cherry unless you actually like cherry coke because otherwise g r o s s) because honestly, what's not to like? They're basically the same as coke but healthy and one of your five a day (I still can't get over this!).

If you want to find out more about The Juice Shed or Juicy Fuel Cola, feel free to give the guys a visit on Twitter at @ JuiceShedCo or visit their website,

I for one, can not wait to get me some more!

Love from,
Florence Grace

These products were kindly sent to me by The Juice Shed for review purposes however all views and opinions are my own. For more information about product reviews and brand collaborations please read my disclaimer. 

January Reflections!

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I had an unexpected evening free today and I also realised that it's the final day of January- the first month of 2017 is over already! How mad is that?! Anyway, I thought I'd like to do a reflections post on how my month has been so far, and I think this is something I'd like to try and do at the end of every month. It will be nice to look back on at the end of the year, don't you think?

Looking back on it, January was actually a pretty great month for me! I've actually done so much and achieved so much (some of these I still can't talk about eeeek).

First of all is my weight loss achievement. I think I am the slimmest, fittest and healthiest I have been since I was 14 which is really saying something and I'm really, really happy about that! I have been eating really well and I started Zumba which is so much fun. I also moved house, and it's quite a bit further away from my place of work which means I'm managing to get in a lot of extra steps a day which is fab too! Roll on having my dream bod (finally!).

So that leads me to the next point- I moved house! I finally have my own room which is great, the whole house is incredibly nice and in a lovely area too, so I'm very happy about that!

I started working with one of my favourite brands in the whole world, Elegant Touch! They now send me packages filled with nails/nail accessories on the regular and I actually have enough fake nails to keep me going until about May now! This is a huge achievement for me and I am honestly over the moon to be working with them! (Posting all my fancy nails on Insta has really paid off!)

And speaking of Insta, I've upped my Insta game massively! I now have over 1,700 followers and I started the year at 1,600 ish so I feel that I've really improved on my engagement. I also joined a comment pod group, started using hashtags and am paying more attention to the quality of the images I upload, as well as asking questions in the captions as a form of microblogging to try and get followers to engage with me. So far, it seems to be working, so I'm pleased!

My mum purchased us tickets to see Loyle Carner, a new favourite artist of ours, as well as to see Maximo Park (I am paying her for them I just haven't done so yet...) which means I have a couple more gigs to look forward to this year, yay! 

I've been out almost every single Friday and Saturday of the month which has rinsed my account but given me some incredible (and hilarious) memories!

I've made some serious moves with Love from... and can promise you that the next issue is amazing! It's the GIRL POWER issue and is jam packed to the brim with so many fab features and interviews! I can't even tell you who has been included but I could just SCREAM. I can't wait until you all find out. 

I passed my next journalism assignment and am well on my way to becoming an officially qualified Magazine Journalist; this is a qualification I can't wait to have under my belt!

I also had a lovely games night that went on until 5am with the gang, where we swapped Christmas gifts, as well as my belated 21st gifts and I was truly overwhelmed because I was spoilt rotten with such thoughtful gifts. It was so nice to be reunited with them all for the first time since my birthday party in November too!

Finally, I did a lot of adulting this month! I went to the doctors to sort out my eczema and picked up and paid for my first medical prescription without my mum (lol). I booked my extremely overdue opticians appointment, went to it, picked out and purchased new glasses for myself without any adult help whatsoever (which was actually very scary as I have no idea if the glasses suit me and I overspent massively without an adult to control me and my money hahaha) and I also paid my first ever tax payment for being self employed. Because yes, to all the haters, my blog/magazine/writing is a real job that I make real money from. 

So yes, January has been a very good month for me, and I've been so busy it's no wonder that it's flown by! I've got three gigs next month including Drake, my magazines are being sent off to print and I'm excited to see how much further I get with my weight loss! How has your year started out? What plans have you got for next month? Share your highlight of the month with me in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace


Slow and steady wins the race

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We all know the story of the hare and the tortoise like the back of our hands, right? The annoying fable that taught us all as children that "slow and steady wins the race". Adult life has taught me that this is in fact true.

A similar quote that I love is "A little progress each day adds up". Because it's true. Life so far has taught me that rather than rushing right into things, expecting brilliant results straight away, it is better to work hard on something for a long period of time to obtain even better results. Baby steps really do add up to something greater in the long run, and this was proven to me with my school work and exams, in running my business, and now in my weight loss too.

Although I'd like for there to be, I don't think there ever will be a time where I'm not in some kind of infuriating conflict about my body and how I look. I love myself, but at the same time I want to alter so many things. How is that even possible? It's such a massive contradiction and it winds me up so much. It also makes me feel like a huge hypocrite when I sit and preach about self love yet want to change so many things about myself. All too often I have to remind myself that the reason I want to change myself is because the 'ideal' body is pushed onto me- and everyone else- by the media all too often, and on a good day, it works; I embrace my curves, I appreciate my clear skin, my curly blonde hair, my blue-grey eyes. I see the likes rolling in on my Instagram selfies and I feel pretty damn fabulous.

On a bad day, it makes me feel worse. My social media feeds are flooded with the likes of Khloe Kardashian, Sarah Ashcroft and Tammy Hembrow and I can't help but suck my podgy belly in, wish my thighs were toned and tanned, that my bum was a little peachier- even if I know photoshop/surgery has played a role in so many of these 'perfect' celebrities' appearances. But hey, it happens right? All a part of living in the 21st century, woohoo.

My weight is obviously the main problem I have with myself, and any long term readers of my blog will know that. I harp on about it all of the time- because it bugs me nearly all of the time! I have crash dieted alot; I've tried diet pills, I've tried shakes, I've tried not eating at all, I've tried running, I've tried walking 10,000 steps a day, every single day, I've reduced portion sizes, cut out this food group or that food group. Nothing has ever helped me or worked.

At the start of 2016, I went through a break up. Initially, I lost a lot of weight through lack of appetite, but within a few months I was noticing a physical change in my body, as well as a change in my eating habits. Everyone knows that people get comfortable in relationships; you eat out more, order more take aways, and sometimes you get a little lax with your appearance because you know you're already with someone who loves you as you are. This definitely happened to me- towards the end of my relationship, me and my partner were having at least one Domino's take away a week, going through one of those giant blocks of cheese from Costco a week, countless bottles of fizzy drinks, packets of sweets, galaxy share bars and share bags of crisps with dips. I started that relationship as a size 6/8 and I left it a size 12/14- the biggest I have ever been, the heaviest I have ever been (one thing I won't share ever is my weight!) and the most unhappy I've ever been with my physical appearance. It was a real low point for me, and I genuinely felt like I had hit rock bottom.

So throughout 2016, it's safe to say my eating habits changed, as well as my attitude towards food and, ultimately, myself. I rarely get take aways now, usually only when having a games night with BJ, Alec and Ricarda. I only have fizzy drinks when I have dinner with my dad, twice a week, as opposed to having them every day. I rarely eat chocolate as I can't actually stomach it anymore; I much prefer sweets, and even then I don't have those much either. I still love crisps and dip but even that has been cut right back, and I usually have baked thins and low fat cream cheese as a healthier alternative!

I also tried being vegan for a short period of time, which helped me to adjust some of my eating habits, and while it didn't last, I really want to try being vegetarian this year before transitioning to a completely vegan diet next year. In addition to this, I started to buy my own healthy snacks and ingredients for lunch time wraps. I shared my weight loss/self love journey very openly on social media as a form of motivation for myself (I didn't want to fail in front of so many followers!) and I began to drink a lot more water. Now, as we enter 2017, I have even taken up Zumba!

To me, it doesn't sound like a lot to have done in the space of a year. When I write it, it doesn't look a lot either. And I didn't really feel it was a lot, until I came across a photo of myself the other day that shocked me.

The photo is from a night out where, at the time, I had felt I looked good. I had been out with Bobbie, who also told me how great I looked. We took a lot of photo's together, I loved my outfit and my make up and had a good night.

However, when I look back now, I'm not happy with what I see. And when I compare it to a selfie of me from last week, I can't believe the difference.

Are you ready? (I definitely wasn't!)

Left: April 2016. Right: January 2017

I cannot believe the change in myself. I honestly hadn't noticed it happening to me- I know I've tweeted here and there about losing a couple of inches whenever it happens, but whenever I look in the mirror, to me I always look the same. I guess it's because I see myself in the mirror all of the time, every day, it's harder to notice a physical change. 

I also bought some new work uniform on Friday and discovered I have gone down a size, to a size 10- at least, in Topshop anyway- we all know how unreliable clothes sizing can be!

It's safe to say that I'm honestly so happy that there's been a far bigger physical change to myself than I had noticed. Finally, I'm starting to look in the mirror and like what I see all of the time, not just some of the time. My body looks how I want it to look- not how anyone else wants it to look- and that makes me happy. I feel more confident in myself, I feel healthier within myself, and now I feel happier too. I eat better than ever before, I drink more water, I exercise more than ever before; all of these are positive adjustments, and they're not just beneficial for weight loss either. They're making me fitter and healthier as a person, my skin is clearer, I feel better within myself, more positive and happy. That's what counts, right?

At the end of the day, being healthy and being happy is what matters. It doesn't matter how big or how small you are, how short or how tall you are, whether you eat pizza every day or prefer to have a Instagram worthy avocado based meal, its how you feel about yourself that truly matters. A lot of people have said to me I've always looked great, or that they think I've always had a good figure, and I accept that as a compliment, it's nice to hear, and maybe to them it's the truth. But I've not always been happy with myself. I haven't always thought I looked great. I haven't always looked in the mirror and like what I was looking back at me. Now, I finally do. 

Slow and steady really does win the race. Small, healthy lifestyle changes have all amounted to one huge, physical change for me, and I could not be happier. 

Love from,
Florence Grace 
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