Meet the woman who's proud she's not a feminist.

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Before you read my blog post, you may want some background information as to what I am writing about...please click here to read the article before reading my post.

So let's get started shall we. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, the woman proud not to be a feminist. Why? "Because I've never really faced inequality". Wow, Kaley. Good for you. Being a feminist is obviously only allowed if it is directly affecting you.


Feminism is- or should be- a global movement, helping women all over the world. If you're a woman who has absolutely never faced inequality in your life- and I should imagine there's very few of you- then you're are one of the lucky ones. I am so happy for you. But is it really okay to turn around and say you aren't a feminist because of that? You've never been affected by inequality, fine. But how can you turn your backs on the women who have? The women who face it every single day of their lives. Women who work for free, the gender pay gap. Women who are sold at the age of 12 to men more than twice their age purely for sexual purposes- for the man's pleasure. Women who are beaten by their male partners, women who are forbidden from doing things that men can. Even something as simple as the women who are catcalled at every day of the week by men who feel it is okay to objectify them. How can you turn your back on all of these women just because none of it happens to you?

Feminism isn't about being selfish, it's about wanting equality for all women. If you feel you have that in your life, congratulations. Again, you are one of the lucky few. So if you are equal to all the males you meet, maybe you should use that power to get them to treat all women the way they treat you. Kaley, if you feel you are equal to every man you meet and have never suffered equality, that could be so powerful when tied in to your high celebrity status. Maybe you could try to encourage men to treat all women the way they apparently treat you- equally.

Whether it is intended or not, Kaley seems to have a high disregard for the feminist movement because "the work that paved the way for women happened before I was around". I find this statement incredulous. Yes, agreed, a lot of the work happened before you were around. However, a lot of that work is still ongoing. We do not have world equality. Women and men are not equal and therefore the hard work is still ongoing. Yes, things have improved for women, but we aren't there yet. To consider yourself not a feminist because all of the hard work was done before you were around seems absolutely ridiculous to me.

I myself don't understand how anyone can not support feminism, or call themselves a feminist. The issue of inequality of the sexes is a battle many women have to face every single day. Kaley, whilst you may be satisfied "serving" your man after earning $1million per episode of "The Big Bang Theory", other women are not so fortunate as you. Right now, there are women- let me rephrase, girls as young as 12, being sold to men twice their age, getting raped, getting pregnant and often dying due to the strain their body is put under.

There are women in the UK working for free because the gender pay gap is so large. 52 days women worked for free this year. You remember that as your millions roll in for doing, actually, not a lot.

There are women being beaten, in every country over the world, because they didn't make their husband's a hot meal, because they didn't tidy the house, make the baby stop crying, or just because their partner felt like it. You remember that as you cook for your husband five night's a week.

Kaley, I am not bitter about your satisfaction with your life. In fact, I am happy that there is a woman who feels she does not suffer from inequality- that is so positive in today's world. But I can not stand by and read that you are not a feminist because it doesn't affect you and say nothing about what a selfish attitude that is to have. Feminism isn't about being a housewife. It's not about whether you're happy because the choice in life you have made is to "serve" your husband. There's nothing wrong with that choice. It is your choice to make. No, feminism is about the social, political and economical equality of the sexes.

I urge Kaley, and anyone who feels the way she does, to rethink. If you don't consider yourself a feminist, why? Why don't you want all women to lead a life as easy as a man's? Why don't you want women to be paid the same as males, treated with the same respect as male's, given the same freedom as males? Just because you feel feminism doesn't directly affect you (although I assure you, it does), doesn't mean you should not be one. Be a feminist for all the women, all over the world, who are not as fortunate as you.

Kaley, that includes you too.

Love from,
Florence Grace


To the people I shall leave behind in 2015

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Well. 'To' a lot of people really. Old friends, family, people I never really liked or got on with. There is a whole variety of people that I will not be keeping with me once the New Year rolls around. It's a sad thing to think about, and it hurts a lot to think about all of the people who have intimidated me, bullied me, betrayed me or even just distanced themselves from me through no fault of my or their own.

To the family members, you have hurt me deeply. They say blood is thicker than water but a blood tie with you means nothing to me. My real family members know who they are and I value them more than anyone else.

You have hurt me deeply. Family are supposed to love each other, look after each other. With only your selfish, inconsiderate ways in mind, you have not only hurt me but my siblings too. Although it hurts us to admit it, we will all be happy to leave you behind.

I hope you will not treat your other family members the way you have treated me and my family. I hope you will learn from the mistakes you made with us and will have more success with your other family members. Maybe in years to come, we can make amends. But for now, it's a permanent departure from me.

To the people I never really liked or were never even friends with at all- most of you have continued to harass me over the last year. There has been nastiness, backstabbing and cruel words spread all over various social media platforms, behind my back and to my friends- who of course, came straight to me. My only question is, why? If we have never been friends, do not know each other or have a mutual dislike for each other, why are you letting my life have an effect on you and what you do? Why are you spending your time watching my every move and then criticising it?

I feel very sorry for you. What a boring life you must lead if your only source of humour is from me and what I am doing with my life. I hope you manage to find a better way to spend your days, because life is short and there are far more exciting things for you to be doing rather than keeping a close eye on my every move, your sharp tongues ready to try and break me down. I sincerely hope that 2015 is a more exciting year for you.

And to the friends I have lost, well, this is the hardest- mainly because most of the friendships have been lost due to lack of effort from the both of us. I still care for all of you as I did before- my feeling's haven't changed. Even if you feel I don't care, you're wrong. I am a busy person and hardly have a free day in my week- I know all of you are much the same. You would think social media would help friendships to continue but I have found that it does not. In some cases it can even destroy them.

I hope we will get back in touch in 2015. I will try to make more of an effort, I hope you will do too. It would be nice to catch up on things after being distanced for so long. If not, then I wish you all the best in the future. You're all wonderful people and you all deserve the best things in life.

I am not a nasty person, nor a bitter one. Even the people I no longer feel anything for deserve a wonderful year, and I hope you all have one. Work hard for your dreams and achieve all you can. Clear your mind and allow yourself a fresh start. A fabulous 2015 is deserved by all.

Love from,
Florence Grace

If you feel personally affected by this post, please email me only at so that we may discuss whatever the issue is. However, I hope this post only brings about positivity for whatever relationship we have/once had and for the new year.

Manner's...or rather, a lack of them.

My parent's raised me to be a very polite child, as they did with both of my sisters too. We always say please and thank you, we walk single file on the paths and step off of curbs to let people pass, we hold open doors and we wait patiently in queues.

But all of this is just common sense isn't it?

Well, you would like to think so, wouldn't you. However, over the last few years I have noticed a dramatic increase in the lack of manners that people seem to possess. All too frequently I find myself holding open a door without a simple 'thanks', or moving out of someone's way only to have a stream of 7,582 people storm past me whilst I stand patiently waiting for the moment that I can continue on with my own journey.

To be frank, I'm quite fed up of it now. Can it be that so many other people in the world were not raised so well by their parents, and were not taught these basic, simple manners? Or is it that they have simply been lost along the way? Whatever the reason, it's a certainty that we need to retrieve them.

All too often the thought has crossed my mind "Well, if no one is going to act polite to me I shall act just as rudely towards them". I'm always stopped though. Stopped by the realisation that I don't want to be like all these impolite beings. That's not how I was raised and it's not a behavior I feel comfortable with. Part of me feels this is why we have so many rude people- one rude person annoyed someone polite like myself, and they decided to give up on their own manners. And then it happened again, and again and again and gradually the number of bad-mannered people became larger than the number of well-mannered people.

Another factor could be that in Britain, we're all just so busy. Constantly rushing around, looking at our watches in frustration and tapping our foot impatiently just trying to speed ahead to wherever it is we need to be. In the midst of all the zooming around, we seem to forget the most basic thing- manners. Too focused on where we want to be and where we are now, trying to fight against seemingly endless seas of people to be the first to cross over at the traffic lights, we forget to move out of an elderly person's way, we carelessly smash our flailing limbs into the faces of children and forget to smile, or even just nod our heads in appreciation for the stranger who stopped their car to let us cross the road at an un-designated spot because we were too rushed to make our way to a real crossing.

Whatever the reason it is, manners really shouldn't be forgotten. They take up very little time in your day and, as the saying goes, they don't cost a penny. Best of all, you could really make someone else's day just by considering them for a few seconds of your own. Smile, be polite and consider others. If we all remembered our manners when we ventured out of the house and into the big, wide world, it would make every day a little bit brighter and the world would be a much friendly, happier place.

Love from,
Florence Grace

50 Facts About Me

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I see so many posts floating around the bloggersphere where blogger's share a bit about the person that they are whilst tagging other blogger's and inviting them to participate too, so that everyone can get to know each other a bit more! To me, this is a really great way to network and make some new friends within the blogging world, so I have decided to start my own factual post- 50 facts about me, Florence Grace!

If you find yourself tagged at the end- or even if you aren't but want to participate regardless-  then please do join in with this tag! It will be a lot of fun if lots of different bloggers get involved! So, here goes...

  1. My favourite colour is pink- and some would say I am pink obsessed.
  2. Ditto glitter. If it's sparkly, it's mine. 
  3. I love unicorns and refuse to believe they don't exist.
  4. I am a total social media addict, much to the annoyance of my family and friends.
  5. I have been with my boyfriend since I was 14 years old (4 and a half years!)
  6. I am a bit of a jewellery horder...
  7. ...and bric a brac.
  8. I love occasions that allow me to dress up with heels, fancy make up etc. etc. 
  9. I think Barbie is a goddess.
  10. I love My Little Pony and sleep with a MLP cuddly toy.
  11. Sloths are my favourite animal.
  12. I have met my heroin Jacqueline Wilson a grand total of three times.
  13. I am addicted to Coca Cola.
  14. My favourite drink however is Strawberry Frappucino from Starbucks!
  15. I am obsessed with Tom Hanks. Not because I think he's hot or anything but because I just love him...I wish he was my uncle or something, he's just great. 
  16. Amsterdam is my favourite place in the world (although I haven't seen much of the world, but still)
  17. I consider myself to have three different families, which is quite a lot. 
  18. I am allergic to nuts but have accidentally eaten nuts on numerous occasions.
  19. I have eczema AND asthma so basically life sucks all year long.
  20. I have always loved writing and being creative.
  21. I have a lot of clothes but I'm not sure when/where I brought them...
  22. I wish I lived in Barbie's dream house.
  23. I own three tiaras.
  24. I can eat for England.
  25. I used to do Judo and have 4 medals and 2 trophies...despite it being a form of exercise, I was actually half decent at it!
  26. I own nearly 100 nail varnishes and paint my nails every day.
  27. I met Marina from Marina and the Diamonds and cried for 20 minutes afterwards...
  28. I work in retail and am a queen at colour blocking.
  29. I never thought my blog would be successful and didn't think anyone would have any interest in my writing. 
  30. I am a feminist- as all people should be. 
  31. I am a trained TV presenter and have my own mini show reel. 
  32. I am overly sarcastic all of the time.
  33. I can't stand being copied- imitation is not the highest form of flattery.
  34. I have my own radio show, "Friday's with Florence Grace". 
  35. There was a time in my life where I had nearly 50 different nicknames.
  36. I can play the guitar, bass guitar, percussion and trumpet. 
  37. My life goal is to visit Fiji...I don't know why but it just looks perfect.
  38. The only Apple product I really like is the iPod.
  39. I prefer film camera's to digital ones. 
  40. I can find a song within seconds in my mind that matches the scenario I am living at that exact moment in time...if that makes sense...
  41. I don't find Brad Pitt or George Clooney attractive.
  42. My favourite film is Forrest Gump. 
  43. I am scared of the sea but find it so beautiful.
  44. I love buying quirky lamps and strings of fairylights.
  45. I am addicted to stationary- Paperchase is my favourite shop.
  46. I have only been to two foreign countries in my 19 years of life.
  47. I have a place at LSB University but can't decide whether to go or not.
  48. I can't lie without erupting into giggles and confessing the lie straight away...even in really serious situations.
  49. I am insanely ticklish.
  50. I have a really short out! 
So there we have it! 50 random facts about the face behind the blog... I have chosen the following bloggers to (hopefully) participate! 


Even if you aren't tagged, please feel free to join in! When your post is done, tweet it to me using the hashtag #LFFG50Facts, post it on my facebook page or link it in the comments below! I hope you'll all join in so I can get to know you all a bit better! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

What facts of mine match with yours? Let me know in the comments below! 


Onward and upwards to 2015!

2015 is fast approaching, and I know that I am not the only one to have marveled at how quickly this year has gone! Months seem to have been as brief as minutes and events such as birthdays, starting at new schools and universities, holidays and now Christmas all seem to have blown past in a tornado of celebration and excitement. The fact Christmas is nearly over when yesterday seems like December the 1st is scary enough. I am not quite mentally prepared to face a brand new year in a mere 10 days.

However, in my case, 2014 has passed by so quickly because so many exciting things have happened. I have been luckier than I ever could have dreamed this year, more so in the last five months, and I am truly thankful to whoever is up there helping me to gain the opportunities and successes that I have. As we prepare to depart from 2014 and enter into a brand new year, I felt there was no better time than now to write about my year- what I am happy to have achieved, what I am happy to be leaving behind and, best of all, what I am looking forward to in the new year! So grab some festive treats, get yourself comfy and read on...

2014- The highlights.

By the time 2014 rolled around, I had been 18 for just two months so, as you can probably imagine, the first few months of 2014 are a bit of a blur! However, I know there were a lot of night's out with my boyfriend's friends, who I had never really met before, and so I remember I had been quite nervous about making a good impression! However, I had some of the best night's I have ever had with them all, and some of them are my best memories from 2014!

Further into 2014, I started to work on my fitness and health as I was starting to feel a bit uncomfortable about the way I looked. As a girl who despises most forms of exercise, I was a bit wary of starting to go on bike ride's with my boyfriend- especially when I hadn't ridden a bike in 6 years! The first ride made me a bit anxious but like people say, you never forget how to ride a bike! After this I went on several bike rides and luckily 2014 was a brilliant year weather wise (for England anyway!) so there was always lots of great photo opportunities!

Leaving secondary school was a huge positive in my year. Unsure about university, I didn't really know where my life was headed, but all I can say is that I couldn't wait to get out of school and away from idiotic rules about jewellery and nail varnish (my two favourite things) and away from nasty, vindictive and judgemental classmates. The last day was fun however, as we transformed the school into Disneyland and dressed as some of Disney's well loved characters.

All too quickly summer rolled around, and as I had left school for good, we were given an extended summer- nearly 4 months long! House parties, bike rides, BBQ's, picnics, baking, beach days, meeting the cast of Hollyoaks, my school Leaver's Ball, seeing Eminem live, spending the day with WYA and getting to host my own radio show as part of a media project, getting my exam results and getting into my first choice university, my holiday to Amsterdam and of course celebrating 4 years with my wonderful boyfriend. It was possibly the busiest summer I have ever had, and if I were to write in depth about it all, you'd soon lose interest! I've selected my favourite photos from each event to share with you instead, because so much went on!

Meeting Joe from Hollyoaks!
Meeting Robbie and Dennis from Hollyoaks!
The Leavers Ball with my boyfriend, Alex.
Joining a friend on a media project with WYA and hosting our own show together- this is what lead to my permanent show
Celebrating my great exam results, and getting into my first choice uni- can't believe I managed to do it!

Spending a week in Amsterdam- by far my favourite city!

Celebrating 4 amazing years with Alex- was definitely not always easy, but always been worth it! 

I also started my blog on the 31st July 2014. There is no picture for this but obviously this was a huge part of my year. I have had so many opportunities and doors opened to me thanks to my blog, have tweeted with "celebrities" such as Katie Hopkins and Mummy Felstead regarding my writing and have also become an in house member of Go Think Big, who have provided me with all of my oppotunities to date!

...and that was just my summer! I then went on to start at a brand new college where I knew absolutely nobody to start a brand new subject I had never studied before! Very, very daunting but thankfully I made lovely friends straight away and we have been joint at the hip since September! Poppy, thank you for making the first move and inviting me into your group of friends. Abby, thank you for providing me with laughs at your shocking antics every day. Ben and Ricarda, thank you for making me cry every day at the sweetness of your relationship. All of you have been great, and I couldn't ask for better friends to have been accepted by!

Thing's quietened down a little, but my blog began to grow steadily, and the media days I went to became more and more exciting! 

Meeting Mandem on the Wall at Carat Media!
Meeting Q Magazine's Art Director! 

Meeting Radio One DJ Gemma Cairney! 

Spending an evening at Channel 4!

Meeting Kenny Campbell, editor of the Metro.

And interned at Closer Magazine!

The start of November saw me celebrating my 19th birthday! The day was spent having lunch at a fancy cafe that specializes in chocolate based dishes, followed by an evening in London at the Bubba Gump restaurant with Alex, strawberries, champagne and a Tiffany's bracelet!

Further into November, I met my heroin, novelist Jacqueline Wilson for the third time and left her a which I got a reply via email! 

I also became a blogger for Girls Talk London, and have had two pieces published by them in the last two months! 

Towards the end of November I got the train to London at 6am...why? To do possibly my most exciting media event of the year: Train to be a TV Presenter! The day was amazing, I met some really amazing young people who aspire to work in the media just like me, as well as a presenter from SBTV and an former BBC journalist! To have my own show reel and to be able to say I have been trained to be a TV presenter by professionals is a really great feeling and I am really proud of myself! 

Then December rolled around. Sadly, I broke away from my radio show Midweek Mayhem...but I couldn't be sad about it for very long as I moved on to become a presenter on my own radio show! 

Friday's with Florence Grace will begin in January 2015!

I have also been asked to be a presenter at a concert held by the station I host a radio show on, Blink FM Live 2, so that will help me put my presenter training into practice! 

My final achievement of the year, and perhaps the one I am most proud of, is becoming a columnist for Vale Life magazine, a magazine distributed around Aylesbury and surrounding areas. I have only been blogging for 4 and a half months, and my writing has only been read for that amount of time, and now it will be read by an even broader audience. I couldn't be happier to have become a columnist 4 and a half months into writing. It blows my mind how fortunate I am!

After a lengthy post, I can safely conclude that my blog has been the main highlight of this year. Starting it has been the best thing I have ever done. More opportunities have thrown themselves at me than I could ever have imagined and I have met some wonderful people- including Apryl, Katy and Hollie!

Roll on 2015 I say! If it goes anything like this year has done, I will be ecstatic. Now, I know how tedious this post may have been to read- it wasn't about me being "big headed", and I hope that actually, I can inspire some of you. I'm just a normal girl from a normal town and I am trying to make something of myself- it is possible, and you can do it too! However, I'm not the only person who has had a good year. I asked some of my readers for their highlights;

Amy- My trip to Bulgaria!

Apryl- Returning back to Wales!

Cat- NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!

Clo- 2014 was a brilliant year but my two main highlights were seeing Asking Alexandria for the second time and getting myself a job!

2014- The not so good times...

2014 may seem like it was all happy and fun for me- and for the most part, it was! But that wasn't always the case. I did encounter quite a lot of unpleasant people in 2014 and found myself the victim of a lot online criticism and general nastiness. 

I also had a pretty miserable time at school and ended up distancing myself from a lot of people. Most of my friends were not from my school and I didn't like my school generally. My last year of school seemed to drag and I was over the moon when it was time to leave. 

I've battled with weight issues all year long which hasn't been fun at all, as well as dealing with quite severe eczema problems and now other infections too- I seem to be on tablets or rubbing in cream 24/7! 

2015- The resolutions!

2014 has been great, and I'm hoping 2015 will be just as great- if not better! To accomplish this, I have a lot of exciting resolutions! 

  1. Reach 100,000 views on my blog by January 31st 2015.
  2. Reach 1000 followers on my blog by January 31st 2015 (This is my biggest battle- I have a lot of regular readers but they don't follow me! *hint hint*)
  3. Meet some of the lovely bloggers that I have met online in person. The blogging community is so wonderful and so friendly, I would love to get to know more! 
  4. Use my eczema cream as regularly as I am supposed to so that it disappears for as long as possible! 
  5. Lose 1 stone and hopefully this shall lead to me dropping a dress size.
  6. Don't trust everyone 100%. Not everyone is as genuine or as lovely as I would like them to be, and this often results in me getting hurt a lot. I need to stop being so naive and recognize the fake people more quickly. 
  7. Leave college with a "merit". 
  8. Start saving to move out...
  9. Get more work experience, or even a job, within the media industry.
  10. Say "yes" to as much as I can!
You guys had some great resolutions too, as well as some really exciting things to look forward to:

Amy- To do what makes me happy. In 2015, I'm most looking forward to working a season in Bulgaria. 

Apryl- My resolution is to make the most of everyday. I'm looking forward to hopefully getting to meet you and going back to Wales!

Clo- I have no New Year resolution but I am most looking forward to going to Download festival in the summer! 

Well, as we bring 2014 to a close, I for one can say it's been a great year- I hope it has been for you too! If it hasn't though, don't worry. 2015 is the start of a new year, the first page of a new book- a blank slate. Whichever cliche you want to use, remember that 2015 is a new start. Happy New Year everyone, make it the best you can! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Special thanks for making 2014 so amazing goes to GoThinkBig, Blink FM and Wycombe Youth Action, Charlie Trott, Eve-Yasmin, Aaron Roach-Bridgeman, Dekan Apajee, Youth Media Agency, Hollie Garner, Apryl Morrison, Katy Gilroy, Bundle Mag, Girls Talk London, Vanessa Sanyauke, Blogging Gals, Bobbie Gordon, Poppy Wootton, Abby Baker, Ricarda Casey, Ben Wybrow, Lbloggers Chat, Jane Felstead, my parents and of course my other half, Alex Healey. You've all been amazing. Thank you. 

What has been your highlight of 2014? What are your resolutions for 2015? What are you looking forward to? Leave a comment below!

All photo's my own.

Love From Florence Grace- the radio show!

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A little bit of shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone...

I want to tell my wonderful readers about a very exciting opportunity in my life right now! As of January 2015, I will be hosting my own radio show! At present, it is going to be called "The Florence Grace Show" but I am still working on names (have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch using the links on my page!)

The show will air on Blink FM every Friday from 3-5pm, and I am hoping to have someone exciting in once a month for an interview- I already have my first interviewee confirmed and I am just awaiting on a date!

For anyone who has read my "About" page, you will know that being a radio presenter is my dream job, and so I am really excited about this! However, I would like one thing from my readers and followers- ideas! So if there's a particular structure you think would work for my show, a name for the show, games to do or songs to play then please do get in touch with me. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook or email me at

I am also looking for promoters to promote my show!! In return, I would host an advert for your blog/vlog/business on my own blog for FREE. If you are interested in helping me with this, again, please get in touch with me.

I'm hoping this show will be fabulous and super exciting for both me and for my listeners too! Support from all of my readers and followers would be so appreciated, so I really hope some of you will get in touch and will tune in in the new year- it would really mean the world to me!

I'll keep updating you all as time goes on.

Love from,
Florence Grace

Ghost Online vs. Girl Online- who wrote the book?

Zoella- a young woman fast becoming a house hold name. Starting as a YouTube 'vlogger', Zoe Sugg (better known as YouTube name 'Zoella') has been named "Britain's most influential tweeter", launched a line of beauty products, made several radio and television appearances and now published a novel- "Girl Online".

Released at the end of November, "Girl Online"was already one of the most highly anticipated books of this year due to Zoe's near 7 million YouTube subscribers and 2.61 million Twitter followers. However, no one could have predicted the incredulous success of the book, which sold over 78,000 copies in just seven days, beating the debuts of novelists J K Rowling and Dan Brown. The novel itself is fictional but with an autobiographical undertone, as it follows the story of Penny, a young blogger hiding behind the name "Girl Online".

Fans all over the country were thrilled with the book, some even claiming to have read it over night due to how fantastic it was. For bloggers and vloggers at more of a start out stage, such as myself, the release of the book only further demonstrated what doors could be opened to us if we pushed ourselves forwards enough. If Zoella hadn't inspired us enough already, she sure as hell had done it now. As a regular person using social media to try and get somewhere, you couldn't help but gaze in awe at this young woman who had done just that.

Until this morning. This morning, Sunday the 7th of December, saw the confirmation from both Zoella and Penguin Random House that her debut novel, "Girl Online", was ghost written. Penguin Random House were the first to speak out regarding the reoccurring questioning of Zoella's novel-writing talent, saying "to be factually accurate you would need to say Zoe Sugg did not write the book Girl Online on her own". As you can expect, social media platforms went into meltdown, with Zoe herself receiving torrents of tweets abusing, sympathizing and questioning her on both the accuracy of this statement, Zoe's own honesty and on who really wrote the novel.

Many people have ditched the idea of the novel entirely, with many who had plans to read and/or buy it now saying otherwise due to the disappointment and 'falseness' of both the novel and Zoe. Others have said it doesn't matter and is a common occurrence among celebrities who turn to writing. Finally, this afternoon Zoe spoke out on the situation herself, saying "Everyone needs help when they try something new. The story and characters of Girl Online are mine."

Zoella has signed a two book deal with the publishing company, so will it be a potential sequel or an autobiography on the horizon? Either way it's safe to say that today's announcement could have some impact on the YouTube stars success as an author. But should it really matter?

A number of celebrities who choose to bring out an autobiography have them ghost written by somebody else. As a footballer, actress or model, your talent for writing is not necessarily going to be one of your best. One of the most current celebrities to use a ghost writer is Katie Price. Bringing out a range of non-fiction and fiction books, Katie has openly admitted to using a ghost writer for her stories. She acknowledges writing is not her strong point, yet her books are still a success.

Many other celebrities acknowledge the ghost writers and thank them publicly. It seems the general consensus among Zoella's followers is that they don't mind that the book is ghost written, only that she wasn't completely honest about it. Bibliodaze blog wrote "80,000 sales in one week speaks a hell of a lot louder than this kind of discussion, and many of Sugg's fans will remain dedicated to their idol".

To me, it seems as though Zoella was offered the opportunity to publish a book for a rather large sum of money and decided to take it- who wouldn't? Whilst others argue that Zoella simply wanted to venture out into new things, I refuse to believe this. She has ventured into new things, such as launching a beauty line- this still relates to something the YouTube star knows about and loves. Maybe launching a clothing line would have been more appropriate than going headlong into a brand new field and ending up disappointing many of her fans before she's even had her final big break.

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Blogging Secret Santa!

So, as December draws nearer, some of you may or may not know that I am participating in a Secret Santa within the blogging community! I am very excited about this, especially as I am still relatively new to blogging! Anyway, the first step is to write an introductory post for my Secret Santa- who could be from absolutely anywhere! So, here goes...

My name is Flo, and I am a student, currently studying Creative Business. In my free time, I blog, host a radio show once a week, work part time and spend the rest of my time with my boyfriend, Alex. I've only been blogging for- well, just under four months! Although I am still fairly new to this, I have had a lot of opportunities thrown at me, such as events with Channel 4 and the BBC, becoming a blogger for a bigger company etc. etc. I really enjoy working within the media and it is what I aim to do when I am older.

So, what about me? I love social media, especially Instagram, and I guess this has stemmed from my love of photography- I am never without some form of camera, be it my phone, polaroid of DSLR camera! I'm pretty creative and imaginative and love doing arts and crafts things, especially as gifts for people. I'm fairly passionate about music which is just one of the reasons I love being a radio presenter so much! Food is always high on my list, as well as my two real loves- jewellery and nail varnish- especially Barry M!

Hi, Secret Santa...this is me! 

I hope that is enough information for you, Secret Santa!! If not, please feel free to use the social media links in my blog to have a little hunt about things I may have forgotten to mention, or just to get a better grasp of the person I am!

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November Style Picks!

As November has rolled in, so has the freezing cold weather. Temperature's are dropping and Christmas is just around the corner- which also means money is tight! I have tried to make this months picks as affordable as possible, as warm as possible and as cute as possible!

As an improvement on my recent style picks posts, I have now included direct links to the products to make purchases easier for you. I'm too nice, I know!

With Christmas creeping ever closer, everyone needs a quirky, cosy Christmas jumper to snuggle in to whilst watching films or out shopping! I loved Boohoo's 'Ava Christmas Tree Jumper', for just £15.00. The colours are festive and the Christmas design is subtle enough not to be called "tacky". Don't forget your student discount on this one!

Everyone knows from November onwards, Party Season begins! Truly the best time of the year! I adore the "Niami Velvet Skater Dress" in an icy silver from Boohoo- however, they have an entire range of dresses which are all fabulous at the moment! This particular dress has the right shimmery look for a party, and at £22.00 is quite a bargain (excluding the oh so important student discount!). 

This is perhaps my favourite style pick this month- and the most costly! The 'Darla Shaggy Faux Fur Coat' in nude is just so girly and pretty, and being made of faux fur makes it just as warm and snuggly too- perfect for any Christmas light switch on's you may be attending this year! At £45 from Boohoo, the price is a little steep but there is always the student discount, and for a coat of this style, it is really worth the investment!

Throughout winter, jeans are usually the safest (And warmest!) option, but I love this "Black Check Brushed Mini Skirt" from New Look. The material is nice and soft and you could team this with the white ankle boots below! At £19.99, excluding discount, this skirt is a bargain and a must have on my list this year! 

I'm not usually one for slogan/song lyric sweatshirts, but there was something about New Look's 'Grey I'm So Fancy Sweater' that I loved- I think it's the fancy framing around the text...or maybe just because I really like the song!! Either way, this is an absolute steal at £14.99 and is availbale in dark grey for those of you who prefer your outfits a little darker! 

This 'Pale Blue Necklace Trim Fluffy Jumper' is so adorable, how could you possibly resist? Not only that but you don't need to worry about accessorizing, as the jumper comes with a necklace for you!! The colours are perfect for the Winter colour pallet and being fluffy will keep anyone nice and cosy on those cold Winter days! How can you resist, at just £24.99?

These New Look "White Cut Out Chunky Chain Trim Ankle Boots" really caught my eye, because I'm so used to seeing just brown or black boots that these really stood out to me! They are so unique and I love the chain detail- they would go nicely with the black mini skirt, or even the velvet dress for a more casual party look! Best of all? They have recently been reduced to £26.00! Get buying girls!

Another cute jumper in this month's style picks! The "Knitted Jumper" from H&M features a My Little Pony logo- and anyone who knows me will know just how much I love My Little Pony! To top that off, the jumper is the perfect jumper for me! Or any other 'girly girl'. For £19.99, it's not too costly either! A must-have for me!

As much as I hate covering my hands, as it prevents me from using my phone, I can't help but crave these "Fake Fur Mittens" from H&M. They're so big and fluffy, you can tell they would definitely keep your hands warm! A little steep in price at £12.99 but for the warmth is it worth it? You decide!

Always wearing coats, I have never really seen the appeal of capes, but love this chic one from River Island- the print, the tassels, the fur collar, it all just pulls together really well, and would look great with some black jeans and the white new look boots above! A classy alternative to a jacket or coat, the "Black Tartan Faux Fur Trim Cape" comes in at £35.00.

River Island jewellery is always great, and I love this girly "Girls Gold Tone Heart Charm Necklace". It is perfect for brightening up any dull outfit, or for accessorizing any outfit for a night out! It's from the "cheaper" range at RI and is just £8.00! 

Handbags are my weakness, and I especially love River Island ones- however I don't usually like their price tags! Now, I have found an exception. The "Light Pink Mini Satchel" is not only gorgeous, but a complete bargain at just £20.00! The colour, the style...the price!! I love it all, and will definitely be investing!

With Winter on it's way, and the weather growing ever colder, I hope you find some of my style picks useful- or at least inspirational! If you buy anything from my list, or even a cheaper alternative, I'd love to know! Tag me on Instagram using @flomatthews_ or the hashtag #FGstylepicks, tweet me using @flomatthews_ or post to my facebook page here .  Or just leave a comment below! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace


Dapper Laughs- or Dapper the Arse?

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"Just show her your penis. If she cries, she's just playing hard to get"

Shocked? How about this:

"Girls have periods. I call that 'blow job week'. What you need to do is get four girlfriends- then it's four weeks of blowies".

I'm sure your jaw has dropped- where have these horrific statements come from? Let me tell you. They have come from "comedian", "TV personality" and "model", Dapper Laughs.

Dapper Laughs is an alter ego for Clapham man Daniel O'Reilly. Finding fame in his six second Vines, Dapper Laughs has gone on to produce a novelty song that rose to number 15 in the UK charts, host his own stand-up tours and now has his own TV show- thanks to ITV2.

Dapper's TV show will be listed as a 'dating' show where he will tell 'lads' how to get some 'pussy' and some 'gash' in the style of harmless banter between friends, as he tries to educate males who lack Dapper's irresistible charm and large penis. Apparently. The show is intended to be fun and light hearted but anyone in their right mind, boy or girl, should be able to see that Dapper and his show are nothing but completely misogynistic and anti-feminist. The catchphrase of the show is "Dating is out. Pulling is in", a catchphrase that encourages people not to go looking for relationships or love but just to be in and out with a bang- if you get me. A more appropriate term might be teaching lads to "use and abuse". Just a thought.

The sort of behavior Dapper participates in is a type that should not be condoned, ever, least of all publicised. Whilst the majority of the world are trying to move forwards in terms of equality of the sexes, Dapper Laugh's is encouraging young males everywhere to drag it all back, ruining whatever progress is made.

He is the extreme epitome of the apparently fast growing 'lad culture' that exists currently in the UK. He encourages childish, damn right disgusting behavior towards females that could be quite easily confused with sexual harassment- you only have to watch him screaming "Hey darling, can I smell your fanny?" after an innocent female pedestrian to understand what I mean.

But hey, according to ITV2, this sort of behavior is acceptable- and should even be encouraged, by airing it live on TV for thousands of viewers to see. Why is it acceptable? Because "All humor is subjective" and "his unique brand of banter and brash charm is neither sexist nor degrading to women". Because seeing women as nothing but walking sex toys isn't degrading to us females at all, thank you for clearing that up ITV2. In fact, Dapper doesn't even care about his female sex toys being able to walk, as he sings "If she's looking at me and playing with her hair, by the end of the night she'll need a wheel chair". But no, that's just banter everyone!! Not degrading at all!

So, to the people who condoned Dapper's behavior and thought it a 'fun' idea to make it into a TV show, let me ask you this: how would you feel if Dapper treated your mother in this way? Your sister, your aunt, your girlfriend, your daughter? If he shouted what is actually not a bit of banter, but actually something quite sexually harassing towards your young, female child, would you laugh it off the way you laugh off Dapper's behavior? I am damn certain you wouldn't. I am pretty sure you would be disgusted at his vile behavior- the way us females, and even some males are.

Perhaps one of the scariest things about Dapper's rise to fame is not his disgusting behavior, but rather how quickly he has influenced so many other young males. I myself have already tweeted Dapper Laugh's with my own complaints regarding his behavior. Whilst he remained polite to me, it was his fans who started tweeting me about being 'uptight' and how I was 'moist for him' and should 'go back to sowing' (yes, a male did tell me to do a domestic chore in an attempt to be funny and sexist and then spelled it wrong). It is incredible for one person to have so much influence over so many people- so surely Dapper should use this influence in a more positive way?

It is because of his negative impact on today's society, and because of ITV2 condoning his behavior whilst brushing off people's concerns that I implore you to do at least one of the following:

You can sign up to the petition to get him off TV here

You can like this facebook page and share it to help raise awareness of the issue

You can write to Ofcom, the TV regulator's here

And you can find his Twitter here and tweet him your views

If you don't feel you have a reason to do any of the above, think again. If you're a girl, understand how important this is for you and your current position in society. If you're a boy, think about all the girls you know and care about- how would you feel if they were harassed by Dapper, or someone who tried to emulate his behavior? Please, use your brains. Understand just how wrong his behavior is. Bring an end to Dapper Laugh's and his appalling ways.

Love from,
Florence Grace


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. London: A Review.

Saturday the 1st of November was my 19th birthday! Being an obsessive fan of Tom Hanks, and with my all time favourite movie being 'Forrest Gump', I was more than thrilled when I found out there was a Forrest Gump themed restaurant opening in London exactly one month prior to my birthday. Of course, I begged my boyfriend to take me there as a birthday treat, and thankfully he said yes!

I had a truly wonderful time, and thought I would share my experience of such a unique restaurant with you!

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is located in the centre of the busy and bustling Leicester Square! Whilst there is plenty of eateries in this location, BGSCo. has a complete USP- the fact that it is based around one film! It is easy to find, simply walk in a straight line from Piccadilly Tube Station for about 3-5 minutes!

Unfortunately, you are unable to book a table to the restaurant and customers are currently served on a first come first served basis. This can be a pain in the neck, especially at peak times such as 5-8pm on a Saturday night, but the restaurant has an excellent system. Queuing takes little time at all, and when you reach the attendant on the door, they take your name and tell you how long the wait will be. You can then either leave the restaurant and explore the local attractions of Leicester Square or wait in the conveniently placed 'market' (and end up spending a small fortune...!) until your name is called!

Waiting Time.
The waiting time we were predicted upon arrival was 50 minutes- this did shock us a little, as the restaurant claims to seat 400 people, but as I was desperate to eat here we were more than happy to wait. Luckily, we only ended up waiting about 35- most of which was spent looking at a menu whilst we tried to pick what to eat, and appreciating the decor of the waiting area!! 

I loved the interior of the restaurant- it was perfect! (Especially for a Forrest Gump fan such as myself!). There was Forrest's boat 'Jenny' in the ceiling of the market place, whilst quotes and photos from the film teamed with makeshift signs labeling landmarks from Forrest Gump covered the walls. On top of this, the whole of the interior is made from wood, giving the place a really rustic feel. The tables are also printed with quotes from the film. TV's are placed in the eating area, two of which play the Forrest Gump film and two of which play other television- on the night I attended, it was the NFL games! 

The meal.
I was completely satisfied with the meal and service at the restaurant during my visit. The waitress who served us was more than helpful, offering us her personal favourites and recommendations and even giving me a Forrest Gump quiz once she found out how much of a fan I was! The serving system is also clever, devised of two metal license plate signs on your table that call a waiter/waitress over straight away!

The condiments on the table are served in a retro metal bucket, very 'American' and the drinks menus are displayed on a ping pong paddle- another wonderful reference back to the film! (And also great fun to play with...!)

The menu was far from sparse, and it was very difficult to pick anything, because it all sounded so appealing! Of course, it is pretty much an absolute must that you like shrimp if you wish to eat at this restaurant. Whilst there are dishes that do not include shrimp, it is the main basis of most of the meals! I settled for the 'Forrest Sea Food Feast' (an acclaimed 'Forrest Favourite'!), with Calamari and peppers as a starter.

 The Forrest Sea Food Feast consisted of 3 different kinds of fish covered in breadcrumbs and a generous portion of fries, accompanied with three dips and some coleslaw. I was completely satisfied with the standard of food, the rate at which it came out and the generous portion sizes. The presentation was also great- each type of fish was served in cones made of 'newspaper' with headlines relating to the film on! Very cute I thought! My only complaint with the meal was that over half of each cone was filled with shredded cabbage- I found this to be unneccessary, as it is highly unlikely anyone would eat that much cabbage in one sitting! Besides this, I had no complaint with the meal- in fact, both me and my boyfriend were left so full we couldn't even order dessert! 

I was also satisfied with the drink I chose, a cherry and lemon crushed ice sort of beverage! Although the asking price of £7 seemed a little steep, it was understandable when it came served in a light up cup that you could take home with you!!!

The Market.
To conclude our visit, we spent some time in the market so I could try and decide what to buy as a souvenir! There was literally hundreds of pieces of memorabilia to pick from, it was even harder than trying to pick from the menu. Shrimp magnet toys, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, ping pon bats, glasses, stationary, sweets, trivia cards- even a baby range of toys and clothes! And of course all emblazoned with some quote or image from the film. All of it was (surprisingly!) reasonably priced, and I ended up coming away with a t-shirt, soft toy shrimp magnet and a licence plate, for just £30. All of this came in an adorable brown paper bag, so I was more than satisfied!

In conclusion, I was overly satisfied with my time at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant, from the build up where the Twitter account recommended the best time to come as well as wishing me a happy birthday twice, to the actual time spent there, and to after the trip where I tweeted about my satisfaction with the restaurant and was thanked and wished another happy birthday. Although the meal was quite pricey, it is definitely a worthwhile experience for any Tom Hanks or Forrest Gump fan. I have never been to a restaurant quite like it, and have a feeling film themed restaurants will fast become popular! My only disappointment was that my hero, Tom Hanks, wasn't there! This is probably the closest I will ever get...*sigh* 

Love from,
Florence Grace

Been to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.? Let me know what you thought! 

All photographs featured are my own. 

Advertising, the invasion of privacy and the power of the mobile.

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Advertising is an age old trick. There are records of the Egyptians using papyrus to make wall posters, commercial messages have been found in the remains of Pompeii and Ancient Arabia. 'Lost and Found' posters were used in the time of the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. In short, advertising has been around forever, and as an industry that grows larger and larger everyday, is not going to be disappearing any time soon.

In 2010, it was estimated that a whopping $467 billion was spent on advertising world wide, with $143 billion of that being in the US alone. That is an incredible amount of money and indicates just how prominent advertising is in our day to day lives. The beauty of advertising is that in this day in age, it can be done via any media platform. Whereas before it had to be printed on paper, we now have billboards, TV, radio, the internet, social media, mobiles. The world of advertising is not only bigger than ever before but also more varied and exciting than ever before. 

Perhaps the biggest development in advertising is mobile advertising. Whilst still a fairly new concept, and having only really been developed over the last five years, mobile advertising has been on a steady rise- and with 70% of the UK owning a smart phone, 90% of 16-24 year old's owning a smart phone and the average user checking their phone 150 times a day, mobile marketing is expected to exceed TV advertising by just 2016. Scared by this hefty increase? Read on...

It has to be acknowledged that advertising would be nothing without the constant and mind blowing increase in technology. In fact, over the last 5 years technology and advertising have really gone hand in hand. Thanks to such incredible developments in technology, advertising can now do a lot more than persuade you to buy a product. It can target a specific individual directly dependent on their personal tastes. 

Look on your facebook homepage. What clothing brands do you see advertised- and more specifically, what products from that brand do you see advertised? One's that maybe you've clicked on and added to your shopping basket? Or maybe you've tweeted about them, or written a status about them? Technology now allows this information to be stored and used by marketing companies to directly target an individual in an attempt to persuade them even more so to buy a particular product. 

Do any of you watch 4od? Perhaps you will have seen the new advert, which personalizes a bottle of perfume with your initials, or a bottle of coke with your name on- this makes the product seem more personal to you and entices you into buying  the product. Who doesn't love a personalized gift? 

An even more recent technological development that has made advertising even more personal to a buyer is a fairly new concept called 'geo-fencing'. For a lot of people, such as myself, who are not fully understanding of technology I shall break this concept down to you in simple terms. Geo-Fencing allows an individual to be targeted via their mobile when they are within a certain distance of a shop. For example, if you are near to a Pizza Hut (about 25 meters away), they would have the ability to text you with an offer from Pizza Hut in an attempt to reel you into the store. If you walked into Tesco's, you would receive a message letting you know what clubcard deals were available. 

Whilst this all seems amazing and tells us just how advanced technology is, and also seems rather helpful to an individual, just think about it a bit more. Is this not a pure invasion of privacy? A certain brand can track where you are in regards to their nearest store and try to reel you in. Online companies can take information from one website and use it to target you when you visit other websites. If it was a human being physically doing this to you, it would be classed as stalking. Surely advertising is no longer about selling a product but more about trying to gain as much information about an individual as possible. 

The latest technology/advertising development I have heard about that scared me more than impressed me is 'beaconing'. Let me break this down for you. You walk into a department store, such as Topshop and see a nice dress that you like. You decide to try it on. When you do, a message will appear on your phone telling you a pair of shoes, or a handbag that matches the dress and where in the store you can find it. 

To me, that is a total invasion of privacy. It also eradicates the need for Personal shoppers and essentially any store assistance besides the till at all. When will this development end? It seems as though soon, our phones will be dictating to us our every move. And this doesn't excite me, or impress me. It scares me. In 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, what role will humans play in society? Will we still have a role to play if technology- namely mobiles- have taken over everything? 

To me, we need to find the line in regards to advertising, privacy and mobiles, as to what is impressive, what is helpful and what is a total invasion of privacy. How do advertising companies know what people are comfortable with in regards to being directed as an individual? Surely they don't. I think the line between normality and what is essentially stalking is a very fine one, and one that needs to be dealt with with great care. 

2013 was the year of the mobile phone, and rather than declining after reaching an impressive peak, the industry is only growing. The world of technology is changing all the time, and the world is becoming a scary place.

Love from, 
Florence Grace

What's your opinion on the invasion of technology and marketing? Going too far or helpful and exciting? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch using the links in the side bars!

Is imitation the highest form of flattery? Is imitation the highest form of flattery?

Growing up we are always told to be ourselves. Be original, be different, stand out from the rest. Most of us can pride ourselves on doing just that. Others are not so lucky. Too large of a portion of people have become what society likes to define as "sheep". And it doesn't stop at people looking up to celebrities, or younger people looking up to older people that they seem to idolize. No, it seems to be as contagious as the common cold with people clinging on to close friends, or even people they despise, and copying their every move. Living in a generation so modified to the lifestyle humans lead 100 years ago, now is the time to be as different as you can be- so why is imitation taking control?

Your teenage years can be confusing. Your body experiences a lot of change, your emotions and hormones go through the roof- boys and girls- and you can sometimes be unsure of who you are and who you want to be. Often we find someone who appears to be doing it all right- the make up, the clothes, the socialising. It is easier to perceive them as someone we should aim to be when they seem so happy and sure of themselves, and so we start to imitate some of the things they would do. Maybe you buy the same nail varnish as them, pick up the same sport. And all of this is fine. It is common among teenagers for there to be certain things that everyone wants, everyone does. 

But where do we draw the line? 

For me, its simple. If you suddenly find yourself looking at something and thinking "She/he has this, I'll buy it" or "she/he does that, maybe I'll do it too!"before you buy/do something, then there is a line to be drawn. There is a fine line between being inspired by someone and trying to be someone and if you start to start to consider someone else before you buy/do something you have crossed the line into stalker town. People will notice and people will start to think poorly of you- more often than not people will make fun of you for being a 'copycat'. 

As with most issues in teenage culture, media is mostly to blame for this surge of intense imitation. With girls being skinnier and more plastic then person than ever before, teenage girls are striving harder than ever for 'perfection'. The less 'perfect' you view yourself to be, the harder your will try to be someone you are not. And sure, there are celebrities who embrace body and personality differences and say how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin- but look at these celebrities. 90% of them are smaller than a size 10 with a 'perfect' looking image, funds for an entirely designer wardrobe and no real issues besides being unpopular with the public. They are no realistic examples that teenagers can aspire to- so finding someone within their social boundaries that is the next best thing is what a lot of teenagers seem to do. 

But what about the other side of the story? Not the copiers but the people being copied. How do they feel? 

A lot of the time, most won't notice until it becomes extreme. It may start off as endearing, and yes, flattering, to know that somebody want's to be like you. But when it becomes more extreme, it becomes nothing less than annoying. Yet if you tell anyone about it, they will tell you "imitation is the highest form of flattery". And most of the time, it's because they themselves are a copier. Because I'll let you into a secret. 

Imitation is not flattering. It is not fun, it is not cute, or sweet. It is annoying. If you have managed to be comfortable in your own skin, and be happy with the unique individual you have molded yourself to be, why should you sit back and be flattered when someone tries to imitate years of hard work? In short, you shouldn't. In my opinion, a copier should always be (nicely) confronted about their behavior and gently persuaded to stop, and become their own person. In time, they will realise they are happier for it, and thank you for helping them out. 

However, if you feel that you are a copier, please do not feel to disheartened by this post. Please just take my thoughts on board. Always remember that there is a fine line between being inspired and being a complete imitation of someone- do not cross it. And remember that everyone feels differently about being copied. 

Remember the most important thing of all, though: "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"- Helen Melville. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Please do not take this post too seriously/to heart- it is vastly just my own opinion on being copied! However, do let me know what you think- is imitation the highest form of flattery? How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below or using the links in the sidebar! 

Liebster award number 2!

So I have been nominated for my second Liebster award by the lovely Georgina! (

I have already done one of these posts previously, but the questions are different every enjoy! And don't forget to check out Miss Hallgate's blog!

The rules are:

  • Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Set questions for the bloggers you nominate. 
  • Choose 10 other bloggers to complete the award!
(Thankfully I have met more bloggers since my last post so will have more people to nominate!! )

1) How did you decide what you wanted your blog to be about?
To be honest, I didn't know what I wanted my blog to be started off as celebrity gossip and then turned into more 'current issues with my opinions' sort of posts. So...yeah! 

2) What is your favourite place on Earth?
Sitting on the edge of a canal in Amsterdam with Alex as the sun sets.

3) Best book you've read is? 
Don't go there. I am such a bookworm. But I do love Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge and...gosh, just so many!

4) You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life. What is it? (Don't think about practicalities).
Oooh definitely pasta! Or prawns. One of the two! 

5) Favourite blog?
Another tricky question! I really love 'British Girl Beth' because she uses a good range of writing and photography. She really is multi talented! And I love 'Ella Masters' too. Both will be nominated so links will be below! 

6) Ideal date? 
Being taken on a romantic, spontaneous weekend break somewhere, being treated like a princess the whole week and maybe, if with the right man, ending in a proposal with the most beautiful diamond ring...! 

7) Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury's products? What do you think?

8) What product have you used that really stands out in your mind? (It can be anything, not just beauty).
Hmm...definitely Google glasses then! I took a photo with my eye, come on!!!

9) Favourite film?
You only have to follow me on Twitter to know it's Forrest Gump!! (Also The Breakfast Club and Pulp Fiction)

10) Salted or sweet popcorn?

I nominate:

Images 2 and 3 are my own.


Katie Hopkins- the new Marmite.

What seems like a life time ago, our lives were changed with the unavoidable presence of former Apprentice participant, Katie Hopkins. Without realising what was happening, Katie was suddenly everywhere we looked- in the paper, on the TV and, of course, all over Twitter, with an account that has caused more controversy than any other. Outspoken, unafraid and highly opinionated, Katie Hopkins is the human equivalent of Marmite. But why do so many of us choose to hate her?

Katie Hopkins is most famously known for having an opinion and airing it for anyone to hear, with no care for how it affects other people. This can be good and bad. It's always a positive thing to be able to have an opinion and to express it regardless of how others may feel. To be that confident is a great thing, and to have your own opinions rather than being a sheep and copying others, as many people tend to do nowadays, is also a great thing. However, expressing an opinion that will intentionally upset someone is not okay. Whilst I do admire Katie and her ability to stand up firmly for what she believes in without being swayed, sometimes even I can see it can go a little far.

Does this make her deserving of abuse though? Rather than disagree with her opinion, or express an opposing opinion of their own, many people decide to hurl abusive tweets her way, often full of expletives and criticisms regarding the way she looks. How on earth is the way somebody looks relevant to someone's opinion? The reactions Katie gets to her tweets not only show the narrow-mindedness of some people, but also the lack of respect people have for other people. Our brains have been so numbed by many sources of media that we expect everybody to have the 'perfect' Westernized look. If they don't, we feel that we have to criticise people for it. Furthermore, the lack of opposing opinions to engage in a healthy debate with Katie and the amount of abusive comments trying to destroy Katie's looks and personality show that actually, people don't really care about what she's writing. People are just afraid to be different and afraid of  the controversy Katie raises. The only way they can get over this fear is by trying to break down someone who is brave enough to go against the norms and speak out in a society that is so often forced to remain silent- how very Stone Age of them. In actual fact, people more often than not silently agree with what she is saying. It is true that Katie is one of the only one's who is brave enough to say what the rest of us are thinking, often tackling every day problems that many of us complain about including racial issues, benefit issues and government issues.

So if so many of us have the same opinions as Katie, why do so many of us criticise her for airing them? If nobody says anything about the issues Britain has, there is a far lesser chance of them being solved than if one person is saying something. And imagine if the people who agreed with Katie but chose not to express the fact that they agreed all stood together and spoke out together. Society would be able to unite and become more powerful than ever before.

But no.

Too many look at what Katie is doing as 'wrong'. Even if they have the same opinions, they feel that expressing them is wrong. Why? Because they think it's rude or out of line to say what they are thinking and are fearful of what consequences can arise from it. As mentioned previously, it is of course wrong to say something that will intentionally upset someone or hurt them, it is wrong to be intentionally racist or abusive or any culture, country, gender etc. etc. But if you can use your words well enough to express a valid opinion, there is nothing wrong with that.

Personally, I think Katie is great, and exactly what Britain needs- someone who is unafraid of people who are seen as 'scary' and able to express her opinion on very current issues regardless. Not only does she manage this, but she does so intellectually with good points to back up her opinion for anyone who disagrees with her.

Maybe it isn't just fear that the people of Britain suffer from. Maybe they need a good English lesson so they can form their opinions properly too. But what do you think?

Love from,
Florence Grace

Love her or hate her? Let me know which, and why, in the comments below, or get in touch using the links in the sidebar! 

October Style Picks!

So what started as a hot and sunny month, bizarrely, suddenly changed into a mass of rain, storms, grey skies and sub-zero temperatures. Everybody, say hello to October! I welcome October with open arms, as I love Autumn. However, cold I can deal with, wet weather I can not! Anyway, here are my style picks for the month where Autumn really gets underway...spend wisely!

The 'Black Fluffy Short Sleeve Jumper' is available from New Look at £19.99. I feel this is the perfect jumper for October! There is still some warmer weather, so the short sleeves accommodate for this, whilst the fluffy material ensures you will stay nice and toasty when the temperature drops a little! At just under twenty pounds, the price isn't too bad for a jumper- and don't forget to take advantage of your student discount! 

I love the 'Tia Dogtooth Print Leggings' from Boohoo, and they are an absolute bargain at just £6.00...again, don't forget your student discount! Dogtooth is a bit of an 'in' print at the moment, and I'm spotting it in most shops that I visit. These leggings can be dressed up or down and provide a smart or casual look. They'd go perfectly with the black fluffy jumper above! 

The 'Layla New York City Roll Back Tee' from Boohoo is available for £10.00. The T-shirt is available in black or being me, of course, preferred the black. I don't usually like city slogan t shirts but the font used on this one really caught my eye. I liked the simplicity, and feel that with a nice pair of jeans and the H&M boots, this would be part of a nice little outfit.

I adore this Boohoo 'Imogen Tunic Style Ikat Print 3/4 Sleeve Top'. The colour and print just match the Autumn colour pallet so well...this top would go well with the superstretch treggings from H&M below! Another top that could be dressed up of down, it's £18.00, but remember your student discount! 

Now, I have never been one for treggings, but I do quite like these H&M 'Superstretch Treggings' in Mustard. They look quite like a pair of skinny jeans, and I feel that the mustard colour is perfect for Autumn. At £12.99 they aren't too steep of a price- far cheaper than most jeans and pretty much the same thing! Teamed with some brown boots and a patterned scarf, I think these could be part of a nice look!

As I mentioned above, I feel Mustard is the perfect colour for Autumn. Although listed on the website as 'beige' I think this H&M scarf is definitely more mustard and would co ordinate nicely with the treggings. At 7.99, the price may seem a bit steep for a simple, light scarf, but the quality is good and it will complete your Autumn look! A must buy for me! 

H&M did well on accessories this month! I adore this 'Checked Messenger Bag', for just £19.99. It has the perfect casual look, and the warm colour of the red teamed with the brown leather matches Autumns colour scheme perfectly! Again, this bag can be used as part of a casual look or dressed up- teamed with the mustard treggings would be a smart-casual look, worn with jeans and a sweater would be a more comfy, laid back look. 

Boots, boots, boots- who doesn't love a good pair of boots? These boots are available in a nice, autumnal brown but their downfall was that they were suede...a material easily ruined by rain, mud and soggy leaves! The burgundy colour of these H&M boots steers away from Autumn's stereotypical brown pallet and the tougher material means they will be more durable during the colder, wetter weather October can bring. For £24.99, what more could you ask for?

I love all of these H&M rings. The top set is a pack of seven, available at the fair price of £3.99. I feel gold is the perfect accessory colour for Autumn- it brightens up the darker colour pallet of clothes and matches the leaves on the trees...or floor. The silver rings are a little steeper in price, at £6.99, but I love a big piece of bulky, statement jewellery. As I have included a lot of black clothing this month, I feel these rings would match perfectly! I love the cobweb looking one- perfect for Halloween! 

The 'Red Mesh Sleeve Sporty Bodycon Dress' is quite steep at £28.00 from River Island, but I think the bright colour would be perfect on the more dull of Autumn days. This dress could be worn everyday or on a night out- it would all depend on how you chose to accessorize! Bright and bold with plenty of reasons to wear, the price of this dress is well worth it. 

Now, I'm normally a fitted skirt or a skater skirt kind of girl, with no in between, so I was shocked at myself when I found that this skirt appealed to me! The 'Black Pleated A Line Mini Skirt' is just so sweet, and could be used for a smarter look, an everyday look or even a night out with a nice fitted strappy top! It really is a multipurpose skirt- which more than makes up for the price, at £25.00. For an everyday look, try a simple long sleeve top, the mustard scarf and some little black ankle boots! 

The 'Orange Floral Boxy Shirt' from River Island is quite extortionate for what it is, at £30.00, but I love the sweet floral pattern, as well as the autumnal colours. This is something else that can be dressed up or down (I'm finding this a lot with my Autumn picks...), but I feel it would look best with some black skinny jeans and some little ankle boots, along with the Black Fedora hat below! 

I am not a hat person- I never have been, and didn't think that I ever would be either! However, I think this 'Black Fedora Hat' from River Island is quite chic for completing any Autumn look! It's available in three colours, all perfect for Autumn, but I chose black so that for the high price of £25.00, it would go with pretty much anything. Protect your hair from that October breeze and invest! 

I'm really into horoscopes and birth sign meanings and all that 'mumbo jumbo', so fell in love with Topshop's 'Birth Stone Necklace' range. Obviously, I chose my own birth stone for November (what a bonus...this can be included in next months picks too!), which is a huge plus as the colour of Topaz is one of the popular colours from any Autumn pallet! They're fairly cheap and cheerful at £7.00 (not including your student discount!) and just look attractive. So why not? 

As Autumn is in full swing and we feel the presence of Winter getting ever nearer, I hope you find my style picks for you useful- or at least inspirational. If you buy anything from my list, or even a cheaper alternative, I'd love to know! Tag me on instagram or tweet me using @flomatthews_ or, post to my facebook page 'Florence Grace' or leave a comment below!

Love from, 
Florence Grace

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