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Advertising, the invasion of privacy and the power of the mobile.

Advertising is an age old trick. There are records of the Egyptians using papyrus to make wall posters, commercial messages have been found in the remains of Pompeii and Ancient Arabia. 'Lost and Found' posters were used in the time of the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. In short, advertising has been around forever, and as an industry that grows larger and larger everyday, is not going to be disappearing any time soon.

In 2010, it was estimated that a whopping $467 billion was spent on advertising world wide, with $143 billion of that being in the US alone. That is an incredible amount of money and indicates just how prominent advertising is in our day to day lives. The beauty of advertising is that in this day in age, it can be done via any media platform. Whereas before it had to be printed on paper, we now have billboards, TV, radio, the internet, social media, mobiles. The world of advertising is not only bigger than ever before but also more varied and exciting than ever …

Is imitation the highest form of flattery? Is imitation the highest form of flattery?

Growing up we are always told to be ourselves. Be original, be different, stand out from the rest. Most of us can pride ourselves on doing just that. Others are not so lucky. Too large of a portion of people have become what society likes to define as "sheep". And it doesn't stop at people looking up to celebrities, or younger people looking up to older people that they seem to idolize. No, it seems to be as contagious as the common cold with people clinging on to close friends, or even people they despise, and copying their every move. Living in a generation so modified to the lifestyle humans lead 100 years ago, now is the time to be as different as you can be- so why is imitation taking control?

Your teenage years can be confusing. Your body experiences a lot of change, your emotions and hormones go through the roof- boys and girls- and you can sometimes be unsure of who you are and who you want to be. Often we find someone who appears to be doing it all right- the ma…

Liebster award number 2!

So I have been nominated for my second Liebster award by the lovely Georgina! (

I have already done one of these posts previously, but the questions are different every enjoy! And don't forget to check out Miss Hallgate's blog!

The rules are:

Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you.Set questions for the bloggers you nominate. Choose 10 other bloggers to complete the award! (Thankfully I have met more bloggers since my last post so will have more people to nominate!! )
1) How did you decide what you wanted your blog to be about? To be honest, I didn't know what I wanted my blog to be started off as celebrity gossip and then turned into more 'current issues with my opinions' sort of posts. So...yeah! 
2) What is your favourite place on Earth? Sitting on the edge of a canal in Amsterdam with Alex as the sun sets.

3) Best book you've read is?  Don't go there. I am such a bookworm. But I do …

Katie Hopkins- the new Marmite.

What seems like a life time ago, our lives were changed with the unavoidable presence of former Apprentice participant, Katie Hopkins. Without realising what was happening, Katie was suddenly everywhere we looked- in the paper, on the TV and, of course, all over Twitter, with an account that has caused more controversy than any other. Outspoken, unafraid and highly opinionated, Katie Hopkins is the human equivalent of Marmite. But why do so many of us choose to hate her?

Katie Hopkins is most famously known for having an opinion and airing it for anyone to hear, with no care for how it affects other people. This can be good and bad. It's always a positive thing to be able to have an opinion and to express it regardless of how others may feel. To be that confident is a great thing, and to have your own opinions rather than being a sheep and copying others, as many people tend to do nowadays, is also a great thing. However, expressing an opinion that will intentionally upset someone…

October Style Picks!

So what started as a hot and sunny month, bizarrely, suddenly changed into a mass of rain, storms, grey skies and sub-zero temperatures. Everybody, say hello to October! I welcome October with open arms, as I love Autumn. However, cold I can deal with, wet weather I can not! Anyway, here are my style picks for the month where Autumn really gets underway...spend wisely!

The 'Black Fluffy Short Sleeve Jumper' is available from New Look at £19.99. I feel this is the perfect jumper for October! There is still some warmer weather, so the short sleeves accommodate for this, whilst the fluffy material ensures you will stay nice and toasty when the temperature drops a little! At just under twenty pounds, the price isn't too bad for a jumper- and don't forget to take advantage of your student discount! 

I love the 'Tia Dogtooth Print Leggings' from Boohoo, and they are an absolute bargain at just £6.00...again, don't forget your student discount! Dogtooth is a bit o…

Discovering media with Carat!

On Monday the 13th October I woke up at 4:45. That's right. The ungodly hour of 4:45. Why? To get the train into London to spend the day at Carat Media to participate in a 'Discover Media' day. The title of the event was a little vague, and so I was unsure as to what I should expect- but I really was in for a treat!

The day started with a group of us all being introduced to begin with- pretty much none of us knew each other and so we all set about 'networking' and making friends! Thankfully everyone was more than friendly, and as we were all in the same boat, we found it very easy to all get along quickly! Following this, we were lead up inside a very fancy building (and I must admit, I felt I fitted right in!) and the morning began, with talks from members of Carat and Carat's associates- Isobar and iProspect. I personally had never heard of either of these companies, so it was all brand new to me. Furthermore, they spoke about areas of media that I had not ev…

Feminism- more than just a fashion fad.

I'm sure all you fashionistas out there have been keeping a careful eye on Paris Fashion Week and wishing you could be there, wearing the clothes, designing them- whichever role, I'm sure you were watching it with a dream in mind! So I'm sure that it came as a surprise to everyone when well renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld hosted a display of 'protest', supporting the wrongly controversial political movement, feminism.

At first, the idea struck most as quite positive. Someone of a high status choosing a popular event to support feminism- great idea, right? 
Look a little deeper into the display and I am sure you will notice just how flawed the display was. Let's first take a look at who was used to take part in this display supporting feminism. Stick thin models, probably size 6 or less, all with the 'perfect' Westernized look and in, obviously, designer garb. These women, representing 'real' women all over the world, and yet hardly an ounce of …

Opening the door to Autumn.

So as we start October, we feel the full effects of Autumn. The bizarre 'heat waves' we were given throughout September have quickly faded out and the colder weather, storms and fallen leaves and darker evenings have begun to make themselves at home. I, for one, love Autumn. Bonfire night, Halloween, the cosy clothes that provide a transition into winter and the beautiful coloured leaves. Need I say more? Anyway, to emphasize my love of Autumn, I have decided to complete 'The Autumn Tag' for my next blog post. Kick back with a hot chocolate, snuggle into your granny cardi and read away...!

Okay, we're talking coffee's- what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc.? 
It's actually a really sad fact that I talk about often- I don't like hot drinks at all so always miss out on the 'cute' seasonal latte's etc.! It always makes me sad because they always look so nice and have such lovely names but I just can't st…

I've been nominated!!

What a wonderful surprise I had new friend Hollie, who I have met through blogging, nominated me for an award- one that I had never heard of, the Liebster Award. Hollies blog can be found here I would highly recommend it if you love football, fashion or polka dots!

Through some research, I discovered this is not an award you can nominate yourself for- someone else has to nominate you, so you can imagine how lucky I feel to have been nominated myself. The main rules once you have been nominated are as follows:

Get nominated.Link back the person who nominated you.Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you.Create eleven new questions for the people you choose to nominate (this is optional- you can keep the questions the same if you wish)Nominate 5-20 people for the award.  So here are the questions I have been asked to answer!
1) Who are your top three bloggers and why?
I am still fairly new to blogging so don'…