Advertising, the invasion of privacy and the power of the mobile.

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Advertising is an age old trick. There are records of the Egyptians using papyrus to make wall posters, commercial messages have been found in the remains of Pompeii and Ancient Arabia. 'Lost and Found' posters were used in the time of the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. In short, advertising has been around forever, and as an industry that grows larger and larger everyday, is not going to be disappearing any time soon.

In 2010, it was estimated that a whopping $467 billion was spent on advertising world wide, with $143 billion of that being in the US alone. That is an incredible amount of money and indicates just how prominent advertising is in our day to day lives. The beauty of advertising is that in this day in age, it can be done via any media platform. Whereas before it had to be printed on paper, we now have billboards, TV, radio, the internet, social media, mobiles. The world of advertising is not only bigger than ever before but also more varied and exciting than ever before. 

Perhaps the biggest development in advertising is mobile advertising. Whilst still a fairly new concept, and having only really been developed over the last five years, mobile advertising has been on a steady rise- and with 70% of the UK owning a smart phone, 90% of 16-24 year old's owning a smart phone and the average user checking their phone 150 times a day, mobile marketing is expected to exceed TV advertising by just 2016. Scared by this hefty increase? Read on...

It has to be acknowledged that advertising would be nothing without the constant and mind blowing increase in technology. In fact, over the last 5 years technology and advertising have really gone hand in hand. Thanks to such incredible developments in technology, advertising can now do a lot more than persuade you to buy a product. It can target a specific individual directly dependent on their personal tastes. 

Look on your facebook homepage. What clothing brands do you see advertised- and more specifically, what products from that brand do you see advertised? One's that maybe you've clicked on and added to your shopping basket? Or maybe you've tweeted about them, or written a status about them? Technology now allows this information to be stored and used by marketing companies to directly target an individual in an attempt to persuade them even more so to buy a particular product. 

Do any of you watch 4od? Perhaps you will have seen the new advert, which personalizes a bottle of perfume with your initials, or a bottle of coke with your name on- this makes the product seem more personal to you and entices you into buying  the product. Who doesn't love a personalized gift? 

An even more recent technological development that has made advertising even more personal to a buyer is a fairly new concept called 'geo-fencing'. For a lot of people, such as myself, who are not fully understanding of technology I shall break this concept down to you in simple terms. Geo-Fencing allows an individual to be targeted via their mobile when they are within a certain distance of a shop. For example, if you are near to a Pizza Hut (about 25 meters away), they would have the ability to text you with an offer from Pizza Hut in an attempt to reel you into the store. If you walked into Tesco's, you would receive a message letting you know what clubcard deals were available. 

Whilst this all seems amazing and tells us just how advanced technology is, and also seems rather helpful to an individual, just think about it a bit more. Is this not a pure invasion of privacy? A certain brand can track where you are in regards to their nearest store and try to reel you in. Online companies can take information from one website and use it to target you when you visit other websites. If it was a human being physically doing this to you, it would be classed as stalking. Surely advertising is no longer about selling a product but more about trying to gain as much information about an individual as possible. 

The latest technology/advertising development I have heard about that scared me more than impressed me is 'beaconing'. Let me break this down for you. You walk into a department store, such as Topshop and see a nice dress that you like. You decide to try it on. When you do, a message will appear on your phone telling you a pair of shoes, or a handbag that matches the dress and where in the store you can find it. 

To me, that is a total invasion of privacy. It also eradicates the need for Personal shoppers and essentially any store assistance besides the till at all. When will this development end? It seems as though soon, our phones will be dictating to us our every move. And this doesn't excite me, or impress me. It scares me. In 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, what role will humans play in society? Will we still have a role to play if technology- namely mobiles- have taken over everything? 

To me, we need to find the line in regards to advertising, privacy and mobiles, as to what is impressive, what is helpful and what is a total invasion of privacy. How do advertising companies know what people are comfortable with in regards to being directed as an individual? Surely they don't. I think the line between normality and what is essentially stalking is a very fine one, and one that needs to be dealt with with great care. 

2013 was the year of the mobile phone, and rather than declining after reaching an impressive peak, the industry is only growing. The world of technology is changing all the time, and the world is becoming a scary place.

Love from, 
Florence Grace

What's your opinion on the invasion of technology and marketing? Going too far or helpful and exciting? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch using the links in the side bars!

Is imitation the highest form of flattery? Is imitation the highest form of flattery?

Growing up we are always told to be ourselves. Be original, be different, stand out from the rest. Most of us can pride ourselves on doing just that. Others are not so lucky. Too large of a portion of people have become what society likes to define as "sheep". And it doesn't stop at people looking up to celebrities, or younger people looking up to older people that they seem to idolize. No, it seems to be as contagious as the common cold with people clinging on to close friends, or even people they despise, and copying their every move. Living in a generation so modified to the lifestyle humans lead 100 years ago, now is the time to be as different as you can be- so why is imitation taking control?

Your teenage years can be confusing. Your body experiences a lot of change, your emotions and hormones go through the roof- boys and girls- and you can sometimes be unsure of who you are and who you want to be. Often we find someone who appears to be doing it all right- the make up, the clothes, the socialising. It is easier to perceive them as someone we should aim to be when they seem so happy and sure of themselves, and so we start to imitate some of the things they would do. Maybe you buy the same nail varnish as them, pick up the same sport. And all of this is fine. It is common among teenagers for there to be certain things that everyone wants, everyone does. 

But where do we draw the line? 

For me, its simple. If you suddenly find yourself looking at something and thinking "She/he has this, I'll buy it" or "she/he does that, maybe I'll do it too!"before you buy/do something, then there is a line to be drawn. There is a fine line between being inspired by someone and trying to be someone and if you start to start to consider someone else before you buy/do something you have crossed the line into stalker town. People will notice and people will start to think poorly of you- more often than not people will make fun of you for being a 'copycat'. 

As with most issues in teenage culture, media is mostly to blame for this surge of intense imitation. With girls being skinnier and more plastic then person than ever before, teenage girls are striving harder than ever for 'perfection'. The less 'perfect' you view yourself to be, the harder your will try to be someone you are not. And sure, there are celebrities who embrace body and personality differences and say how important it is to be comfortable in your own skin- but look at these celebrities. 90% of them are smaller than a size 10 with a 'perfect' looking image, funds for an entirely designer wardrobe and no real issues besides being unpopular with the public. They are no realistic examples that teenagers can aspire to- so finding someone within their social boundaries that is the next best thing is what a lot of teenagers seem to do. 

But what about the other side of the story? Not the copiers but the people being copied. How do they feel? 

A lot of the time, most won't notice until it becomes extreme. It may start off as endearing, and yes, flattering, to know that somebody want's to be like you. But when it becomes more extreme, it becomes nothing less than annoying. Yet if you tell anyone about it, they will tell you "imitation is the highest form of flattery". And most of the time, it's because they themselves are a copier. Because I'll let you into a secret. 

Imitation is not flattering. It is not fun, it is not cute, or sweet. It is annoying. If you have managed to be comfortable in your own skin, and be happy with the unique individual you have molded yourself to be, why should you sit back and be flattered when someone tries to imitate years of hard work? In short, you shouldn't. In my opinion, a copier should always be (nicely) confronted about their behavior and gently persuaded to stop, and become their own person. In time, they will realise they are happier for it, and thank you for helping them out. 

However, if you feel that you are a copier, please do not feel to disheartened by this post. Please just take my thoughts on board. Always remember that there is a fine line between being inspired and being a complete imitation of someone- do not cross it. And remember that everyone feels differently about being copied. 

Remember the most important thing of all, though: "It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation"- Helen Melville. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Please do not take this post too seriously/to heart- it is vastly just my own opinion on being copied! However, do let me know what you think- is imitation the highest form of flattery? How do you feel about it? Let me know in the comments below or using the links in the sidebar! 

Liebster award number 2!

So I have been nominated for my second Liebster award by the lovely Georgina! (

I have already done one of these posts previously, but the questions are different every enjoy! And don't forget to check out Miss Hallgate's blog!

The rules are:

  • Answer the questions set by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Set questions for the bloggers you nominate. 
  • Choose 10 other bloggers to complete the award!
(Thankfully I have met more bloggers since my last post so will have more people to nominate!! )

1) How did you decide what you wanted your blog to be about?
To be honest, I didn't know what I wanted my blog to be started off as celebrity gossip and then turned into more 'current issues with my opinions' sort of posts. So...yeah! 

2) What is your favourite place on Earth?
Sitting on the edge of a canal in Amsterdam with Alex as the sun sets.

3) Best book you've read is? 
Don't go there. I am such a bookworm. But I do love Freaky Green Eyes by Joyce Carol Oates, The Little White Horse by Elizabeth Goudge and...gosh, just so many!

4) You can only eat one thing for the rest of your life. What is it? (Don't think about practicalities).
Oooh definitely pasta! Or prawns. One of the two! 

5) Favourite blog?
Another tricky question! I really love 'British Girl Beth' because she uses a good range of writing and photography. She really is multi talented! And I love 'Ella Masters' too. Both will be nominated so links will be below! 

6) Ideal date? 
Being taken on a romantic, spontaneous weekend break somewhere, being treated like a princess the whole week and maybe, if with the right man, ending in a proposal with the most beautiful diamond ring...! 

7) Have you tried Charlotte Tilbury's products? What do you think?

8) What product have you used that really stands out in your mind? (It can be anything, not just beauty).
Hmm...definitely Google glasses then! I took a photo with my eye, come on!!!

9) Favourite film?
You only have to follow me on Twitter to know it's Forrest Gump!! (Also The Breakfast Club and Pulp Fiction)

10) Salted or sweet popcorn?

I nominate:

Images 2 and 3 are my own.


Katie Hopkins- the new Marmite.

What seems like a life time ago, our lives were changed with the unavoidable presence of former Apprentice participant, Katie Hopkins. Without realising what was happening, Katie was suddenly everywhere we looked- in the paper, on the TV and, of course, all over Twitter, with an account that has caused more controversy than any other. Outspoken, unafraid and highly opinionated, Katie Hopkins is the human equivalent of Marmite. But why do so many of us choose to hate her?

Katie Hopkins is most famously known for having an opinion and airing it for anyone to hear, with no care for how it affects other people. This can be good and bad. It's always a positive thing to be able to have an opinion and to express it regardless of how others may feel. To be that confident is a great thing, and to have your own opinions rather than being a sheep and copying others, as many people tend to do nowadays, is also a great thing. However, expressing an opinion that will intentionally upset someone is not okay. Whilst I do admire Katie and her ability to stand up firmly for what she believes in without being swayed, sometimes even I can see it can go a little far.

Does this make her deserving of abuse though? Rather than disagree with her opinion, or express an opposing opinion of their own, many people decide to hurl abusive tweets her way, often full of expletives and criticisms regarding the way she looks. How on earth is the way somebody looks relevant to someone's opinion? The reactions Katie gets to her tweets not only show the narrow-mindedness of some people, but also the lack of respect people have for other people. Our brains have been so numbed by many sources of media that we expect everybody to have the 'perfect' Westernized look. If they don't, we feel that we have to criticise people for it. Furthermore, the lack of opposing opinions to engage in a healthy debate with Katie and the amount of abusive comments trying to destroy Katie's looks and personality show that actually, people don't really care about what she's writing. People are just afraid to be different and afraid of  the controversy Katie raises. The only way they can get over this fear is by trying to break down someone who is brave enough to go against the norms and speak out in a society that is so often forced to remain silent- how very Stone Age of them. In actual fact, people more often than not silently agree with what she is saying. It is true that Katie is one of the only one's who is brave enough to say what the rest of us are thinking, often tackling every day problems that many of us complain about including racial issues, benefit issues and government issues.

So if so many of us have the same opinions as Katie, why do so many of us criticise her for airing them? If nobody says anything about the issues Britain has, there is a far lesser chance of them being solved than if one person is saying something. And imagine if the people who agreed with Katie but chose not to express the fact that they agreed all stood together and spoke out together. Society would be able to unite and become more powerful than ever before.

But no.

Too many look at what Katie is doing as 'wrong'. Even if they have the same opinions, they feel that expressing them is wrong. Why? Because they think it's rude or out of line to say what they are thinking and are fearful of what consequences can arise from it. As mentioned previously, it is of course wrong to say something that will intentionally upset someone or hurt them, it is wrong to be intentionally racist or abusive or any culture, country, gender etc. etc. But if you can use your words well enough to express a valid opinion, there is nothing wrong with that.

Personally, I think Katie is great, and exactly what Britain needs- someone who is unafraid of people who are seen as 'scary' and able to express her opinion on very current issues regardless. Not only does she manage this, but she does so intellectually with good points to back up her opinion for anyone who disagrees with her.

Maybe it isn't just fear that the people of Britain suffer from. Maybe they need a good English lesson so they can form their opinions properly too. But what do you think?

Love from,
Florence Grace

Love her or hate her? Let me know which, and why, in the comments below, or get in touch using the links in the sidebar! 

October Style Picks!

So what started as a hot and sunny month, bizarrely, suddenly changed into a mass of rain, storms, grey skies and sub-zero temperatures. Everybody, say hello to October! I welcome October with open arms, as I love Autumn. However, cold I can deal with, wet weather I can not! Anyway, here are my style picks for the month where Autumn really gets underway...spend wisely!

The 'Black Fluffy Short Sleeve Jumper' is available from New Look at £19.99. I feel this is the perfect jumper for October! There is still some warmer weather, so the short sleeves accommodate for this, whilst the fluffy material ensures you will stay nice and toasty when the temperature drops a little! At just under twenty pounds, the price isn't too bad for a jumper- and don't forget to take advantage of your student discount! 

I love the 'Tia Dogtooth Print Leggings' from Boohoo, and they are an absolute bargain at just £6.00...again, don't forget your student discount! Dogtooth is a bit of an 'in' print at the moment, and I'm spotting it in most shops that I visit. These leggings can be dressed up or down and provide a smart or casual look. They'd go perfectly with the black fluffy jumper above! 

The 'Layla New York City Roll Back Tee' from Boohoo is available for £10.00. The T-shirt is available in black or being me, of course, preferred the black. I don't usually like city slogan t shirts but the font used on this one really caught my eye. I liked the simplicity, and feel that with a nice pair of jeans and the H&M boots, this would be part of a nice little outfit.

I adore this Boohoo 'Imogen Tunic Style Ikat Print 3/4 Sleeve Top'. The colour and print just match the Autumn colour pallet so well...this top would go well with the superstretch treggings from H&M below! Another top that could be dressed up of down, it's £18.00, but remember your student discount! 

Now, I have never been one for treggings, but I do quite like these H&M 'Superstretch Treggings' in Mustard. They look quite like a pair of skinny jeans, and I feel that the mustard colour is perfect for Autumn. At £12.99 they aren't too steep of a price- far cheaper than most jeans and pretty much the same thing! Teamed with some brown boots and a patterned scarf, I think these could be part of a nice look!

As I mentioned above, I feel Mustard is the perfect colour for Autumn. Although listed on the website as 'beige' I think this H&M scarf is definitely more mustard and would co ordinate nicely with the treggings. At 7.99, the price may seem a bit steep for a simple, light scarf, but the quality is good and it will complete your Autumn look! A must buy for me! 

H&M did well on accessories this month! I adore this 'Checked Messenger Bag', for just £19.99. It has the perfect casual look, and the warm colour of the red teamed with the brown leather matches Autumns colour scheme perfectly! Again, this bag can be used as part of a casual look or dressed up- teamed with the mustard treggings would be a smart-casual look, worn with jeans and a sweater would be a more comfy, laid back look. 

Boots, boots, boots- who doesn't love a good pair of boots? These boots are available in a nice, autumnal brown but their downfall was that they were suede...a material easily ruined by rain, mud and soggy leaves! The burgundy colour of these H&M boots steers away from Autumn's stereotypical brown pallet and the tougher material means they will be more durable during the colder, wetter weather October can bring. For £24.99, what more could you ask for?

I love all of these H&M rings. The top set is a pack of seven, available at the fair price of £3.99. I feel gold is the perfect accessory colour for Autumn- it brightens up the darker colour pallet of clothes and matches the leaves on the trees...or floor. The silver rings are a little steeper in price, at £6.99, but I love a big piece of bulky, statement jewellery. As I have included a lot of black clothing this month, I feel these rings would match perfectly! I love the cobweb looking one- perfect for Halloween! 

The 'Red Mesh Sleeve Sporty Bodycon Dress' is quite steep at £28.00 from River Island, but I think the bright colour would be perfect on the more dull of Autumn days. This dress could be worn everyday or on a night out- it would all depend on how you chose to accessorize! Bright and bold with plenty of reasons to wear, the price of this dress is well worth it. 

Now, I'm normally a fitted skirt or a skater skirt kind of girl, with no in between, so I was shocked at myself when I found that this skirt appealed to me! The 'Black Pleated A Line Mini Skirt' is just so sweet, and could be used for a smarter look, an everyday look or even a night out with a nice fitted strappy top! It really is a multipurpose skirt- which more than makes up for the price, at £25.00. For an everyday look, try a simple long sleeve top, the mustard scarf and some little black ankle boots! 

The 'Orange Floral Boxy Shirt' from River Island is quite extortionate for what it is, at £30.00, but I love the sweet floral pattern, as well as the autumnal colours. This is something else that can be dressed up or down (I'm finding this a lot with my Autumn picks...), but I feel it would look best with some black skinny jeans and some little ankle boots, along with the Black Fedora hat below! 

I am not a hat person- I never have been, and didn't think that I ever would be either! However, I think this 'Black Fedora Hat' from River Island is quite chic for completing any Autumn look! It's available in three colours, all perfect for Autumn, but I chose black so that for the high price of £25.00, it would go with pretty much anything. Protect your hair from that October breeze and invest! 

I'm really into horoscopes and birth sign meanings and all that 'mumbo jumbo', so fell in love with Topshop's 'Birth Stone Necklace' range. Obviously, I chose my own birth stone for November (what a bonus...this can be included in next months picks too!), which is a huge plus as the colour of Topaz is one of the popular colours from any Autumn pallet! They're fairly cheap and cheerful at £7.00 (not including your student discount!) and just look attractive. So why not? 

As Autumn is in full swing and we feel the presence of Winter getting ever nearer, I hope you find my style picks for you useful- or at least inspirational. If you buy anything from my list, or even a cheaper alternative, I'd love to know! Tag me on instagram or tweet me using @flomatthews_ or, post to my facebook page 'Florence Grace' or leave a comment below!

Love from, 
Florence Grace


Discovering media with Carat!

On Monday the 13th October I woke up at 4:45. That's right. The ungodly hour of 4:45. Why? To get the train into London to spend the day at Carat Media to participate in a 'Discover Media' day. The title of the event was a little vague, and so I was unsure as to what I should expect- but I really was in for a treat!

The day started with a group of us all being introduced to begin with- pretty much none of us knew each other and so we all set about 'networking' and making friends! Thankfully everyone was more than friendly, and as we were all in the same boat, we found it very easy to all get along quickly! Following this, we were lead up inside a very fancy building (and I must admit, I felt I fitted right in!) and the morning began, with talks from members of Carat and Carat's associates- Isobar and iProspect. I personally had never heard of either of these companies, so it was all brand new to me. Furthermore, they spoke about areas of media that I had not even considered as potential career paths, so the talk was very inspiring as well as informative. Isobar and iProspect focus quite intensely on the marketing and advertising side of media- as I am studying business at college, I thought the idea of mixing my creative side with my business brain was quite a useful idea, and is definitely an idea I have decided to consider!

Following the more serious side of media, we were given a motivational talk from 'Mandem On The Wall'- who you may know either from their own YouTube channel or from e4's 'Youngers'. I loved the 'Youngers' series and must admit I was more than a little starstruck! However, I still managed to take in the main point of the lads' talk- 'PEP'. Prepare, Execute, Persevere. The boys said how these three stages had helped them to gain the success that they had. If you don't prepare then you should, as the saying goes, prepare to fail. You must execute your idea's, otherwise you will never see your plan's/dreams become a reality. Finally, you must persevere. Nothing worth having ever came easily, especially in an industry as creative as the media. You must keep on trying, and never give up.
Their final piece of advice, which was given to me personally, is that 'unrealistic' is not a word in your vocabulary. If you want something, do everything in your power to make it happen. Overall, the lad's were so lovely and down-to-earth, and you could tell just how humble they were despite their ongoing success. It was so surreal meeting them after watching them on TV for so long, and I'm so glad this opportunity arose.

After a quick break, it was time to get back to business- we met Nishma Robb, head of marketing at...well, only Google!! I found her very inspiring, as she started out right at the bottom of the media chain, and not doing exactly what she wanted to do either, finally working her way up to a world wide company. This is exactly the kind of career I would like to achieve in future, and I really respected Nishma and all the hard work she has done. She also opened my eyes to what makes a media brief and how to make a successful advertising campaign. There are a lot more aspects to consider than I ever imagined- and I took Business Studies as an A Level! As a special treat for all the guests at the event, we then got to play with Google Glass. This invention is absolutely incredible, and I promise you, you will not even realise how incredible it is until you can try it for yourself. If you ever get the opportunity, grab it! I took a photo with my eyes. I couldn't believe it.

The final part of the day was extremely exciting. We were split into teams (more 'friend making' time!) and given a media brief, which we were then expected to present to the actual heads of the company. To spice things up a little more, it was a competition- with a prize at the end! My group was presenting an advertising campaign for Adidas to Carat Media. Without bigging my team up too much, we had some great ideas, and although we all felt extremely nervous, our presentation went extremely well- the judges and our mentors were so impressed! As an amazing end result...we won!!! We were awarded with Google ChromeCast, a gadget which streams things from your phone to your TV via wifi and one small gadget. It was an amazing result to end a really successful day, and I could not have been happier!

So, after a bit of a rambling post, let me sum up the top tips I learnt from today:
  • PEP- Prepare, Execute, Persevere. 
  • Networking is important- stay connected with as many people as you can.
  • Don't ever give up on your ultimate dream- always remember the bigger picture and aim for it. 
  • Be prepared to start from the very bottom and work your way up. 
  • You may not always end up on the exact path you believed you would do- sometimes this can be a good/exciting thing! Grab every and any opportunity that you can, regardless! 
I am at a really exciting stage in my life right now- so I hope you don't mind me sharing it with all of you! My biggest thank you of all does go to GoThinkBig- they have supported me and provided me with all my wonderful opportunities so far. They are definitely worth checking out for some worthwhile opportunities and experience! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace 

Have any questions or just want to know more? Get in touch in the comments below, or use one of the links in the sidebars! 

All images my own.


Feminism- more than just a fashion fad.

I'm sure all you fashionistas out there have been keeping a careful eye on Paris Fashion Week and wishing you could be there, wearing the clothes, designing them- whichever role, I'm sure you were watching it with a dream in mind! So I'm sure that it came as a surprise to everyone when well renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld hosted a display of 'protest', supporting the wrongly controversial political movement, feminism.

At first, the idea struck most as quite positive. Someone of a high status choosing a popular event to support feminism- great idea, right? 

Look a little deeper into the display and I am sure you will notice just how flawed the display was. Let's first take a look at who was used to take part in this display supporting feminism. Stick thin models, probably size 6 or less, all with the 'perfect' Westernized look and in, obviously, designer garb. These women, representing 'real' women all over the world, and yet hardly an ounce of diversity between them. What about shorter girls? Curvier girls- dare I say it, fat girls? What about people who are perceived by our twisted society as unattractive? Girls of different race? If Lagerfield really wanted to make a statement, a diverse mix would surely have been more effective...especially following his own quote "I don't see why every human being is not on the same level, especially in my business". Karl, if you really believe that, take a look at your models and create a change. Make a real statement and use girls outside of the Western idea of 'perfect'. 

Following on from what may be viewed as a 'jealous attack' on the models (I assure you it is not), let's read the placards they thrust so passionately into the air. "Make fashion not war"- a statement implying fashion, aka, looks is more important than anything. Seeing as the people holding these placards are all women this holds a deeper meaning- that the women bearing these words care more about the clothes they wear and buy than anything else. A stereotype applied by the dominant male race to all females. 
"Boys should get pregnant too!" Do I even need to analyse this one? What a ridiculous statement. Yes, women have to go through pregnancy, but I think you'll find that a lot more women than not find it a beautiful and joyous experience with a wonderful end result. And let me just state the obvious- how/why does pregnancy effect the equality of the sexes? Just because women fall pregnant doesn't mean they are weaker or lesser than men. This idiotic placard just implies that it does, and that pregnancy is a sufferance that men should endure so they feel equally as discriminated against. 
   Also, "Ladies First". No, feminism is not about ladies being first. I can never drum this into people enough. It is about the equality of the sexes- neither one being better than the other! This sign states that women should be first, more important, better. Not the case. We real feminists fight for equal rights. 

Karl Lagerfeld is also a joke. To call himself a feminist is ridiculous. This new title given to himself by the man who once claimed Coco Chanel couldn't have been a feminist because she wasn't ugly enough. The man who said that Pippa Middleton's face 'displeased' him and that she should only show her back. No feminist would say such rude, critical and just plain mean comments about women. It seems that as the number of feminists has grown, it has been viewed 'fashionable' to be viewed as one. And Lagerfeld is not the first- nor will he be the last- to jump on the bandwagon of 'feminist fashion'. Shops across the high street as well as big cartel stores online with less recognition have started to produce clothes and accessories bearing 'feminist' slogans and taglines. 

Feminism isn't there to be purely commercialised. It's not there to be worn as a fashion statement. It's there to help gain equality between genders. Every human deserves to be equal, regardless of what sex they are. Feminism isn't about women being better than men, not about men being regarded as wastes of space or 'bad'. It is about equality between men and women, on all levels. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

What do you think about Karl's display? Let me know in the comments below, or get in touch using the links in the sidebar! 


Opening the door to Autumn.

So as we start October, we feel the full effects of Autumn. The bizarre 'heat waves' we were given throughout September have quickly faded out and the colder weather, storms and fallen leaves and darker evenings have begun to make themselves at home. I, for one, love Autumn. Bonfire night, Halloween, the cosy clothes that provide a transition into winter and the beautiful coloured leaves. Need I say more? Anyway, to emphasize my love of Autumn, I have decided to complete 'The Autumn Tag' for my next blog post. Kick back with a hot chocolate, snuggle into your granny cardi and read away...!

Okay, we're talking coffee's- what's your favourite seasonal drink from Starbucks/Costa/Cafe Nero etc.? 
It's actually a really sad fact that I talk about often- I don't like hot drinks at all so always miss out on the 'cute' seasonal latte's etc.! It always makes me sad because they always look so nice and have such lovely names but I just can't stand them!! However, my favourite Starbucks treat is a Strawberry and Cream frappucino! Always a must have for me.

Accessories- What do you opt for? Boots, scarves or gloves? 
I am truly awful in cold weather- I never wrap up well enough! I do however love little boots and in the last month have brought 3 pairs!! Little ankle boots are just so adorable and perfect for keeping a bit warmer after the summer and cool enough not to overheat during the transition to winter.

Music- What's your favourite music to listen to during Autumn? 
The only time I listen to seasonal music is Christmas and right in the heat of the summer! Spring and Autumn don't really have any specific songs...however at the moment I am hooked on Sam Smiths 'Not The Only One' and Marina and the Diamonds album 'The Family Jewels'.

Perfume- What's your favourite scent in the Autumn? 
I am loving three of the Victoria Secret scents at the moment- Pure Seduction, Love Spell and Passion Struck. Although they are only body sprays, they last for a good 6 hours without need for reapplication and they are so strong- I am always complimented when I wear them!

Candles- What scents will you be burning this season? 
I love the Christmassy Yankee Candles- but it's a bit early for those! Any sweet or spicy Yankee Candle works for me. The one's in the image below are perfect for Autumn I believe!

What do you love most about Autumn?
Oh goodness, where to start?! My birthday of course! And the obvious Bonfire Night, as I love sparklers, and Halloween. I also love the 'cosyness' of Autumn- the temperature isn't too freezing just yet, it's manageable. And the 'Autumn colours' are all so beautiful too!

Favourite Make-Up look? 
Smoky coloured eyes with a touch of shimmer or some extravagant eyeliner with bronze or berry red lips.

What are you looking forward to most about Autumn?
I have a few media events coming up so I am looking forward to attending those and moving up the media ladder in terms of my future career! I also start my new side job as a Mix 96 Street Star at the end of October which is exciting! And of course, my birthday! Although a little sorrowful it is my last birthday as a teenager...!

I hope you enjoyed this post and learning a few extra bits about me! Let me know what you love about Autumn by completing this post and tweeting me- @flomatthews_ I will read and promote whatever you do! Enjoy...and happy Autumn!

Love from,
Florence Grace


I've been nominated!!

What a wonderful surprise I had new friend Hollie, who I have met through blogging, nominated me for an award- one that I had never heard of, the Liebster Award. Hollies blog can be found here I would highly recommend it if you love football, fashion or polka dots!

Through some research, I discovered this is not an award you can nominate yourself for- someone else has to nominate you, so you can imagine how lucky I feel to have been nominated myself. The main rules once you have been nominated are as follows:

  • Get nominated.
  • Link back the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the eleven questions provided by the person who nominated you.
  • Create eleven new questions for the people you choose to nominate (this is optional- you can keep the questions the same if you wish)
  • Nominate 5-20 people for the award. 
So here are the questions I have been asked to answer!

1) Who are your top three bloggers and why?

I am still fairly new to blogging so don't really know many but I really like Jemma's blog , Beth's blog and of course my best girl Ell's blog Check them all out, they're all brilliant! 

2) What drives you?

My determination to succeed... and I guess money, ultimately! I want to have a comfortable life without any money worries, so I know I have to work hard to get into that position! 

3) What little things make you happy?

Someone paying me a compliment out of the blue, whether that be on something I've done or something I'm wearing...also cuddling in bed with my boyfriend, eating our favorite junk food and watching films. The simple things in life! 

4) What is your dream job/personal goal?

Easy! A Radio 1 presenter, either on the breakfast show or the chart show! I want to be like Reggie Yates or Fern Cotton! Maybe even one day have my own show...

5) Do you have a favorite food?

Yes- prawns!!! But I also love pasta, cheese and, odd as it sounds, bread. And noodles. And cool original doritos Carbs, carbs, carbs!

6) What is your favorite beauty brand?

If we are talking about nail varnishes, it has to be Barry M!! However, all the other make up I buy is Rimmel, so I guess that would be my favorite!

7) Favorite clothes shop?

Boohoo for dresses, but I get clothes from all over the place! Primark, RI, Topshop and New Look. (I'm no good at picking favorites in case you couldn't tell!) 

8) What would be your spirit animal and why?

A unicorn definitely. I believe in magical things, I love sparkles and glitter. Also, unicorns are always depicted as wise, trusting and helpful...I like to think I possess all of those qualities! 

9) Why did you start blogging?

Before, I had always used Tumblr as a 'blog'. Then, at a media seminar, I was advised to start one to 'create a voice' and to get my name out there. It really has helped too! I have had so many opportunities thrown at me because of my blog...this award being one of them! 

10) Have you changed much over the last two years? 

Definitely. I have grown up a lot. I have gained more self confidence and self belief. I have grown less naive in regards to spotting genuine people and who is taking advantage of me. I have definitely become more thick skinned too. And more independent! When I think about it, I really have changed a lot. 

11) If you could star in a TV series based on your life, what would it be? (Drama, sitcom etc...)

Oh, definitely a sitcom. Me and my sisters often have moments where we just look at each other and think "that is such a sitcom moment, someone should be filming our lives right now!". A mix of serious issues with a lot of comedy and some romance. 

So there you have it! The answers to my questions for the Liebster Award! I have chosen to keep my eleven questions the same for the people that I nominate. Here are my nominations:


Sorry it's such a small I said, I'm still new to blogging, so don't know many yet!

Thanks again to the lovely Hollie for my nomination- these questions have been pretty fun to answer, so I hope my nominees enjoy them too! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace  
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