Blogging Secret Santa!

So, as December draws nearer, some of you may or may not know that I am participating in a Secret Santa within the blogging community! I am very excited about this, especially as I am still relatively new to blogging! Anyway, the first step is to write an introductory post for my Secret Santa- who could be from absolutely anywhere! So, here goes...

My name is Flo, and I am a student, currently studying Creative Business. In my free time, I blog, host a radio show once a week, work part time and spend the rest of my time with my boyfriend, Alex. I've only been blogging for- well, just under four months! Although I am still fairly new to this, I have had a lot of opportunities thrown at me, such as events with Channel 4 and the BBC, becoming a blogger for a bigger company etc. etc. I really enjoy working within the media and it is what I aim to do when I am older.

So, what about me? I love social media, especially Instagram, and I guess this has stemmed from my love of photography- I am never without some form of camera, be it my phone, polaroid of DSLR camera! I'm pretty creative and imaginative and love doing arts and crafts things, especially as gifts for people. I'm fairly passionate about music which is just one of the reasons I love being a radio presenter so much! Food is always high on my list, as well as my two real loves- jewellery and nail varnish- especially Barry M!

Hi, Secret Santa...this is me! 

I hope that is enough information for you, Secret Santa!! If not, please feel free to use the social media links in my blog to have a little hunt about things I may have forgotten to mention, or just to get a better grasp of the person I am!

Love from,
Florence Grace

The cost of love (no, literally!)

When we talk about the 'cost' of getting into a relationship, we often aren't considering the monetary factors. More often than not, we are thinking of the risks we are taking by entering into a commitment with somebody else.

However, what about the literal costs of entering into a relationship? Casual or committed, a recent survey conducted among 'middle aged' people concluded that single people are, on average, 2.5k richer than people in relationships every single year- which is a truly whopping amount! So just what is the cost of love?

Starting with the obvious money cruncher, it was revealed that the average single person will attend a 'date' just once a month with the average spend of £45. Whilst people in a relationship spent just one pound more per date, at £46, on average their date's occurred three times a month, racking up a massive £138 a month...a significant amount more than someone without a significant other!

Interestingly, the average response from the survey concluded that both single people as well as people in relationships brought just three gifts a year. However, whilst this figure may have been the same, the cost of the gifts was very different, with single people spending an average of £70 a gift and people in relationships spending a huge £89 per gift! This is a huge leap of £57 more than single people pay every year!

It was quite interesting to see that actually, this was a category in which single people spent more of their pennies! This could be due to the fact they need to buy clothes to dress up for people, whereas people in relationships often fail to make the effort once committed! Whilst people in relationships spent an average of £83 a month on clothes, single people spent a total of £87. But to be fair, that could be the price of just one over-priced, Topshop coat...

Mobile Phone.
Quite a unique category, but studying the habits of each type of person on their mobile revealed that single people spent an average of £26 a month, whilst people in relationships spent an average of £30. Clearly when not in a relationship there is less communication going on...that, or single people just manage to hunt down better contracts!

Take Aways.
A wonderful alternative to the oh-so-expensive date. Single people spent an average of £39 a month on take aways, whilst people in relationships spent about £43. The numbers are pretty close, proving that eating with people is always an excellent activity whether it's with family, friends or a partner. Who doesn't have a common interest of food?

Everybody loves to get away- and couples love to spend an average of £330 a year on holidays. That's a HUGE £99 more than single people spend! But of course with two people rather than one, activities do become a little more pricey...unlucky all you romantic weekend breakers!

Looking at these statistics, it's amazing the monetary difference a relationship can make to your life- most of the time without you even realising! Funnily enough though, 61% of women believe they are better off financially in a relationship, whilst 51% of men believe they would be better off financially as bachelors (and they would be right!). Out of both genders mixed together, 45% of people believed they would be better off if they were single- so maybe people are not as clueless as to the cost of love as it has been believed!

Single people are choosing to stay smart, with 68% of them believing they are better off single- again, they would be right! But all this money talk only makes relationships seem negative and complete no-go areas. When in the right one, relationships can provide an individual with happiness, love, security and even a family. So if you're in a relationship and starting to panic, how can you make yours more cost effective?

  1. Cheaper dates. Do you always have to go to that restaurant, followed by a massive night out on the town? Try something more simple, like a picnic in the park, a bike ride, a trip to a museum. Take advantage of apps like 'Voucher Codes' which provide excellent offers for lots of 'date' attractions! 
  2. Budgeting. Does your partner really want that present, or does it just look flashy and expensive? Can you find it cheaper elsewhere? What about that dress, do you really need it? Maybe you could even try and sell old clothes on ebay, or Depop, before buying new ones. Don't forget about charity shops too- they have some great hidden treasures. Budgeting is important, and is something you both should aim to do to save a little bit of extra cash. 
  3. Spend time alone. Must you always be out and about doing things, splashing the cash? Don't forget the priceless luxury of sitting at home with a tub of ice cream, movies and cuddles on the sofa! Pretty much a free activity that you're both guaranteed to enjoy!        

Relationships are good fun- it's nice to have someone with whom you can share things with and have a good time with. But it doesn't always have to keep adding up! Never forget the value of just spending quality time with each other.

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Credit to researcher of statistics here.

In a relationship, or single? How do you find ways to save money in what you do? Leave a comment below or get in touch using the links in the sidebar!

Power Rangers launch themselves into the world of fashion

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Some of you may remember the Power Rangers as colourful characters ninja-kicking their way around your television screens. Some of you may not remember them at all. But whether you do or don't remember them, you'll know about them now, as Year Zero London launches an iconic Power Rangers Lux collection!

Year Zero London, known for being an independent and free-spirited fashion brand, was launched eight years ago by the Mazzilli family, and their shop on Beak Street is one of London's best kept secrets (shh...!) yet is often frequented by mega stars like Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Lana Del Rey, Pharrell...just to name a few! Their latest collection is an iconic Power Rangers one, with the key elements of the collection being the shared values of the Power Rangers and YZL- being fun, being bold, being dynamic and above all else, being unique.

Rocky Mazzilli said "We feel blessed to indulge in our fantasy, and work with our favourite cult superheroes...We have had great fun bringing the spirit of these Power Ranger's to life". Including cheeky glow in the dark t-shirts, snapbacks, beanies and some truly wonderful pieces of conversation jewellery, the collection screams "rebels with free spirits, citizens of the world". Bright, bold and beautiful, the limited edition range is available right now, with prices ranging from £75-£365. For more information, visit the Mazzilli crew here.

Love from,
Florence Grace


Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb- Regent Street's Christmas Light Switch On!

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Sunday the 16th of November saw the magical switch on of the Christmas lights along Regent Street. Hosted by a variety of Heart radio presenters, the night really kicked off the festive season in style, with live performances from boy band Union J and pop sensation Jessie J and the cast of Jersey Boys. To add the Christmas sparkle to the night, hit group Take That turned on the lights themselves. "Turning on the Christmas lights in London is like the starter gun for the main event" said the group, which now consists of Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald, "It's the official start to the party season".

Sensational pop band 'Take That' switching on Regent Street lights!

As well as the feeling of Christmas floating through the air, there was a sense of mystery, with statues of the characters from "Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb" coming to life along the street and interacting with shoppers, including Owen Wilson and the late Robin Williams' characters. In addition, shoppers could download the films app which allowed them to unlock exclusive film content, special offers and prizes!

Head of the Regent Street portfolio at The Crown Estate, David Shaw, said "The Regent Street light switch on always marks the beginning of Christmas with a stylish bang", whilst the Theatrical Marketing Director at Twentieth Century Fox, Chris Green, said "This really was our biggest ever Christmas light display on Regent Street to celebrate the release of "Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb"! Now that the streets are lit up, we will continue to help bring the street to life with the Night At The Museum app".

They couldn't have said it better! With huge artists and the combination of shopping with the release of the third film in the Night At The Museum trilogy, 2014's light switch on for Regent Street will certainly be one to remember!

"Night At The Museum: Secret of the Tomb" will be hitting cinema's near you on December the 19th. In the run up to the film's release, why not head down to Regent Street, download the app and join in with the fun?

Love from,
Florence Grace

November Style Picks!

As November has rolled in, so has the freezing cold weather. Temperature's are dropping and Christmas is just around the corner- which also means money is tight! I have tried to make this months picks as affordable as possible, as warm as possible and as cute as possible!

As an improvement on my recent style picks posts, I have now included direct links to the products to make purchases easier for you. I'm too nice, I know!

With Christmas creeping ever closer, everyone needs a quirky, cosy Christmas jumper to snuggle in to whilst watching films or out shopping! I loved Boohoo's 'Ava Christmas Tree Jumper', for just £15.00. The colours are festive and the Christmas design is subtle enough not to be called "tacky". Don't forget your student discount on this one!

Everyone knows from November onwards, Party Season begins! Truly the best time of the year! I adore the "Niami Velvet Skater Dress" in an icy silver from Boohoo- however, they have an entire range of dresses which are all fabulous at the moment! This particular dress has the right shimmery look for a party, and at £22.00 is quite a bargain (excluding the oh so important student discount!). 

This is perhaps my favourite style pick this month- and the most costly! The 'Darla Shaggy Faux Fur Coat' in nude is just so girly and pretty, and being made of faux fur makes it just as warm and snuggly too- perfect for any Christmas light switch on's you may be attending this year! At £45 from Boohoo, the price is a little steep but there is always the student discount, and for a coat of this style, it is really worth the investment!

Throughout winter, jeans are usually the safest (And warmest!) option, but I love this "Black Check Brushed Mini Skirt" from New Look. The material is nice and soft and you could team this with the white ankle boots below! At £19.99, excluding discount, this skirt is a bargain and a must have on my list this year! 

I'm not usually one for slogan/song lyric sweatshirts, but there was something about New Look's 'Grey I'm So Fancy Sweater' that I loved- I think it's the fancy framing around the text...or maybe just because I really like the song!! Either way, this is an absolute steal at £14.99 and is availbale in dark grey for those of you who prefer your outfits a little darker! 

This 'Pale Blue Necklace Trim Fluffy Jumper' is so adorable, how could you possibly resist? Not only that but you don't need to worry about accessorizing, as the jumper comes with a necklace for you!! The colours are perfect for the Winter colour pallet and being fluffy will keep anyone nice and cosy on those cold Winter days! How can you resist, at just £24.99?

These New Look "White Cut Out Chunky Chain Trim Ankle Boots" really caught my eye, because I'm so used to seeing just brown or black boots that these really stood out to me! They are so unique and I love the chain detail- they would go nicely with the black mini skirt, or even the velvet dress for a more casual party look! Best of all? They have recently been reduced to £26.00! Get buying girls!

Another cute jumper in this month's style picks! The "Knitted Jumper" from H&M features a My Little Pony logo- and anyone who knows me will know just how much I love My Little Pony! To top that off, the jumper is the perfect jumper for me! Or any other 'girly girl'. For £19.99, it's not too costly either! A must-have for me!

As much as I hate covering my hands, as it prevents me from using my phone, I can't help but crave these "Fake Fur Mittens" from H&M. They're so big and fluffy, you can tell they would definitely keep your hands warm! A little steep in price at £12.99 but for the warmth is it worth it? You decide!

Always wearing coats, I have never really seen the appeal of capes, but love this chic one from River Island- the print, the tassels, the fur collar, it all just pulls together really well, and would look great with some black jeans and the white new look boots above! A classy alternative to a jacket or coat, the "Black Tartan Faux Fur Trim Cape" comes in at £35.00.

River Island jewellery is always great, and I love this girly "Girls Gold Tone Heart Charm Necklace". It is perfect for brightening up any dull outfit, or for accessorizing any outfit for a night out! It's from the "cheaper" range at RI and is just £8.00! 

Handbags are my weakness, and I especially love River Island ones- however I don't usually like their price tags! Now, I have found an exception. The "Light Pink Mini Satchel" is not only gorgeous, but a complete bargain at just £20.00! The colour, the style...the price!! I love it all, and will definitely be investing!

With Winter on it's way, and the weather growing ever colder, I hope you find some of my style picks useful- or at least inspirational! If you buy anything from my list, or even a cheaper alternative, I'd love to know! Tag me on Instagram using @flomatthews_ or the hashtag #FGstylepicks, tweet me using @flomatthews_ or post to my facebook page here .  Or just leave a comment below! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace


Dapper Laughs- or Dapper the Arse?

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"Just show her your penis. If she cries, she's just playing hard to get"

Shocked? How about this:

"Girls have periods. I call that 'blow job week'. What you need to do is get four girlfriends- then it's four weeks of blowies".

I'm sure your jaw has dropped- where have these horrific statements come from? Let me tell you. They have come from "comedian", "TV personality" and "model", Dapper Laughs.

Dapper Laughs is an alter ego for Clapham man Daniel O'Reilly. Finding fame in his six second Vines, Dapper Laughs has gone on to produce a novelty song that rose to number 15 in the UK charts, host his own stand-up tours and now has his own TV show- thanks to ITV2.

Dapper's TV show will be listed as a 'dating' show where he will tell 'lads' how to get some 'pussy' and some 'gash' in the style of harmless banter between friends, as he tries to educate males who lack Dapper's irresistible charm and large penis. Apparently. The show is intended to be fun and light hearted but anyone in their right mind, boy or girl, should be able to see that Dapper and his show are nothing but completely misogynistic and anti-feminist. The catchphrase of the show is "Dating is out. Pulling is in", a catchphrase that encourages people not to go looking for relationships or love but just to be in and out with a bang- if you get me. A more appropriate term might be teaching lads to "use and abuse". Just a thought.

The sort of behavior Dapper participates in is a type that should not be condoned, ever, least of all publicised. Whilst the majority of the world are trying to move forwards in terms of equality of the sexes, Dapper Laugh's is encouraging young males everywhere to drag it all back, ruining whatever progress is made.

He is the extreme epitome of the apparently fast growing 'lad culture' that exists currently in the UK. He encourages childish, damn right disgusting behavior towards females that could be quite easily confused with sexual harassment- you only have to watch him screaming "Hey darling, can I smell your fanny?" after an innocent female pedestrian to understand what I mean.

But hey, according to ITV2, this sort of behavior is acceptable- and should even be encouraged, by airing it live on TV for thousands of viewers to see. Why is it acceptable? Because "All humor is subjective" and "his unique brand of banter and brash charm is neither sexist nor degrading to women". Because seeing women as nothing but walking sex toys isn't degrading to us females at all, thank you for clearing that up ITV2. In fact, Dapper doesn't even care about his female sex toys being able to walk, as he sings "If she's looking at me and playing with her hair, by the end of the night she'll need a wheel chair". But no, that's just banter everyone!! Not degrading at all!

So, to the people who condoned Dapper's behavior and thought it a 'fun' idea to make it into a TV show, let me ask you this: how would you feel if Dapper treated your mother in this way? Your sister, your aunt, your girlfriend, your daughter? If he shouted what is actually not a bit of banter, but actually something quite sexually harassing towards your young, female child, would you laugh it off the way you laugh off Dapper's behavior? I am damn certain you wouldn't. I am pretty sure you would be disgusted at his vile behavior- the way us females, and even some males are.

Perhaps one of the scariest things about Dapper's rise to fame is not his disgusting behavior, but rather how quickly he has influenced so many other young males. I myself have already tweeted Dapper Laugh's with my own complaints regarding his behavior. Whilst he remained polite to me, it was his fans who started tweeting me about being 'uptight' and how I was 'moist for him' and should 'go back to sowing' (yes, a male did tell me to do a domestic chore in an attempt to be funny and sexist and then spelled it wrong). It is incredible for one person to have so much influence over so many people- so surely Dapper should use this influence in a more positive way?

It is because of his negative impact on today's society, and because of ITV2 condoning his behavior whilst brushing off people's concerns that I implore you to do at least one of the following:

You can sign up to the petition to get him off TV here

You can like this facebook page and share it to help raise awareness of the issue

You can write to Ofcom, the TV regulator's here

And you can find his Twitter here and tweet him your views

If you don't feel you have a reason to do any of the above, think again. If you're a girl, understand how important this is for you and your current position in society. If you're a boy, think about all the girls you know and care about- how would you feel if they were harassed by Dapper, or someone who tried to emulate his behavior? Please, use your brains. Understand just how wrong his behavior is. Bring an end to Dapper Laugh's and his appalling ways.

Love from,
Florence Grace


The Blogger's Recognition Award.

So I am currently feeling very blessed...I have just been nominated for my third bloggers award, in just over three months! This award is the 'Blogger's Recognition Award' and I was nominated by the lovely Sami. The award itself is pretty self explanatory, and helps bloggers to share their pages with a wider audience and to gain recognition (see...!).

So, as usual there is a set of things to complete for the award. This particular award includes:

  • Thanking the person who nominated me and providing a link to the original post which I have done here.
  • Write a post showing off the award. Give a brief story as to how this blog started and my advice for other up and coming bloggers.
  • Select 15 other new blogs to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog to let them know I have nominated them. (I will not be doing this step- instead, I will tweet individual bloggers to notify them!)
So, how did Love From Florence Grace come to be?

Since I was very, very young I have always loved writing- originally, stories. As I got older, I knew I wanted to be in the media somehow- be it for writing, music or photography I wasn't sure, but I knew that the world of media was the one for me. As I started my GCSE's I decided to go more towards the arty-photography route but once it came to picking universities I knew that this wasn't something I was happy to spend the rest of my life doing. Whilst I am passionate about photography, and it is something I will always love doing and experimenting with, it is not something I would want to do full time. I knew my ultimate dream was music and journalism, maybe together- ideally in radio. BBC 1 being the main ambition, if a little bit of an unreal one, I settled on a multimedia journalism course- this covered a little bit of all the things I loved! A perfect compromise.

I then attended a media day in the summer just gone to host my own radio show, which was the best experience ever and only enforced more that this was what I wanted to do full time. After hosting the show, I attended a seminar with celebrities such as Eve-Yasmin  and it was her who suggested the perfect way into any media role was via blogging. So I got home, on July 31st 2014, sat down and I created "Love from Florence Grace". The blog took off faster than I can ever imagine, and I found my original love and passion for words came flowing back to me as naturally as anything. Suddenly I realised, writing was something I was really good at, as well as being something I really loved. From day one, my blog views went up and up, and doors opened to me, opportunities coming at me left right and centre. I can never thank Eve enough for her continual inspiration and encouragement, and for helping me to kick start my career. It was her who helped me to create LFFG and she who got me to where me and my blog are now. 

So what are my tips for you?

  1. Promote yourself. Don't be embarrassed to show the world what you can do, and don't be worried about shoving your blog everywhere and anywhere. Use any form of social media to post links to your blog whenever you are online. No one will find you if you hide away! 
  2. Be sociable. Mixing with other bloggers has really helped me, and you'll find the blogging community to be a very friendly and helpful one. Most of us are in the same boat and are willing to help each other out to get to where we want to be. 
  3. Believe in yourself. I was scared to write my first post, not sure how it would be received. But I overcame my fears, and my confidence in myself and my work has only grown since then. 

So who do I nominate?

Luckily, I've found a lot more blogs since my first award nomination and can therefore choose a lot more than before! For this award I choose...

Hollie from Hollie's Lifestyle, Fashion and Fantasy Football Blog.
Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook.
Rosy from Ro's Tinted.
Summer from Life As Summer.
Apryl from AprylMayJune.
Dayna from Etc Dayna.
Zoe from Zoe's Secret Style.
Justine from Justine Pendrill.
Lauryn from Lauryn's Notebook.
Olivia from Olivia Makes Up Style.
Emily from A Little Bit Of Life.
Miss Anonymous due to work reasons from La Vie Cece.
Nadia from Le Chic by Nadia.
Dylan from Je m'appelle Dylan.
Emma from Emma Louise.

Congratulations to all the bloggers who made it to my short list...know that I read all your blogs as and when a new post arrives!! And thank you once again to Sami for nominating me!! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace


Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. London: A Review.

Saturday the 1st of November was my 19th birthday! Being an obsessive fan of Tom Hanks, and with my all time favourite movie being 'Forrest Gump', I was more than thrilled when I found out there was a Forrest Gump themed restaurant opening in London exactly one month prior to my birthday. Of course, I begged my boyfriend to take me there as a birthday treat, and thankfully he said yes!

I had a truly wonderful time, and thought I would share my experience of such a unique restaurant with you!

The Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. is located in the centre of the busy and bustling Leicester Square! Whilst there is plenty of eateries in this location, BGSCo. has a complete USP- the fact that it is based around one film! It is easy to find, simply walk in a straight line from Piccadilly Tube Station for about 3-5 minutes!

Unfortunately, you are unable to book a table to the restaurant and customers are currently served on a first come first served basis. This can be a pain in the neck, especially at peak times such as 5-8pm on a Saturday night, but the restaurant has an excellent system. Queuing takes little time at all, and when you reach the attendant on the door, they take your name and tell you how long the wait will be. You can then either leave the restaurant and explore the local attractions of Leicester Square or wait in the conveniently placed 'market' (and end up spending a small fortune...!) until your name is called!

Waiting Time.
The waiting time we were predicted upon arrival was 50 minutes- this did shock us a little, as the restaurant claims to seat 400 people, but as I was desperate to eat here we were more than happy to wait. Luckily, we only ended up waiting about 35- most of which was spent looking at a menu whilst we tried to pick what to eat, and appreciating the decor of the waiting area!! 

I loved the interior of the restaurant- it was perfect! (Especially for a Forrest Gump fan such as myself!). There was Forrest's boat 'Jenny' in the ceiling of the market place, whilst quotes and photos from the film teamed with makeshift signs labeling landmarks from Forrest Gump covered the walls. On top of this, the whole of the interior is made from wood, giving the place a really rustic feel. The tables are also printed with quotes from the film. TV's are placed in the eating area, two of which play the Forrest Gump film and two of which play other television- on the night I attended, it was the NFL games! 

The meal.
I was completely satisfied with the meal and service at the restaurant during my visit. The waitress who served us was more than helpful, offering us her personal favourites and recommendations and even giving me a Forrest Gump quiz once she found out how much of a fan I was! The serving system is also clever, devised of two metal license plate signs on your table that call a waiter/waitress over straight away!

The condiments on the table are served in a retro metal bucket, very 'American' and the drinks menus are displayed on a ping pong paddle- another wonderful reference back to the film! (And also great fun to play with...!)

The menu was far from sparse, and it was very difficult to pick anything, because it all sounded so appealing! Of course, it is pretty much an absolute must that you like shrimp if you wish to eat at this restaurant. Whilst there are dishes that do not include shrimp, it is the main basis of most of the meals! I settled for the 'Forrest Sea Food Feast' (an acclaimed 'Forrest Favourite'!), with Calamari and peppers as a starter.

 The Forrest Sea Food Feast consisted of 3 different kinds of fish covered in breadcrumbs and a generous portion of fries, accompanied with three dips and some coleslaw. I was completely satisfied with the standard of food, the rate at which it came out and the generous portion sizes. The presentation was also great- each type of fish was served in cones made of 'newspaper' with headlines relating to the film on! Very cute I thought! My only complaint with the meal was that over half of each cone was filled with shredded cabbage- I found this to be unneccessary, as it is highly unlikely anyone would eat that much cabbage in one sitting! Besides this, I had no complaint with the meal- in fact, both me and my boyfriend were left so full we couldn't even order dessert! 

I was also satisfied with the drink I chose, a cherry and lemon crushed ice sort of beverage! Although the asking price of £7 seemed a little steep, it was understandable when it came served in a light up cup that you could take home with you!!!

The Market.
To conclude our visit, we spent some time in the market so I could try and decide what to buy as a souvenir! There was literally hundreds of pieces of memorabilia to pick from, it was even harder than trying to pick from the menu. Shrimp magnet toys, t-shirts, hoodies, caps, ping pon bats, glasses, stationary, sweets, trivia cards- even a baby range of toys and clothes! And of course all emblazoned with some quote or image from the film. All of it was (surprisingly!) reasonably priced, and I ended up coming away with a t-shirt, soft toy shrimp magnet and a licence plate, for just £30. All of this came in an adorable brown paper bag, so I was more than satisfied!

In conclusion, I was overly satisfied with my time at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. restaurant, from the build up where the Twitter account recommended the best time to come as well as wishing me a happy birthday twice, to the actual time spent there, and to after the trip where I tweeted about my satisfaction with the restaurant and was thanked and wished another happy birthday. Although the meal was quite pricey, it is definitely a worthwhile experience for any Tom Hanks or Forrest Gump fan. I have never been to a restaurant quite like it, and have a feeling film themed restaurants will fast become popular! My only disappointment was that my hero, Tom Hanks, wasn't there! This is probably the closest I will ever get...*sigh* 

Love from,
Florence Grace

Been to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.? Let me know what you thought! 

All photographs featured are my own. 
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