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Meet the woman who's proud she's not a feminist.

Before you read my blog post, you may want some background information as to what I am writing about...please click here to read the article before reading my post.

So let's get started shall we. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting, the woman proud not to be a feminist. Why? "Because I've never really faced inequality". Wow, Kaley. Good for you. Being a feminist is obviously only allowed if it is directly affecting you.


Feminism is- or should be- a global movement, helping women all over the world. If you're a woman who has absolutely never faced inequality in your life- and I should imagine there's very few of you- then you're are one of the lucky ones. I am so happy for you. But is it really okay to turn around and say you aren't a feminist because of that? You've never been affected by inequality, fine. But how can you turn your backs on the women who have? The women who face it every single day of their lives. Women who work for free, the gender pay gap…

To the people I shall leave behind in 2015


Well. 'To' a lot of people really. Old friends, family, people I never really liked or got on with. There is a whole variety of people that I will not be keeping with me once the New Year rolls around. It's a sad thing to think about, and it hurts a lot to think about all of the people who have intimidated me, bullied me, betrayed me or even just distanced themselves from me through no fault of my or their own.

To the family members, you have hurt me deeply. They say blood is thicker than water but a blood tie with you means nothing to me. My real family members know who they are and I value them more than anyone else.

You have hurt me deeply. Family are supposed to love each other, look after each other. With only your selfish, inconsiderate ways in mind, you have not only hurt me but my siblings too. Although it hurts us to admit it, we will all be happy to leave you behind.

I hope you will not treat your other family members the way you have treated me and my fami…

Manner's...or rather, a lack of them.

My parent's raised me to be a very polite child, as they did with both of my sisters too. We always say please and thank you, we walk single file on the paths and step off of curbs to let people pass, we hold open doors and we wait patiently in queues.

But all of this is just common sense isn't it?

Well, you would like to think so, wouldn't you. However, over the last few years I have noticed a dramatic increase in the lack of manners that people seem to possess. All too frequently I find myself holding open a door without a simple 'thanks', or moving out of someone's way only to have a stream of 7,582 people storm past me whilst I stand patiently waiting for the moment that I can continue on with my own journey.

To be frank, I'm quite fed up of it now. Can it be that so many other people in the world were not raised so well by their parents, and were not taught these basic, simple manners? Or is it that they have simply been lost along the way? Whatever th…

50 Facts About Me

I see so many posts floating around the bloggersphere where blogger's share a bit about the person that they are whilst tagging other blogger's and inviting them to participate too, so that everyone can get to know each other a bit more! To me, this is a really great way to network and make some new friends within the blogging world, so I have decided to start my own factual post- 50 facts about me, Florence Grace!

If you find yourself tagged at the end- or even if you aren't but want to participate regardless-  then please do join in with this tag! It will be a lot of fun if lots of different bloggers get involved! So, here goes...

My favourite colour is pink- and some would say I am pink obsessed.Ditto glitter. If it's sparkly, it's mine. I love unicorns and refuse to believe they don't exist.I am a total social media addict, much to the annoyance of my family and friends.I have been with my boyfriend since I was 14 years old (4 and a half years!)I am a bit of…

Onward and upwards to 2015!

2015 is fast approaching, and I know that I am not the only one to have marveled at how quickly this year has gone! Months seem to have been as brief as minutes and events such as birthdays, starting at new schools and universities, holidays and now Christmas all seem to have blown past in a tornado of celebration and excitement. The fact Christmas is nearly over when yesterday seems like December the 1st is scary enough. I am not quite mentally prepared to face a brand new year in a mere 10 days.

However, in my case, 2014 has passed by so quickly because so many exciting things have happened. I have been luckier than I ever could have dreamed this year, more so in the last five months, and I am truly thankful to whoever is up there helping me to gain the opportunities and successes that I have. As we prepare to depart from 2014 and enter into a brand new year, I felt there was no better time than now to write about my year- what I am happy to have achieved, what I am happy to be leav…

Love From Florence Grace- the radio show!

A little bit of shameless self-promotion never hurt anyone...

I want to tell my wonderful readers about a very exciting opportunity in my life right now! As of January 2015, I will be hosting my own radio show! At present, it is going to be called "The Florence Grace Show" but I am still working on names (have any suggestions? Feel free to leave a comment below or get in touch using the links on my page!)

The show will air on Blink FM every Friday from 3-5pm, and I am hoping to have someone exciting in once a month for an interview- I already have my first interviewee confirmed and I am just awaiting on a date!

For anyone who has read my "About" page, you will know that being a radio presenter is my dream job, and so I am really excited about this! However, I would like one thing from my readers and followers- ideas! So if there's a particular structure you think would work for my show, a name for the show, games to do or songs to play then please do get in tou…

Ghost Online vs. Girl Online- who wrote the book?

Zoella- a young woman fast becoming a house hold name. Starting as a YouTube 'vlogger', Zoe Sugg (better known as YouTube name 'Zoella') has been named "Britain's most influential tweeter", launched a line of beauty products, made several radio and television appearances and now published a novel- "Girl Online".

Released at the end of November, "Girl Online"was already one of the most highly anticipated books of this year due to Zoe's near 7 million YouTube subscribers and 2.61 million Twitter followers. However, no one could have predicted the incredulous success of the book, which sold over 78,000 copies in just seven days, beating the debuts of novelists J K Rowling and Dan Brown. The novel itself is fictional but with an autobiographical undertone, as it follows the story of Penny, a young blogger hiding behind the name "Girl Online".

Fans all over the country were thrilled with the book, some even claiming to have re…