Children With Cancer UK Fashion Show!

Friday 27th February 2015 saw the grand event that was a fashion show in London for the fabulous charity, Children with Cancer UK. I was invited to the event about 2 weeks ago as a blogger, to cover the event and raise awareness of the charity. I was honored to have been asked to do so, as the charity is really just so important, as well as super excited to cover a fashion show, as this was something I had never done before!

The night was a huge success, and the display of talent was extremely impressive- from the designers work, to the various acts performing in between! The venue was fairly glamorous, based at The Building Centre in London, and upon entry we received glasses of wine, nibbles and goody bags, as well as having the opportunity to mingle with some of the other guests before the show began.

When it was time for the show to start, I went to try and seat myself- only to find that because I was "press", I needed to get myself a press pass (which I was thrilled about!) and then was taken to a seat in the front row, right next to the catwalk, which gave me the best view possible of all the models and the designs they were wearing. Slowly, the venue began to fill up with a mixture of friends, family, photographers and other members of the press. Then the show began. 

Unfortunately, there were some technical difficulties regarding the microphones, which meant that it wasn't clear which designers pieces were coming out next, meaning it was difficult to match the photos I took with the right designer. Due to this, I have labelled the collections as Collection 1, Collection 2 and so on, with a list of the credited designers at the end. 

Collection One.

Collection one featured simple, plain white t-shirts which were then printed with a sloagn across the chest or a striking graphic that really caught your eye. My personal favourite was the keyboard t-shirt- it was such a unique design and I have never seen anything like it before! I really liked the t-shirts with slogans were all motivational- the one's above read "#gogetit" and "Leave Nothing To Chance". A simple collection with great aesthetics. 

Collection Two.

From what I remember, this collection was inspired by film. I thought it was a very interesting collection. The clothes really varied, with some being skimpy and figure hugging whilst others were loose and flowing, looking very regal. The embellishments on some of the designs was so beautiful, and my favourite piece was definitely the purple bikini with the flowing cape- it looks so gorgeous and like it belongs on someone glamorous in the Bahamas!

Collection Three.

This was Claudia Angel Fitness Wear and I absolutely loved it! Given that I have just got into working out and keeping fit, I really wanted to purchase some of these fab two piece ensembles! The way in which this collection was displayed was full of energy too, the models bounced all over the place and looked so vibrant and happy- it was upbeat and full of life, and was definitely my favourite collection to watch. I didn't mind the display of abs either...

Collection Four.

This collection featured a couple of items printed with images of Pinky and the Brain (who remembers them?!) as well as lots of funky two pieces! The detail on the items was so intricate, from the mesh-like material used on the Pinky and the Brain dress and jacket, to the embellished print on the flowing red and white dress. This collection has a bit of an edge to it and I thought it was really unique. 

Collection Five.

As opposed to some of the other collections with more "out there" pieces, this collection consisted of more everyday outfits, with a definite 70's vibe going on! The orange jumper with the grey flared trousers really screamed seventies at me, and although I adored the ensemble, it was the brown jumper dress with the shirt that I was drawn to- a little bit seventies, but very in with today's style!

Collection Six.

This collection was filled with some really bold fashion choices with a little bit of an urban edge. Whilst the black leather-look dress was a bold, statement piece, the oversized grey sweatshirt with wet look leggings was more of a neutral outfit- simple yet stylish. My favourite looks however, were the top two. The feminist in me adored the "Girls Rule Boyz Drool" tee- the slogan is cute, the text is in pink. It's the ideal top for me! The grey two piece is also pretty edgy, and came with a light up back pack, which I'm bummed I couldn't get on camera! This collection had a look suitable for anyone, which I really admired.

Collection Seven.

When these girls hit the catwalk, we knew this collection was going to be striking. Bold prints and edgy cuts made these items really stand out, from the glamour of the black A-Line dress to the clashing printed trousers and tee. The girls wore them boldly and walked heads held high with attitude, really bringing out the edginess of the designs. The top outfit appealed to me most, with one funky statement piece standing out against a plain black skirt- but I found the entire collection so bold.

Collection Eight.

This collection was gorgeous- period. Each outfit was completely different, which normally I don't like so much in a collection- I prefer an underlying theme. However, each outfit was so unique, so eye catching, that it really didn't matter. With a bit of a Kim Kardashian look in the bottom outfit, the collection ranged from simple and striking to funky and fabulous. The pink disco pants and purple shirt really work for me, and I think that it's a great look, as well as the flowing pink skirt and gold top- a really gorgeous look for the summer!

Collection Nine.

If I had to sum this collection up in one word, it would be "regal". I adored every one of these looks. The top two piece was gorgeously embellished, and looked wonderful on the model wearing it too! I thought it was a little risque but in a classy way. The pink silk skirt was very "princessy" and the white lacy top made it more casual, for more of an everyday look. However, the show stoppers were the two green pieces- a high neck, mini dress and a long, flowing gown. The gold highlights on the dress really made these two pieces stand out and, when worn together, the outfits looked just stunning. A real well done to the designer of this collection.

Collection Ten.

This collection was hard to capture on camera, but was a nice array of gold jewellery! It was modeled well against plain black clothing, and all the items were very elegant. Definitely the perfect items for a glamorous night out, adding a bit of glitz to any outfit.

Collection Eleven.

This was my favourite collection of the entire show- I was absolutely in love. It was pink, it was floral, it was sparkly- everything that I adore was rolled into one and turned into some jaw-dropping pieces that were just absolutely stunning and perfect for Spring 2015. Whilst the collection was very feminine, it was given a bit of a "tomboy" touch, with the bold t shirt tucked into the baby pink gauzy skirt, and the bomber jacket with a floral print. This collection just ticked all the boxes for me and I absolutely loved it.

Collection Twelve.

This collection just screamed out sassy- as well as edgy, hip, and a general "don't mess with me" vibe! There was a mixture of masculine and feminine ensembles, but the more masculine ones always had a girlish edge- e.g. the additional heels. The outfits were all bold and had a feeling of empowerment- especially in the last outfit, with the motivational quote on the top. The whole collection was very on trend with current styles and would stand out a mile on the high street.

Collection Thirteen.

The closing collection for the show was a series of wedding dresses- indeed, a very unexpected collection! None of the dresses looked like a "traditional" wedding dress, and there were even some two pieces. With the concept of marriage and relationships being ever changing in the modern times that we live in, this collection of bridal gowns really fitted in with that- a traditional wedding isn't for everyone, and the embellishments on some of these gowns was divine. The top dress is my favourite- I love the use of the sheer material and the little fluttery sleeves.

All of this incredible talent came from the following designers:

FMA- Far More Advanced
Salta Montes/Amarhi Designs
Liliya Stalmakova
Claudia Angel Fitness 
Aisha Doe Ferozee
Neiceys Jewels
Anthi G
Eva Cammarata

Overall, the night was really such a success. The acts we got to see included Valentine, a singer, D-Van Jones, a singer, Judith Jacobs, an actress, doing a raffle to raise more funds for the charity, Dr. Paul Ganney, a singer, who also works closely with the charity and, for the finale, Goldstepperz Dance Crew- who were insanely talented. You'll be able to witness all this talent in my vlog on my youtube channel here

Vashtina pulled this show together in just seven weeks, and I think she did an excellent job. Not only did she manage to put on a brilliant show, she managed to raise a huge amount of money for the charity, which is incredibly selfless of her. She's not only beautiful on the outside, but she has a beautiful heart on the inside too. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank her for letting me get involved, and to implore you all to check out the charity and what you can do to help here

Although I am not normally a fashion blogger, I really loved getting involved with this. Watching a catwalk show was so much fun, and getting back in touch with my love of photography was just great! I hope to be able to cover more events like this in the future, especially to help out a good cause. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

All photos are my own. If you are able to match up the designer to the collection, please let me know so that I can do this! 

What is your favourite collection? Let me know in the comments below! 

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