What I've learnt whilst dating a skater...

My other half has been skating for nearly his whole life, and it's now something he's trying to make a career out of, through his business Stoke Skate Co. Skating was something that I had never really known much about, thought much about, or even cared much about...until I met him. Now, despite me not being a skater, or even caring for the sport that much, I feel well educated in the whole topic of skating! Here's what I've learnt whilst dating a skater...

1) Your relationship will have a third wheel...with it's own set of wheels. 
Many girls will complain about their boyfriend's love for cars. Ha! Try dating a skater. Whilst you would assume that, as a girlfriend, you take priority in everything, a skateboard follows close behind you- if not even pulling up alongside you! A skaters time will be split 50/50 because a skateboard means as much to a skater as their significant other.

2) You will be forced to watch videos of people falling down and be expected to admire them for trying such amazing tricks.
To you, it's horrific. A poor guy just fell face first down 20 steps! Where's the good in that scenario? However, over time, you will realize that it is safer to admire the trick that was attempted (and failed) rather than to argue about how dangerous and unfunny it all is.

3) You will learn the lingo.
Myself, I've started to call stair cases "stair sets", thanks to my other half always referring to them as that. I can also reel off about a dozen tricks, just because I've heard them mentioned so often. Apparently this is a good thing- I think it's a waste of space in my brain!

4) You will come to appreciate/notice smooth surfaces, ledges and other good looking skate spots.
And you will also point them out to people who care as little as you used to, forgetting that not everyone's world revolves around skating like your significant others- and now yours too, it seems.

5) You find yourself learning about different pro skaters, bringing them up in conversation and using their nicknames when you do.
Shecks. TPudz. Names I had never heard before, but now am well educated in. Me and my significant other discuss 'Shecks' as though he is a friend of ours.

6) You become used to seeing blood, guts and gory wounds as your significant other comes home from a day on the battlefield.
Too often, he tries to fight with the concrete...and loses. At first you will be disgusted, but soon you will become oh so used to seeing green bruises, lumps, bumps and more blood than you can imagine. It's all part of the job.

7) You realise just how little time shoes and clothes last a skater.
"Didn't I buy you those trainers last month?" Will become a regular phrase in your vocabulary. You will recognise that each pair will have a hole at the tip of the toes where they have been dragged along the floor...yet you will continue to allow him to spend £70+ on a pair of trainers.

8) You understand the need for a new skateboard deck every month, and help pick out the coolest designs.
Skateboards are made for a lot of reasons, but their durability is not one of them. It pains me to see the first scratch across a brand new deck...why can't they just be hung on a wall to look pretty? And they aren't cheap to ruin either!

9) Making plans in summer is ridiculously hard.
Summer is when we have the most dry weather...skating can only happen when it's dry. Trying to make plans in dry weather is near to impossible when it is prime time for skating...which always comes first, right?

10) Your significant other will try to turn you into a skater.
I now own two pairs of trainers that are "for skaters" and a t-shirt from a skate company, can reel of a whole load of tricks, skate parks, street spots and skaters from memory and can point out good places to skate. I have even located a pushchair with a skateboard attached so that when the time comes for us to think about starting a family, he has no excuse not to be a hands on dad...none of this would have happened without my significant other. Thanks, Alex.

Love from,
Florence Grace

Do you have a significant other who is a skater? Or a significant other with a hobby that influences your relationship? Let me know in the comments below! 

(p.s. whilst sourcing my images I found this little video...I don't agree with all the quotes...but some are definitely true!! Enjoy http://skateboarding.transworld.net/news/shit-skaters-girlfriends-say/ )


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