Tacky, tasteless and unromantic...I'm talking celebrity wedding's of course!

I promised my readers a nice, ranty blog post today, so a ranty blog post you shall get- today's topic is on celebrity weddings.

In today's society, we all have celebrities that we love, admire, obsess over and what not. We follow them on all social media platforms that we can, read about their lives in magazines, watch their lives played out on TV and get involved with them on a daily basis in any way that we can.

I myself am guilty of this. I adore Tom Hanks, and will be the first to like his Instagram posts, retweet his tweets and will cry incessantly over any appearance in film/tv. I love him the way I would love an uncle, or grandad- and wish he was one of those to me!

However, one thing that I can not abide is celebrity weddings. Weddings are beautiful, momentous occasions, where two people who love each other are united together for all of eternity. To me, moments such as weddings are incredibly personal, and should be shared with the people who matter most- family and close friends. Photos captured will hold life long memories, videos can be played among yourselves whilst you reminisce over what a truly magical day it was.

So, given that this is my view on weddings, I can not stand seeing a wedding between celebrities/a celebrity and their other half being splashed across a 12 page magazine "exclusive" for a ridiculously large price. Why?

1) The battle of publicity. Magazines will battle against each other in order to be the one to get that exclusive deal and that cover story on the wedding. They will fritter away hundreds of thousands of pounds just to be the only one to get the story. They don't care about the union of the couple, they don't care about the magical, once in a lifetime day- they just care about business, and I think the loss of the true meaning of the couple's wedding day is very sad.

2) The huge waste of money from the media. Magazines will fritter away hundreds of thousands of pounds to be the one to get the cover story. Here in the UK, money is a severe problem, with many people struggling to live a simple life, relying on benefits, charity and food banks. Money would be used in a far more beneficial way if it was used to assist charities, but hey, don't worry, I'm sure Mark Wright and Michelle will appreciate that you paid for their million pound honey moon for them.

3) Do the celebrities even want to get married, or are they short of some extra cash? We are all familiar with the marriage that lasted less than 100 days between Kim K and Kris Humphries. A lot of stories arose when the pair split, wondering if they did it as part of a financial scam. Which is, of course, highly likely. Are you a celebrity, struggling for some cash? Don't worry. Get married, and you'll earn thousands from desperate magazines worldwide.

4) Where is the romance? I find it hard to believe that the day is as special as it would have been had there not been cameras present. Whilst under scrutiny of the media, you can be sure the couple would be worrying constantly about how they were presenting themselves, how their guests behaved, what they said. There is no way they could act naturally at their own wedding- how can true romance be based on an act for the camera?

5) It's all for show. Everything to do with the big day would have to be right for the cameras. Maybe you wanted a certain hairstyle, but it makes your face look unphotogenic, so you had to have a different one. Maybe the dress you wanted wasn't big and flashy enough for the media attention it was going to gain, maybe your groom was too pale so was forced into an orange tan. There's no way a wedding isn't built around the fact that it will be publicized, which makes the whole event seem like it is just for show.

To me, weddings are better when they are intimate, with people who really care about the union of a couple in love. Look at Brad and Angelina, Tom Hardy and his wife, Beyonce and Jay-Z. Whilst they have revealed photos and videos since the wedding (and I mean at least 3 months later, or in Bey and Jay's case, years later) they kept the whole affair private and well under wraps.

Of course, when you share your life with the world, you will probably want to share the biggest day of your life with your fans too, and I am all for cute snaps on Instagram, a heart rendering tweet with a sweet photo from the big day, but I think inviting media to the wedding itself and having the whole event broadcast to the world is tacky and unromantic.

What do you think, though? How do you feel about celebrity weddings? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Fitness with Florence Grace #8

Since this week has a bank holiday, I have been all out of sync, and I totally forgot about doing a fitness post on Monday! So here it is now, better late than never.

I have been under my calories every single day, which is good in one respect, but as I only limit myself to 1200 calories a day, this isn't particularly healthy.

On Thursday, I actually had minor surgery on my toes, which have been causing me grief for seven months, more so in the last two months, and this surgery meant that I have been able to move a bit more, so I have managed to do Tae Bo once, and I'm hoping to build this up over the next week and beyond.

So let's look at my statistics this week...

Start Weight: 11st 4lbs

Waist Measurement: 33 inches

Goal Weight: 10 stone

How much I want to lose a week: 2 lbs

And here is where I am now...

Current Weight: 11 st 2 lbs

Current Waist Measurement: 30 inches.

Weight left to lose: 1 stone 2 lbs 

As per usual, my weight has not gone down but my tummy measurement has been reduced massively to just 30 inches, which I am over the moon about. Yesterday, I went out in a bralet- an item I have never worn in my life- and I felt so confident, which was an unreal feeling. I haven't bared my belly in public for about three years, and everyone was so lovely about how I looked and my progress. I now have 5 and a half weeks to get even more toned before jetting off to Barcelona!

How have you all done this week? Let me know! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Image is my own.


You Give, We Give- The One Smile Toothbrush will change lives.

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Take a moment to reflect on things you do and use every single day without even thinking about it, let alone being thankful that you're able to do them/use them. Eating hot food, for example. Having clean running water. Being able to watch TV. All things that we take for granted every single day.

One thing that we really take for granted is the ability to brush our teeth. It seems like something that everybody does, twice a day, every day. Everyone owns a plastic toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, and when they're finished with, they get replaced- right?


In less developed countries, owning a toothbrush is far more of a luxury than it is a necessity. Very few people own a toothbrush, toothpaste or are able to brush their teeth. All of this leads to poor dental hygiene which can develop into more serious issues.

But this can turn itself around- and you can get involved with it!

A new crowdfunder project, One Smile, was started at the beginning of May with the ambition of providing as many children as possible in less developed countries with a toothbrush. The toothbrush, designed by Greg Roberts whilst at University, is being sold with a "You give, we give" approach- for every toothbrush that you purchase, a toothbrush is sent over to a child who can not afford one.

In addition to the toothbrush benefiting people in less developed countries by providing them with a way to keep up a good level of dental and oral hygiene, the toothbrush has several other benefits. The toothbrush itself is more eco-friendly than any other toothbrush on the market, being made of bio-degradable bamboo. This means it will have less of an impact on the environment when it comes to the toothbrush being disposed of. Furthermore, the toothbrush improves much more than dental and oral hygiene; it can essentially provide a better future, or just a future at all, to a child in a less developed country. One Smile works with the idea that the gift of a toothbrush improves a childs health. Having a better health can help them to have a better opportunity at getting an education, and with education comes careers and opportunities.

Pledging money to this cause is so worthwhile, and with it's attractive "you give, we give" benefits, what's stopping you? 

Pledging just £1.00 will help fund the project.

Pledging just £2.00 will help fund the project and you will receive a personalised thank you from One Smile! 

Pledging just £3.00 will help fund the project and you will receive a One Smile Toothbrush and a personalised thank you letter!

Pledging just £5.00 will help fund the project and you will receive a twin set of One Smile Toothbrushes and a personalised thank you letter! 

Pledging just £10.00 will help fund the project and you will receive 4 One Smile toothbrushes, perfect for families or for a year supply of toothbrushes plus a personalised thank you letter! 

Alternatively, pledging £10.00 will help to fund the project and you can receive 1 One Smile Toothbrush, 1 tube of toothpaste, 1 One Smile Wash Bag and  a personalised thank you letter! 

This project is a really beneficial one, and worth spending just a small amount of your money on- even just £1.00 from your pocket could go towards providing someone with a better future! To get involved and pledge your donation to the project, click here

Let me know in the comments below if you pledge to the cause, so that I can thank you too!! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace


Father's Day inspiration with Baker Days!*

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Father's Day is coming around once again. On Sunday 21st June, people all over the UK will be celebrating and appreciating their dad's for all that they have done. But what sort of a gift can you give someone who has done infinite amounts for you, when you can just about afford some socks and a broken chocolate bar?

Baker Days have a great option for Father's Day, at incredibly affordable prices! As my own dad is away on Father's Day, I ordered him a gift from Baker Days a little early, after the company offered to send me a product from their range to review! Looking through the Baker Days website, I stumbled across the adorable "Letterbox Cakes". The idea is as basic as it sounds- a cake small enough to fit through your letterbox! There are several designs to choose from, as well as customised options, so you can make these cakes a really personal gift! As my dad likes football, I chose a football themed design.

The cake comes with useful instructions as to how to remove it without damaging it (and how to devour it too!)

I only had to wait 3 days for my cake to get to me, which is exceptionally quick! And when it came I was pleasantly surprised by the additional gifts that arrived with the cake, as I hadn't been expecting them and they were very sweet!


First off, the cake came in an adorable little tin which you can keep long after the cake has disappeared! I was unaware that it came in this, so it was a lovely surprise, and the tin is really very beautiful!

How sweet is this tin?

Then there was a thoughtful card from the company:


Lastly, there were some "party" goodies, to help you celebrate the event even more! This little package included balloons, a party popper and some candles.


Overall, I think this makes a wonderful little gift for Father's Day. There's plenty of designs to choose from, as well as flavors (including gluten and dairy free) and they taste absolutely delicious too! The cakes also last for 14 days, so will keep for a decent amount of time before going stale- plenty of time to enjoy it!

You can check out Baker Days Father's Day range here: http://www.bakerdays.com/categories/personalised/father-daycakes

If you want more inspiration, or to find out more about the business itself, you can find Baker Days using the following links:

Thank you to Baker Days for sending me this cake, and if you choose to order from Baker Days, I hope that you enjoy your cake as much as me and my family enjoyed mine! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Fitness with Florence Grace #7

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This week has been slightly better than last week's dud week; I have eaten less and moved more! I even went out in a CROP TOP which is a massive, massive step for me, so I was very proud of myself! 

Due to my feet, I've still not been able to do any major work outs, but have been doing my russian twists and crunches, reverse crunches and squats and press ups too. I reduced my tummy size in inches, and remembering that I was 36 inches around the tummy before I started doing this strictly, then started this at 33 inches, to now be 31.5 inches is a huge achievement for me! 

I have walked a lot this week, around my local town, to and from places, around a vintage car rally and went on a  bike ride. I had one unhealthy meal whilst I was celebrating an achievement with my boyfriend, but besides that, I have been under my calorie intake almost every single day. 

So let's look at my statistics this week...

Start Weight: 11st 4lbs

Waist Measurement: 33 inches

Goal Weight: 10 stone

How much I want to lose a week: 2 lbs

And here is where I am now...

Current Weight: 11 st 2 lbs

Current Waist Measurement: 31.5 inches.

Weight left to lose: 1 stone 2 lbs 

So whilst I've lost a bit more from my tummy, my weight still hasn't reduced that much. However, as I said before, I'm not too fussed about the number on the scale, as long as I look slimmer and more toned. 

Well, I hope this week is even better! Let me know how you're doing in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace

Advertising with Love from, Florence Grace

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Since I started blogging, I have seen bloggers charge for advertising space on their blogs, and I have seen how beneficial it has been to other bloggers and businesses, whether that's boosting their followers or increasing traffic to their blog/website and raising brand awareness- I've even had an advert on someone else's blog myself, and have reaped the benefits because of it.

I have decided to start offering advertising on my own blog, to help out all of those who have helped me, supported me or maybe just want some extra publicity via my own social media platforms. Whether you're a blogger, a business, running an event or maybe something entirely different, I'd love to help you out!

Here is what I can offer you for one month (30 days from an agreed start date).:

  • A promotional tweet every day for a month (this is a tweet written by me with a link to your blog/website/event and your twitter account).
  • A retweet on any of your own tweets with links to your blog posts/website.
  • A promotion once a week on my Facebook page, "Florence Grace", for a month.
  • A promotional blog post dedicated solely to your blog, website or event that will then be promoted up to 10 times within the 30 day period.
  • A promotional Instagram post.
  • A button on my blog for one month. 
You can select all of these options or only a few, and pricing will be in accordance with the package you choose. 

My statistics to date (28/12/15) are as follows:

Facebook page likes: 348
Twitter followers: 1,372
Instagram followers: 1,019
Pageviews: 55,097

If you are interested, please don't hesitat to get in touch via my email, florencegrace13@gmail.com or in the comments below! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Yes, I like Katie Hopkins- get over it!

Since I first confirmed that yes, I was a supporter of the infamous, ex apprentice contestant and mouthy columnist, Katie Hopkins, I have been faced with the same questions almost daily asking me to explain my reasons and to justify my choice.

"Have you even seen xyz comment that she made?"
"Did you see her insult so and so?" 
"Did you see her opinion on xyz?"
"Are you insane?"

No, I am not insane, and yes, as a keen social media user, I do follow her on twitter and see all of the comments that she makes. It has now reached the point where I have turned to my beloved blog in order to justify the reasoning behind my choice of being "pro- Katie", so that the next time somebody questions me and my decision, rather than type out the same old argument, I can simply send them this link. 

I'm not trying to alter anybody else's opinion, or justify Katie's insults, or insult anybody myself. I am simply explaining why it is that I like Katie Hopkins. 

1) Katie is a normal human being with opinions on different social groups, religions etc. etc. I refuse to believe that you have not once made a judgement on someone based on a specific part of who they are. I know that at least once in your life you are bound to have done this. The things Katie says are the things I have overheard people on the streets saying, people I was at school with saying...the only difference is that Katie has a public platform to say them on. Yes, of course, this means more people are exposed to her opinion- but you can bet your bottom dollar it's an opinion a large group of people share. I'm one of the few that can see past the "she is the only woman in the world who thinks that" veil and actually get that a lot of people see a certain situation the way that she does. 

2) People get so blinded by the "bad" things she says, they totally ignore the positives. Like when she stood up for women who didn't want to breast feed their children, or when she encouraged (and still does) several thousands of fat people to lose weight and lead healthier lifestyles. She isn't nasty to the core; like everyone else, she has good and bad qualities. 

3) She actually tries to set positive examples for people living with a disability of some sort. She herself suffers from epilepsy and dislocates her shoulders and passes out unexpectedly on a very regular basis. She also has a shortened life expectancy because of this. But rather than let her disability define her, she tries to show people how they should live- rather than let their disability be who they are, it should just be a part of who they are. She may not always word things correctly, but the right intentions are there.

4) She can stand her ground. Regardless of what she says, she should never receive death threats concerning her children. What sort of a sick person do you have to be to wish death upon somebodies children, or anybody at all? The abuse Katie receives on a daily basis absolutely blows my mind, but she deals with it all, embraces the flaws that people kindly point out (and even makes jokes out of them!) and doesn't let her "haters" break her. I respect and admire that in any person, not just Katie. 

5) She's never been anything but lovely to me. She has told me I'm beautiful when I have doubted my looks, she has complimented my writing, my blog and my column on numerous occasions and gave me wonderful advice when I met her face to face. I find her can-do, tough love attitude towards life inspiring and helpful. Having had so many people try to prevent me from expressing myself and my opinions, I find her very useful to look to when I am struggling to cope with that. People need to read the full story and the full columns behind her tweets, rather than just judging the few, 140 characters she is given. Nobody can communicate a full story correctly in one tweet. You have to read the whole story first before you pass judgement. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace


The big 100!!!

So, 10 months into blogging I have reached my 100th post! Insane, right? Anyway, I wanted to make my 100th post a special one, as it's quite a big deal, and the wonderful Justine, of Girl Gone Dreamer suggested I do some sort of list of 100 things relating to a certain topic. I thought this was a fabulous idea, and so had settled on "100 things that I have learnt whilst blogging!". However, I got to 50 and began to struggle. So this is "50 things I have learnt whilst blogging and 50 bloggers you must follow!" It's going to be a lengthy post but I hope you all enjoy it!

1) You make some AMAZING friends. Truly the best part about blogging has been all of the people I have met!

2) You can blog about literally anything- not just beauty and fashion. I've met bloggers of some really unique topics.

3) You'll learn a lot about a variety of topics, from mental health to feminism, to politics. It's all going down in the world of blogging.

4) You will engage in a lot of debates- some healthy and educational, some that are just plain arguments over a difference of opinion, all of them will end in some interesting result!

5) You can not escape drama...with a predominantly female community, there is always some sort of drama going on. It's best not to get involved.

6) There are little friendship groups. Don't worry about trying to fit into one- be friends with everyone!

7) You don't need to blog every single day.

8) Similarly, don't force blogging to happen- write when you feel like you have something to write about!

9) Don't adopt a style of writing that you aren't comfortable with because you've seen it work for someone else. Find a writing style that works for you!

10) Using correct vocabulary when writing about a sensitive subject, such as eating disorders, is important.

11) You don't need the latest technology to be a blogger, just internet and the ability to use a basic keyboard!

12) However, it does help to have good photography on a blog to engage with your readers.

13) Following on from that, engaging with readers is very important. Get feedback from them, both complimentary and critical- they're your audience so it's important that you write content they will enjoy!

14) Good grammar and punctuation is a must.

15) Similarly, there is NO excuse for poor spelling when you can spell check words online!

16) Do not start out expecting to end up as a Zoella or Velvet Gh0st straight away! Blogging requires time and effort, and big bloggers have been working at it for a while.

17) Just that- blogging takes time and effort!

18) The blogging community is an incredibly encouraging one, always willing to help you out with anything!

19) The blogging community is also incredibly supportive, too!

20) You can blog about anything, as personal as you like, and you will always receive support and love from everybody. I've read some incredibly touching blog posts and love how honest people feel they can be with strangers online.

21) You will be pleasantly surprised by who your audience really is...you may think it's teenage girls, but you may have some older, male readers! (That is just one example!)

22) Blogging will open some wonderful doors for you- and unexpected ones too!

23) You will notice your knowledge in fashion and beauty increasing, as there is so much of it floating around the blogosphere!

24) Don't be afraid to post your opinion!

25) However, if you do post an opinion, be prepared for someone to debate with you.

26) Blogging looks great on UCAS/CV's and as part of a portfolio.

27) It's a great way to expand your writing skills if you're looking to go into a wordy sort of career, such as journalism!

28) Blogging will take over your life... "Ooh yes let's do this, then I can blog about it!"

29) If you weren't addicted to social media before, you will be now- how else will you keep up with what is going on in the blogging world?

30) You'll discover amazing new brands and products that you absolutely have to try!

31) You will meet bloggers of all ages, be them 50 something or 14, single parents, married couples- there is such a wide variety!

32) Blogging can help to inspire your career path- I went from photography, to photojournalist, to journalist in a matter of weeks.

33) You'll have to learn some sort of tech related stuff in order to keep your blog up to date and stylish. It's tricky but worth it.

34) Blogger meet ups go against everything your parents taught you as a child (e.g. not meeting up with strangers from the internet) but they are SO much fun!

35) You start to plan your day around whichever bloggers chat is happening that evening.

36) Hosting bloggers chats is super fun but will definitely crash your twitter with the crazy amount of notifications.

37) Blogging allows you the opportunity to develop yourself as a brand, allowing you to set up a business or become a freelance blogger and so much more, which I think is really excellent.

38) You get to work with some truly wonderful people, be them new up and coming businesses or already developed companies, or even just fellow bloggers.

39) If you have a question you think no one can answer for you, you can guarantee a blogger somewhere in the world will know the answer.

40) People are really lovely at promoting your blogposts, whether you ask them to or not!

41) You will begin to utilize your social media properly. I personally have started to swear a lot less on social media so as not to damage the reputation of my blog.

42) Regardless of which sort of blogger you consider yourself to be, you will still be welcomed into other blogger chats.

43) Fashion sense will improve- how can you take a good OOTD post if you don't look fab?

44) However, you will feel most comfortable blogging in your biggest, baggiest, comfiest clothes.

45) You should keep a notebook on you at all times to jot down those blog ideas that hit you at random intervals.

46) You'll find yourself inspired by so many wonderful people that you meet through blogging.

47) Reading other blogs will definitely lengthen your bucket list, inspiring you to do all sorts of wonderful things.

48) Blogging gives you a platform to inform, educate and share opinions with other people- it must be respected at all times.

49) People won't always like what your saying, or even like your blog at all, but don't let that discourage you.

50) Just be yourself, enjoy what you're doing and have fun!

Whilst blogging, you do meet a lot of wonderful people and make some truly amazing friends...here are 50 bloggers I think you have to follow!

1) Hollie from FPL Fashion
2) Katy from The Lilac Scrapbook
3) Ffion from A South Wales Blog
4) Sophie from Filthy Paws and Silky Drawers
5) Justine from Girl Gone Dreamer
6) Adele from Adele's Journey to a Better Life
7) Kirsty from Just a Little Bit Ginger
8) Vix from Vix Meldrew
9) Tara from By Catstello
10) Kate from IIH, Make up and Glitter
11) Jennifer from Young and Twenty
12) Elise from Elise Rose Blogs
13) Elle from Elle Bloggs
14) Lizzie from Peppermint and Panda Eyes
15) Emma from Essays and Wine
16) Abbie from Kittens in Top Hats
17) Poppy from Poppy Field
18) Abi from Abi Street
19) Rachel from Happy Little Syllables
20) Fii from Little Miss Fii
21) Lauren from Blonde Vision
22) Stephi from Stephie Lareine
23) Jessica from Blonde of Carbs
24) Hannah from Hannah Delacour
25) Charlotte from Charl Dee
26) Victoria from Rambling Make up
27) Kayleigh from Very Berry Cosmo
28) Christina from Christina Campbell Hughes
29) Simone from Married to a Geek
30) Danielle from Underland to Wonderland
31) Heather from 100 ways to 30
32) Frankie from Crazy Blonde Gal
33) Tashi from Tashi Skervin
34) Holly from The Persephone Complex
35) Chloe from Chloe's Concept
36) Rebecca from Blue Eyed Fashion
37) Sarah from Fawn Chic
38) Emmy from Emmy's UK Blog
39) Anna from Frazzled Beauty
40) Sami from Daisy Daydreams
41) Summer from Life As Summer
42) Dayna from etc-Dayna
43) Lauryn from Lauryn's Notebook
44) Zoe from Zoes Secret Style
45) Eleanor from Dream Love Live Fashion
46) Emily from A Little Bit Of Life
47) Justine from Justine Pendrill
48) Faye from Faye Ann MUA
49) Lauren from Longing For A City
50) Carl from A Blokes Eyeview

So there we have it...50 things I have learnt about blogging and 50 bloggers that I love! (In no particular order I should point out...)

I know this is a lengthy post but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Here's to the next 100 posts.

Love from,
Florence Grace

Fitness with Florence Grace #6

This week has been slightly better than the last, although still not spectacular. My feet problems have deteriorated massively, making walking hard enough as it is, let alone working out properly. Tae Bo has been a massive no-no for me. However my fitness crazy mum has shown me some fab workouts to tone my tummy that don't involve using my feet, so I have been able to work out a little.

My calories have all been controlled this week and there was only one day where they were really, really bad, and that was when I went out for a meal with friends at a Whetherspoons restaurant, where the high amount of calories is kindly written on the menu for you!

So let's look at my statistics this week...

Start Weight: 11st 4lbs

Waist Measurement: 33 inches

Goal Weight: 10 stone

How much I want to lose a week: 2 lbs

And here is where I am now...

Current Weight: 11 st 4 lbs

Current Waist Measurement: 31.7 inches.

Weight left to lose: 1 stone 4 lbs 

I'm very happy that despite my lack of working out, I have still reduced my waist measurement. I have been shopping a LOT this week for my summer clothes and have even been able to comfortably purchase some cropped tops, baring my belly a little, so overall I am fairly happy. I don't have that far to go in terms of toning my tummy- it is the number on the scales that I don't like. However, I have been told that sometimes the scales won't change because of things such as muscle to fat ratio etc. 

How have you all done this last week? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

10 things you'll only understand if you work in a charity shop

I have worked in a charity shop for almost two years now. Initially, I thought it was going to be a very dull job. How wrong was I!!! From the people you meet to the things that get donated, let me tell you all about working in a charity shop...

1) You will meet such an interesting variety of people.
From the diverse range of volunteers, including people who are elderly with free time to those who are just 14/15/16 and working for their D of E award, to the huge range of customers you see every day- everyone has their own story and you hear some crazy things. It's a very unique experience compared to other retail jobs I have had!

2) The things people donate will never fail to surprise you.
From Louis Vuitton bags (new with tags!) to used sanitary items and even sex toys, no day in a charity shop is the same...one man's trash is another man's treasure after all!

3) People will want refunds...even though the money they spend/spent goes to charity. You know, helping people.
"Hi, can I refund this 50p toy car?" "...Why?" "Oh, my son's bored of it now!" But of course, if it has the tags and the receipt, you have to comply...because the customer is always right, even if their morals are wrong.

4) People will barter prices with you...even though the money is for charity. 
"What do you mean I can't have this £1.00 vase for 25p?" Well, where else in the world would you get a vase for 25p? Please tell me.

5) Your shop will be treated like a tip.
"I'm just going to donate this used colouring book, some bits of tree from my back garden and a few receipts. Aren't I such a good human being, helping others!" Yes...we will all benefit from your bits of tree. Thank you.

6) Customers will forget how a charity shop works.
"Do you have more of this book in stock?" Why yes, we have a whole range of that book, because somebody donated 150 of them at the same time, instead of the usual, you know, one copy. Let me go and look in the stock room...

Oh. Wait.

7) Whilst some donations may be absolutely awful, you will find some real gems. 
Literally, real gems. As well as BNWT clothes from Topshop, River Island, designer handbags, brilliant antiques and sometimes, even the odd tenner somebody left in their jacket pocket.

8) No two days are the same.
New stock comes every single day, and you can never predict what it's going to be. There are also new customers every day, new donors, new volunteers. It is an ever changing industry.

9) You will come to loath retail prices and refuse to shop anywhere but charity shops.
"HOW much for that dress?! It would be £3.00 in the charity shop!"...your friend's will come to hate you, but at least you'll have more cash to spend.

10) You become a pro at pricing anything and everything.
Be it antiques, clothes, baby toys or limited edition items, you become an absolute pro at pricing it in less than 5 seconds. What a skill.

Do you work in a charity shop? What have you learnt from your job? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Fitness with Florence Grace #5

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Sigh. Another dud week for me unfortunately! Not that I'm making excuses for myself, but my foot problems have got progressively worse over the last two weeks and it makes every day living hard enough, let alone working out, so Tae Bo was only done once! However I did use my Slender Tone belt 4 times...and then the batteries died! 

Food this week has been average- not particularly healthy, not particularly unhealthy either, and I have still done lots of walking (trying to push through my foot pain!)

So let's look at my statistics...

Start Weight: 11st 4lbs

Waist Measurement: 33 inches

Goal Weight: 10 stone

How much I want to lose a week: 2 lbs

And here is where I am now...

Current Weight: 11 st 4 lbs

Current Waist Measurement: 32.0 inches.

Weight left to lose: 1 stone 4 lbs 

Yes, sadly I put 1lb back on...however, I neither lost nor gained anything on my tummy measurement wise, so I'm not too down about it- I know it's mostly my own fault and that weight can and will fluctuate all of the time. My mum has told me about some workouts that won't involve me using my feet too much but will still tone my tummy, so here's to a better, more successful week this week! 

Love from, 
Florence Grace 

Are you beach body ready? Give me a break...

You must have been living under a rock if you haven't noticed the latest scandal in the world of media, advertising and body shaming...Protein Worlds "Are you beach body ready?" posters, plastered here, there and everywhere. I'm sure you've seen them, great, ugly, bright yellow eye sores plastered all over the place.

Women (and I'm sure some men, although I myself haven't seen any) all over the country have been kicking off. Understandably, right? This poster strongly implies that being "beach body ready" involves looking like the model in the poster. Not only is she likely to have been severely photo shopped, how many women naturally look like that? With the average clothing size in Britain being a 14, I doubt many do. 

I have no problem with the woman in the advert- if I was to be on a beach in a skimpy bikini, I know that is how I would like to look. However, I am sensible enough to know with my build, my curvaceous figure and my eating habits, this is very unlikely. It's not the woman in the poster itself that bothers me, but rather the caption. "Are you beach body ready?" Beach body ready? Who has the power, intelligence and knowledge to define what that means?

Nobody. Because anyone can be beach body ready. Put on a swimsuit, a sunhat and some sunscreen- your body is now ready for a trip to the beach. No where is there a rule that states your body has to weigh a certain amount or look a certain way to be "ready" for the beach. The beach embraces everybody, of all shapes, sizes, genders, races, everybody

Many girls have done protests against this poster, which have worked, as it has now been banned. Some of the protests I agree with, and some, as a feminist I do not. A fellow blogger, Fiona, did a protest in London's Underground, standing in her bikini, with another friend in front of this poster- their protest has gone viral, with the likes of Zoe Deschanel getting involved, and being written about in The Independent and Cosmo. It's an amazing achievement and shows how, with the right mentality and attitude, we can make the change we want to see. 

However, protests I did not agree with were those where the woman in the poster was being body shamed. There are several posters where both her body and face have been scribbled over and blacked out in an attempt to hide her scantily clad figure, as well as some even being captioned "cover up". 

I find this disgusting behavior. We are a nation of body shamers, only able to celebrate one body shape if we shame another. If you're slimmer build, there is plenty of insults for the bigger ladies. If you're a bigger girl, there's the standard "only a dog want's a bone" retort. My body is somewhere on the inbetween spectrum. At a size 10/12 I am neither regarded as slim or fat by society- just somewhere in between and therefore not worth causing a fuss over (thank god). Yet I have never felt the need to celebrate my body shape by shaming someone else's. How ridiculous for anybody to feel that they can do this? We don't know people's eating habits, their lifestyle choices, their genetic traits- what gives us the right to insult someone's appearance in order to make us feel better about ourselves? 

A perfect example of this is the retaliation adverts to the Protein World one from Dove. They look like this: 

Whilst yes, I suppose we should commend Dove for not using a standard size 6 model for their advert, I can't help but feel disappointed in their approach. The advert consists of models that I suppose society would deem as "larger", "bigger" or even, "fat". This is an over dramatic statement, supporting bigger ladies and at the same time shunning slimmer ones. Whilst it can be argued that Protein World did the same thing but in role reversal, I think a better response from Dove would be to photograph a variety of women, all different shapes and sizes, including slim and bigger women on a beach...to prove the point that everyone is now trying to argue- ANYONE is beach body ready. By fighting back using larger women, we then exclude slimmer women and almost shame them for not having curves. We didn't like when Protein World did this to larger ladies by using a slimmer model- yet we are retaliating in the same body shaming and insulting way. 

I understand Dove's point and what they're trying to prove, I do. But me, I would have gone about it differently. There's still no variety of models and a body type is still being excluded. As I already said, being beach body ready means getting your body ready for the sun and then going to the beach. It is nothing to do with weight, shape or size. Yet both Protein World and Dove have shown that it is. 

Forget both of these adverts, forget all the adverts that are screaming about summer diets and being beach body ready. What is beach body ready? As I said, it's getting in your swimsuit, slapping on your sunscreen, and donning a sunhat. That is when you're ready. 

Be happy, be healthy and above all else, love yourself. Don't let health companies, the media or advertising define you or how you feel about yourself.

Love from,
Florence Grace
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