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Happy Birthday, LFFG!

My, how you've grown! To be honest, I can't believe I've only been doing this for a year...and at the same time, I can't believe it's been one whole year already! Blogging has quite literally changed my life, and helped to shape the person that I am today. Nothing I have done over the last year would have happened without my blog. So yes, now is my time to brag about the last year of my life, brag about my success via my blog but most importantly of all, be appreciative of every single person who has helped me get to where I am today- this is a bragging post and a thank you post too!
July 31st 2014- The birth of Love from, Florence Grace. 

My first ever blog post is so cringy, and quite different from the posts I do you go. Go on. Read and laugh here!

August 2014.

- I got into the swing of blogging. August 2014 had my most blog posts to date, with a whopping 22 blog posts in one month!
- I discovered a few bloggers via twitter- the two first people I reme…

Inspirational women who may surprise you...

We all have an inspiration in life; someone we look up to, admire, aspire to be like. Sometimes these are people we know, our parents, siblings, friends. Sometimes they're celebrities (because who doesn't want to be Beyonce, right?) However, it is my opinion that there are some women who would make excellent inspirational figures who sometimes get overlooked, for whatever reason. Here's my selection of women that I think need more recognition for being the inspirational figures that they are!

Nicki Minaj.

Yep, that's right. I think Nicki Minaj is an excellent role model who often gets overlooked- dare I say it- because she's black, open to being sexually confident and not a size 0. Yet you only have to scroll through her Twitter feed to see her fighting for equality within the music industry and for equal portrayal of blacks and white's within the media- the most recent example being her "spat" with Taylor Swift. She also speaks constantly about the im…

Education: What's the point?

I was applying for a BBC Internship recently that meant I would be helping with popular childs TV program, Blue Peter. After lots of work experience and reaching education at a foundation diploma level, I was surprised when I read the following two statements in the job criteria:

For those who find the font too small, I'll just rewrite those out for you.
"Anyone with- or without- GCSE's or A levels is eligible to apply. In fact you may not even have a GCSE qualification in English and Maths (A-C) but you'll need to be able to work at this level"
"You are not eligible to apply if you already received or are currently working towards a Level 4 or equivalent qualification (i.e. degree or foundation degree, Level 4 apprenticeship) and above." 
Okay, okay so yes, at first this seems completely commendable. It shows that massive media corporations are willing to take on people who may not have had the opportunity to receive a good education, or may have diverte…


Over the last week, our lives have been flooded with the news of the death of American civil right's Activist, Sandra 'Sandy' Bland- an incident that occurred three days after her conspicuous arrest, on July 13th. Upon release of Ms. Bland's mug-shot, images of her cell- the so called 'crime scene'-, controversial theories surrounding her death sprung up all over social media, and a movement began; #JusticeforSandraBland and #SayHerName to mention but a few. Whilst her death has been ruled officially as asphyxiation, many others have jumped to their own conclusions- murder. You can watch one example of a conspiracy video here.

Of course, like everyone else, I have an opinion of this case, but I have been hesitant to discuss it. As far as the facts I have seen go, from my own judgement, I have decided to believe that yes, she was already dead in her mug-shot and that yes, somehow, the police killed her. They can say she hung herself until they are blue in the fa…

From blogging to vlogging and now interior design...of sorts! Gabriella Lindley is doing it all.

So, youtuber Gabriella Lindley, better known by her user name Velvet Gh0st, has unveiled her secret project to her hundreds of thousands of subscribers...and guess what? It's not another bloody book.

Nope, the ambitious vlogger has teamed up with Primark to bring out her own adorable homeware range, which features a strong cat theme and is just totally irresistible!

I was thoroughly impressed by this pairing, not to mention overly excited about one of my favourite online stars and shops collaborating! Completely different to most other successful bloggers and vloggers, this project features nothing to do with fashion or beauty and is definitely not a book. In my opinion, this is more ambitious, more creative and more interesting than anything else I have seen some of my other favourite online stars produce. 
So I was more than a little confused when I saw the hate filled tweets and articles rolling in about what a horrific idea this all was. Apparently Primark are making a massive…

Do prisoners deserve an education?

On Friday, the BBC published an article discussing the latest "scandalous" idea from infamous Conservative politician, Michael Gove. The idea? That the education prisoners receive must be "overhauled"- in short, improved, with the hope that a better education would lead to the prisoners becoming worthwhile contributors to society, rather than them just reoffending upon their release.

Now, usually, I think Michael Gove's views on education are utter rubbish. Whilst I was still at school, he talked about longer school days and less time off- and for a whole multitude of reasons, these idea's just seemed appalling. But I can't help thinking that a better education for prisoners is, in fact, a very good idea and definitely something that should be put into place as soon as possible.

Before you hear my own opinion, you may wish to read the original article here.

£145 million pounds is spent every year on prison education. This is a huge amount- and they recei…

I'm 19, I promise...!

2015 has seen the start of the newest, cutest, squishiest trend...Disney's Tsum Tsum's!

Tsum's Tsum's are plush toys created by Disney that are tube like in length and shape, fuzzy and, of course, are popular Disney characters, including Princess Elsa, Woody, Buzz, Alice in Wonderland and loads more. All of them are super cute (although I find the 'people' one's a little freaky...!)

The name 'tsum tsum' is derived from the Japanese verb "tsumu" which means "to stack" because, as you can see from above, these cute lil' toys are designed to be stacked in a pyramid shape! They came in a variety of sizes, from teeny tiny palm sized plushies, to medium sized ones, to giant, squidgy, cuddly ones! 

Anyway, I started my own tsum tsum collection a couple of months ago, when my sister introduced them to me, and my first character was Marie, from Aristocats. Since then, she has been joined by Dumbo and Sven, from Frozen- both who are in…

10 reasons every girl wishes they were Blair Waldorf

Gossip Girl entered the lives of pre-teens, teens and young adults across the globe way back when in 2007. Our lives became consumed by it and we lusted after the glamorous lifestyles that each of the characters was living. It's safe to say though that most girls were taken in by the one and only Blair Waldorf. Seeming to be living in an absolute dream world, we couldn't help but pine after her clothing collections, envy her opportunities and of course, lust over her main love interest, Chuck Bass. There are so many reasons we loved (or loved to hate???) Blair is a handful of them!

1) She had a personal slave, who not only acted as her maid but also cared very much about her. We <3 Dorota.

2) She had the best selection of clothing to choose from...The girl could pull off literally any look! Serious wardrobe envy. 

3) Her level of sass was off the scale...always.

4) Even if that meant sometimes she was a bit of a bitch...but she always knew how to look out for her…