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Wish list!

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I can't believe that my birthday is so close!! This year, I'll be leaving teenager-hood behind as I hit the big (and slightly dreaded) T-W-E-N-T-Y!

I only dread it because I will no longer have the safety net excuse of "Oh but I'm just a teenager". Bills, taxes, moving out, growing up- it all becomes more of a scary reality.

So to perk myself up a bit with the whole "birthday" thing, I have put together a wish list of items I currently love! I've already had people start to ask me what I would like as a gift and I always find it hard to think of something on the spot- plus I always hate to ask for particular gifts as I feel so rude! So whilst I had a free moment, I thought I'd compile a list of things I am currently lusting over that my friends and family may find useful...! Hehe!

I adore these Giambattista Valli Mac lipsticks!! I haven't currently got a Mac lipstick (but have wanted one for s…

Back to school!

This isn't going to be a very long post at's just the opportunity for me to put a collective group of links together!

This time last year, I did quite a few posts all about different back to school aspects. People begin going back to school next week! (Where the hell did "summer" go?!) so I thought I would take this opportunity to share with you those links to help you out!

Are you starting year 12, or going back to sixth form to start year 13? I've been there, and can help you out with some top tips to help you through the next academic year! You can read them here

If you're heading back to sixth form/starting sixth form, chances are you're getting spoken to a lot about your future and what you plan to do with yourself! The biggest option school's will push at you is university and you'll be introduced to the dreaded UCAS process! It can be a very stressful, confusing time, and there are a load of different options when it comes to the &…

Bratz Doll Review*

When I was really, really young, I played with Barbie and Cindy dolls. I think most girls did. As I got older, a two types of new doll's came on the scene- cooler, more grown up, stylish dolls. These were Bratz and MyScene's. I adored both of them, and had a massive collection of dolls and clothes, accessories and cars, CD's and DVD's, and getting rid of them all when I became a "grown up" was quite a sad affair. After a while, the dolls stopped appearing in shops and Argos catalogues altogether and that seemed to be the sad end. 
So you can only imagine how I felt when I discovered that Bratz dolls were relaunching, completely restyled and totally different! I discovered their Bratz app (which you should all download!) and their YouTube videos and checked out their Twitter account, and after some communication, they kindly offered to send me a doll to review! Of course I said yes, and I was thrilled when it turned up because it looked like this...

Pink hair?…

Teenage Body Image- My battle.

The female body. We all have a love/hate relationship with ours, right?

For me, it's been almost a lifelong issue. No, I've never had an "eating disorder" so to speak, but as I've grown older and have learnt more about teenage body issues, I have seriously considered the fact that I may have suffered from body dysmorphia. Now, I'm not about to sit here and self diagnose, wallowing in pity. But I want to try and prevent other young teens going through what I have gone through and share with you all what I have learnt.

Since I was about 7 years old, I was always aware that I was much larger than all of my friends...or so I wrongly believed anyway. We couldn't clothes swap at sleepovers because I was afraid their clothes wouldn't fit I'd sit and do make up, or watch instead. As I reached 10, 11, 12 and started to care about boys and the school discos, I was acutely aware of the fact that not only did my tummy stick out way more than everyone …

Results Day!

Results day has rolled around once more, and social media sites are live with the buzzing of anxious students, dreading the day, spreading rumours about impossible grade boundaries, and making jokes about how to deal with their future when they fail- which every student is deeming to be the inevitable.

I laugh at them now, but I know how they're feeling and what they're going through. This time last year, I was going through the same thing. I even wrote a blog post about my feelings- it was my first ever blog post and it conveyed my own nerves about my results. However, looking back on the year I've had since then, and how little impact my results have had on my life so far, I wanted to take this opportunity to reassure everybody who is panicking right now about what their future holds.

Relax. Breathe. It will all be okay!

AS Levels.
When I started A Levels, someone said to me "Don't even bother with AS results Flo- everyone f*cks them up and then gets A* at A2, it…

Blogger Beauty Box review!

I was really excited when I saw that the lovely Vix was starting up a new "box", a beauty box. I see people getting "boxes" all of the time- GlossyBox, Graze Box, Kawaii Box...there is literally so many boxes! I've always wanted to try one but never really been able to afford one, or found them to be worth the cost.

Oh Blogger Beauty Box, what a delightful discovery you were. For just  £10, with no additional postage costs, you are sent not one, not two, but fivefull size beauty products, all beautifully packaged and ready to use. When I initially signed up for the box, I thought the products would be sample sized, so when I found out they would be full sized, I couldn't believe what a bargain I was getting- especially when the individual costs of the products total to a lot more than £10!

The first box arrived at my house on June 30th, earlier than expected (brownie points for you) and wrapped wonderfully, in brown paper packaging with the logo on a sticke…