London Fashion Week Beauty Bar!

On Monday 21st September, Bloggers Hangout hosted an event in collaboration with London Fashion Week- the Blogger's Beauty Bar! I love LFW, it's such a creative, exciting time of year, and so I was thrilled to be invited to attend this event!

The first thing that blew me away was the venue...I didn't know much about it, so when I was arrived I was really impressed. It was so classy!

Inside, there were several different rooms, but the actual event was held upstairs, in a really stylish warehouse-esque room, with bare brick walls and wooden shutters for the windows, giving it that perfect, artsy London vibe! The event started at 7, and despite getting there on time, the room was already packed, creating a really exciting atmosphere. There were so many brands with stalls we had no idea where to start!

All of the brands were really enthusiastic and great to talk to, which was really encouraging as I have only been to one event prior to this one, so was a little shy! More often than not, brands approached you rather than the other way round, and all of them were exceptionally generous with samples and goody bags! I came away with my arms quite full, and I can honestly say the products are all amazing. I'll be doing an in depth post for each of the products, but in the mean time, here's a brief over view of what I was lucky enough to receive! 

Lots and lots of beauty gifts!

Soley flew over to the event all the way from Iceland, so I couldn't miss them out! Their products are all handmade with Icelandic herbs, made with the founder of the business' grandmothers recipes. The ingredients all have healing properties, and the lady who ran the company said that they could even help clear up my eczema, so I am excited to give them a try! They smell so fresh and clean, you really know how organic a product they are as soon as you open the lid!

Exfolimate works in the shower, and is attached to a waterproof cord so you can easily hang it from a tap or shower head! I used mine after showering whilst my skin was still wet and the dead skin came away so easily! A really nifty little gadget. 

Unfortunately, the lady behind the Help stall was always super busy (indicating a great product!) so I only got to speak briefly to her husband who didn't know as much details about the product. From my understanding, this particular product is a gel that you eat, and it "heals" your skin from the inside, rather than the outside! What a unique idea, right? It keeps you looking youthful, and if the owners of the business' faces were anything to go by, I will definitely be using this in abundance when I am older!

Another unique range of products were those belonging to the company Skin Chemists. The girl we talked to was lovely, so informative and helpful and spent a good 10-15 minutes chatting to us about the products. I was a little wary at first, because they use ingredients such as bee and snake venom! However, the young lady demonstrated the foundation on herself and some cream on my own hand and it was so smooth on my skin, I fell in love instantly. I can't wait to try these samples and then invest in some full size products to use on a more permanent basis!

The Shea Moisture range was to die for. As soon as you approached the stall you were hit with a heavenly scent. I wanted to eat the products they all smelt so divine! The ladies of the stall opened all the different products so that we could get a good whiff of everything, and as you may be able to read from the label, the products do 1000 and 1 different things! We were generously gifted shampoo and conditioner, and the state my hair is in, I am hoping that they will really be able to fix it!

SASS... great name right? This brand really appealed to me as it was something that isn't really on the market right now- a whole range of products especially for feminine hygiene! We all know that shaving down there is never fun, easy or comfortable, yet SASS have worked hard to create a whole line of products to make it almost enjoyable! Theres a gel/cream for everything, including the prevention of those irritating ingrown hairs, and all of them are developed so as not to mess with the natural pH balance of downstairs!

I was blown away at the generosity of Sensationails and L.A.B2! They instantly handed us a gift bag before they even spoke to us, so we had no clue what was inside. The ladies running the stand were incredibly informative and answered all our questions about the products- nail equipment and a brand new line of brushes! When we left the stall we found not one brush in our gift bags, but a whole box of brushes from the brand new line, as well as a gel nail starter kit and a kit to take off gel nails! Mine was even pink so I was even happier! I have wanted to develop my make up skills, such as contouring, for a while, and the brushes have a step by step guide on the back of them, so now seems the perfect time to get going, whilst using these tactile, super soft brushes!

Finally, the most useful products I think- the Pink Parcel, a subscription box for all of your time of the month needs! I had seen people tweet about this box a few times before, but didn't really know much about them. There is SO much to say about this box that there will be an individual post coming about it...but for now, just look at all of the photos and take in how many treats you receive! I thought you received one treat in the "for you" box...turns out you receive about ten! And one of them is a mascara, so yet again, as my last free mascara has nearly run out, it's been replaced with a new, free mascara! Lucky me...

The ladies from Pink Parcel were so incredibly approachable and I even suggested they feature in my magazine, so we will see if that leads to a collaboration! They even took a cheeky snap of me and my friends and posted it on their social media pages!

Well, to conclude a rather long post, I'd like to just say a MASSIVE thank you to every single brand involved with the event. For being approachable, open minded to working with bloggers, being so generous with samples and gifts and for taking your time to be at the event! Also a massive thank you to Bloggers Hangout for organising the event! I can't wait for the next one now...!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Note to the brands: an individual post will be coming for the products. This is just a summary post. For further details or collaborations please email


Things to do before 2016!


I genuinely cannot believe how fast this year has gone...summer seemed to disappear with the blink of an eye and now it's in the run up to Christmas and it will be 2016 before you know it!

I've had a spectacular year, better than I ever could have hoped for! I thought 2014 was going to be hard to beat and definitely deemed that the best year of my life...however, I feel 2015 may have just beaten it! I'm looking forward to seeing what other exciting opportunities 2015 has in store for me, but there's also a lot of things I want to make happen myself before the year is up!

1- Make some decent progress with my magazine journalism course. I started on Monday 5th September, so by December 31st I'd like to be almost half way through the course!

2- Start saving money to go towards a "moving out fund" now that I have not one, not two but three paid jobs!

3- Get Young Britannia's Twitter and Instagram followers to at least 1000, if not 2000!

4- Lose two stone!

5- Carve the Halloween pumpkin for the first time in my life!

6- Find a cheaper printer for my magazines.

7- Reach 200 blog followers.

8- Get back into a regular radio show routine.

9- Give a talk at either my old secondary school or college (maybe both!) about my career and what I'm doing.

10- Publish an AMAZING Issue 3 of Love from... magazine!

What do you want to do before 2016 rolls in? Let me know in the comments never know, you may inspire me to make additions to my own list!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Internet Trolls.




"Attention seeker"

"Man hater"


Don't these words make your skin crawl? When you imagine somebody calling you pathetic? When you picture someone standing right in front of you, looking you in the eye's and calling you a whore?

Don't worry. That's not something I've ever had to deal with.

Instead, I dealt with having these words, plus many more, flung at me almost every day for the vast majority of my teenage life via the "safe" platforms of social media. I've been named and shamed for things I haven't even done, had screenshots of my statuses, blog posts and comments shared on Twitter with hundreds of people making nasty comments. I've had subtweets about me, almost every day.

The worst part is, about 40% of these people were people I called friends. People I spoke to and hung out with regularly. Yet what kind of "friends" favourites an "indirect tweet" about you, retweets it and has a laugh at your expense? Not any kind of friend I want, that's for sure.

But this isn't a poor little me post, I'm not writing this to gain your sympathy- because it's not just happening to me. It's happening to hundreds and hundreds of people every single day of their lives. Not everyone is lucky enough to live to tell their story as I have been...because many of these "internet troll" cases end in suicide. Now, with the arrival of a Facebook "dislike" button on the horizon which is definitely going to lead to more drama and nastiness, its time to talk about online bullies and how to get past them.

Let's imagine this scenario. You use social media every day, just like everyone else. You share images of your family, your dog, what you had for breakfast, just like everyone else. You use the right Instagram filter, don't over do it on the Twitter hashtags and keep up with current social media trends, just like everyone else. And yet for some reason, something is wrong. You're doing exactly what everyone else does, yet you have been specially selected by everyone else in your year at school/uni to be picked on. Whatever you upload is humorous and wrong to them, worthy of you being called names, having nasty things said about you and what seems to be the whole internet ganging up on you. You ignore it at first. You're sure that this fad will pass like all other social media trends. 

But it doesn't. It gets worse, and happens more frequently. More people join in so that they aren't left out- because if they're left out, they might be put in your position too, and who would want that for themselves? You begin to let it get to you. You're miserable all the time, you spend nights lying awake wondering what you ever did wrong, you cry yourself to sleep...only to have to wake up for it to go on and on. You report it to the help centres of Twitter and Facebook but nothing is done. You report it to school and the police but they can't do anything "yet". You're totally and utterly alone in this situation and no one can help you out of it. As it gets worse and worse, and the stress becomes unbearable, you decide to take your life...because it's just not worth living any more.

Now, let's imagine a different scenario. You use social media every day, just like everyone else. You share images of your family, your dog, what you had for breakfast, just like everyone else. You use the right Instagram fiter, don't over do it on Twitter with the hashtags and keep up with the current social media trends. Your life online is perfect. So your family might be falling apart, but one image online tells a different story and everyone says how envious they are of your happy family life. Your dog might be so old it's nearly dying but with the right filter it looks as young as a puppy and everyone tells you how cute he is. Breakfast may have been rank and you probably threw it away because none of your slim and perfect friends eat breakfast so why should you? But hey, it made for a nice Instagram picture and got 175 likes, so life is all good. 

Its exhausting for you to keep up this online persona though...sometimes you want to have a break. But if someone see's a chink in your armour, see's that you're insecure like everyone else, you'll die of embarrassment. You've got to turn the spotlight on someone else...who just posted on my feed...her? Yeah she'll do..."LOL your dog is so ugly". 

Not necessary but it's something for everyone else to laugh at. Later at school, you find out it works. The victim shrugs it off, laughs along too and whilst you feel bad, you know no one is looking at you and your own life. So you carry on, another comment the next day. And then the next and the next and before you know it, everyone joins in. You and your friends spend your life in front of your phones and laptops analysing every move your chosen victim makes. All day every day you share screenshots of what she says, write indirect tweets about her and all have a laugh. No one's looking at your not-so-perfect life any more because they're all looking at her. 

Until one day she's gone. Your teacher comes in and informs you of the awful news. Your victim has committed suicide. You've spent the last year of your life essentially murdering someone. You sat behind a screen doing nothing to fix your own life, but instead trying to destroy someone else's. Now, she is dead. 

Not everyone who suffers from online bullies and internet trolls ends their life, but others do begin to self harm, drink or take drugs, drop hobbies and become withdrawn- in short, it really does affect people's lives.

When I was bullied and harassed online, a conversation like this took place:

"Who is Flo Matthews and why is she all over my news feed?"

"She's just some random girl from the high school"

"But what has she even done wrong lol?"

"Literally nothing, it's just funny"

That was the point when I changed my mind set. These horrible bullies had admitted themselves that I had done nothing wrong. This was all just for their humour, so that they could have a laugh. Their lives were that empty and boring that they had to spend their time making fun of mine...for absolutely no reason. I was just unlucky.

This is what I want to tell everyone else who has suffered, is suffering or will suffer in the future at the hands of online trolls and bullies.

You have not done anything wrong.

There is nothing wrong with you.

Internet trolls and bullies are living very unhappy lives. Psychological assessments, such as one spoken about in a recent podcast on Radio 1, have said that online trolls have problems with self esteem and with their lives at home, as well as confidence issues. This causes them to find someone else and make them feel as unhappy as they do. Their is something wrong with the way their mind functions because they think it's normal behaviour to destroy someone from behind a computer screen, and it's really, really not.

Saying this doesn't help though, I know. So here's what you can do if you're being harassed and bullied online:

  • Screenshot any nasty abuse directed towards you, written about you or in response to what you have said. It is important to keep this as evidence in case anything further happens. Police will want to see everything. 
  • Block everyone and anyone who joins in. Not just writing the nasty tweets and posts but also the people who retweet and favourite. Whilst they're not actively writing about you, they're still joining in and it's not okay.
  • Tighten all of your security settings, and set your Instagram and Twitter accounts to private. 
  • TELL SOMEONE. Never keep it to yourself. I did this for three years and no good came of it. Whilst the adults you tell may not be particularly helpful (mine weren't at all), you'll feel better knowing that someone responsible knows. 
I did all of the above when I was being bullied. My school bought in a police officer to give us a talk in one of our current issues assemblies all about online bullying and online safety in the hopes that it might make the bullies back off- it did not. When me and my boyfriend contacted the police, they refused to help me until I was physically hurt by the bullies, but said I should keep all of the screenshots for them, so I have done. Finally, my block list is so long on Twitter it takes about 10 minutes to scroll through it. 

I'm one of the lucky ones. I had my boyfriend, some real friends and my family supporting me. Thank goodness, because without a good support system, I may have been one of many who ends their life thanks to online bullies. 

It's important to have a support system, even if it's just one person. They can look out for you, look for signs that you might be heading towards a sad end and try to help you. It can be an adult, a teacher, someone in your family, a friend or even a councillor from your local Connexions or from school. There is always someone you can talk to. 

Never let someone who has nothing better to do with their time than sit on a laptop writing nasty comments for no reason ruin your life. 

Remember that their life is already worse than yours. You're out doing things, living your life...they're sat behind a screen commenting on it. You may as well be a celebrity. 

Stay strong and don't give anyone the power to destroy you. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

Please feel free to message me privately if you need someone to help you or to talk to. My emails, DM's and facebook inbox are always open. xxx
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