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Turning 20!

On November 1st, at 3:29pm to be exact, I will be twenty years old.


The range of emotions going through me vary a lot. On one hand, I'm excited! I'm an adult, people have to take me more seriously, it's a brand new chapter of my life and...well, presents! On the other hand, I'm terrified. I can no longer use being a teenager as an excuse for my lack of responsibilities. Teenage years have been the best time of my life- I don't want to let them go! I also feel old. 

However, I have been reflecting on my teenage years a lot and thought I'd share with you all of the lessons I've learnt that I will be carrying with me into my twenties!

1) Friends aren't always forever.
I've had more "best friends" over the last six years than I can count on one hand. Maybe some of them were my fault, but some were the friends fault- we fought, we drifted and all that jazz. I'm friends with just two people from school now, and a few people from colle…

Germaine Greer

Recently, feminist icon Germaine Greer stated that, in her own opinion, transgenders (Male to Female) were not women, because they do not talk, act or sound like women. She's now suffering from some serious backlash regarding this situation, claiming she's had people be violent towards her, had things thrown at her, verbal abuse and has no longer been allowed to receive an honorary degree from her college after the things she has said.

Now, I consider myself to be a feminist, I consider myself as a person who treats people the same regardless of age, gender, race, sexual orientation and the like and I don't think that being lesbian or being transgender or being a certain race should prevent you from doing anything, ever. Because it shouldn't!

However, I do find myself in a bit of an awkward situation, as I see both sides of the argument here and whilst I disagree with some of what Germaine says, I also agree with some of it too.

Let's start with is a transgender wo…

Problems with being in an LTR

I have been with my significant other for over five years now- that is over half a decade and, in short, an incredibly long time. We've been through our up's and down's, good times and bad and made plenty of memories that I will treasure for a life time. In all honesty, I wouldn't change my relationship for the world. My other half may not be perfect, be neither am I- who is? However, being in a long term relationship (LTR) does come with it's problems, and I'm not talking partner-based problems either. Here's what I struggle with in my LTR...

1) Relationship status. They're your best friend, other half, soul mate and every other term you want to use in the book. They're everything. The word 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' simply doesn't cover sounds so immature, like you're 14 and going on your first dates still. But what does work...partner? Significant other? It's just such a dilemma! Also on job applications, "…