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Slashers- who are we?

I recently saw an article written by ELLE magazine about a new generation of women who are successfully holding down numerous careers. The phrase that's been coined for these women is "slashers".

I am a slasher. Having left education with some idea of what I wanted to do and a vague way of getting there, I now hold down eight jobs, some paid and some unpaid. Three provide me with my main source of income- the remaining five are more for the experience, contacts and getting my foot into the world of media based careers. It's hard work and often I'm working for 14 hours a day to get everything done and meet deadlines- all whilst maintaining a social life and studying a diploma too!

I also know many other 'slashers', women who are starting their own business whilst working full time and doing a multitude of other activities such as being a mum, studying, blogging and the likes. It's not uncommon for people to be holding down more than one job. But is thi…

Anti Bullying Week- my story.

When I woke up today, I noticed one of the trends on Twitter, "Anti Bullying Week".

Bullying is an issue that is very close to my heart. I think of myself as a pretty strong person, I have a sharp tongue when need's be, like to be in charge and am *maybe* a little bit bossy. I can hold my hands up and say that in any scenario, I would probably be a bully rather than someone who was bullied. It may not sound like a nice thing to admit, and it's not because I'm a horrible person, but rather because I feel like my characteristics do not emulate that of a "victim".

Yet three times in my life I have been the victim of bullying. One, tame incident when I was about nine years old, one more serious incident when I was twelve and one far more serious incident that started when I was fifteen and still has an impact on my life now. If anything, this told me that anyone can be a victim at any time in their life, regardless of what characteristics they have.

When I …

My favourite TV shows*

Everyone loves watching TV, right? I used to watch it literally 24/7 and would freak if I missed out on any of my favourite shows and had to watch them on catch up. However, as I got older and grew interested in other things- such as blogging- my TV addiction faded away and now, I rarely watch at all.

However, one thing that has been bad all the way through is my TV. It's pretty small and is on the other side of the bedroom, so the struggle with eye straining is real. This Christmas I've asked for a new telly, to improve the TV watching experience- and I've found that Panasonic have a great range to choose from! The hardest part is...well, choosing one! Have a look, which one do you think looks best?

Once I've got a new TV, I'll definitely be able to enjoy programs properly and will actually be able to see what's going on! Me and my boyfriend have started to watch a lot of programs again, but we rarely watch one off programs;…

Sex on Trial

*Trigger Warning: This post contains sensitive content discussing rape and sexual assault*.

Last night (02.11.15) BBC Three showed a documentary titled "Is this rape? Sex on Trial". Being the opinionated woman I am, and with my strong views on rape, sexual assault and consent, I knew that this was something I would have to watch- and share my opinion on.

Which I did via Twitter of course, with the hashtag #sexontrial. Many of the people I follow joined in and the whole evening, from when the program started to long after it had ended, was filled with accusations, outrage, swearing, shock, denial and everything in between.

The show was hosted by 4Music presenter, Will Best, and focused on 24 teenagers/young adults, of both sexes, and a variety of ages who were taken to a house and shown a staged drama made for the purpose of the documentary of a sexual encounter at a party between a boy and a girl. The group of young adults then had to discuss and decide whether or not the en…