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2015- time to reflect!

2014 was the best year of my life to date. I began pursuing my media career, started blogging, got my own radio show, trained to be a TV presenter, interned at Closer magazine, joined college to study Creative Business and finished the year by becoming a columnist for my county's local magazine. I really doubted that 2015 would be any better than that...but it was ten times better! I made some career changes, developed my writing skills and had even more amazing opportunities! Here's a little reflection of the year I've had...
I started the year off with my first ever solo radio show, 'Friday's with Florence Grace' on January 2nd. I was so scared but totally in my element, it flowed so well and I was on a total high- presenting on air is what I'm born to do, I'm sure! Luckily, my listeners totally loved my first solo show too. I had never felt happier!

I was accepted to write for an online magazine, Eevee Life magazine! 

I also helped my boyfriend…

Working in retail!

Most of us will work in retail for a short portion of our life- some for a lot longer! Whilst I love working in retail there are a few annoyances and lessons that I have learnt over time- and I'm sure my fellow retail employees will agree! Have a read of the list and see if any of your wind ups match mine!

The sale rail mess.
Just because things are reduced doesn't mean you can treat them like total rubbish, chucking them over the rail, dropping them on the floor, stealing hangers but not the clothes (????), and just generally making the rail a pig sty.

The general shop mess.
Is it really so hard to put items back in the same place that you found them, on the same hanger, in the same department? The sparkly dress quite clearly doesn't belong on a jacket hanger in the knitwear section. It's not difficult and doesn't require much effort. Pull something out to look at it, if you like it, great, take it. If you don't, JUST PUT IT BACK! And when you do put it back, do…