Goodbye 2016


Hey guys, guess what? We made it! 

It's officially the last day of 2016 and after what seems to have been a shambles of a year for the world, we have actually made it through to the very last day. This year has been pretty nuts; we made the decision to leave the EU which has caused nothing but negative backlash since June now. Donald Trump actually became President of the United States. We went through a phase of fearing killer clowns. Harambe the gorilla became a world famous icon that people refuse to let go of, and we lost several significant celebrities; David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince and George Michael to name but a few. There's no denying that this year has been hard.

But there's been some good things about this year too! Sea World made the decision to stop breeding captive killer whales. A large number of animals, including manatees and giant pandas, stopped being endangered. The Ozone layer has apparently started to repair itself. Beyonce bought out Lemonade and went on tour. Oh, and after years and years and years of waiting...Leonardo DiCaprio got his Oscar.

So it's fair to say that there has been some ups and downs, right? But we made it through anyway. 

2016 has been relatively good for me on a professional level. I got to do more work experience with Channel 4, I took on more freelance social media work and more freelance writing work than I ever thought I was capable of. I progressed with my NCTJ course and hopefully the end is in sight. I did more work with 4Music. I attended not one but two parties hosted by my favourite brand in the world, Makeup Revolution. I met Scott Mills. My magazine turned one. I got a payrise at work, and to finish the year off quite nicely, I was featured in The Metro talking about my experience of bullying in the work place. Now I think that sounds like a pretty good year!

Its been a good year for me on a personal level too, which I won't go into too much now as I have covered it a lot in the last week or so. I've definitely evolved into what I would call almost an entirely different person. I'm so different to who I was a year ago today, but I don't think it's a bad thing because I feel like I'm better- and I know almost everyone in my life right now agrees. 2016 was either going to make me or break me, and looking back on the year I've had, I would say it has most definitely made me. I feel more like who I'm supposed to be and feel like now, I am absolutely 100% true to myself. 

At the beginning of the year, I set myself these resolutions:

1) Get fit/lose weight.
2) Reach 100,000 blog views.
3) Get a new media based career.
4) Continue to develop my writing.
5) Finish (and pass) my Journalism Diploma.
6) Start writing my first ever book.
7) Save to move out.
8) Develop and grow my magazine further.
9) Reach 500 followers on my blog.
10) Improve my Instagram feed to increase followers and interaction.
11) Work my way up to Experienced Team Member at Topshop.
12) Find a new station to get back into my radio presenting.
12) Keep saying 'yes' to everything!

Now, after years and years of not ever being able to stick to a New Year's resolution, I can quite safely say that I have done nearly all of those things this year! That genuinely makes me so happy and so proud of myself too! 

I have lost more weight this year than ever before, and the cherry on top of my cake of a year was trying on a size 12 dress yesterday and it being too big! I did indeed get a new media based career, I've developed my writing, I opened a savings account and started saving to move out, I've grown my magazine to almost 2,500 followers across social media and sold more copies than ever before, I've improved my Instagram, I found several new stations who want me to come and present if I only I could find the money for travel/the time and I did say yes to almost every opportunity that came my way! 

I didn't reach 100,000 blog views because as I found out half way through the year, blogger views aren't accurate at all, and so this would never have been possible- it's definitely going to be doable next year though! I didn't finish my journalism diploma or start writing a book (I got very busy and had 7 jobs at one point!) and I didn't become and Experienced Team Member- but only because I haven't been signed off yet. I'm so close to achieving almost all of my goals for this year, and that makes me very happy indeed! 

So, with these accomplishments in mind, here are the goals I have decided to set myself for 2017:

1) Lose weight. It's always first on my list but until I've dropped another 2 stone, I won't be happy! I know I can do this and I'm more motivated than ever!

2) Take up running again. I started running at the beginning of the year and really need to start doing it again.

3) Find a full time job instead of having numerous little jobs. 

4) Continue saving to move out and maybe even actually be moved out this time next year. 

5) Learn to drive- yep, Flo is finally gonna take that big step and get behind the wheel!

6) Travel more. More road trips, more mini weekend breaks, more holidays- yes please!

7) Text more people first.

8) Finish my journalism course (for real this year).

9) Reach 100,000 blog views.

10) Improve my magazine even more and try to make more money from it (even though it's obviously not all about the money).

I think all of these are definitely doable within the next year, and I would love to be able to sit here one year from now and say I have achieved 100% of my New Year's Resolutions!

My daily blogging will subside now too. Thanks to everyone who has read every day, commented and shared; you've been superstars. I feel like I'm too stuck in the habit of blogging not to do it every day now, but I'm definitely not going to feel the pressure to post every day e.g. such as when I'm on holiday. But thanks to everyone who has stuck by me, I couldn't adore you all more if I tried!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me to have such an incredible year; I hope you have all had fabulous years too, and I hope 2017 is amazing for you all as well! Share some of your New Year's Resolutions with me in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace



*Spoiler alert- if you're not in this post, you probably won't like this post or want to read it. Sorry*

Today's post is definitely going to be a bit of a soppy one, because it's reached the end of the year and I feel like, after the year I've had, I owe a lot of people a lot of thank you's. There's so many people who I absolutely wouldn't have made it through 2016 without and so I definitely need to show them some recognition! So in no particular order whatsoever...

The only guy I love to hate, you have been my absolute rock this year and I honestly do love you so much, even when I pretend like I don't! You always have nothing but nice things to say to me whenever I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps about life, you're always fully supportive of me and even when you tell me that every single guy I present to you isn't good enough for me, I know you're doing it with my best interests at heart and not to be annoying...I hope. You drove us all on holiday and drove us all the way back again, as well as driving us to countless other places too, making sure me, you, Alec and Carda have been able to do lots of fab stuff together, so that's another thing I'm grateful for. You're there for me at 12 in the afternoon and at 3 in the morning without fail and I love that. Thanks so much for being you, you're the best! 

Always the first to remind me why I'm better off now than I was last year, you've been an absolute saint to me this year. You've put up with every single one of my stupid decisions, my drunk texts in the group chat and my moping around and still continue to support me and cheer me up no matter what! You organised my surprise meal with James etc., you celebrated Valentine's Day with me so I wouldn't be alone and you have always had my back when I'm trying to take the piss out of Ben- love that! You get my sarcasm, my inappropriate jokes and my dirty sense of humour when BJ and Carda are sat there clueless and I really would be completely lost without you! I love you more than words can say and I'm so glad you've seen through 2016 with me.

One of the most beautiful, kind, loving people I know, I am truly the luckiest to have someone as delightful as you in my life! This year you haven't failed to crack me up time and time again with witty and sarcastic and dare I say it, mean, comments that I just wouldn't expect to hear coming out of your mouth at all! You're incredibly talented, you go above and beyond for absolutely everyone in your life and try so hard to make everyone happy- I just wish I got to see you more often! I love you loads and know that no matter how busy the pair of us are, you're always going to be there for me no matter what.

My lil dancing gal Pops, one of my biggest inspirations in life. Everyone talks about how important it is to give up everything in order to chase their dreams, but you're the only girl I know who has actually done it! I am always so proud of you and how determined you are to get to where you want to be, it never fails to make me take a long, hard look at my own life to see how I could be improving! I love having a gossip with you and without the girly catch ups we've had this year, plus your moral support for all my boy-related issues, I'm not sure I would have survived! I love you millions and I am so grateful for everything you've done this year.

This year you have changed my life in so many ways, Abby! First of all, you introduced me to eyelashes and then you introduced me to fake tans! Now I'm addicted to getting both so that I can look fabulous and feel beautiful all of the time, so thanks for that! You've had a big year yourself, becoming a mum, and I am always so proud of you. I love that you support me in every way possible, that you're always there to have a moan to about guys and that you're always 110% honest with me, no matter how brutal you have to be. Thank you for always responding to messages ASAP and helping me out of every sticky situation and helping me to laugh them off. I adore you so much!

Lauren this year you've been a God send. I don't know how I ever coped before I was friends with you because you're actually just so fab. You just get me, even when I feel like I don't really get myself. I'm so sad now you're not at work with me, but I love that we still see each other, go for 'quiet drinks' (literally what even are they) and that we send each other household items for our shared dream home. We look out for each other and look after each other and you are so important to me! I'm so glad I came to work at Topshop even if it's just because I got to meet you- thank you so much for all your help this year!

Chloe, Smithy, Hannah
You girls were pretty much the first people to know about my break up. I remember breaking down on Chloe at work just a few days after it happened after holding it together for so long and feeling so embarrassed and you were just so lovely to me, as you always are, Little Miss Smiley! Smithy, you were always telling it to me straight about what I should do/how I should feel and didn't let me take any shit from my ex, which I love and we've had some really good times this year- your nail problem is definitely one of the best memories I've got from this year, so disgusting and yet so hilarious at the same time! Hannah you just made every shift together bearable- we used to love laughing at a certain someone's extravagant lies, we're always taking bullshit and we're always the ones roped into bloody painting too! We're always laughing together girls, and I definitely wouldn't have made it through the year without you gals making life so much better for me at work every single day! 

Alex you quite literally changed my entire world, not to mention my life, this year, and I honestly can't thank you enough. I am no where near the same person I was at the start of 2016 as I am now and that is almost completely down to you. I've lost weight- encouraged and inspired mostly by you-, I have developed my confidence, I have more friends, I have a better social life, I rarely have a bad day because I'm always so busy laughing away with you and I'm totally obsessed with snapchat and being a town rat, so thanks. On a real though, I genuinely would have been so lost this year had you not come into my life and rescued me from what seemed to be a never ending black hole of misery- a hole that we both pulled each other out of. You let me do whatever I want, even if you don't agree with it, and never rub it in my face when things go tits up. You look after me when I'm hungover. You ferry me around here, there and everywhere. You get a bit stroppy with me if things don't go your way (e.g. you can't find a nice outfit for town...) and you've even thrown a drink over me in anger...but I think these lows just show how real our friendship is because no relationship with anyone is perfect right? I wouldn't be who I am today without you for sure, and I'm so grateful for you being there for me through absolutely everything that's happened this year- even the thing that got you a free hot chocolate. You know what I mean. I love you so much, forever, and I am eternally grateful for what you've done for me.

You know it's getting serious when I full name you, girl! I will never have the words to tell you how grateful I am for having you in my life, but this year above all others you have gone above and beyond for me. Starting with the pub crawl in January, trying to drag me out of my self pity and self loathing and being wonderful enough to introduce me to your (totally divine) university friends (Matt, Adam and Shoaib in particular). Then again in February, when you celebrated Valentine's Day with me, spoiling me rotten with gifts and taking me out for lunch so I wouldn't feel bad about being single for the first time in five years. In March and April you taught me how to make myself look pretty so that I could take good selfies, and encourage my bad behaviour with a certain fuck boy (ahem). We had a slight blip in the middle of the year, but when you're as close as sisters, arguments are bound to happen, and we overcame it regardless. Summer SHOULD HAVE BEEN AMAZING BUT DADDY GORDON HAD OTHER PLANS (cry cry cry) but you never ever stopped messaging me- we message all the time and you always check in on me to make sure I'm okay, no matter what issues you're going through yourself or how busy you are with uni or political shenanigans. You read every blog post, point out my errors, order every issue of my magazine, watch me on TV and big up my achievements in life to everyone, even your friends. I love your continual support and wouldn't be half as successful as I am without it. This year would have been so hard without you and without your endless love and patience and support and everything else. Thanks for recognising that I'm a real life princess and treating me like one, always. You're the best and I love you endlessly. #BestBitches

The fam
My mum, my dad, Clo, Vieve and Zoe. All of you, individually, have been there for me at one point or another this year (or in Clo's case particularly, several moments). Mum you were the first person to hear about my brilliant start to 2016 and console me all the way from Dublin; you have also consoled me several times throughout the year and encouraged me with my magazine, my blogging, boys and weight loss. Dad you aren't a man of many words, but when you do speak it's always to say something worthwhile. You always let me rant to you and feel better about whatever's going on, but at the same time you can recognise when I don't want to talk and don't push me to either. Zoe, you're one of the most kind and thoughtful people I know and you are always the first to offer an ear for me to rant to or some much needed advice! Clo, you're literally like my twin nowadays and I know I can tell you literally everything and anything and that you will 100% judge me, but only in the best way; a way that will help me make the right choice for me in the end. You crack me up and piss me off and I'm so glad we get on as well as we do now. Vieve, well, me and you have had a right old year! My little panketeer, you've listened (or at least pretended to) to nearly every problem I've had going on this year and always tried your best to cheer me up and make me feel better. I hate to clump all you guys together but it was just easier (and I'm lazy, soz). You've all been so brilliant to me this year and I love you all so much! 

Online pals
I hate to bunch you guys together too but I have no photos of each of us, so thought I'd just pop all my blogging/vlogging buddies together to say THANK YOU. Thank you for putting up with every single blog post this year, thank you for putting up with my break up, thank you for supporting me in everything I do online, for watching me on TV, for buying copies of my magazine, for even following my blog/social media at all. I'd like to say an especially big thank you to Lydia, Justine and Jade. The three of you have helped to make this year a little more bearable and I couldn't appreciate you more if I tried. 

You guys have all been incredible this year- thanks for putting up with me, helping me to get through the hardest year of my life so far and making me an even better person for it. You're all incredible and I love you all so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you 100000x over. 

Love from,
Florence Grace


Blogging every day


There is just two more posts left after today's before I will have completed my challenge/New Year's resolution of writing a blog post every single day for a year- plus one extra that I did for BJ's birthday! That's a grand total of 367 blog posts and let me tell you, I've learnt a thing or two about blogging in that time!

The most popular posts are the posts where I get personal; particularly about my body/body image etc. However, my relationship posts were also very popular. You guys just love to read all the personal details about my life you nosy buggars! 

It is incredibly difficult to find inspiration for a blog post every single day. Some days I'm really on it and other days I'm writing the most crappy post that I claim is a 'chatty catch up' with five minutes to spare before the day is over. 

It is also time consuming to write a post every single day. I even wrote a blog post for every single day of both of my holidays this year, somehow cramming in the time to do them all! I'm not sure how I did it but I'm pretty proud of myself regardless. 

It's very rewarding because it's given me the chance to create new content on a more regular basis than ever before, as well as to cover some topics I wouldn't normally do in an attempt to keep the content fresh, such as my Autumn fashion post! 

It's showed me what posts I love to write the most and which ones I don't. I love writing the personal ones because they evoke the better reactions from my readers. They are also very therapeutic to write too, and always make me feel better about whatever topic I'm writing about too! 

Blogging every day is a challenge but it has definitely made me consider full time blogging/content creation as a career. I think in 2017 I might start working harder than ever before to try and make this idea a reality- being a full time blogger/writer would be so cool! 

Blogging every single day for 2016 has been amazing and I can't actually believe a) how fast this year has gone and b) that I've actually managed to stick with one of the most unlikely of New Year Resolutions! I never stick to resolutions and I thought this would be another one that was too difficult/boring for me, but I was wrong! Somehow I've managed to stick it out to the very end and I'm so proud of myself! I'm not sure I'll be blogging every day for 2017 but I think some days I'll be sat twiddling my thumbs without having a blog post to write, so I'll probably be blogging more regularly than I did before this year! 

Thanks for sticking with all my blog posts this year, the good and the bad, and thanks to all of you who have read every single one- I know who most of you are and I absolutely adore you all you babes!

Love from,
Florence Grace


2016 in songs and pictures

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2016 has been a very up and down year, both personally and globally. So much has happened, and I know I'm not the only one who can happily sit here and say that 2016 has definitely changed me. I'm not the same person now as I was at the start of this year! Now, as a musician myself and someone who is completely obsessed with music, I know that I definitely wouldn't have got through this year without the help of some of my favourite artists; I also know that some of my best memories wouldn't be the same without certain songs that were involved in them (if that makes sense). So here is my ultimate 2016 playlist- which songs helped me through each month, which songs were personal to me in each month, which songs provide good memories for me in each month. It's a mixture of new music and old, so I hope you enjoy it! I've also added in some photo's that accompany each month, just to break up all the reading for you guys (thank me later).

January was a hard, hard month for me. I wasn't at my happiest and I was in a very bad place. While my music choices are a little depressing, the photo reminds of one of the best days in January- and of the year so far. I don't know where I'd be without my lil' gang. They treated me to a surprise meal out and bowling trip, I celebrated BJ's birthday with them and they basically dragged me out of a massive black hole in my life. 

If I Were A Boy- Beyonce
Lies- Marina and the Diamonds
Don't Speak- No Doubt
Who Knew- Pink
Someone Like You- Adele
Not Like The Movies- Katy Perry
Love The Way You Lie- Eminem
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift
Don't Let Me Get Me- Pink 

A total girl boss month for me! I had a double page spread in Amor magazine and my article was featured on the cover of the magazine too! I bought myself a new phone- actually upgrading to an iPhone!- hosted the first of what would come to be many games nights with the gang, celebrated my first single Valentine's Day with my best friends and ventured back into the world of clubbing with Alex, who would soon become my best friend ever!

Formation- Beyonce
Work- Rihanna featuring Drake
Irreplaceable- Beyonce
Oh no!- Marina and the Diamonds
Sweet Nothing- Florence Welch and Calvin Harris
Clarity- Foxes
Boom Clap- Charli XCX 
Stay- Rihanna featuring Micky Ecco
Out of Time- Blur

March went by so quickly! It was my Dad's birthday, I went to see Foxes with the gang and we had a great time in London together, I passed a journalism exam for my course, I attended the Makeup Revolution birthday party and met Scott Mills there which was AMAZING, I had a 'thing' with a guy (in the loosest sense of the word that has only lead to many months of being fucked around!) and I became a 'town rat' (lols). March was great!

Fighter- Christina Aguilera
Body Talk- Foxes
No Angels- Bastille featuring Ella Eyre
Gravity- Ella Eyre
Bubblegum Bitch- Marina and the Diamonds
Song 2- Blur
No Scrubs- TLC
Dirty Talk- Wynter Gordon
Boy- Anne-Marie

In April, I had a makeover from Bobbie that changed my life- and the makeup I use! I had work experience with Channel 4 which was amazing and opened so many new doors to me, IVY PARK was released at Topshop and I bought everything, I made an online store for my magazine and was awarded the honour of being May Princess for my town for the following month! I always knew I was deserving of a crown...

One Dance- Drake
Stronger Than Me- Amy Winehouse
Do It Right- Anne-Marie
I Got U- Duke Dumont
Beautiful People- Chris Brown and Benny Benassi
Miss Independent- Ne-Yo
Hair- Little Mix
Please Don't Go- Mike Posner

May was a great month! I had a buzzing social life, I lost lots of weight, I was the May Princess for my town, me and Alex did some filming for Channel 4 and I got my first ever set of lash extensions, which started a new love affair for me! My best friend Abby also told me that she was pregnant- and I have never been so excited in my life! 

LEMONADE (yes the entire album)- Beyonce
One Dance- Drake featuring Kyla
Close- Nick Jonas featuring Tove Lo
I Loved You- Blonde featuring Melissa Steel
YMCA- Village People
Hair- Little Mix
Work- Rihanna

One of the best months of the year! It was Alex's birthday, we celebrated for three days straight! I also went on holiday with my best pals and had the time of my life! My magazine also turned one so that was something to celebrate too! The only downside to June was the Brexit result...but for all the good memories I made, I'm willing to overlook that. 

One Dance- Drake
Too Good- Drake featuring Rihanna
Sex With Me- Rihanna
Hold Up- Beyonce
Fuck You Better- Neon Hitch
Birthday Sex- Jeremih
Birthday Cake- Rihanna and Chris Brown
Birthday- Katy Perry

Another jam packed month for me, July was all about the music! I went to Wireless, EDC and also got to see Beyonce live- one of the best nights of my whole entire life! I also visited Brighton for the first time with my best friend, Alec, and I tried out being vegan too...

Formation- Beyonce
Halo- Beyonce
Somebody Else- The 1975
Sweet Nothing- Calvin Harris and Florence Welch
Feed 'Em To The Lions- Solo 45
Viva La Vida- Coldplay
Daddy Lessons- Beyonce
Kiss It Better- Beyonce
I Got U- Duke Dumont
Nobody To Love- Sigma
This Girl- Kungs vs Cookin' on Three Burners

My weight loss was on a roll in August, and I lost more in this month than any other month this year I think! It was also Alec and Ricarda's birthdays, I bought myself a new Michael Kors bag after earning a freelance bonus. August also saw me purchasing a fancy planner and becoming a sticker addict...I don't care if I'm 21 I still love stickers okay! Lastly, my sister and I booked a trip to Amsterdam which gave me something to look forward to- and made the next couple of months fly by!

Chocolate- The 1975
King- Years and Years 
Perfect Strangers- Jonas Blue
Return of the Mack- Mark Morrison
Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson
You and I- Galantis
Habibi- Eve-Yasmine
Karate- Anne-Marie

I was invited to the Barbie movie premier (which I missed, sigh), I went to a gig in Camden with Alec, it was Abby's baby shower which was so cute and best of all, I started working with 4Music again- my face was all over the TV once again which I loved! I got to go to the studio's to film another live show too which was so much fun- and Will Best recognised me from last year haha! 

Fade- Kanye West
Same Ol' Mistakes- Rihanna
Shut Up- Stormzy
Bed Rock- Young Money
All Eyes On You- Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill and Chris Brown
Sorry- Justin Bieber
Don't Hurt Yourself- Beyonce
Dangerous Woman- Ariana Grande
Work From Home- Fifth Harmony

Chloe's birthday night out, Bobbie's birthday, getting the chance to tell Reggie Yates how much he means to me, returning to Amsterdam, Makeup Revolution's Halloween Party...what was bad about October? Absolutely nothing!

Show Me Love- Robin S
Seek Bromance- Tim Berg
Yonce- Beyonce
Who Do You Think Of?- M.O
Shout Out To My Ex- Little Mix
Pretty Green Eyes- Ultrabeat

I turned 21! I had a week of birthday celebrations with all of the people who mean the most to me and was absolutely spoilt rotten! I lost even more weight, me and Pops took Abby on her first night out in nearly a year, I got to see Anne-Marie again with Alex which was fab, Bobbie (Abby's baby) was born I spent more time with Lauren...honestly, the first month of being 21 was pretty fucking awesome.

Birthday Girl- Stormzy
Touch- Little Mix
Then- Anne-Marie
Gentleman- Anne-Marie
Easy- Mxther
Starboy- The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk
Diva- Beyonce
Missing You- Gabrielle Aplin
One Thing- Amerie
That's My Girl- Fifth Harmony

December was a bit of a weird month. I've spent the vast majority of it in a drunken haze what with the work Christmas party and various nights out too- I've been partying pretty much non stop this month and as a result have made some hilarious memories and also some new pals which is cute. I've been to Winter Wonderland and had a brilliant Christmas where I was spoilt rotten, but other than that it's been a bit of a quiet month where I've actually just been working on myself- trying to get myself out of a rut I was stuck in, working on my weight loss (lost another 2 inches yay!) and just focusing on ending the year with a bang! 

Driving Home For Christmas- Chris Rea
Find Me- Sigma featuring Birdy
Peak- Anne-Marie
I Would Like- Zara Larsson
I Feel It Coming- The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk
Years & Years- Olly Murs
Loving Someone- The 1975
Black Barbie- Nicki Minaj

Looking back, it seems like my year has actually got better as the months go on- I know I've changed for the better, in so many ways! And this post has actually given me the chance to reflect on what a good year it's been for me too! I've been very lucky, in lots of different ways and I guess I should thank my lucky stars for that. In particular, I'd really like to thank my friends who have all stood by me through what I thought would be the hardest year of my life. My friends both online and offline have been amazing and this year definitely wouldn't have been as brilliant without you. You know who you all are! Roll on 2017- may it be even better than this year has been!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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