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Goodbye 2016

Hey guys, guess what? We made it! 
It's officially the last day of 2016 and after what seems to have been a shambles of a year for the world, we have actually made it through to the very last day. This year has been pretty nuts; we made the decision to leave the EU which has caused nothing but negative backlash since June now. Donald Trump actually became President of the United States. We went through a phase of fearing killer clowns. Harambe the gorilla became a world famous icon that people refuse to let go of, and we lost several significant celebrities; David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Prince and George Michael to name but a few. There's no denying that this year has been hard.
But there's been some good things about this year too! Sea World made the decision to stop breeding captive killer whales. A large number of animals, including manatees and giant pandas, stopped being endangered. The Ozone layer has apparently started to repair itself. Beyonce bought out Lemonade an…


*Spoiler alert- if you're not in this post, you probably won't like this post or want to read it. Sorry*
Today's post is definitely going to be a bit of a soppy one, because it's reached the end of the year and I feel like, after the year I've had, I owe a lot of people a lot of thank you's. There's so many people who I absolutely wouldn't have made it through 2016 without and so I definitely need to show them some recognition! So in no particular order whatsoever...
BJ The only guy I love to hate, you have been my absolute rock this year and I honestly do love you so much, even when I pretend like I don't! You always have nothing but nice things to say to me whenever I'm feeling a bit down in the dumps about life, you're always fully supportive of me and even when you tell me that every single guy I present to you isn't good enough for me, I know you're doing it with my best interests at heart and not to be annoying...I hope. You dro…

Blogging every day

There is just two more posts left after today's before I will have completed my challenge/New Year's resolution of writing a blog post every single day for a year- plus one extra that I did for BJ's birthday! That's a grand total of 367 blog posts and let me tell you, I've learnt a thing or two about blogging in that time!
The most popular posts are the posts where I get personal; particularly about my body/body image etc. However, my relationship posts were also very popular. You guys just love to read all the personal details about my life you nosy buggars! 
It is incredibly difficult to find inspiration for a blog post every single day. Some days I'm really on it and other days I'm writing the most crappy post that I claim is a 'chatty catch up' with five minutes to spare before the day is over. 
It is also time consuming to write a post every single day. I even wrote a blog post for every single day of both of my holidays this year, somehow crammi…

2016 in songs and pictures

2016 has been a very up and down year, both personally and globally. So much has happened, and I know I'm not the only one who can happily sit here and say that 2016 has definitely changed me. I'm not the same person now as I was at the start of this year! Now, as a musician myself and someone who is completely obsessed with music, I know that I definitely wouldn't have got through this year without the help of some of my favourite artists; I also know that some of my best memories wouldn't be the same without certain songs that were involved in them (if that makes sense). So here is my ultimate 2016 playlist- which songs helped me through each month, which songs were personal to me in each month, which songs provide good memories for me in each month. It's a mixture of new music and old, so I hope you enjoy it! I've also added in some photo's that accompany each month, just to break up all the reading for you guys (thank me later).
JANUARY January was a har…