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Happy birthday BJ!

If Ben were a singer, he'd be a "one to watch". You know what I mean- you enjoy their music but they never get the recognition that they deserve? Someone way more mainstream always gets in the way. 
Ben is like that. 
That sounds kind of insulting if you read it the wrong way, but it's not meant to be! What I mean to say is that he's a genuinely nice guy (although I'd never tell him that to his face!), he'll do pretty much anything for anyone (even giving away his beloved Dorito's to people he isn't too fond of...) but he's such a quiet guy that just seems to blend into the background. I hate this because so often I don't appreciate what a fab friend he has been to me for the short time that we have been besties, simply because I'm too busy ignoring him waffle on about Coldplay or football or something else equally as uninteresting. 

So Ben- as part of your birthday present, given that your's got so messed up and is now delayed (s…

10 things you'll only know if you're an entrepreneur

Nowadays it's easier than ever to try and start your own business. Everyday people create online stores selling easily designed goods thanks to sites such as Vista Print, where you can bulk buy unique products and personalise them with ease for a pretty decent rate. Of course, not all businesses survive, because whilst it's easier than ever to start a business, it hasn't really got any easier to run one. I run a business myself, my magazine "Love from...", and I can tell you it is far from easy. People never understand the situation you're in as an entrepreneur, so I've compiled a list to help you out. Show this to anyone who questions your motives or just "doesn't get it". Here's 10 things you'll only know if you're an entrepreneur. 

1) You don't always get to quit your job straight away. Whilst you want your job to be your main career and your main source of income, it's definitely not always possible for this to be a r…

10 signs that you're a princess!

Sometimes people say I'm a bit of a princess. I don't like getting my hands dirty, I don't like my foods to touch, I don't like manual labour style chores (e.g. washing up) and apparently this makes me worthy of a royal title- like that's a bad thing! More often than not though, I have to correct people though; because I'm not a princess. I'm a queen. darlings! Feel what I'm saying, or are you a bit lost? Want to know if you too are worthy of a royal title? Here's 10 signs you're a total princess.

1) You don't do any chores. You can't possibly spend time doing chores when you have places to go and people to see- and you couldn't possibly risk ruining your nails in that dirty water either! Wear marigolds, you say? Sorry, but they're one big fashion no! I couldn't possibly commit that crime.
2) You own one or more tiara. So what if they're made of plastic with cubic zirconia instead of real diamonds, a tiara is a tiara, righ…

Reasons to love London!

Today's post is a little late as I have spent just under 13 hours in London celebrating my best friend's 20th birthday! The day was jam packed with all the things we wanted to do and I am exhausted! Regardless, I need to blog, and it seemed only fitting to blog about London- I wanted to share with you the reasons that London is such a fab city and why everybody should love it as much as I do!

1) It's for everyone. Whether you want to hang out with the indie kids in Camden, the posh kids in Chelsea or the rich kids on Bond Street, there is literally an area of London for everyone. You might hate one part of London but you're bound to love another part- it's the best city that offers something for everyone!

2) It's full of hidden gems. There are so many cute, one off cafes, small galleries hidden down side streets, delicious eateries and shopping outlets...if you look, you will find and in London you definitely will find! One of my favourite hidden gems is a food …

Mo' money, NO problems

I am a big believer in signs. I believe in fate, destiny and that everything happens for a reason, all that kind of stuff. And if ever I received a sign, it was today. 

As most of you know (because I keep going on about it) I entered 2016 single. Whilst I was sad about this, I've been choosing to focus on the positives that have come about because of the break up, and started planning new and exciting things I can do- maybe start driving, looking at internships in Paris, Rome, New the world, move out by myself, spoil myself more rather than spoiling the man that no longer exists in my life, invest more money and time into my magazine so that it takes off...the possibilities are endless, but all of them involve me gaining independence, moving forward in life and growing as a person- by myself. However, all of this involves money- money that usually I don't have. 
Although I don't get paid until tomorrow, our payslips arrived at work today. I saw three figures…

Character over contour

Have you ever envied the way somebody looks? Of course you have. We all want to go through an incredible ugly duckling cum Kendall Jenner style transformation where we go from being just an average looking human to a complete gem- even when we all know it's about how much money you have to pay for various surgical procedures and how good you are with a contour kit. 
Truthfully though, you're always going to be beautiful to somebody. Even if you've only got a face that a mother would love (as the saying goes), that's still one person who finds you beautiful. Believe it or not, natural beauty is almost always better than an overly orange face, overplucked brows and the wrong shade of peach or coral on your lips. 
Whatever, wear make up or don't wake up, as long as you feel beautiful, that's the main thing. But have you ever met somebody so beautiful you just have to talk to them, either about their fab contour skills or about something else totally random, you j…

Serena Van Der Woodsen vs. Blair Waldorf

Now I'm not usually one to pit girls against one another, but there is one "competition" I am constantly baffled at. The competition is between Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from epic TV series Gossip Girl. I genuinely don't understand how it's even a competition- how people can even pick Serena over Blair? Serena totally sucks and is one of the worst kinds of people ever!!! If you don't believe me, have a read of my list and then maybe you'll change your mind...
*this post does include spoilers so if you haven't watched GG yet, stop reading NOW!*
1) She took her best friend's soul mates virginity- yes, I mean Nate. Um hello, this is so wrong. Its one of the first things we learn about Serena and yet people still choose to love her! And Blair still ends up forgiving her (and the guy too)!!! I don't understand it, what she did was beyond wrong and she should not have gotten off so lightly for it! Especially when, as the series goes o…

The beauty of hindsight.

"You can't spend the best year's of your life waiting for somebody to love you back".
This is a quote I discovered as I was browsing through Tumblr late last night and is one that really resonated with me. As I'm sure many of you will know by now, I entered the new year as a single lady, coming out of a relationship that I had been in since I was 14 and had lasted for 5 years and 4 months. The ex in question has been my only serious relationship, my only "proper" boyfriend and he became my best friend, my soul mate and my first love. Losing him was not only unexpected but also the hardest thing I've had to go through. 
Yet somehow, it's not as hard as I had expected and I felt a little strange about this...but when I found this quote it made me feel a whole lot better about what I had gone through, and still am going through. 
Whilst I wouldn't change the last five and a bit years at all, they definitely weren't perfect. It's only no…

Dear Cosmo... you're wrong.

On the morning of 24th January 2016, members of the blogging world were disturbed from their Sunday morning slumber by the irritating and totally ignorant views of none other than Cosmopolitan magazine. Publishing a piece named "15 things you should know before dating a girl who blogs", Cosmo managed to insult pretty much every member of the blogging community in 0.5 seconds. Well done, Cosmo.

The list of 15 things was so insulting but if you really wish to read it you can find it here(God I hate to give them those extra, undeserved post views).

The post hasn't just insulted "real" bloggers, such as myself, but it has also once again created this completely ridiculous and wrong view of who bloggers are and what we do! Let's start with the constant reference to the "freebies" we apparently receive all of the time. First of all, I don't know any ordinary blogger who isn't on the same level as Zoella that receives freebies all of the time. S…

The 9 stages of a break up

Going through a break up is never easy for anyone! Yet somehow, all break ups are the same- the feelings are the same, the actions we do are the same and so no matter how unique you feel your problems and situation to be, believe me, they aren't. Here are the 9 stages of a break up. 

1) Heartbreak. Of course it feels like your world is ending, your heart is breaking and your life will never be the same. You can't stop crying, you can't eat or sleep and it's literally (what feels like) the worst time of your life.

2) Anger. Regardless of who ended things with who, you feel angry. Angry with the situation, who did what and words that were said. They should have tried harder, you should have tried harder- why didn't the pair of you try harder? Why aren't they calling you back? Why aren't they fighting for you? Angry questions buzz about like vicious bee's in our brains and things feel pretty ugly. 

3) Regret. You should have tried harder. You expected too mu…

Are the Oscars racist?

Today I've got something playing on my mind...
The Oscar's and the boycott from several famous black actors and actresses. My take? Ridiculous. Let me tell you why, before you all jump down my throats...
The Oscar's is one award's ceremony out of many that celebrates achievements from the film industry. Every year, numerous people are nominated for awards and have to sit in anticipation until the night when they find out if they successfully beat their opponents and win the coveted Oscar. This year, there is a lack of black individuals nominated, and apparently this was also the case last year...and so many black actors and actresses are boycotting the awards ceremony. There are several things wrong with this. 
1) Maybe no black people are nominated because there aren't enough- or even any- black people to nominate in the first place! This isn't a problem with the Oscar's, this is a problem with the film industry as a whole! The film industry isn't prov…

Do you date to marry?

Dating is fun, right? Meeting new people, doing fun stuff together and learning about one another and then watching as it blossoms into something beautiful and stimulating or crashes and burns into a vague memory that you can laugh about with your friends a few months down the line. And that's okay- it doesn't matter what the outcome is as long as you have a laugh and are happy! Do you know what's not okay? 
Expecting every single date to turn into marriage. 
I used to think that this was a pretty standard attitude to have and then I found myself back on the dating scene and I started to realise how God damn crazy this is. Do you really think you're going to want to marry every person you start dating? Every single one? Realistically, it isn't going to happen!
Now I'm not saying that it's bad to want to marry someone you're dating- that's fine! You're allowed to envision a future with someone! What's mad is not allowing yourself to date fre…

What makes your eyes roll?

Eye rolling, cries of "ugh" and heavily sighing have caught on in a big way since being sassy rose to the top of everyone's priority list in 2015. With the likes of Lucy Watson to help assist us with our eyeball technique and Stephanie Davies to help us with our mouthy attitudes, now more than ever we are an exasperated, insulted and generally fed up generation of people. So, what is it that get's us huffing and puffing more than anything else? 

Stupid questions. "Do you work here?" asks a member of the public to you as you stand in the uniform emblazoned with the company logo. "No, I'm just wearing this outfit for fun". *Eyeroll*. Ouch. Want some ice for that burn?

Rude people. "You're so rude to everyone all of the time, stop rolling your eyes to heaven and huffing and puffing at me, look at me when I'm talking to you! Why do you only wear black? And why do you never leave the house? You're always online! This is not a produc…

Imitation Game: the importance of being an individual.

Inspiration and copying are two very different things that blur very closely together. It's a very fine line between the two and once crossed, can become dangerous territory. 
Inspire: Fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.
You can be inspired by people in many different ways- you can be inspired by the way they dress, the work they do, the goals they have. Whatever it is, they inspire you to do something similar to them, be that their process of thinking about a certain situation or their way of styling a certain outfit. You use them as a starting point, and the inspiration they fill you with helps you to create something or do something on your own, of your own credit. 

Copy: Make a similar or identical version of. 
If you copy someone, you do exactly what they do. If someone else, such as a celebrity or a friend at school buys something, you go and buy the same thing. If someone else posts a photo you think looks cool, you copy it. You get the gist. 

Are you a whiner or a doer?

I've come to find that there are two types of people in this world- the whiners and the doers. It is possible to sometimes overlap and be a little bit of both, bet essentially you're one or the other. 
Me? I'm a doer. I work my butt off 24/7. Well. Not literally 24/7 but sometimes for as long as 18-20 hours a day. I work part time at Topshop, I voluntarily write columns for two magazines, I blog, occasionally I do TV work with 4Music and some radio work, I study a diploma online and I also run my own magazine. Why? Because one day I want my work to stand for something. I want to bring about change within the media industry- hopefully with my magazine. I have a vision in mind and I have goals and I know exactly how hard I have to work to smash them. 
"I've got a dream that's worth more than my sleep"
Then you get the whiners. More often than not, they're the same as the doers. They have huge dreams, they know where they want to be and how to get there.…

How Pink has pulled me through my life so far

We all love celebrities, and most of us have one or two that we totally idolise, they have shaped the person we are today. I never thought I had a celebrity in my life who I felt had really influenced me until recently when I found myself in a pit of sadness and once again turned to the same great woman I always did- not Beyonce, not Kim Kardashian but Pink (or P!nk, as some of her hard core fans may prefer). I realised that in all of my hard times, my sad times and my darkest moments of self loathing, Pink had always been there for me. Not only is she an incredible individual who give's absolutely no sh*ts about what people think of her, she has great personal style that constantly changes, amazing hair do's in crazy colours and, most importantly of all, she sings about the hardest of times in the most uplifting of ways. Don't believe me? I've compiled a list of her most beneficial songs to demonstrate just how she has helped me out through the entirety of my life...