Happy birthday BJ!

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If Ben were a singer, he'd be a "one to watch". You know what I mean- you enjoy their music but they never get the recognition that they deserve? Someone way more mainstream always gets in the way. 

Ben is like that. 

That sounds kind of insulting if you read it the wrong way, but it's not meant to be! What I mean to say is that he's a genuinely nice guy (although I'd never tell him that to his face!), he'll do pretty much anything for anyone (even giving away his beloved Dorito's to people he isn't too fond of...) but he's such a quiet guy that just seems to blend into the background. I hate this because so often I don't appreciate what a fab friend he has been to me for the short time that we have been besties, simply because I'm too busy ignoring him waffle on about Coldplay or football or something else equally as uninteresting. 

So Ben- as part of your birthday present, given that your's got so messed up and is now delayed (sorry again), here's why I think you're such a fab person and why I'm so glad to have you as 1/4 of my little group of BFF's!

  • Sometimes, you're funny. I won't go as far to say always, because that would be lying. But whether it's due to your naivety, your stupidity or your genuine good sense of humour, you do actually make me laugh quite a bit- especially over the last month when I have needed it most and especially on Friday when you were such a dingbat all day long. 
  • You have never once been mean to me. I'm mean to everyone. Seriously. Everyone. It's just the way I treat people I really like, and I never intend to hurt feelings, it's all just banter, which I hope you know! Anyway, whilst you have on the odd occasion tried to reciprocate the banter, you've never been mean to me and that is exactly the kind of friend I need. Someone who takes my abuse but gives me nothing but kindness YAY. 
  • You love original Dorito's almost as much as me. 
  • You don't brag about yourself or your achievements or your talents- e.g. "Oh yeah, I play guitar", just a year down the line of our friendship. No one likes a brag or a show off so yeah, points to you for that one. 
  • You read my tweets and actually pay attention to what I say in order to have a nice backlog of future conversation options. Nice one.
  • You're always willing to help me out- with my website (still waiting though...) and with this up coming concert and that's something I really appreciate. 
  • Ricarda is going out with you, so we have to be friends.

Sorry, I couldn't resist that last one- had to get some banter in there somewhere, BJ! Seriously though, I'm going to have to draw the line there. The general gist of it is, thanks for being such a fab best friend- I would be lost without you, Alec and Ricarda. Happy 20th birthday BJ, I hope you have the best day and that Ricarda spoils you rotten! Sorry again about your late present but hopefully it will be worth it and hopefully this makes up for it! 

Florence :) 

(p.s. I can sense the "Oh I see Ben gets a blog post" and "where was my birthday post?" messages coming from Carda and Alec...guys yours will be better because I have until the summer to write them!!! Hehe)

10 things you'll only know if you're an entrepreneur


Nowadays it's easier than ever to try and start your own business. Everyday people create online stores selling easily designed goods thanks to sites such as Vista Print, where you can bulk buy unique products and personalise them with ease for a pretty decent rate. Of course, not all businesses survive, because whilst it's easier than ever to start a business, it hasn't really got any easier to run one. I run a business myself, my magazine "Love from...", and I can tell you it is far from easy. People never understand the situation you're in as an entrepreneur, so I've compiled a list to help you out. Show this to anyone who questions your motives or just "doesn't get it". Here's 10 things you'll only know if you're an entrepreneur. 

1) You don't always get to quit your job straight away.
Whilst you want your job to be your main career and your main source of income, it's definitely not always possible for this to be a real thing. A lot of the time, you'll have to hold down numerous jobs at once in order to still make a living- and that's totally okay. Well, it might not be okay if you hate your job and just want to be working from home, doing your thing but you get it. On average, it can take up to three years for a business to really take off, and up to four years for it to break even, so don't be too hard on yourself- and don't let anyone else be too hard on you either! 

2) All work and no play...gets your business off of the ground.
You'll spend your Friday nights skipping drinks so you can carry on hustling, your weekends grinding so that you can still make sure you're going places. But it won't matter. When you're a successful CEO in a few years time whilst your friends are still in their bog standard jobs, you won't mind because it will all be worth it. 

3) There will be a lot of highs but a lot of lows too.
You made your first sale, YAY. You don't sell anything for the next two weeks. Oh. It's a constant cycle of up's and down's when you're running your own business. It's key to not let the lows drag you down too much. Just keep focusing on those highs. You'll get there.

4) Real friends won't ask for discount.
The friends who ask for "mates rates" are not your friends. Why? Because real friends would want to support you business and watch it grow and so would be happy to pay for whatever product or service you are providing. Simple as.

5) Time management is your best friend.
You will have a crazy schedule and only sleep for four hours a day because running a business is literally a lifestyle choice and that means dedicating all of your time to it. People will criticize your lifestyle but how you manage your time is up to you and no one else. If you're happy, healthy and making moves, keep doing your thing.

6) People won't always take you seriously.
And this gets worse the older you get and/or the longer you've been running your business. Lines such as "don't you think it's time you got a real job now?" are no appreciated and are better off left unsaid. True supporters won't even think like that anyway, because they'll be rooting for you.

7) Setting goals is so important. 
It's easy to lose motivation, especially if you're going through a bit of a dry period and everything seems to have slowed down. Keep focused on your goals, be that via a list you've written or a mood board you've created. Having something to stay focused on at all times is incredibly important. 

8) Surround yourself with good people if you want to succeed.
Cut off anyone lazy, unambitious and negative. You are the people you surround you with and if the people around you aren't ambitious, motivated or creative they will ruin those streaks in you and bring you right down. Make sure you have a great support circle around you and remember, quality not quantity. 

9) Joining a pyramid scheme does not count as running your own business.
Sorry Vemma, Juice plus gals, Younique Beauty and all of the rest. You're not running a business. You're part of a scheme that will eventually fail. Don't compare yourself to us real entrepreneurs. 

10) Everything is worth it.
The people you lose, the sacrifices you make, forever being poor until you turn over your first profit, the long days and sleepless nights, the missed parties and social gatherings...all of it is worth it when you know that ultimately you're doing what you love and building an amazing future for yourself. Boom. 

Are you an entrepreneur? Let me know if you agree with my list in the comments below! Is there anything you'd add? 

Love from,
Florence Grace


10 signs that you're a princess!

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Sometimes people say I'm a bit of a princess. I don't like getting my hands dirty, I don't like my foods to touch, I don't like manual labour style chores (e.g. washing up) and apparently this makes me worthy of a royal title- like that's a bad thing! More often than not though, I have to correct people though; because I'm not a princess. I'm a queen. darlings! Feel what I'm saying, or are you a bit lost? Want to know if you too are worthy of a royal title? Here's 10 signs you're a total princess.

1) You don't do any chores.
You can't possibly spend time doing chores when you have places to go and people to see- and you couldn't possibly risk ruining your nails in that dirty water either! Wear marigolds, you say? Sorry, but they're one big fashion no! I couldn't possibly commit that crime.

2) You own one or more tiara.
So what if they're made of plastic with cubic zirconia instead of real diamonds, a tiara is a tiara, right?

3) You always get your way.
You don't even always have to stamp your foot and cry... people just want to please you and make you happy. (Maybe so you don't end up stamping your feet and crying...)

4) You get chauffeured around everywhere.
What is the point in driving lessons when you have people who are willing (?) to drive you everywhere, whenever you want.

5) You love sparkles.
If it's sparkly, it's got your name all over it. Jewellery, shoes, handbags- anything. And who cares if they aren't real precious gems when they basically look the same anyway?

6) You're never wrong.
And even if you were wrong, you'd still be right because no one dare's to argue with you over anything... it's just not worth it.

7) You don't settle for a guy that's less than Prince Charming.
He's handsome, funny and...well, charming! And he has chased after you with shoes sometimes...only because he knows you would love them and he wants to spoil you! Speaking of which...

8) You're spoilt.
You always get what you want for birthday's and Christmas, your friends and family spontaneously treat you on the regular and you own more things than you know what to do with. Totally. Spoilt. 

9) You love a good party.
Whilst classic balls may no longer be the norm, princesses are still people of society, and all princesses love a good party! 

10) You cry when things don't go your way.
Dress you wanted sold out? Cry. Prince Charming gone away for the weekend without you? Scream and cry. That peasant girl stolen your style? Cry some more. Mum won't give you a lift right there and then because she needs to finish her work? Scream, stamp your feet a bit, slam a door and cry some more. Princesses cry when things don't happen 100% their way. It just happens.

Whilst some of this sounds pretty negative, most girls have at least a small princess streak, whilst others are always in full on princess mode. Where do you stand? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Reasons to love London!

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Today's post is a little late as I have spent just under 13 hours in London celebrating my best friend's 20th birthday! The day was jam packed with all the things we wanted to do and I am exhausted! Regardless, I need to blog, and it seemed only fitting to blog about London- I wanted to share with you the reasons that London is such a fab city and why everybody should love it as much as I do!

1) It's for everyone.
Whether you want to hang out with the indie kids in Camden, the posh kids in Chelsea or the rich kids on Bond Street, there is literally an area of London for everyone. You might hate one part of London but you're bound to love another part- it's the best city that offers something for everyone!

2) It's full of hidden gems.
There are so many cute, one off cafes, small galleries hidden down side streets, delicious eateries and shopping outlets...if you look, you will find and in London you definitely will find! One of my favourite hidden gems is a food court just off of Carnaby street full of fairy lights- it's so romantic!

3) There's so much to do!
Art galleries, museums, exhibits, the aquarium, the London eye, the Olympic Tower, the cable cars, climbing to the top of the o2, visiting Buckingham Palace or just shopping, there is what seems to be a never ending list of things to do and places to see in the big city. You can't complain about being bored, that's for sure.

4) It's the city of style.
I have never seen so many diverse people in one place as I have in London. Fashion is crazy inventive in London, people dress in so many different ways, have different hairstyles. And of course we host London Fashion Week too, where fashion REALLY comes to life like no other time of year! If you want to feel like you'll fit in somewhere no matter what, London is the place to be.

5) Celeb spotting is a thing.
Want to spot a celeb? You should probably hang around London for a while then! Whilst I've only ever seen absolute Z-listers, they're celebs none the less and it's still exciting for about 4 seconds as you fangirl over someone you only just recognise!

6) Food. Food. Food. 
There is food from literally all over the world available from independent vendors, on street corners, cafes, bars, restaurants and even in some of the larger department stores, such as Harrods. Whether you want to eat fried tarantula in Camden (so I've been told), shrimp at Bubba Gumps in Leicester Square or a dish you don't know how to pronounce at a restaurant in China Town, you're guaranteed to find something that's both new and delicious!

7) The city of music. 
Gigs and concerts happen all the time in London, from small one off events to large scale concerts at Wembley, as well as there being buskers on every tube line, subway and street corner. They don't just sing- some use pots and pans from their kitchens as drums, some perform beatboxing sessions using nothing but their mouth and some are full on bands! The city is filled with music- and has bought about some amazing stars in the music industry too!

What do you love about London? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Mo' money, NO problems

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I am a big believer in signs. I believe in fate, destiny and that everything happens for a reason, all that kind of stuff. And if ever I received a sign, it was today. 

As most of you know (because I keep going on about it) I entered 2016 single. Whilst I was sad about this, I've been choosing to focus on the positives that have come about because of the break up, and started planning new and exciting things I can do- maybe start driving, looking at internships in Paris, Rome, New York...travel the world, move out by myself, spoil myself more rather than spoiling the man that no longer exists in my life, invest more money and time into my magazine so that it takes off...the possibilities are endless, but all of them involve me gaining independence, moving forward in life and growing as a person- by myself. However, all of this involves money- money that usually I don't have. 

Although I don't get paid until tomorrow, our payslips arrived at work today. I saw three figures on my piece of paper- my normal salary, and a number underneath were the first to catch my eye. I assumed the number underneath was the final total with my overtime on top and was thrilled at what it said. And then I looked further down and the number was even bigger. Vastly bigger. I hate to be crude, but the grand total I received was triple my usual salary. Thank you Chirstmas overtime and extra hours and my new contract!!!!!!!!

Whilst this did make me literally scream with excitement, I couldn't help but realise that this was most definitely a sign. Everything I wanted to do, I could finally put some money towards. I could take out my normal salary and give myself a little extra spending money and then completely save the rest and put it towards one of the numerous things that I want to do, be it travelling or moving out. This pay check also reminded me of the benefits you can reap from hard work. I worked almost full time hours throughout December, and have started a new contract as of January which has double the hours I used to do- so it's nice to finally receive the awards of all of my hard work. The hours of rushing around, numb feet, ungrateful customers and lack of family time- all of it seems worth it now.

This is my first pay check of 2016, of the new year, and I can't help but feel like there are so many good things to come for me now. I know they say that its not all about money, but having a lot of it really does help sometimes! I can't wait to put a large chunk of this months pay into a savings account and start to pursue something exciting. Travelling, driving or moving out- who knows? All that's certain is I am so grateful right now and I can't wait to see what 2016 has in store!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Character over contour

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Have you ever envied the way somebody looks? Of course you have. We all want to go through an incredible ugly duckling cum Kendall Jenner style transformation where we go from being just an average looking human to a complete gem- even when we all know it's about how much money you have to pay for various surgical procedures and how good you are with a contour kit. 

Truthfully though, you're always going to be beautiful to somebody. Even if you've only got a face that a mother would love (as the saying goes), that's still one person who finds you beautiful. Believe it or not, natural beauty is almost always better than an overly orange face, overplucked brows and the wrong shade of peach or coral on your lips. 

Whatever, wear make up or don't wake up, as long as you feel beautiful, that's the main thing. But have you ever met somebody so beautiful you just have to talk to them, either about their fab contour skills or about something else totally random, you just have to become friends with this divine human being. So you go over to start a conversation and discover...

...that they're super, super boring. What's up with that?

The thing is, the media industry has focused on a woman's image for as long as anyone can remember. For the last five years, it's been heavily focused on the importance of a gal's brows and over the last two years, how contoured a girl's face is. With the rise of beauty bloggers and vloggers such as Zoella and Velvet Gh0st, there is now more demand than ever for make up tutorials, new products, "cheats" to make our faces appear like Kylie Jenner's and so on. It's a crazy epidemic. 

It seems to be so crazy that many young women are choosing to focus on their contour and failing to focus on their character. At the end of the day, everyone gets grey hair, shrivels up with wrinkles and loses their looks- it's true! So if you focus so hard on your looks now, what will you have left when your looks abandon you? 

Character is so much more important. I'm not saying it's a bad thing to learn to develop your make up skills or improve on your looks- that's totally fine! But it's not fine to forget to work on yourself as a person too. They say don't judge a book by it's cover, but as humans, we definitely do! If you look amazing on the outside, we expect you to be amazing too and unfortunately it's becoming very hard to find people who have a personality that's as good as their make up skills. 

"If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?"

We have become a very shallow and self obsessed generation of people. We love to look great. Why don't we love to be great as well? We should want to aspire to more than to "look pretty"! We should want to have great sense of humours, the brains of a businesswoman, creativity, a sense of adventure and curiosity about the world around us, and more. We should want to improve on the person that we are all of the time so that we can truly be the best that we can be- and to be the best that we can be definitely goes beyond looking our best too! As the saying goes, "if the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?". Would you be able to tell a great joke, show off your in depth knowledge on a particular subject, be kind or compassionate, be loving and caring, generous or strong? Are you more than your contour...or are you a bit- well. Bland? 

Girls, it's okay to want to improve your looks, because nearly all of us do! It's okay to love make up and to experiment with it and to want to change how you look all of the time for your personal enjoyment. It's okay to watch make up tutorials and aspire to look like certain people. What's not okay is to become a bland and boring person because you become so obsessed with your looks! Make sure that you still work on yourself as much as you work on your looks. Be an all rounder, with great character and great contour!

Love from,
Florence Grace 

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Serena Van Der Woodsen vs. Blair Waldorf


Now I'm not usually one to pit girls against one another, but there is one "competition" I am constantly baffled at. The competition is between Blair Waldorf and Serena Van Der Woodsen from epic TV series Gossip Girl. I genuinely don't understand how it's even a competition- how people can even pick Serena over Blair? Serena totally sucks and is one of the worst kinds of people ever!!! If you don't believe me, have a read of my list and then maybe you'll change your mind...

*this post does include spoilers so if you haven't watched GG yet, stop reading NOW!*

1) She took her best friend's soul mates virginity- yes, I mean Nate.
Um hello, this is so wrong. Its one of the first things we learn about Serena and yet people still choose to love her! And Blair still ends up forgiving her (and the guy too)!!! I don't understand it, what she did was beyond wrong and she should not have gotten off so lightly for it! Especially when, as the series goes on, it seems like she's been making moves at Nate for quite a while, often being a third wheel to him and Blair. Some "best friend".

2) She constantly makes bitchy comments to Blair. 
Serena throws so much shade at Blair continuously it's unreal. She acts like she's so good and pure but constantly makes nasty comments. Example: "Well I admit I did come here to punish you for the things you said this morning", "I'm glad they did this alphabetically, cause now I get to see the look on your face when I use your answer even sooner" and "I hope it's broken" (said after attacking Blair with a hockey stick). The list is endless and my blog isn't long enough.

3) She is the worst best friend ever.
Not only does she sleep with her best friend's boyfriend, she abandons her best friend and leaves the country without saying a word to anyone, constantly tries to bring Blair down and then when that doesn't work, tries to outdo her. What the heck???? Oh and let's not forget the time she shoved into Blair, causing her to draw lipstick all over her face and snap said lipstick. What a cow.

4) She applies to Yale.
Serena is set on Brown, Blair is set on Yale. And then suddenly, to get "revenge" on Blair, who she claims to love like a sister, she applies to Yale, stealing Blair's answers to the Deans pop quiz so she can look more impressive and tries to outshine Blair...all for the sake of revenge!

5) She sleeps with Dan whilst he's with Blair in the same scenario as she did with Nate. 
Serena purposely steals Blair's boyfriend of the time Dan and seduces him into cheating on Blair with her in the same way she did Nate- same place, same situation. She's disgusting.

6) She chooses front row seats with Poppy Lipton at the fashion show instead of meeting up with Blair backstage as per their tradition.
Best friends are forever, new friends are for a fleeting moment. She stabbed Blair with the back and chose her fancy new friend for a temporary fling, similar to the way a toddler chooses a shiny new toy over their since-birth favourite teddy bear. She then goes on to be the superstar model of the fashion show, to further dig the knife in.

7) Blair gets a surprise place at Colombia and magically Serena decides she wants to go there too! 
What the hell? What is Serena's deal? It's like she wants to be Blair! And yet everyone continues to treat her like God's gift and make out that Blair's the evil one! I totally don't blame her for pushing Serena in the fountain.

8) She takes on the role of Gossip Girl temporarily and blasts all of her "friends".
Yet they still forgive her and still adore her and get on with life like she has done nothing wrong! WHY?! 

Having met girls like Serena myself, I totally don't understand the appeal and why everyone loves them despite them being truly evil! Blair may be a bit of a cow at times but she is always honest about it and always makes up for it afterwards too...Serena is a lot more snakey about getting "revenge" on people that she claims to love. Huh. It's not only Blair she hurts either, she hurts everyone... except Georgina I believe! It's crazy. Why is she so popular?!

Are you team Serena or team Blair? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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The beauty of hindsight.


"You can't spend the best year's of your life waiting for somebody to love you back".

This is a quote I discovered as I was browsing through Tumblr late last night and is one that really resonated with me. As I'm sure many of you will know by now, I entered the new year as a single lady, coming out of a relationship that I had been in since I was 14 and had lasted for 5 years and 4 months. The ex in question has been my only serious relationship, my only "proper" boyfriend and he became my best friend, my soul mate and my first love. Losing him was not only unexpected but also the hardest thing I've had to go through. 

Yet somehow, it's not as hard as I had expected and I felt a little strange about this...but when I found this quote it made me feel a whole lot better about what I had gone through, and still am going through. 

Whilst I wouldn't change the last five and a bit years at all, they definitely weren't perfect. It's only now I'm free from the relationship that I look back and see that at some points, I definitely did deserve better. I dedicated my whole life to one person, building a routine around them, putting them first, giving things up for them, literally acting like a puppet whilst they pulled the strings. I gave my all to somebody who was only giving me half- and it's only now that I can see that. I was constantly waiting to be loved back the way that I was loving him. And it was constantly causing me to be hurt.

It hurts me to think about. Of course it does. It hurt to walk away from someone I considered to be my everything whilst I still felt that I was in love with them and now, every day, it still hurts. But I feel regret too, for myself, and I hurt thinking about the pain I constantly put myself through, forgiving my ex for countless 'mistakes', listening to pathetic excuses and lies, going through heartbreak after heartbreak and still forgiving him. 

I literally want to punch myself in the face. But I also want to travel in a Dr Who style tardis to 15, 16, 17 year old Flo, scoop her into my arms and tell her that she deserves more

Hindsight is a beautiful thing but also a curse, and right now it's playing with me quite a lot! As I said, I wouldn't change the last five years at all- they were amazing. But I can't believe how blind love made me and that I spent all but one of my teenage years feeling so unhappy such a lot of the time. They say your teenage years are the best years of your life and I feel almost like mine have been taken from me, ruined and thrown away. 

But as I get older, I'm finding the years are only getting better for me. I'm achieving more, doing more, learning more and gaining amazing experiences. I'm meeting new people and making new friends- so now I ask myself this; what if actually, there aren't any best years of your life? What if it's all just amazing, as long as you shape it that way?

I don't know whether teenage years are the best year of your life or not- and I'm sure I won't be able to make that judgement until I'm old and grey, reminiscing on my life. However, I know that as I begin the journey into my twenties- a time I regularly see called "the selfish years"- that I am definitely going to put myself first. Always. I will no longer pander to people, trying to force affection out of people who won't give it to me, forcing relationships to happen that won't. I will really take advantage of my "selfish years" and enjoy them- for myself, and maybe by myself too. Who knows? It doesn't matter. All that matters is that I'm happy and that I'm surrounded by people I love- this is something I've really learnt over the last few weeks. I regret the fact that it took me so long to realise this, and realise that you can't depend on one person to make you happy. But hey, it's all a learning curve, right? 

This post makes everything sound worse than it was. It really wasn't all bad, I promise. At the time I felt happy- well and truly happy. I was totally besotted and totally in love, I had planned a future with this person, planned our wedding and even our children's names! I never wanted our time together to end. It's only now that I've moved on that I can see that I wasn't actually as happy as I should have been and that I definitely wasn't receiving the kind of love I should have been. Right now, I'm feeling a complicated mix of emotions, but every day has only gotten easier for me, and I know now that the only way is up. It will be a struggle and I know there will be bad days that come along with the good, but that's just life isn't it? For now though, I feel like Augustus Waters, because "I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend".

Love from,
Florence Grace


Dear Cosmo... you're wrong.


On the morning of 24th January 2016, members of the blogging world were disturbed from their Sunday morning slumber by the irritating and totally ignorant views of none other than Cosmopolitan magazine. Publishing a piece named "15 things you should know before dating a girl who blogs", Cosmo managed to insult pretty much every member of the blogging community in 0.5 seconds. Well done, Cosmo.

The list of 15 things was so insulting but if you really wish to read it you can find it here (God I hate to give them those extra, undeserved post views).

The post hasn't just insulted "real" bloggers, such as myself, but it has also once again created this completely ridiculous and wrong view of who bloggers are and what we do! Let's start with the constant reference to the "freebies" we apparently receive all of the time. First of all, I don't know any ordinary blogger who isn't on the same level as Zoella that receives freebies all of the time. Secondly, when we do receive freebies it's because we have worked out butts off to produce continuously good content that has caught the eye of a certain brand, leading them to want to work with us. Thirdly, nothing is a "freebie" because we actually have to use the freebie, photograph it and then spend time writing up a post that is of the standard the brand who sent the freebie to us would appreciate. So when you take into consideration the hard work that follows the receiving of said freebie, it actually turns out not to be free at all.

The reference to us competing against other bloggers also got my gears grinding a bit- whilst yes, we technically do compete for the attention of brands and businesses, to get the most views or to produce the most unique content, the list made out that all bloggers were extremely malicious about it! Not at all! The blogging community is absolutely wonderful, so supportive and lovely towards one another, I have never felt the urge to read someone's post and pick it to pieces, be negative about it or towards the writer and not show any kind of love to someone's post that I did enjoy- I will always favourite or retweet posts that I love! I won't read them in secret and see them as competition! (Oh and just as a side note, Cosmo, you based this all on females...there are a lot of male bloggers around too you know!)

Furthermore, saying that we sit around in our pyjamas covered in crumbs. Um, excuse me? A huge portion of bloggers are fashion bloggers, you think they sit in bed covered in crumbs? Really? I do spend a lot of time in my bed, yes, but rarely in my pyjamas or covered in crumbs! I found that a really hurtful point, as it made bloggers out to be recluses who don't do anything outside of blogging and hide away from life! I love to go out and dress up, I love wearing sparkly things, I have jobs outside of blogging that require me leaving bed...need I say more?

The coffee reference needs to stop too. I hate coffee- and all warm drinks for that matter- and would much rather have a milkshake or glass of champagne (which by the way, Cosmo, is rarely provided at a blogging event...which blogging events have you been to? Cosmo blog awards? Is that all? I see.).

I could go on and on tearing that Cosmo list apart but I feel I may have made my general point- that it was insulting and incredibly ignorant about who real bloggers are and what we actually are like. Sure, I love to write a lot, I am obsessed with social media and I do sometimes spend entire day's in bed- but I also love parties, I like to eat at good restaurants and sing at the top of my voice even though I'm no good at it. There is so much more to bloggers than Cosmo has portrayed there to be. We're all people with unique personalities, and I for one have never met a blogger like the one Cosmo described.

Love from,
Florence Grace

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The 9 stages of a break up

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Going through a break up is never easy for anyone! Yet somehow, all break ups are the same- the feelings are the same, the actions we do are the same and so no matter how unique you feel your problems and situation to be, believe me, they aren't. Here are the 9 stages of a break up. 

1) Heartbreak.
Of course it feels like your world is ending, your heart is breaking and your life will never be the same. You can't stop crying, you can't eat or sleep and it's literally (what feels like) the worst time of your life.

2) Anger.
Regardless of who ended things with who, you feel angry. Angry with the situation, who did what and words that were said. They should have tried harder, you should have tried harder- why didn't the pair of you try harder? Why aren't they calling you back? Why aren't they fighting for you? Angry questions buzz about like vicious bee's in our brains and things feel pretty ugly.  

3) Regret.
You should have tried harder. You expected too much of them, it isn't fair. Maybe you should make the first move. You miss them and wish they were still in your life. If only you could turn back time and make everything better.

4) Beyonce mode. 
Pfft. Who needs a man, hey? You're a strong, independent woman who has her girls, her career and needs nothing else. If you liked it you should have put a ring on it, bitch!

5) Drunken mess.
You're on a night out with your girls in Beyonce mode and then you hit that vodka and coke that leads you to cross the line from happily drunk to crying mess in the corner...leaving your ex one million drunk texts and voice messages for them to discover in the morning, much to your regret.

6) Rebound mode.
Either before or after the drunken mess you'll come face to face with rebound mode. You'll long to feel wanted, you'll end up being used/using someone. It happens, and it happens to all of us. Get it over and done with quickly and try not to get your heart broken all over again...or break someone else's heart! And remember- your friends will disapprove, cheer for you when it's happened and say "I told you so" when it's over!!!

7) Beyonce Mode 2.0
You've broken down and had a rebound. Now, you know what you want from a partner and what you deserve. You'll maybe relapse to a mini version of stage 2 (anger) before moving on to the next stage...

8) Reminiscent. 
You thought you knew what you wanted, but that's what feelings are for. Screwing you over! Things will feel better- way better than the heartbreak of stage 1! But maybe with your girlfriends over a pizza and romcom something will set you off and you'll feel a little teary. Every time you think of something that links to your ex, you'll tear up. When you see your ex with someone new, you'll feel nothing but regret and everything between the two of you will be remembered as more perfect than it was. Don't be fooled and remember it ended for a reason. Hey, it happens. But that's what friends are for! Let the sadness roll on out of you in the form of miserable tears and then move on. 

9) Over it. 
It will take time but after a while, reminiscing won't hurt, memories with your ex will be thought of as some fond yet distant part of your past and you'll move on- happy and ready to fall in love with someone else! 

Break up's are hard but believe me when I say, the first day is the hardest. It genuinely only gets easier and hurts less. Focus on you, keep doing you and stay happy! The first step is the hardest, but once you realise it's time to move on, you'll start moving in the right direction! 

Love from,
Florence Grace


Are the Oscars racist?


Today I've got something playing on my mind...

The Oscar's and the boycott from several famous black actors and actresses. My take? Ridiculous. Let me tell you why, before you all jump down my throats...

The Oscar's is one award's ceremony out of many that celebrates achievements from the film industry. Every year, numerous people are nominated for awards and have to sit in anticipation until the night when they find out if they successfully beat their opponents and win the coveted Oscar. This year, there is a lack of black individuals nominated, and apparently this was also the case last year...and so many black actors and actresses are boycotting the awards ceremony. There are several things wrong with this. 

1) Maybe no black people are nominated because there aren't enough- or even any- black people to nominate in the first place! This isn't a problem with the Oscar's, this is a problem with the film industry as a whole! The film industry isn't providing Oscar worthy roles to black people...so in turn, they can not be nominated for an Oscar. Think back to some of the biggest films of the year- how many of the award winning parts were played by black people? I know it's nearly 11pm on a Friday night and after a long week I'm tired but right now, I can think of none. Yet is there a boycott happening of the film industry as a whole? No. This makes this "protest" look like nothing more than a temper tantrum over not being picked for an award, rather than addressing what is actually a serious issue far larger than the Oscars. In my humble opinion, the wrong people- namely, the people who nominate people for Oscars- are being punished here. 

2) I've seen the phrase "racist to white people" being thrown around and I detest it. Yet, in theory, there is some truth there. Whilst it isn't racist, it's saying that because the people nominated aren't black, they aren't worthy of winning an Oscar, right? Because in this world we live in, we like to think that skin colour doesn't make a difference, right? So guess what? Maybe it just happens to be that this year, all the best actors happened to be white! It's really not about skin colour, but about talent. You can't force an Oscar on a person of colour purely to make sure that no incident like this happens, when the Oscar's is about talent. If all the people who had the best roles in the film industry happen to be white then so be it- that's the way it is! It also links back to point one, where there isn't enough black people within the film industry as it is, but you get my point I hope. You can't give an okay black actor an award over a brilliant white actor just to stop yourself being deemed racist- because then essentially you are taking into account skin colour and not talent. And we aren't a racist community or one that judges things based on skin colour, are we?

3) Boycotting the awards will do nothing for you. It will now make people scared to award white people and give white people roles. They will now be picking black actors purely for their skin colour and not their talent in order to be viewed as "fair" and "equal". Do we really want that? I think that would be pretty ridiculous. 

Boy I could go on. It's late and I probably haven't portrayed my points half as well as I could have, but believe me when I say I'm not racist and I don't intend on offending people. My main point is, the problem is bigger than the Oscar's- it's a problem with the film industry. We can't be upset over the lack of black people nominated for Oscars when there isn't any black people in Oscar worthy roles in the first place. It's a problem with Hollywood and with the film industry as a whole, a problem that does need to be addressed and resolved- but a temper tantrum style boycott such as this is not going to do much for anyone. 

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below.

Love from,
Florence Grace

Do you date to marry?


Dating is fun, right? Meeting new people, doing fun stuff together and learning about one another and then watching as it blossoms into something beautiful and stimulating or crashes and burns into a vague memory that you can laugh about with your friends a few months down the line. And that's okay- it doesn't matter what the outcome is as long as you have a laugh and are happy! Do you know what's not okay? 

Expecting every single date to turn into marriage. 

I used to think that this was a pretty standard attitude to have and then I found myself back on the dating scene and I started to realise how God damn crazy this is. Do you really think you're going to want to marry every person you start dating? Every single one? Realistically, it isn't going to happen!

Now I'm not saying that it's bad to want to marry someone you're dating- that's fine! You're allowed to envision a future with someone! What's mad is not allowing yourself to date freely, living purely in the moment, only dating people you think you'll marry. What happens if you start dating someone with the intention of marrying them because you follow this ridiculous logic, and then it turns out that actually, they don't feel the same? Gutted for you. 

Whilst the point of dating is indeed to find your life long partner in crime, it also serves a greater purpose. It allows you to meet several different types of people and find out what you like and what you don't. It allows you to discover what you want from a partner. It allows you to meet new people, maybe make a friendship instead of the romance you were originally looking for and, overall, have fun with new people too! Dating is about having fun! 

In addition to all of this, it's important to remember that no one acts true to life on a first date- well, people rarely do anyway! So what if you start dating someone and intend to marry them based on their very best person? What happens when you uncover the fact that actually, they leave hairs in the shower, burp in your face for fun and eat like a pig? Gross! Yet you've decided to marry them based on a few dates. Lucky you. 

In my humble opinion, it is important to keep things light hearted, casual. Don't start a first date looking for a fiance. 9 times out of 10, it's not going to work out! Just focus on the here, the now and have a good time! You never know what may fall right into your lap when you least expect it. 

What do you think? Should you date with the intention of marriage? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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What makes your eyes roll?

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Eye rolling, cries of "ugh" and heavily sighing have caught on in a big way since being sassy rose to the top of everyone's priority list in 2015. With the likes of Lucy Watson to help assist us with our eyeball technique and Stephanie Davies to help us with our mouthy attitudes, now more than ever we are an exasperated, insulted and generally fed up generation of people. So, what is it that get's us huffing and puffing more than anything else? 

Stupid questions.
"Do you work here?" asks a member of the public to you as you stand in the uniform emblazoned with the company logo. "No, I'm just wearing this outfit for fun". *Eyeroll*. Ouch. Want some ice for that burn?

Rude people.
"You're so rude to everyone all of the time, stop rolling your eyes to heaven and huffing and puffing at me, look at me when I'm talking to you! Why do you only wear black? And why do you never leave the house? You're always online! This is not a productive lifestyle!" *Eyeroll* *Sighs* *Eyeroll again*

People who move at the pace of a snail.
*Exhales as loudly as possible to express annoyance at being trapped behind a human snail only to be drowned out by the heavy breathing of said human snail huffing and puffing as they pull themselves along at 0.25mph*

Men in vans.
"Alright love nice legs" they yell from the window of their dirty white van with "clean me" scribbled on the back window. Yes, I'm so attracted to that! Thanks for hitting me up! Let me hitch a ride and give you my number! Lol, not. *Sigh*

Boys who are full of themselves.
"Hey babe wanna go somewhere quiet?" he shouts in the middle of a tacky nightclub. "Don't touch me or I'll rip your balls off and stuff them down your throat" you respond calmly as your cringe away from his sweaty palms. In the words of Cher, UGH! AS IF! 

People who underestimate us and/or insult our intelligence.
"But you do know that bag costs the next three months rent money, right?" *Sigh* "DUH I can read" but a girl can treat herself, so shut up.

What makes you roll your eyes Lucy Watson style? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Imitation Game: the importance of being an individual.

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Inspiration and copying are two very different things that blur very closely together. It's a very fine line between the two and once crossed, can become dangerous territory. 

Inspire: Fill someone with the urge or ability to do or feel something.

You can be inspired by people in many different ways- you can be inspired by the way they dress, the work they do, the goals they have. Whatever it is, they inspire you to do something similar to them, be that their process of thinking about a certain situation or their way of styling a certain outfit. You use them as a starting point, and the inspiration they fill you with helps you to create something or do something on your own, of your own credit. 

Copy: Make a similar or identical version of. 

If you copy someone, you do exactly what they do. If someone else, such as a celebrity or a friend at school buys something, you go and buy the same thing. If someone else posts a photo you think looks cool, you copy it. You get the gist. 

There's one major difference between the two and that's this; being inspired by someone is flattering. Copying someone is not. It can be argued that inspirational people are copied by the people they inspire and again, this is why the line between the two is so blurred. It can be very difficult to stop yourself from transitioning from being inspired to full on copying. 

I for one despise being copied. I've had tweets, blog posts, materialistic items, even my life goals copied by people I call friends, people I don't like and people I barely even know. Sometimes I can laugh it off, other time's it really grinds my gears. I like to consider myself quite a one of a kind individual, I have my own mind, do my own thing and work hard to stand out from everyone else. So when someone copies me- especially when they copy my work, such as a blog post- I get really ticked off! That's my hard work! How dare you rip it off and then get praised for it like it's your own! 

Most people tell me to take it as flattery, that I'm clearly inspiring them but they're wrong. I know the people that I inspire because they usually message me and I watch them be inspired by my motivation and motivate themselves to achieve really great things! But never do they copy me. 

A lot of people tell me not to let it get to me, but how can I not when I feel my hard work- and sometimes even my life- is being ripped off in second rate manners by other people?! 

I know the further you thrust yourself into the eyes of a growing online audience, people are bound to see what you do and maybe want to do the same things, but can you at least credit people you get ideas from? E.G. "I saw XYZ buy this so had to grab one for myself!" or "XYZ wrote such a good post, I had to do a follow up with my own views on the subject" or something similar. Anyone else see what I'm getting at here?

I don't really know what more I can say on the matter...I just needed a huge rant about how much copying frustrates me. And I know I'm not the only one. When it comes to work and things such as blog posts, I have a few friends who constantly have their hard work ripped off and it's really not nice! 

May I also note, that I don't feel that I am worthy of being copied or that I believe myself to be hugely inspirational or on trend or anything like that- but what I do know is that I have been and still continue to be copied all of the time and I am so tired of it! 

People of the world, please stop copying. Take inspiration from people and their lives instead- but don't full on copy them! It's definitely not the highest form of flattery...it's down right annoying. Be your own person, live your own life and have your own dreams! Is it really that hard?

Have you had any incidents with copy cats? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Are you a whiner or a doer?


I've come to find that there are two types of people in this world- the whiners and the doers. It is possible to sometimes overlap and be a little bit of both, bet essentially you're one or the other. 

Me? I'm a doer. I work my butt off 24/7. Well. Not literally 24/7 but sometimes for as long as 18-20 hours a day. I work part time at Topshop, I voluntarily write columns for two magazines, I blog, occasionally I do TV work with 4Music and some radio work, I study a diploma online and I also run my own magazine. Why? Because one day I want my work to stand for something. I want to bring about change within the media industry- hopefully with my magazine. I have a vision in mind and I have goals and I know exactly how hard I have to work to smash them. 

"I've got a dream that's worth more than my sleep"

Then you get the whiners. More often than not, they're the same as the doers. They have huge dreams, they know where they want to be and how to get there. But what's the difference?

They don't put in the work. 

They won't wake up early or stay up late, they'll make excuses and then they will whine about how they aren't where they want to be in life. (These are the same people who will complain that the Kardashian's are rich and famous for doing nothing, refusing to acknowledge the huge empire that family has built). They will moan how it's not fair, how life isn't fair, why are some people so lucky and they aren't? 

"When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful"

Puh-leaaaase. Hush your mouth. Let me open your eyes to something...

Everyone has 24 hours in a day. 

No one gets an extra hour to grind a little bit harder. No one gets any extra favours from the world allowing them more time to reach their goals. No one. You, Joe Bloggs down the road, Mark Zuckerberg and Beyonce all have the same amount of hours in a day. The difference between a whiner and them? They are doers. 

"You have the same hours in a day as Beyonce"

Now don't get me wrong. I know people have commitments. They have families to look after, jobs that last all day so they can pay the bills, exams to study for and homework to do. But if it's your dream, you'll make time for it. My mum is a single mum of three who works full time, runs a household and is also studying a full time course to be a personal trainer. My friend Justine is writing a novel, runs a blog, writes for my magazine and also holds down a job. I'm another example of someone who makes the time to achieve my goals. It can be done. 

No one is saying it's going to be easy- it most probably won't be! But it's about time management. It's about sacrifices. It's about prioritisation and time management. When you get these in order, reaching your goals and your dreams get's that little bit easier. That time you spend whining? You could spend planning out your day in a diary. That time you spend whining? You could spend making moves instead. 

I could go on. Some people might read this and get it. It might inspire them, motivate them and encourage them. Others will read it and think "Easy for her to say, she doesn't own a house/have kids/struggle to pay bills". 

You, my friends, are the whiners. Stop acting like the world and everyone in it owes you. No one owes you anything. You make your own destiny, you make your own dreams. No one else is going to sit there and make them for you. Buck up, or shut up. Quite frankly, I'm tired of hearing everyone's excuses and misery. 

Get motivated. Make a mood board, a timeline to achieve your goals, how and when you will do things. Stop whining, stop making excuses and stop complaining that every one else has it easier than you do. We all have 24 hours. It's how you choose to use it that matters. 

Start doing. 

Love from, 
Florence Grace

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How Pink has pulled me through my life so far

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We all love celebrities, and most of us have one or two that we totally idolise, they have shaped the person we are today. I never thought I had a celebrity in my life who I felt had really influenced me until recently when I found myself in a pit of sadness and once again turned to the same great woman I always did- not Beyonce, not Kim Kardashian but Pink (or P!nk, as some of her hard core fans may prefer). I realised that in all of my hard times, my sad times and my darkest moments of self loathing, Pink had always been there for me. Not only is she an incredible individual who give's absolutely no sh*ts about what people think of her, she has great personal style that constantly changes, amazing hair do's in crazy colours and, most importantly of all, she sings about the hardest of times in the most uplifting of ways. Don't believe me? I've compiled a list of her most beneficial songs to demonstrate just how she has helped me out through the entirety of my life...

Child of divorce. 
I don't know many people who didn't listen to the smash hit "Family Portrait" when their parent's were going through a divorce and I was no exception to that rule. Pink managed to securely hit the nail on the head when it came to capturing the emotions every kid feels when their parents break up, and whilst I was hardly a 'kid' at the age of 15, I still related to this song completely and had it on full blast, repeatedly, for days.

Puberty and hormones. 
A lot of teenage girls end up going through a period of self loathing and I am included in that horrible category. I hated the way I looked, I constantly worried what people thought of me and that people didn't really like me. I was horribly paranoid for a teenager who actually had a large bunch of decent friends and lovely, healthy figure. "Perfect" got me through this emotional trauma, more so when my best friend at the time posted the song on my facebook wall to remind me that I was perfect and was doing nothing wrong. Thank you Jess- and thank you, Pink. 

Trying to find yourself.
When you and your friends start to grow up, it can be a struggle to try and fit in and find who you are as an individual. You might want to study more but don't want to appear nerdy. You might like to dress in short dresses and heels but are scared of being called a derogatory name. You get the gist. "Raise Your Glass" is the perfect anthem to help you realise that you rock as you are, you're a great person and you don't need to label yourself or fit into any particular niche! This was definitely a song that I had on repeat over and over at about 15/16!

Another great hit for finding yourself and feeling confused about who you are is "Don't Let Me Get Me". Pink perfectly sums up what it's like to live life as a teenage girl, being told by people (and the media!) to be one way when you want to be another way, and the confusion and angst that comes with that. 

The argument with the boys.
You're in a dramatic teenage relationship, everything becomes more magnified than it should. Pink was there for all the petty arguments with her hit "Just Like A Pill". It had just the right amount of drama, intensity and emotions to satisfy every OTT teenage girl. The song also worked for all those awkward, 'emo' stages that most people went through too...

The break up.
Her on and off relationship with Carey Hart has provided us lucky listeners with plenty of great break up songs to get you through the hardest emotions most teenage girls have to deal with- heartbreak, loneliness, confusion, anger and sadness. "Who Knew", despite being about the loss of her friend, is a song I have used to help me through my break up repeatedly. 

The sass queen.
Whilst the topic of the hit "U and Ur Hand" is questionable (hmm) there is no denying the sass, and this is a song I have definitely sung with someone in mind, someone who has tried it on or tried to take advantage of you. The hairbrush in hand, emotional hand movements and belting this out really has the ability to make you feel like the sassiest of queens ready to take on anyone who crosses you. (Also her outfits and hair do's really rocked in the video!)

Being in love.
When you're in love, most songs sing about her perfect and wonderful everything is all of the time. "True Love" manages to capture what being in a real, long term relationship is really like- and it's not all sunshine and smiles! Pink manages to express what it's like to fight with your partner but still adore them, and I could relate to the lyrics exactly. 

When life messes up.
Sometimes, everything in life messes up quite royally but you have to get on with it like everything is okay! "So What" cheers us up about this, reminding us that we are still fabulous even when everything is going wrong. I have had several moments where I have been pretending that everything is fine but actually my hair may as well be blowing up like hers in the video and I'm having a break down. Such larks. 

So thank you, Pink. You're a fashion icon and lyrical genius who has helped me through almost every aspect of my life since I was seven years old. I hope you continue to guide me through the up's and down's of my life for the foreseeable future. 

Are there any people who have influenced you throughout your life? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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