6 reasons Valentine's day DOESN'T suck for single people!

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It's now officially less than one month until the big day...you know the one. Valentine's Day. It will be my first Valentine's Day as a single lady in a whopping six years. However, I've found that I'm not actually dreading it all that much. Whilst me and my previous partner did observe the day with presents and cards, we never really did anything special, just stayed in, only going out for dinner to celebrate for the first time in five years last year! So I don't feel as though I will be missing out on too much this year. There's also a lot of other reason's that I don't think Valentine's Day sucks for single people and I thought I'd share them with my current singletons to make any people who feel a bit blue get right in the pink again! 

1) You're always alone. Let's be frank now. If you're alone all the other days of the year, Valentine's Day is no different! People buy each other presents and cards and post cute couple photos on their social media pages every day. You're choosing to make Valentine's Day different when in truth, it's an ordinary day for you! Get over it.

2) Cute home ware comes out. I don't know about you, but I have seen some really cute home ware in stores such as Tiger and Wilkinson's. Everything is pink, white, floral and covered in hearts! Best of all, it's pretty cheap on the actual day itself, because no one wants it any more, so you can pick up some gorgeous bargains! I have my eyes on a pink strawberry and cream scented chupa chup candle...

3) Restaurant deals. Restaurants offer special Valentine's menu's which often have great deals and save you lots of money! Grab your girlfriends, or a single male friend (friend zone him gently!) and go and take advantage of the great offers!

4) Chocolate. There is chocolate everywhere, usually on offer or for a discounted price! Go and grab a basket full, get your friends together and have a movie day, binging on all the chocolaty loveliness! 

5) Night's out. Lots of clubs, bars and pubs do social nights on Valentine's Day for singles, so if you want to meet some new people, or maybe a new partner, go along to one! Even if you never see them again, it's something fun to do on Valentine's Day, rather than sitting alone at home, moping!

6) Money. If worst comes to worst, just think about all the money you won't be spending (wasting?) on a significant other this Valentine's Day!

See, Valentine's Day isn't all bad if you're single! It's a holiday to celebrate love, essentially, so you can spend that with anyone- friends, partners or family! And remember...if you sleep for 12 hours of the day, it's just 12 hours of your life out of a whole year. No biggie. 

Love from,
Florence Grace

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