Is feminism dead?

Oh man. I feel like a have a serious case of deja vu.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian released another photo that caused controversy across the web. This time she was not nude, only topless, but still with a black strip covering her nipples, and this time she was not alone either. The photo also featured a topless (and very toned, might I add!) Emily Ratajkowski, a model and actress.

Photo credit: Emily Ratajkowski Twitter

Considering that Kim had a) already done this before and b) was considerably more covered up this time, you think there'd be less outrage about this particular photo. Oh, how silly of me to assume that people would have gotten over the whole "women have breasts" thing.

Piers Morgan had to go and share his thoughts with us, didn't he? Unsurprisingly, they were just as ignorant as before. In fact, I think they were worse than before, because I had managed to ignore him and his comments when the first photo came around. Yesterday though, he genuinely made me angry. Here's some of the things he said in regards to the photo:

"RIP Feminism"

"Just a could always try wearing a little dignity?"

"Classy ladies. Real classy"

"If women genuinely think this photo advocates women's rights & equality, then feminism as it was intended is dead".

yosub  kim kardashian keeping up with the kardashians kuwtk jenner

Oh Piers. Piers, Piers, Piers.

You are, unsurprisingly, missing the God damn point.

Why does this photo advocate women's rights and equality? Because men can upload naked/topless selfies online with no repercussions- why shouldn't women? If women can't, there's no equality in this particular situation. Women should be able to show off their bodies how they like, just like men can- that's what Kim and Emily are doing, and that's equality.

I'm not sure what it was about the photo that upset Piers, and many others, so much. Was it the appearance of Kim Kardashian and Emily's breasts? Which were, I hasten to add, covered quite considerably considering it was a topless photo. Was it the fact that they're "flipping everyone off" in the photo? Because I took that as a "fuck you, we can do what we want" and I loved it. Or was it because they are women doing what they want after people tried to tear Kim down the first time and she is strong enough to fight back?

Because I feel like that's the real problem here. After the abuse people gave Kim for the previous photo (you can read more about it in my previous post here) they probably hoped she had learnt her lesson and wouldn't do something so "offensive" again. And yet here she is, just a few weeks later, doing almost exactly the same thing again...people like Piers can't believe they didn't manage to quash her the first time around.

And then there's people like me, and all the other feminists in the world who see the photo for what it really is and take to social media to scream "Go girls! You rock!"

Because they do rock! They don't give two shits what people think about them, they love their bodies and they are embracing that. Hell yeah, if I had a body like Kim or Emily I'd want to be showing it off all of the time! They look great, they love themselves...they're essentially doing the same as any toned, hot, male celebrity who posts a topless photo (cough Justin Bieber Zac Efron Channing Tatum cough). The fact that people see these as two different things is the reason this is a problem of equality.

Not a day goes by where I don't see a shaving ad or an aftershave ad where there's a topless guy- or sometimes a guy wearing nothing but pants- selling a product, for everyone to see, including children. Do I take to social media to tell him what a "tacky", "classy" person he is, the way Piers and many others have done to Kim, and now Emily too? Do I mock the person they are, insult what kind of parent they must be? No, I do not. So why do people do it for women?

kim kardashian keeping up with the kardashians single really kim kardashain west

Feminism is about the equality of the sexes, yes. Which means it should be okay for women to post photos of their body as they please, the way it's okay for men to post photo's of themselves as they please. But feminism is also about choice, and the fact that some women, including Kim, are fortunate enough to make their own choices in life- something many women don't have the privilege of being able to do.  Kim and Emily's photo represents a woman's choice to be able to do what she want's without having to answer to a man. A woman's choice to be who she wants to be, regardless of what other people want her to be. A woman's choice to be in control of her own body.

The sad fact of the matter here is that Kim and Emily still covered their nipples in this photo- something men don't have to do. Despite their standing up for posting photo's of their bodies, they still knew they had to cover their nipples to make it acceptable, to make it a photo that Twitter and Instagram wouldn't remove for being inappropriate.

Yet how many male's post photos that include their nipples?

The answer is a lot.

As I've said before, nudity isn't for everyone, and to post a nude or topless photo of yourself, as a woman, in today's highly patriarchal society, is definitely a bold move to make. Yet if a woman is comfortable enough to post a "provocative" photo such as Kim has done, and Emily has now done too, they should not be dragged for it. Thanks to feminism, (and the work of Emmeline, you'll be pleased to note Piers!), both of these women are in their dream careers, not stuck at home raising a family and not being able to work (although there's nothing wrong with no working to raise a family- as long as that's your choice, not someone else's!). Thanks to feminism, Kim and Emily are both independent women who can do what they like without having to answer to a man. Thanks to feminism, Kim and Emily can openly love their bodies however they choose to. Thanks to feminsim, Kim and Emily have the freedom to make choices. Feminism is indeed about equality, Piers, and thanks to equality it has given women so many more options in life- some of which Kim and Emily have definitely taken advantage of.

Piers, if you think this photo proves that feminism is dead, you are wrong. So, so wrong. This photo proves that feminism is alive and well, for some women anyway, and that women are growing stronger and more proud of themselves and their bodies every single day. It is not the photo that screams "RIP Feminism" but rather the reaction to the photo from the likes of you- being nasty about women, trying to prevent women from loving themselves and trying to tear them down for them being independent and confident enough to do as they please.

There is nothing disgusting or embarrassing about a mans body. There is nothing disgusting or embarrassing about a woman's body. If seeing the tummy and the tops of a woman's breast in a photo makes you feel uncomfortable, that is a problem for you to deal with, not women. As Emily so wonderfully put:

"However sexual our bodies may be, we need to have the freedom as women to choose when and how we express our sexuality"

Piers, take note. Feminism is alive more than it is dead. Women will fight back against oppression as much as they can, myself included. And a man stuck in his old fashioned ways is not going to hold us back.

Equality for the sexes always- ALWAYS.

Love from,
Florence Grace

P.S. The next time a male posts a topless selfie, I hope that you will tell them how tacky they are. Because that's only fair, right?

Or you could just get over it, deal with the fact that both men and women can show off their bodies and move on to a more interesting story.

My favourite Disney villains

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We always hear about Disney princes and princess' they'd look as pin up models, how they'd look in modern day and so on and so on. We rarely hear about the Disney Villain's- and yet they're some of the best characters! There wouldn't even be a story without them, they deserve more credit than they're given! Here's a list of my favourite Disney Villain's and why I think they're awesome.

1) Maleficent.

Maleficent is my all time favourite. It could be how regal she is, it could be because she's from my favourite Disney princess story and it could also be because the re told story featuring Angelina Jolie was so magnificent and emotional that I fell in love with the character even more! I even dressed as her for the Disney fancy dress on my final day of school... 

2) Mother Gothel.

She isn't that evil in comparison with other villains- yes she did kidnap a child, but she raised her to be a polite, educated young lady, fed her and looked after her. Come on, there's worse things she could have done. However, it's the sassyness of her's that I love- she is absolutely hilarious! And the way she dies is pretty humorous to tell you the truth...she finds herself so ugly she covers her face and falls out of a window. Come on!

disney tangled rapunzel blah blah blah

3) Hades.

Another villain full of sass, Hades has me cracking up all the way through the film rather than cowering away from the screen or crying at their blatant betrayal (cough Scar cough). His frustration at his useless henchmen, his failed plans to kill Hercules, his anger issues and cynicism throughout the movie and his irritation with everyone and everything around him is just brilliant. 

disney hercules hades

4) Yzma.

From her appalling eyelashes, to her bug like physique, her crazy plans and her exasperation at her sidekick Kronk's stupidity, I actually really feel like me and Yzma would get along really well. All we want is to rule an empire- is that too much to ask? 

5) Edgar Balthazar. 

Edgar, Edgar, Edgar. So concerned about inheriting money from the woman he works for he feels threatened by a group of cats- three of which are kittens. Just wow. His 'evil' antics which result in him being shipped off to Timbuktu are hilarious- essentially this film is about a man that three kittens manage to get the better of. Major lols. 

I know none of these are particularly scary, but that's another list for another day! Who are your favourite Disney villains and why? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Make Up Revolution Mega Haul!


If you're new here, you probably won't know how much I love the company Make Up Revolution. Like, seriously. I'm addicted, making about one order a week, sometimes more if they bring out new products. I attended their second birthday party at the beginning of the month and was exposed to even more products- so since then, I have made several purchases, all of which I thought I'd share with you in a little haul post today! 

Make Up Revolution are seriously the best brand of make up around. Their products are cruelty free, prices start from just £1 (yes, really!), their packaging is as creative as their products and the quality is as good as Mac make up, if not better! If you don't believe me, you're just going to have to place an order of your own to find out, aren't you! Here's what I've been buying recently- maybe you'll choose to give these a go too in order to get your collection started! 


Technically I did not purchase this brush- it was a gift in the goody bag from the birthday party! However it is something I had on my 'to buy' list! This is the Ultra Metals Ultra Flawless Powder Brush. Obviously, the rose gold handle is enough to appeal to me but I can't get over how god damn soft the brush itself feels absolutely heavenly to brush over your skin! (£9.99)

The I <3 Makeup range is a branch underneath Make Up Revolution and is equally as good. The Mini Gem Brush Set comes in three different colours- Pink, for Pink Diamonds, purple for Unicorns and green for Mermaids. Obviously, me being me, I chose the pink set! They're the perfect size to just pop in your handbag on a night out and the brushes are as soft as the full size Make Up Revolution ones. (£5.00- but currently on sale for £3.00 so go, go, go!)

Again, this is something that came in the goody bag from the party, but the Anti Bacterial Brush Cleaner is literally essential- especially for me since I have started make up brushes more! It's a nifty little spray that sterilizes and disinfects. It works well with the shampoo too, so I've been told, so I am looking to purchase this next! (£5.00)


I'm not normally a concealer girl- fortunately my bad skin days are mostly behind me, so I usually just need a light coat of foundation. However, this concealer is really handy for the shadows under my eyes, and it's lipstick style shape makes it super easy to apply really quickly- it also makes it a handy tool to have in a clutch bag on a night out! (£1.00)

I bought one of these 30ml bottles of foundation on a whim shortly after I first discovered Make Up Revolution in February 2015. Now, in March 2016 there is still some left!! I hardly cake foundation on but I do use it almost every day and so I am so surprised. However, I treated myself to a new one so that I'm not using year-old foundation. This foundation sits nice and lightly on your face, it doesn't look too cakey or clogged up and- obviously- lasts a long time, so is totally worth the buy! (£3.00 but currently on sale for £1.50!)

The Ultra Strobe Cream is one of Make Up Revolutions new product launches and man is it amazing! You can apply this in two ways, either as a standard highlighter across your cheeks or as a base coat before foundation, covering your whole face- and this is my preferred use! It makes your skin look naturally dewy with a healthy shimmer and glow! I absolutely love it- it also smells great and the packaging is beautiful too! (£8.00)

Another new product launch was the shimmer bricks, available in Rose Gold and Radiance. I never bothered with anything on my face other than foundation before- now, I love using these shimmer bricks to add some bronze, sun kissed style sparkle to my cheeks. (£3.00 each)

Yet another new release (they happen on almost a weekly basis!) was this blush palette, along with a variety of others. I selected Blush Queen because- well, look at those shades. Do I really need to justify that decision? I don't even use blush...but this palette has persuaded me to give it a try. (£6.00)


The Rose Gold lipsticks were highly sought after- especially 'Chauffeur' which went out of stock in minutes. Luckily, I was able to grab this the second time around, whilst 'Private Members Club' was an item in the goody bag from the party! The colours are really quite pigmented, application is smooth and the colour lasts for a good few hours- mine only rubbed off as I had a drink. And those rose gold cases, well, they're pretty damn gorgeous right? I'm after 'Girls Best Friend' next! (£3.00)

The Lip Amplification glosses are another new release, and I am excited to try it out! (Mine arrived today). This shade is 'High Voltage' and is a nice bright pink! There is an intriguing grey shade that I wanted to try but wasn't quite sure about... (£3.00)


I actually bought this palette by accident! I hadn't realised I had put it in my basket but I did- and I'm so glad I did, because the colours are just gorgeous. This is the Redemption Palette Iconic 1 and is a variety of shimmers and mattes, perfect for taking you from day to night! (£4.00)

This palette was in the party goody bag and is the Freedom Make Up (another branch of Make Up Revolution) Pro Artist Pad in Black Arts- and it looks exactly like an iPad which I love! It's lightweight and tactile and has such a great range of shades for creating several smoky eyed looks. I really like the look of the 'Pink Studio To Go' kit so that may be next on my list! (£15.00 but currently on sale for £10.00!)

Ah, this palette. This palette. I was shown a sneak preview of this at the party, and the second it was released on the website, I clicked order. It is of course the British Beauty Blogger palette 'Fortune Favours The Brave'- a perfect collaboration in my eyes! She put so much hard work into this palette and Make Up Revolution really helped her to deliver! The colours are divine and so pigmented, I can't fault it at all. (£9.99)

Again, from the I <3 Make Up branch, this palette is everything. I love the chocolate palettes and have previously bought my mum the 'Death by Chocolate' palette and myself the 'Pink Fizz' palette. When using mine, I noticed the eyeshadow smelt particularly lush, and at the birthday party I was informed that no, I wasn't going crazy, these palettes were made to smell like chocolate! Amazing. When I saw they were releasing a new, dark and smoky palette I had to purchase it...and so 'Chocolate Vice' became mine! (£7.99)

There you have it! Quite a hefty Make Up Revolution haul! I'm not ashamed to say that there are four lip balms I didn't include because they're a little bland to write about (the Loveheart lip balms in both flavours if you're interested) and have another order on it's way to me, despite receiving one just today...oops. I love the brand okay! Oh, and I promise this isn't a sponsored post in any way either! I just genuinely adore the brand and want to share how great they are with everyone! (And I also love you can pay via Paypal and delay payments for two weeks...)

Have you shopped MUR before? What are your favourite products? If you haven't, have I tempted you to buy anything now? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace

Like this? Why not try... HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAKE UP REVOLUTION | MUR Mini Haul!

Summer bedroom makeover!


Despite yesterday/last night's storm, the last couple of days have been super sunny and...dare I say it...warm! It got me feeling all of those summer feels...and so I went to Primark and decided to give my room a summer make over, raiding the home section like a crazed woman.Today I cleared out all of the pastel-y, floral-y, girly bits and pieces, put them to storage and replaced them with bright, tropical, summery bits! Now, even when it rains, I'll feel all the summer vibes

This post will be a little photo heavy, but I thought I'd share with you all of the bits I got and what they look like- I will try to put in prices where I can!

DUVET COVER- Primark, £9.

CUSHIONS- Primark, varying from £1-£8.

This giant cushion was the first thing I spotted- everything was built around this because I loved it so much!

THROW- Primark, can't remember the price!

The perfect way to conceal my sisters Justin Bieber duvet cover!

BRIC A BRAC- Primark and New Look, ranging from £1- £12.

I love pots and use them for everything- these bright coloured, plastic tumblers made excellent new pots in place of my girly, pastel ones!

This mint light looks gorgeous when turned on, and hangs nicely above my sisters bed with the turquoise throw!

So there you have it, my summer bedroom make over! When I've properly dusted and hoovered I shall try to get a panorama shot to show it off better! What do you think? Do you love these summery products or hate them? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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