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Is feminism dead?

Oh man. I feel like a have a serious case of deja vu.

Yesterday, Kim Kardashian released another photo that caused controversy across the web. This time she was not nude, only topless, but still with a black strip covering her nipples, and this time she was not alone either. The photo also featured a topless (and very toned, might I add!) Emily Ratajkowski, a model and actress.

Considering that Kim had a) already done this before and b) was considerably more covered up this time, you think there'd be less outrage about this particular photo. Oh, how silly of me to assume that people would have gotten over the whole "women have breasts" thing.

Piers Morgan had to go and share his thoughts with us, didn't he? Unsurprisingly, they were just as ignorant as before. In fact, I think they were worse than before, because I had managed to ignore him and his comments when the first photo came around. Yesterday though, he genuinely made me angry. Here's some of the things h…

My favourite Disney villains

We always hear about Disney princes and princess' they'd look as pin up models, how they'd look in modern day and so on and so on. We rarely hear about the Disney Villain's- and yet they're some of the best characters! There wouldn't even be a story without them, they deserve more credit than they're given! Here's a list of my favourite Disney Villain's and why I think they're awesome.
1) Maleficent.
Maleficent is my all time favourite. It could be how regal she is, it could be because she's from my favourite Disney princess story and it could also be because the re told story featuring Angelina Jolie was so magnificent and emotional that I fell in love with the character even more! I even dressed as her for the Disney fancy dress on my final day of school... 

2) Mother Gothel.

She isn't that evil in comparison with other villains- yes she did kidnap a child, but she raised her to be a polite, educated young lady, fed her and looke…

Make Up Revolution Mega Haul!

If you're new here, you probably won't know how much I love the company Make Up Revolution. Like, seriously. I'm addicted, making about one order a week, sometimes more if they bring out new products. I attended their second birthday party at the beginning of the month and was exposed to even more products- so since then, I have made several purchases, all of which I thought I'd share with you in a little haul post today! 
Make Up Revolution are seriously the best brand of make up around. Their products are cruelty free, prices start from just £1 (yes, really!), their packaging is as creative as their products and the quality is as good as Mac make up, if not better! If you don't believe me, you're just going to have to place an order of your own to find out, aren't you! Here's what I've been buying recently- maybe you'll choose to give these a go too in order to get your collection started! 


Technically I did not purchase this brush- i…

Summer bedroom makeover!

Despite yesterday/last night's storm, the last couple of days have been super sunny and...dare I say it...warm! It got me feeling all of those summer feels...and so I went to Primark and decided to give my room a summer make over, raiding the home section like a crazed woman.Today I cleared out all of the pastel-y, floral-y, girly bits and pieces, put them to storage and replaced them with bright, tropical, summery bits! Now, even when it rains, I'll feel all the summer vibes. 
This post will be a little photo heavy, but I thought I'd share with you all of the bits I got and what they look like- I will try to put in prices where I can!
DUVET COVER- Primark, £9.

CUSHIONS- Primark, varying from £1-£8.

THROW- Primark, can't remember the price!

BRIC A BRAC- Primark and New Look, ranging from £1- £12.