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Recently, I bought the 2015 film "The Intern", starring Robert de Niro and Anne Hathaway. The film looked funny in the adverts and I love both Hathaway and de Niro so had a good feeling about it. 

I was right to have a good feeling- it is a truly brilliant film! I cried all the way through purely down to the sweetness of Robert de Niro in his old age, but also at the great story line. Without giving away too much, Anne Hathaway plays a very ambitious career woman who owns her own massively successful internet company- a total girl boss. Rife with feminist themes, the film portrays Anne's character as one that I could definitely relate to. Throughout the film there were some lines that really meant something to me- I wanted to share some of those with you guys in order to provide you with inspiration yourselves! 

"It's 2015, are we really still critical of working mums, still?"

anne hathaway the intern hathawayedit

"Apparently selling clothes makes us a chick site"

anne hathaway the intern

"You're never wrong to do the right thing"

anne hathaway the intern

"Girls went to women and men went to boys"

anne hathaway the intern hathawayedit

"She's a total badass...guess that's how she became an internet sensation"

"You should be proud of her...breaking the glass ceilings of the tech world"

movie my edit anne hathaway robert de niro the intern

"The successful wife and the husband feels like his manhood is threatened"

movie my edit anne hathaway robert de niro the intern

"You should be able to have a huge career and be who you are without having to accept that your husband is having an affair as some kind of pay back"

movie my edit anne hathaway robert de niro the intern

"It's the dream isn't it? And you're going to give that up in the hopes that your husband will stop having an affair? I don't see how that adds up"

anne hathaway the intern

Have you seen 'The Intern'? Did you love the strong feminist themes, and did you find it inspiring? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


"Curvy girls are just fat girls in denial"


Today I saw a shocking statement on facebook. If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me airing my brief thoughts on the topic earlier on today. (Link to original post can be found here due to authors request: HERE) To cut a long story short, the statement can be summarised with this one line...

Curvy girls are just fat girls in denial. 

eating rhoa tea real housewives of atlanta eye roll

Now, its not secret that I am currently on a weight loss regime and have had, and still do have, many issues with my body image and accepting my size. I don't think I am what people would call 'fat', I'm five foot six and wear a size 10/12 in most clothes. I have wide hips, a big bum and a large chest area, and for that reason, most people describe me as curvy. Never once have I been called 'fat', at least not to my face, and yet apparently that's what I am- a fat person in denial. 

Now I'm not about to sit here and lecture people on what weight/shape/size is defined as 'fat', if any. That's not important. The important part is the fact that people still feel that they can comment on people's weight, shape and size in a negative way and feel like that is an okay thing to do! 

Spoiler alert: it's not. 

Regardless of whether someone is fat, thin, curvy, thick, slender, tiny, chubby, whatever adjective you want to use, it really is none of your God damn business- unless you see a genuine threat to their health, you really should just keep your nose out of it! You definitely shouldn't be making nasty comments about it! 

When I think of curvy women, I think of celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, Amber Rose...yet I know, as well as everyone in else in the world, that these ladies are as far from 'fat' as could be. There is definitely a difference between societies definition for 'curvy' and 'fat' so I'd love to know just how it is that a curvy girl is a fat girl in denial? 

reaction cute girl smile reactions

But again. It's no one's business. As long as you are happy and healthy in your own body, why are you bothering about what anyone else looks like? Furthermore, why are you commenting on people's body shapes via social media in a negative way? It actually just comes across as bullying, and makes you look pretty insecure in your own skin too. 

'Skinny', 'curvy' and 'fat' are three very different things in this society, so curvy girls definitely aren't fat girls in denial- that is such a horrible thing to say. However, with that in mind, it's hard to fit people into those three categories when everyone has such a unique body shape- no one looks the same! 

Stop hating on people and trying to bring them down...focus on your own body and your own happiness. Or is that a bit difficult because you might just be a bully in denial? 

I'm a curvy girl. I love food and I occasionally eat too much of it. I am in denial about nothing.

Love from,
Florence Grace


Beyonce could...

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"Beyonce could throw Blue Ivy in the sea and the Beyhive would be like YASSSSS THROW THAT LIL BITCH"

"Beyonce could kill Jay and have all these chicks killing their men too"

"Beyonce could nuke a country and the world would be like YES B"

Sigh. These statements themselves are far from funny- in fact, the failed attempt at humour is the funniest part of them. In case you aren't clued up on the situation, these statements come around as a series of meme's every time Beyonce does something amazing totally out of the blue that gets the world talking- for example, when she dropped Lemonade. 

Now people who share these kinds of memes and jokes are right in the fact that Beyonce has a huge amount of support no matter what she does, and she certainly does set her fans of into a mad frenzy, creating a world wide movement of mass hysteria every time. However, the people who share these meme's forget one teeny, tiny detail...

Everything Beyonce does is amazing.

beyonce lemonade beyonce lemonade i aint sorry

I'm not just saying that as a proud Beyhive member. I genuinely mean it. She is the definition of a girl boss, an independent woman making money all by her damn self, relying on no one, raising an equally as strong baby girl. She is an incredible example to young women all over the world- she certainly inspires me! When people say "think of an inspiring woman", Beyonce always comes to mind because of everything that she does!

In her previous album, 'BEYONCE', we saw her embracing the topic of feminism, particularly in the song 'Flawless', sharing the importance of it, and how it is something that needs to be taught to boys as well as girls, how it means something to boys and girls and how it affects women in society every single day. Furthermore it reminded people of the true definition of feminism- no, it doesn't mean hating all men, refusing to shave and not wanting to cook (although all of those are fine if that's what you choose to do). Feminism is about equality for men and women, simple as, and this is what Beyonce tries to remind people of. 

In her new ablbum, 'LEMONADE', we see her taking on the more serious issues of police brutality in the US and racism, quoting Malcolm X, using several strong black female figures in her visuals for the album and singing right from the heart about how these issues have reflected on her life personally. She also features the poetry of a black female poet, Warsan Shire- again, bringing in themes of feminism in addition to racial issues. 

Albums prior to this have seen her embracing being single (All the Single Ladies!), being independent whether you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or not (Grown Woman), being comfortable in your own skin (Pretty Hurts) and making your own money (Diva). She has covered so many major issues that women deal with every single day and in such creative and poignant ways- how could the world not adore her?

On top of this, she has built an empire for herself, starting from almost nothing, married a rich man but kept her own steady stream of finances, keeps her personal life hidden from the public eye...she is incredible.

Yes, Beyonce could do a variety of things and the fan base would follow, but the world forgets that everything Beyonce does only leads to a greater good. There's no nuking countries or throwing babies here; only talent, education and love.

What do you think?

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Feeling disappointed

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Today I've been super busy, hence the lateness of today's post! Rather than try to make a good post for you when I am super tired, I thought I'd just give you a chatty update about what's been going on with me. Well, I have two damn words for you, pals:

Google Analytic's.

Seriously, what is up with that. Kindly, my blogger friend Fiona set it up for me today (at long last, it's only been nearly two years since I started my blog! I highly recommend her for all blog related services) and I have been left feeling absolutely crushed at the statistics I have seen. Today, Google Blogger told me I hit 81,000 page views on my blog, and I couldn't have been happier- I wanted to hit 100,000 for my blogs second birthday and now this seemed in reach! 

And then GA decided to slap me in the face, showing me that my apparent actual page views are not even half of that. Not even half. Not even a quarter. 

It also told me that most of my readers are from the US and China, with only a tiny portion being from the UK! Does this mean all of my UK friends, family and blogging friends have been lying when they say they've been reading my blog? I don't know any American's or Chinese people! 

Furthermore, apparently the average time spent on my blog is 20 seconds! That's not nearly long enough to read one of my lengthy blog posts, so what the heck is going on?

I couldn't feel more crushed by the statistics of GA- unless I'm understanding them all wrong? Please someone help me feel a little bit better about these super lame numbers! :(

Love from,
Florence Grace


Films with the best soundtracks!

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A lot of films are only half as successful as they are because of their epic sound tracks. Some films are absolutely awful and are saved entirely by the fact that they have a good sound track. At the end of the day, music is everything. Here is a list of films that I think have the best soundtrack!

Pulp Fiction.

dancing pulp fiction uma thurman mia wallace

My personal favourite: Let's Stay Together: Al Green.

The Breakfast Club.

film 80s the breakfast club molly ringwald john hughes

My personal favourite: Don't You (Forget About Me)- Simple Minds.

The Great Gatsby.

My personal favourite: Young and Beautiful- Lana del Ray.


beyonce lemonade beyonce lemonade

My personal favourite: Hold Up/Sorry/Don't Hurt Yourself/All Night- Beyonce.


My personal favourite: Stronger Than Me- Amy Winehouse

Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. 

perfect aaron johnson 2008 angus snogging

My personal favourite: In the Morning- The Coral/ Young Folk- Peter, Bjorn and John


film ellen page michael cera jason bateman juno

My personal favourite: Anyone Else But You- Moldy Peaches

Guardians of the Galaxy.

movies trailer guardians of the galaxy

My personal favourite: Come and get your Love- Redbone

Which films do you think have the best sound tracks? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace



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Of course you knew it was coming- a blog post on my one true love, Beyonce, and her visual album 'Lemonade'. I had basically watched it on launch day via people's streams of tweets but unfortunately, without HBO, I couldn't really I wanted to wait until I'd experienced it in all of it's glory before writing about it for you guys. Well. I have one word for you all.


That is literally all that I can say. We moaned at Beyonce via social media, we complained about the fact she was taking her sweet time to bring out more music for us, but I can absolutely forgive her now because the wait was 100% worth it. It is an absolute masterpiece from the lyrics, to the melodies, the political messages, the strong story line running throughout the visuals that tie the songs together...I just physically can't put into words how incredible it is. 

Beyonce touches on some hugely important issues surrounding police brutality and racism, particularly racism surrounding black women, in both the film and the songs she has written. The video features the mothers of several black young men who were killed in police brutality incidents, cradling photo's of their dead sons. The visual is stunning, moving, emotional and heartbreaking and it absolutely speaks volumes. Of course, Piers Morgan had to have his say, accusing Beyonce of featuring these mothers in order to sell albums. He has neglected to see that in actual fact she has used her position of power to highlight a very current and very real issue that the world seems to be trying to deny even exists. In addition to that, does he even know who Beyonce is? She doesn't need to use any kind of emotional blackmail to sell albums...she does that just by being Beyonce. But it's Piers Morgan after all, what could you expect?

Of course I can't neglect to discuss the topic of relationships. Beyonce sings some simultaneously ambiguous yet obvious lyrics. Obvious because they imply that someone has been cheated on, someone has had their heart broken. Ambiguous because it isn't 100% clear if she's singing on behalf of her mother about her father, on behalf of herself about her husband, Jay-Z, or both. Whichever it is, it doesn't matter- it had me weeping regardless. You could hear the raw edge in her voice, the pain was evident and very real for her, and she was re opening that wound to share her experiences with the world, with her fans; us. 

I never buy music- I either listen on Spotify or YouTube (and might occasionally download it illegally oops). But I paid £13.99 for Beyonce's new album, the film included, and I don't regret a penny. I think everyone should head over to to iTunes RIGHT NOW to buy it and experience this story, this journey, this movement that Beyonce has taken her time to share with the world. 'Lemonade' has exposed us to an entirely new side of Bey, one that we definitely haven't seen before...a woman who is angry about her relationship, about her father, about the racial discrimination black people face every single day. We see her exuding violence, passion, jealousy, rage, and above all else, love.

I adore Beyonce and now I admire her and am inspired by her more than ever before. I can't wait to see her in concert in July and I know I am truly blessed to be able to be in the presence of such an incredible artist. 

Have you listened to/watched 'Lemonade'? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


We are family!

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Everyone knows I'm a firm feminist- I don't exactly keep my views on the subject of gender equality secret! I'm very open about it. I have also been open about the fact that my mum and one of my sisters don't necessarily choose to identify with the label 'feminist', and how that's often hard for me. 

However, today my mum launched her personal trainer business and a friend tweeted me to congratulate my mum and said "a family of hard working, enterprising women". And I suddenly realised that whilst I'm not necessarily surrounded by women who label themselves feminists, I am definitely surrounded by women who take the opportunities they've been provided thanks to feminism and have begun to pave the way for brilliant futures. 

My parents split up when I was 15 (wow that long ago already?!) and since then I have lived in a house with four women, myself, my mum and two sisters now aged 18 and 13. In the last five years all three of these women have inspired me and, I realise, moulded me into the strong, feisty, stubborn, ambitious and determined woman that I am today. In the last five years my mum has gone from being a size 16 to a size 6, even fitting in my youngest sisters clothing sometimes! She did this all off of her own back, eating less and moving more, working out every day. She loved working out so much that she decided to become a personal trainer in order to help others, which has meant studying whilst working a full time job and running the family home every day too. Now she's a qualified PT who has set up her own business, and I just think that that is absolutely amazing. It proves that it's never too late to give up on your dreams, and if you work hard enough, you can achieve anything.

My younger sister (18) has inspired me with her attitude towards life. She goes with the flow, is so chilled out about everything, knows exactly what she wants and gets it too, is not afraid to be her own person and has pretty much 0 stress in life. She doesn't know exactly what she want's to do with her life and she's made some mistakes, but haven't we all? Every time I hear myself sassing someone, I know that some of that influence has come from her own attitude. 

My youngest sister (13) is a minx. She is is so gobby (much to the disappointment of my mum) following in the steps of me and my other sister but more so. However, she is ambitious, creative, a dreamer and incredibly smart. She is predicted a full set of A*'s for her GCSE's and she wants to be a tattoo artist- with her back up job being a scientist. She wants to work with endangered animals such as dolphins and pandas, she wants to make her own perfumes, she wants to travel the world whilst she works and she wants to adopt children instead of having her own. She's so full of ideas and so full of love and this never fails to inspire me either. 

I am so lucky to have grown up around such inspirational women, and I hope that I act as a source of inspiration for them too. I think I definitely would have grown up differently if I'd had a brother or if I'd lived full time with my dad for the majority of my teenage years, but I'm happy with how I've turned out- and I'm still growing as a person, changing all of the time! As long as I stay a strong, independent woman however, I don't mind how I turn out.

Have you grown up around strong, independent women, family or not? Let me know in the comments below, and how this has impacted upon you! 

Love from,
Florence Grace

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I'm going to be a princess!


Today I received some very exciting news...

I'm going to be a princess!

Okay, okay, it's only going to be for a day but still- how exciting? 

Basically a few weeks ago, I heard my town was putting on it's first ever 'proper' May Fair and were looking for a May Queen. Straight away I applied, because a) I am a queen and deserve to have the official title and b) I wanted to wear a crown. Lols. Anyway, a few weeks passed and I heard nothing until this morning! 

The judges emailed me to explain that they had selected a young woman with learning disabilities to be the May Queen but that there had been a unanimous decision that she should have two princesses by her side to accompany her and assist her with royal duties on the day. They wanted one of these princesses to be me- and so of course, I accepted! 

I get a floral bracelet made of real flowers that will co ordinate with the colour of my dress (pink, of course) and will be driven to the event in a black and pink car. The May Queen will make a speech and then together we will officially open the fair! 

I know it might sound a little childish but I am literally so excited! Finally I will be recognised for the royalty I have always known that I am (just kidding). I've also never really been to a traditional May Fair so that will be exciting too!

The best part of the day will probably be explaining to people why I was chosen as the May Princess...and this is something I thought I'd share with you! My application spoke all about my views on feminism, gender equality and being a strong, independent young woman- this is all something I am hoping to share with the people at the event next week! 

I promise to be a good blogger and take billions of photos to share with you all after the event! I am just so excited! Do you have any plans for the bank holiday weekend? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace


WATCH OUT it's a snake!


Snakes. They are everywhere

I'm not talking the kind of snake with scales that eat deers whole- that would be pretty terrifying. No, I'm talking about the kind of snake disguised as your best friend, your pal- and to me, they're even more scary than a real snake. 

If you still don't get what I mean, I'm taking about people with two faces- three, four, five faces! Recently I have been surrounded by such snaky people and to be honest with you all, I am sick of it. 

Is it really that hard to be a genuine person with everyone that you meet? 

I am a very genuine and honest person. If I don't like you, believe me, you will know about it! I will be courteous if I have to be for whatever reasons, but if I don't have to acknowledge you, I won't. You aren't someone I like or want to be in my life so I won't pretend that you're a part of mine. I will just act as though you don't exist.  

Now, that doesn't mean I don't moan about my friends from time to time. You know, to Alec or Ricarda I'll whine about "why is BJ always late!" or I'll say to my sister "Bobbie has edited the photo so she looks great and I look like a potato" but do you know what? It's nothing I wouldn't say to their faces, and that's the difference between myself and a snake. You could ask them right now and all of them- especially BJ!- would tell you how upfront and brutally honest I am with them about how I'm feeling towards them. If I'm peed off, you'll know. If I'm happy with you, you'll know. I just don't understand why you'd pretend to like someone and then stab them in the back the next- is this something people genuinely enjoy? 

Let me give you an example of major snakyness. We'll use four girls, Amy, Beth, Cathy and Dolly. Amy and Dolly don't get along. Cathy tells Amy she too dislikes Dolly and Beth remains impartial- she has no feelings towards Dolly but occasionally enjoys a joke at her expense. Occasionally, Cathy will engage in a "bitching" session about Dolly with Amy- always instigating it. Sometimes Beth will join in but mostly she just listens, not saying anything about anyone. And then one day, Amy notices that Cathy and Dolly are hanging out together, chatting, laughing, getting along. Cathy starts acting shady towards Amy and Amy doesn't understand why. A short while later, Cathy is being friendly with Amy again and back to slagging off Dolly. This cycle continues to repeat itself. 

I mean, that is harsh, right? Why would anyone do that ever? Unfortunately Amy, Beth, Cathy and Dolly are an accurate representation of most girls in friendship groups nowadays and it's really quite disturbing. If you don't like someone, you don't like them. If you do like them, great. But what could you ever gain from pretending to like different people depending on who you're currently hanging out with? It makes you seem fake and no one will trust you with anything! Why would you want that? It's quite a psychotic way to live your life, constantly pretending to be a person that you aren't, altering your personalities around different people in order to be liked by whomever you are's just totally bizarre.

I don't consider myself to be a 'snake' and I don't see that I ever will be one either...and now, I think it's about time I released the snakes in my life back in to the wild! All they bring is drama, nastiness and negativity, and ain't nobody got time for that!

Do you know a snake? How have you dealt with a situation like the one above? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Love from... magazine: The Relaunch!


You may or may not know by now that I run my own magazine, Love from... . Its a lifestyle magazine funded solely by myself. I have an incredible team of writers, most of whom are bloggers who work full time, are studying, have families etc. and still find the time to write for me on a voluntary basis. I don't profit from the magazine in any way, shape or form- but it's not about that for me anyway! It's just about being able to do what I love, all of the time! 

Recently, I'v been stuck in a bit of a rut with the magazine, struggling to find advertisers or to grow the readership to an even larger number. I've had several rants to several people, several ideas, some great and some awful, and now I have come to one conclusion; 

It is time for the relaunch. 

On June 1st not only will we be releasing the fifth issue of the magazine, but it will also be the magazine's first birthday! So with a new year is going to come a new start. Have no fear, we will still be about pink and pretty, but we are going to do some things differently. So, what will change?

- The magazine will be free. I am not sure how I'm going to go about this one, it's definitely going to be hard on me to begin with but I am hoping to generate enough money via advertising that I will be able to run the magazine for free. If you can find content by the same writers online for free, why would you pay for a magazine? Also, the magazine is meant to be a source of inspiration to people all over the globe- and inspiration should be free! 

- There is a small price to pay... The magazine will be free, yes. However if you choose to subscribe to the magazine for a year, there will be a teeny tiny cost of just £2 to cover your postage for the year! (Considering at the moment each issue is sold for £2.50, this is definitely a bargain). 

- There will be a prize draw for subscribers. If you subscribe to the magazine and have to make the payment of £2, we would like to repay you! Everyone who subscribes will be entered into a prize draw of goodies worth £50! This will run between issues (so if June 1st is the launch of the next issue, get subscribing now!)

- There will be freebies. Magazines are always better when they come with teeny tiny gifts, right? So we will be providing said teeny tiny gifts with each issue. 

- Student Ambassador style scheme. We will be starting up a student ambassador style scheme in time for Issue 6 in September, choosing a representative or two for the magazine at a variety of universities and colleges. If this interests you, please email ASAP!

So, what does this leave you to do now? 

It leaves you to pre order a copy of Issue 5, totally free, right here:

And it leaves you to subscribe to the magazine for a year for just £2 and an entry into the prize draw worth £50 right here:

PLEASE NOTE THE PAYMENT OF 0.01 LISTED WILL BE REFUNDED- YOU CAN NOT LIST THINGS FOR FREE ON BIG CARTEL! (If anyone knows a shop online where you can list things for free, or an alternative way to sell products online for free, please let me know!)

I really hope you guys will continue to support me and my magazine in the way that you have done so far- I'd love to grow readership and share my team and I's hard work with a wider audience. Hopefully I have made it more accessible to you all now!

These changes will be coming into effect for the fifth issue, so if you've recently purchased an issue or subscribed a few issues ago, please don't feel ripped off, this is coming into effect as of June 1st! However, if you'd like to discuss a problem, please do get in touch!

If you're interested in purchasing a copy and are having problems, want to get involved with the magazine, want to advertise with the magazine or have any other questions, please email me at or DM me on Twitter!

Love from,
Florence Grace


The emotional roller coaster of an entrepreneur.


 Feeling great. I'm running my own business. I'm my own boss. I'm awesome. Go me.

beyonce flirting hair flip fabulous slay

Damn it's hard being my own boss. So much to do. Let me watch another episode of Gossip Girl first.

90s mtv daria procrastination procrastinating

Yay! Someone has bought something! Money in the bank like ch-ching biatch! I'm so rich right now.

billionbackrecords  money cash make it rain dollar

Ugh my expenses are way more than my profit. Can I claim the money back for excessive wifi usage???

queue reaction s grace helbig too much internet stop using the internet

Why is nothing going right? I should be the next Zuckerburg right now omg.

sad crying nene leakes cell phone

UGH I JUST WANT TO GIVE UP. Give me a job in retail any day of the week.

Mother’s Day angry mad ugh frustrated

Sits in horrible slump for the next week. Because honestly, what's the point? I'm going to end up penniless, homeless and alone. 

movies reactions death depressed sick

OOH something good has happened. Cue positive email, something being bought or some great customer feedback etc. YAY. All is well again.

celebrate unbreakable kimmy schmidt woop woop kimmy schmidt ellie kemper

And repeat. 

Love from,
Florence Grace


The People v. OJ Simpson

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Last night, the final episode of The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story aired. After a thrilling, tense and exciting series made up of ten episodes and an all star cast, I know I was not alone in feeling the disappointment that it was all over. 

Now, obviously we know that OJ got off with a "not guilty", despite having a different result in civil court shortly after. I am totally undecided as to whether he did it or not, but I feel like for most of me thinks that he does. The statistics about his blood samples, the gloves, various other DNA samples and the fact that Robert Kardashian, his best friend, thought he did it just seem to sway it for me. But with all of the evidence that the prosecuting team kept putting forwards to the jury, why did OJ end up being "not guilty"?

Of course there are a number of reasons; it was a case run by people's emotions, rather than by people taking in the cold hard facts. It was a case that turned into a media circus- people seemed to forget that two people had been murdered. It was all about racism in the end. Furthermore, the majority of the jury was black, and so the race card played by the defending "Dream Team" won them over, of course it did. 

But one other factor played on my mind, and it only clicked with me in last night's final episode. 

Was the case affected because Marcia Clark, head prosecuting lawyer, was a woman?

It was like a light bulb going off in my head. Suddenly everything fell into place and it all made sense to me. If, instead of Marcia Clark, a white male had been leading the prosecuting team, would things have gone differently? 

Now, think about every time Marcia appeared in court (this will be easier if you watched the series, or the live trial!). Every time she requested the judge (who was male) didn't do something, didn't grant the defending teams request and so on, she was ignored. She was talked over. She was mocked, for her attitude, her stony features, even her hair do! Both the jury, the public and the men in the courtroom (because yes, she was the only woman!) had no respect for her! They saw her as a joke, and I feel that this played a big role in swaying the jury's opinion. 

It also didn't help that her partner Chris was a man and was black. The black members of the jury didn't like that he was trying to put a member of their community away when he should be on "their side", so this turned them towards the defence. In addition to this, Chris always went against Marcia too- because she was a women?- and this lead to many holes being made in their argument, such as the glove incident. 

It was obvious from the get go that race affected this case above anything else, and the defence team played their cards well. I feel they got extremely lucky and were very good at bluffing their way through things- ultimately they were just opportunists, who took things and twisted them into something that worked for them. However, feminism and sexism really played a huge role in this trial too. Not only did we see all of Nicole's previous domestic abuse cases being lightly dismissed by the police, we saw the abuse of Marcia- and now, upon reflection, we see how little respect she had in court, even from the judge. If she had been a man, had more respect, I feel certain the case would have played out a little differently. 

Did you watch The People v. OJ Simpson, or even the real life trial? What are your thoughts on the case? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Working from home!

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Working from home has it's major advantages- but it's not all sunshine and rainbows! I have a few jobs, so I currently work part time from home, running Love from... magazine and as a freelance journalist, and then I work part time in nurseries and at my local Topshop. I love the balance I have, but sometimes there are days when I wished I worked fully out of the house and days where I wished I worked fully from home, and very often I'm also hit with "you're so lucky getting to work from home!"- so I thought I'd share the pro's and con's of working from home with you! 


- You can have lie in's, it doesn't matter when you wake up and start working because you're your own boss!

- Similarly, you can stay up as late as you like, working through the night if you choose because, again, you have no set time to wake up in the morning.

- You can work from your bed- amazing, right?

- You can cuddle your pets whilst working. 

- You don't have to work with people you don't like.

- You don't have a boss in the same way you have a manager at retail. Yes, someone sends you a brief or something similar but they don't 'boss you around' in the same way. 

- There's no uniform... you can even work in your pyjamas if you like!

- You can use social media and your phone whilst working, even if they are massive distractions. 


- You don't have to start at a set time. This means you can often find yourself procrastinating and then panicking you haven't done all of the work you need to.

- You lose your social life a bit, because you literally just spend your time at home. 

- Headaches. Spending all day every day in front of a screen is not nice for your head, or eyes!

- No boss. This means that there's no one to set you straight when you're getting distracted.

- You don't always make as much money as you would like...freelancing can be a roller coaster in terms of making in comes, there is high moments and dry moments.

- No alarm. You can find yourself sleeping through the day and so losing out on work time.

- You work odd hours...whilst at work you have set shifts, six or eight hours. When working at home, I often find myself working as long as twenty hours a day, which is exhausting! 

So whilst the pro's do slightly outweigh the cons, working from home is mostly pretty fun...but it can be a lot harder than people think, mainly due to procrastination and distractions! Do you work from home, or wish that you did? Let me know if you agree with my pro's and con's in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Getting fit!


Weight loss, body image and feeling comfortable in your own skin is something I blog about pretty regularly. As of April 1st, I began trying a new technique for losing weight and getting fitter. Rather than restricting myself to a strict diet that I knew I would fail at all over again, I set myself something a little more realistic- doing 10,000 steps a day and eating a set amount of calories per day; 1,400 to be exact. If I go over the calories, I have to do more steps, simple as! 

Well, it's been two weeks since I started this regime so I thought that I would update you guys on how it's going. I have quite often been below my calorie intake, normally consuming 1,200 rather than 1,400. Sometimes I have gone over (usually at the weekend when I have a movie night with my sister or something similar!). I have only once hit my goal of 10,000 steps. I usually average between 5,000 and 7,000. Considering I used to do only 2,000 steps (according to the app I am using) this is definitely an improvement- for the rest of April I'd like to push 10,000+ steps, in order to burn 500 calories. 

Now, whilst there has been highs and lows, and despite the fact that I am only two weeks in, I am already seeing a vast improvement to my body. Here is how I currently look (whilst flaunting my new Ivy Park gear!)

So yeah, my thighs are still a little bit chunky and my belly is still a little bit chubby but overall, I am happy with the progress that I am making, and the difference that it is showing on my body already! Hopefully in another two weeks time I will have an even better photo to show you all! 

Wish me luck!

Love from.
Florence Grace

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