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I have been blogging every single day since January 1st 2016. Trust me, this has been no easy feat, not only because it's a struggle finding time but also it can be such a struggle coming up with things to write about! I know that I am not alone when it comes to struggling with blog ideas, so I thought in this post I would share some blog topic ideas with you, to help you all out! 

If you're a fashion blogger...

- An outfit of the day post.
- Recreate a celebrities outfit.
- Review your favourite brand.
- A shopping haul.
- A themed shoot e.g. boho or hipster.
- Do a style make over on a friend and photograph it.
- Get your friend/boyfriend to select an outfit for you and photograph it. 
- Buy an outfit for a set price e.g. £10 and blog about it.
- A wardrobe tour.
- A charity shop challenge... buy as much as you can for a set price.

If you're a lifestyle blogger...

- Write about your views on a current trending topic.
- 10 facts about you that your readers don't know.
- Start your own blog award, similar to the Liebster Award.
- Write about your favourite bloggers to promote them and share the love.
- Talk about your career, how you got it, what it entails and so on.
- Write a bucket list post.
- Give some relationship advice.
- A day out post- e.g. your day at the aquarium or a theme park.
- A seasonal post such as "Things you love about Christmas" or "Why I love Summer".
- Book or film reviews.

If you're a beauty blogger...

- Product reviews.
- Product hauls.
- Every day beauty routine.
- Every day make up look.
- Themed make up looks e.g. party looks, 60's make up 
- What's inside my make up bag post.
- Make up essentials you can't live without.
- Your favourite make up brands.
- Make up products you hate.
- Sneaky make up tricks (think using tape to put lipstick on properly!)

If you're a DIY blogger...

- How to make home made cards.
- How to make home made polaroid pictures.
- How to make your own candles.
- How to make your own wall prints.
- How to make your own tie dye t shirt.
- How to make your own friendship bracelets.
- How to make your own hair braids.
- How to print your own t shirts.
- How to make your own beauty products (e.g. soap).
- How to make your own perfume.

If you're a food blogger...

- Favourite recipe.
- 5 Easy recipe's.
- Quick and easy recipe's for students.
- Your every day food intake.
- Your weekly shop.
- The most affordable place to do a weekly shop.
- Restaurant/cafe review.
- How to make... (then choose something creative!)
- A weekly shopping list plan.
- What you love and hate about doing the weekly shop.

If you're a fitness blogger...

- Daily work out routine.
- Diet plan.
- How to use... (insert gym equipment option here).
- How to do... (insert certain move e.g. squats here).
- Pro's and con's of going to a gym.
- How to train for a marathon.
- How to get motivated to work out.
- Best place to buy affordable gym wear.
- Home workout DVD review.
- Fitness/workout Q and A.

And there you have it, fifty different blog ideas! The beauty of this list is, even if you feel you're a beauty blogger, you could try something new and take an idea from one of the other categories, maybe even modify it a bit so that it suits your own blog more! I hope I'll have managed to help some of you out...I've even been able to give myself ideas! If you have any blog topic ideas you'd like to share, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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