Being the eldest.

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I am the eldest child of three. Now, being the eldest child can be brilliant. But, other times, being the eldest can absolutely suck. I know my fellow first borns feel me, so let's see how many things you can relate to on this list of things that you will only understand if you're baby number 1...

1) You were the test child. Your parents wanted kids so they had to give it a whirl...and after you they loved having a baby so much they went on to have more! (Which sucks for you but is great for them...we guess)

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2) You were the test child in another sense. You couldn't get a mobile until you were thirteen, but here's your sister using an iPhone aged eleven. You had to be home by 6pm right up until you were sixteen and here's your fourteen year old sister staying out until 11pm...the unfairness is real. 

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3) You don't get hand me down clothes. Whilst your siblings will get your cast off jeans and cardis that are 5 years past the expiry date of 'cool', you have no one to give you clothes, meaning you always get brand new ones. Yippee! 

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4) You don't have any pressure put on you. As their first child, their parents don't know what to expect from you. If you're smart, great. If you're not, it's a little disappointing but hey ho, that's how you were born. Unfortunately, your siblings have the pressure of living up to everything you do- as the eldest, that's not a problem that you have! You are pressure free and can do as you please!


5) You are a disappointment if your sibling exceeds you. You may not have pressure put on you but if you're failing at life and a younger sibling breaks the circle of life and begins to do better than you, you are seen as a bit of a disappointment and met with "Why couldn't you have been this brilliant at maths when you were at school?"and so on. 

6) You are used as a babysitter for free. You will be paid by others to babysit but when it comes to your parents, apparently free labour is acceptable. You have to sacrifice your time to babysit your horrible siblings for free. 

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7) Babysitting has its perks though. You get to boss them around, deprive them of fun and have a totally relaxing night in front of the TV whilst they do the washing up and clean the toilet. But hey, you're in charge right?

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8) Being the eldest has made your super bossy. You have been trained to boss around the babies that came after you, and now you're totally bossy in real life. You have to have everything go your way, and if it doesn't, you make it go your way.

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9) You'll be a great parent. You've had so much time spent looking after, educating, influencing and caring for someone since pretty much birth that you are pretty sure you have the whole parent thing down to a T. 

(Who are you kidding? No one can ever be prepared for that...

love i love you children parents love you

Love from,
Florence Grace

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