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"Beyonce could throw Blue Ivy in the sea and the Beyhive would be like YASSSSS THROW THAT LIL BITCH"

"Beyonce could kill Jay and have all these chicks killing their men too"

"Beyonce could nuke a country and the world would be like YES B"

Sigh. These statements themselves are far from funny- in fact, the failed attempt at humour is the funniest part of them. In case you aren't clued up on the situation, these statements come around as a series of meme's every time Beyonce does something amazing totally out of the blue that gets the world talking- for example, when she dropped Lemonade. 

Now people who share these kinds of memes and jokes are right in the fact that Beyonce has a huge amount of support no matter what she does, and she certainly does set her fans of into a mad frenzy, creating a world wide movement of mass hysteria every time. However, the people who share these meme's forget one teeny, tiny detail...

Everything Beyonce does is amazing.

beyonce lemonade beyonce lemonade i aint sorry

I'm not just saying that as a proud Beyhive member. I genuinely mean it. She is the definition of a girl boss, an independent woman making money all by her damn self, relying on no one, raising an equally as strong baby girl. She is an incredible example to young women all over the world- she certainly inspires me! When people say "think of an inspiring woman", Beyonce always comes to mind because of everything that she does!

In her previous album, 'BEYONCE', we saw her embracing the topic of feminism, particularly in the song 'Flawless', sharing the importance of it, and how it is something that needs to be taught to boys as well as girls, how it means something to boys and girls and how it affects women in society every single day. Furthermore it reminded people of the true definition of feminism- no, it doesn't mean hating all men, refusing to shave and not wanting to cook (although all of those are fine if that's what you choose to do). Feminism is about equality for men and women, simple as, and this is what Beyonce tries to remind people of. 

In her new ablbum, 'LEMONADE', we see her taking on the more serious issues of police brutality in the US and racism, quoting Malcolm X, using several strong black female figures in her visuals for the album and singing right from the heart about how these issues have reflected on her life personally. She also features the poetry of a black female poet, Warsan Shire- again, bringing in themes of feminism in addition to racial issues. 

Albums prior to this have seen her embracing being single (All the Single Ladies!), being independent whether you have a boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or not (Grown Woman), being comfortable in your own skin (Pretty Hurts) and making your own money (Diva). She has covered so many major issues that women deal with every single day and in such creative and poignant ways- how could the world not adore her?

On top of this, she has built an empire for herself, starting from almost nothing, married a rich man but kept her own steady stream of finances, keeps her personal life hidden from the public eye...she is incredible.

Yes, Beyonce could do a variety of things and the fan base would follow, but the world forgets that everything Beyonce does only leads to a greater good. There's no nuking countries or throwing babies here; only talent, education and love.

What do you think?

Love from,
Florence Grace

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