"Curvy girls are just fat girls in denial"


Today I saw a shocking statement on facebook. If you follow me on Twitter, you will have seen me airing my brief thoughts on the topic earlier on today. (Link to original post can be found here due to authors request: HERE) To cut a long story short, the statement can be summarised with this one line...

Curvy girls are just fat girls in denial. 

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Now, its not secret that I am currently on a weight loss regime and have had, and still do have, many issues with my body image and accepting my size. I don't think I am what people would call 'fat', I'm five foot six and wear a size 10/12 in most clothes. I have wide hips, a big bum and a large chest area, and for that reason, most people describe me as curvy. Never once have I been called 'fat', at least not to my face, and yet apparently that's what I am- a fat person in denial. 

Now I'm not about to sit here and lecture people on what weight/shape/size is defined as 'fat', if any. That's not important. The important part is the fact that people still feel that they can comment on people's weight, shape and size in a negative way and feel like that is an okay thing to do! 

Spoiler alert: it's not. 

Regardless of whether someone is fat, thin, curvy, thick, slender, tiny, chubby, whatever adjective you want to use, it really is none of your God damn business- unless you see a genuine threat to their health, you really should just keep your nose out of it! You definitely shouldn't be making nasty comments about it! 

When I think of curvy women, I think of celebrities such as Khloe Kardashian, Beyonce, Amber Rose...yet I know, as well as everyone in else in the world, that these ladies are as far from 'fat' as could be. There is definitely a difference between societies definition for 'curvy' and 'fat' so I'd love to know just how it is that a curvy girl is a fat girl in denial? 

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But again. It's no one's business. As long as you are happy and healthy in your own body, why are you bothering about what anyone else looks like? Furthermore, why are you commenting on people's body shapes via social media in a negative way? It actually just comes across as bullying, and makes you look pretty insecure in your own skin too. 

'Skinny', 'curvy' and 'fat' are three very different things in this society, so curvy girls definitely aren't fat girls in denial- that is such a horrible thing to say. However, with that in mind, it's hard to fit people into those three categories when everyone has such a unique body shape- no one looks the same! 

Stop hating on people and trying to bring them down...focus on your own body and your own happiness. Or is that a bit difficult because you might just be a bully in denial? 

I'm a curvy girl. I love food and I occasionally eat too much of it. I am in denial about nothing.

Love from,
Florence Grace

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  1. According to my BMI I am currently considering morbidly obese and am 5 stone over weight. I hate my body but my boyfriend loves it! It should be about how you see your body, not society x

    1. Exactly! Love your body, as long as you're happy that's all that matters :) x

    2. Sometimes I do question how useful the BMI Index is. I'm a size 8-10, I weigh around 10 stone and I'm 5 foot 7, so according to the Index I'm healthy (22 in the Index) whereas if I was shorter I'd be considered fat and unhealthy. Anyway I think society loves to fat shame women and I think it's pathetic, and what society doesn't realise is this: all women come in different shapes and sizes, and there's nothing wrong with that at all! And curvy women are just as beautiful, they are certainly not in denial. I'm slim but I have a bum and thighs, and I have broad shoulders but I'm still beautiful and I like the way I look!

      I need to start exercising though.


  2. I couldn't agree with you more! BMI is often very inaccurate as it doesn't take into consideration body fat percentage or weight of muscle etc! But yes, you're right, women do come in all shapes and sizes and as long as they're happy, people should leave them alone- same can be said for men too!

    Haha, me too Chichi, me too!