Girl on girl hate


You know what I'm really sick and tired of seeing? Girl on girl hate.

I've blogged about this numerous times before, but it's a never ending issue, and so I thought that today, I'd raise my opinions on the issue again.

Here are some genuine tweets that I have seen this week, by girls, about girls:

"How can girls post pics in their underwear n their bf not get mad, I've been with guys that have a go at me for wearin a revealin top"

"Girls who brag about their body and think they are some next bad bitch, when in reality they just look and sound like a Chihuahua"

"Do u notice it's only the single ladies complaining about the crazy girlfriends???"

"Girls are bitches, I hate them all"

I could go on- the point is, the amount of nastiness I see coming from girls, about girls, every single day is absolutely unreal. I mean, look at those tweets I've featured- half of them don't concern the business of anybody else anyway! Who the hell cares if a girl is talking about how good her body is, if a girl is posing in underwear* or if someone is confident about themselves across social media? God forbid a woman is comfortable in her own skin and actually loves herself!

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*That being said, the girl must be 18+ or it's illegal. Also, if your boyfriend tells you what you can and can't wear, that's not okay- it's actually a sign of abuse. So just think about that before judging someone else...

Why are girls so quick to tear each other down? A lot of the time it's down to insecurity and jealousy, yes, but more often than not it is literally just someone who is bored whilst sat online and so chooses to sit and hate on people for no real reason.

What does anyone in this world gain from writing something nasty about someone else online? Maybe a few retweets and favourites, likes or shares, that for a few fleeting minutes make you feel popular, but then what? Nothing. You gain a reputation for being nasty, you have permanently flawed your digital footprint which could impact on a future career, even if you delete the nasty tweet or status. You hurt someone's feelings, without even knowing what they might already be going through behind closed doors. There is no real benefit.

Now, I'm not claiming to be perfect. I'll hold my hands up right now and say that in the past I have written nasty, indirect tweets and statuses about girls. I have also had them- plenty of them- written about me. The difference is though, that this has stopped as I've grown up. Tweets and statuses have stopped (mostly) about me. We have all grown up and moved on and realised that slating someone over social media just isn't cool. Plus, we're all too busy leading our lives to care about what anyone else is or isn't doing.

If you spend your time observing someone's life just to criticise it online, you should probably take a minute or two to sit back and understand why you're doing what you're doing. Why do you care how that girl is posing? Why do you care what she's wearing? Why do you care how much make up she's wearing? Why do you care how many boys she's slept with? Literally none of this is any of your concern, so why do you feel you need to comment on it?

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Re evaluate your actions. Pause before you hit that post button. Is this going to make you, or anybody else, happy? No? Then don't do it. Stop caring about how other people are living their life and start living your life instead. You'll be far happier- and so will everyone else.

Girl on girl hate is a vicious and unnecessary crime. Let's start lifting each other up instead of tearing each other down, okay?

Love from,
Florence Grace

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  1. I totally agree with what you are saying. I have experienced girl on girl hate offline, and it just doesn't make any sense. There's no point in being bitchy! Girls should lift each other up, not put each other down. When I see/hear the nasty things some girls say about other girls, it makes my blood boil. I've been on the receiving end of bitchiness many times in my life - through going to girls' schools and living in a girl-only household at university. It's so catty and unnecessary, but you're right in what you said - girls who hate on other girls are just jealous, bitter and insecure, and they don't like women who love and respect themselves.


    1. So glad you agree- as always, we are right in sync!!