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Of course you knew it was coming- a blog post on my one true love, Beyonce, and her visual album 'Lemonade'. I had basically watched it on launch day via people's streams of tweets but unfortunately, without HBO, I couldn't really watch...so I wanted to wait until I'd experienced it in all of it's glory before writing about it for you guys. Well. I have one word for you all.


That is literally all that I can say. We moaned at Beyonce via social media, we complained about the fact she was taking her sweet time to bring out more music for us, but I can absolutely forgive her now because the wait was 100% worth it. It is an absolute masterpiece from the lyrics, to the melodies, the political messages, the strong story line running throughout the visuals that tie the songs together...I just physically can't put into words how incredible it is. 

Beyonce touches on some hugely important issues surrounding police brutality and racism, particularly racism surrounding black women, in both the film and the songs she has written. The video features the mothers of several black young men who were killed in police brutality incidents, cradling photo's of their dead sons. The visual is stunning, moving, emotional and heartbreaking and it absolutely speaks volumes. Of course, Piers Morgan had to have his say, accusing Beyonce of featuring these mothers in order to sell albums. He has neglected to see that in actual fact she has used her position of power to highlight a very current and very real issue that the world seems to be trying to deny even exists. In addition to that, does he even know who Beyonce is? She doesn't need to use any kind of emotional blackmail to sell albums...she does that just by being Beyonce. But it's Piers Morgan after all, what could you expect?

Of course I can't neglect to discuss the topic of relationships. Beyonce sings some simultaneously ambiguous yet obvious lyrics. Obvious because they imply that someone has been cheated on, someone has had their heart broken. Ambiguous because it isn't 100% clear if she's singing on behalf of her mother about her father, on behalf of herself about her husband, Jay-Z, or both. Whichever it is, it doesn't matter- it had me weeping regardless. You could hear the raw edge in her voice, the pain was evident and very real for her, and she was re opening that wound to share her experiences with the world, with her fans; us. 

I never buy music- I either listen on Spotify or YouTube (and might occasionally download it illegally oops). But I paid £13.99 for Beyonce's new album, the film included, and I don't regret a penny. I think everyone should head over to to iTunes RIGHT NOW to buy it and experience this story, this journey, this movement that Beyonce has taken her time to share with the world. 'Lemonade' has exposed us to an entirely new side of Bey, one that we definitely haven't seen before...a woman who is angry about her relationship, about her father, about the racial discrimination black people face every single day. We see her exuding violence, passion, jealousy, rage, and above all else, love.

I adore Beyonce and now I admire her and am inspired by her more than ever before. I can't wait to see her in concert in July and I know I am truly blessed to be able to be in the presence of such an incredible artist. 

Have you listened to/watched 'Lemonade'? What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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