Reacting to rumours

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We've all had rumours spread about us, from the small menial one's that make you laugh, to the larger, more reputation damaging ones that really screw us over and make us mad. Rumours are something that happen to me quite a lot- which is surprising considering I'm so open about almost all of my life- and it's now got to the point where I really do have to just shrug it off. But internally, I'm doing an entirely different reaction. I'm tearing my hair out, rolling my eyes and sighing louder than a klaxon. Here's some of my most frequent reactions to rumours...

Hysterical laughing at the ridiculousness of the rumour. 

lol drake laughing laugh haha

Slightly less hysterical laughing because the rumour is annoying, but still pretty funny.

Laughing and suddenly choking on your own giggles when you realise how unfunny this rumour is.

Sighing deeply as everyone but you enjoys this rumour.

laughing daria audience not amused blank stare

The eye roll. Brought out for when the rumour is so dumb you 'can't even'. 

cravetvcanada  seinfeld ugh annoyed eye roll

The sigh. Because this rumour isn't new and is far from original.

tv reactiongifs politics family upset

How do you react when you hear a rumour about you? Let me know in the comments below! 

Love from,
Florence Grace

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