Things that happen when everyone is drunk but you.

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Nights out can be amazingly fun. Sober nights out, well, a little less. Not because you need alocohol to have a good time, because you don't, but more because you're exposed to the damn right stupid behaviour of drunk people that you yourself also participate in when you get drunk...and boy does it make you feel ashamed, and...well. Embarrassed! If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's a list of things that happen when everyone is drunk but you...

1) Jaw dropping. Seriously, is that how I look when I dance? I look like that? God help me I am never drinking a shot again. 

broadcity  comedy central shocked broad city ilana glazer

2) Cringing. When your friend tries to move like Beyonce, when you see how lame some of the boys making moves are, when you hear a song sober and realise how crap it is now that you aren't drunk and up for a dance...

awkward chloe moretz cringe

3) You have to save your friend. From falling over, from unwelcome hands, from leaving her drink behind, from an accidental nip pretty much have to pull the strings as though they're your puppet in order to keep them going for the night.

sober party freaks and geeks

4) You notice how gross club toilets are. Seriously, I normally pee in here? For goodness sake!


5) You finally hear first hand some of the dumb things drunk people say. "I'm really okay...but can someone help me?" says a drunk girl as she's lifted away wrapped in that foil stuff by paramedics. 

6) You realise just how much skin 90% of girls show. It's a lot more than you realised...better have a wardrobe clear out. 

oxygenmedia  bad girls club oxygen twerk twerking

7) You notice just how many old men are acting randy in the club and peering at girls over half their age. That is just so sick. Isn't there some kind of rule against this? Its gross to watch. 

grace helbig dailygrace perv

Have you had a sober night out with your friends? Can you relate to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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