Time flies when you're having fun!

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Sorry today's blog post is so late! I've had such a busy day and haven't had time to properly write something up, so thought I'd just give you a little chit chatty blog tonight! 

This evening, I met up with my good friend Ross. I went to primary school with Ross, lived next door to him for a little bit and we used to regularly go to see films at the cinema together. When he went to uni in September, we stopped seeing each other as much, so when we saw each other today we had plenty to catch up on!

Whilst talking about our time at primary school, about who we did and didn't speak too, we realised it had been ten years since we had seen any of these people, which was such a scary thought! This, however, lead on to another, even scarier thought... Ross and I have been friends for a whopping fifteen years!!! That's three quarters of our lives! I couldn't believe it, I have genuinely not been friends with anyone else for as long as that. Aside from Ross, and his twin brother Louis, the only other friend from my childhood is Zoe, who I have known for ten years. 

It's scary just how quickly time flies by. It seems like only yesterday I was spending time with my now ex boyfriend, only last week that I was leaving school, only last month that I was doing my GCSE's. How does time seem to go at double the speed, triple the speed, the older that you get? Time used to drag as a child- birthday's and Christmas took forever to come around! Now, we're almost half way through April 2016 and summer is literally just around the corner, with Christmas not too far behind...and yet I'm sure Christmas 2015 was just last month! It's absolutely crazy but I can only come to this conclusion:

I am having more fun

When you're younger and at school, you don't want to be doing homework and chores and so time drags. When you're older and doing things that you actually enjoy, time seems to go far more quickly. In my head, this makes sense

Do you have any lifelong friends, or childhood friends? How long have you known each other? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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