Saying goodbye to summer

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So I did have a really good blog post planned for today and then life got in the way, I had a hectic evening and I've only now just had the chance to sit down and write out a blog post. So there's been a slight change of plan on content for today's post but hey, it can't be helped! 

As I mentioned previously on Twitter (I'm not sure if I mentioned it on my blog), I'm starting a new series on my blog as of tomorrow that will run throughout September. This will be #SeptemberStudies! Every year I write a post that is pretty similar in content about going back to school and revision tips etc, so this year I'm doing it differently. I have posts for every single day, all about the do's and dont's of revision, what you need to have in your school bag, dealing with bullies, balancing work and school and so much more! I've planned out every post and can't wait to share them with you all, as I know a lot of you are at school/college/uni. 

As it's the last day of August, for me it marks the last day of summer (I know, I know, it's September the 22nd but whatever). It made me reflect on the summer I've had compared to previous summers and it made me realise just how amazing it was! I had lots of firsts, like my first holiday away with friends, my first (and second) festival, my first real hangover. I've had so many nights out, dinners with friends, days out with my family and my youngest sister. I saw the goddess that is Beyonce! My magazine turned one. It's just been so amazing for me! 

I'm looking forward to September now, as I have so much going on for me! I'm covering the new Barbie movie premier, my friend's baby shower is happening this weekend, the next issue of my magazine is out, London Fashion Week is on, Autumn begins to settle in, I'm picking up my studies again and the month of live lounge performances kicks off (starting with Bieber tomorrow eeek!). 

It's been a lovely summer but I am fully ready for Autumn, and so excited to share #SeptemberStudies with you all too! I hope you enjoy it! 

Love from,
Florence Grace


Saccone-Joly's vs The Trolls


I am an avid watcher of the Saccone-Joly's on YouTube.  A family of four, they make the best videos about their every day life as a family with their two children and six dogs, posting a new one every single day at 6pm- it is always an absolute pleasure seeing the things that their children, Emilia and Eduardo, get up to. 

A while ago, Jonathon posted a video explaining about some of the encounters the family had had with online trolls. People had reported them to social services saying that they abused their children, people had reported them to the RSPCA saying that they were abusing their dogs. The police were called about the way they behaved. Letters were sent to Emilia's ballet school. Their address was leaked all over the internet and hate mail was sent directly to their house. Anna's car was defaced by someone. It all sounded absolutely horrendous, and when you look at the love and affection YouTube sensations like Zoella gets, it seems insane that these same 'fans' are doing these appalling things to other YouTubers. 

More recently, the family suffered a terrible loss when Anna went through a miscarriage. It was such a personal, emotional time for the family and yet they still documented the whole thing (which I can't say I really agreed with, but it's their own choice to deal with things in their own way) and sharing it with us, keeping us as involved with their lives as ever. Now, while there were supportive fans of course, the amount of abuse Anna received for having a miscarriage- through no fault of her own- was shocking. Some of the comments I read online were disgusting. Following the miscarriage, Anna began to become victim to online trolls on a more personal level. They began to call her fat and ugly, body shaming her in the worst ways. In turn, Anna retracted herself from the family videos, very rarely making an appearance, if ever, and ceased to use social media. 

Jonathon made a public appeal on the family channel, pleading with people to stop and asking if people would please leave nice comments about Anna online. They did, and it seemed to work, as Anna has now come back out of her shell and has begun to be a part of the daily vlogs and use her social media more and more. 

Now on holiday, the hate has begun again for the family. The couple had to make a message in the middle of a vlog explaining that someone had been trying to ruin their holiday. Following Emilia's recent bout of chicken pox, which she is now fully recovered from, a troll had emailed the hotel the family are staying in saying Emilia was infected with all kinds of diseases- including ebola- and to chuck the family out. 

In addition to this, people have started to pick up on Anna's acne, which is truly not that bad or noticeable, making comments such as "how come Emilia got chicken pox but only Anna got the spots". Horrendous, right? 

I feel so angry. Not only because I love this family so much (not in a weird super fan way, I just think they're really great people) but because people in this world are so God damn cruel. What pleasure are they getting out of harassing people they don't even know? What happiness do they feel when they make fun of Anna losing her baby? When they try and get Anna and Jonathon's children taken away from them? Not only is it totally sick and twisted, it's also incredibly embarrassing that someone is this dedicated to trying to ruin someone else's life for absolutely no reason whatsoever. 

Online trolls and bullies are absolutely despicable and I hope I live long enough to see a day where they no longer exist/are punished more severely for their actions. Online bullying is a very real thing and it is so very serious- as is the case with the Saccone-Joly's, it not only affects youths but adults too. 

Some people just need to take some time out to grow up and reevaluate their lives a little. I hope these online trolls do so soon. 

Love from,
Florence Grace

Not worth the read


Today is the first day in 2016 that I can remember sitting at home and feeling generally rubbish about everything. I haven't felt this unhappy and grumpy since the last time I argued with my ex back in 2015 ha! Everything today has just been totally rubbish, I'm tired after having two full hours of sleep last night and then having to work today, I had crappy customers at work and I'm all bloated because it's almost that delightful time of the month so I'm just feeling generally gross. 

Also watching Sam and Tiff and also Jess and her French man on MIC made me feel all bitter about being single even though I 100% do not want another relationship right now- there are just some bits I miss like the cute night's together and the inside jokes. 

I'm also stressing because I made a lot of payments on Friday for my birthday gathering, my laptop and money into a savings account and now Ii'm broke with 5 weeks left before my next pay day and more payments to make throughout the month. 

Ugh. I don't really have much else to say today to be honest. I'm sorry to be such a grump but I just wanted to get it off of my chest. Tomorrow will be a better day I'm sure! 

Love from,
Florence Grace


The ULTIMATE break up playlist


We all know that going through a break up is tough and we all know that to get over it we want to cry into a tub of Ben and Jerry's while listening to Kelly Clarkson. However, break ups aren't all sad. At the start of this year I blogged about the different stages of a breakup, and today, I'm creating a playlist that provides you with songs for each stage! Enjoy...

1) Heartbreak
When the break up is raw and you're crying your heart out, here's what you need...

This Ain't A Love Song- Scouting For Girls
Man Who Can't Be Moved- The Script 
Broken Hearted Girl- Beyonce
I Hate This Part- The Pussycat Dolls
Don't Speak- No Doubt
Love The Way You Lie Part 2- Rihanna featuring Eminem
Love How It Hurts- Scouting For Girls 
Impossible- Shontelle
No Air- Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown
Not Like The Movies- Katy Perry 

2) Anger
When the rage kicks in, make sure to stick these tunes on

So What?- Pink
Since You Been Gone- Kelly Clarkson
Too Good- Drake and Rihanna
Breathe- Blu Cantrell featuring Sean Paul
Alarm- Anne-Marie
Don't Hurt Yourself- Beyonce
Cry Me A River- Justin Timberlake 
Love The Way You Lie- Eminem featuring Rihanna
Power and Control- Marina and the Diamonds
You Don't Know Love- Olly Murs

3) Regret
Should you have broken up with them? Should you have stayed with them for as long as you did? Should you have fought harder? Should you have sent that nasty message? Who knows. What we do know is that you should definitely be listening to these songs. 

Good Grief- Bastille
A Change Of Heart- The 1975
Sandcastles- Beyonce
Too Little, Too Late- JoJo
Dear Darlin'- Olly Murs
Stay- Rihanna featuring Mikky Ekko

4) Beyonce mode
You're an independent woman who don't need no man. Listen to this playlist and put your crown back on!

Best thing I never had- Beyonce
Irreplaceable- Beyonce
Single Ladies- Beyonce
***Flawless- Beyonce
Why Don't You Love Me- Beyonce

5) Drunken mess
You're feeling all the feels about the break up. You're about to leave your ex several sloppy voice mails. STOP (collaborate and listen). No, for real, press pause on life and press play on these songs. Scream them from the top of your lungs. Seriously. 

Habits- Tove Lo
If I Were A Boy- Beyonce
Sorry- Justin Bieber
Hello- Adele
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together- Taylor Swift
Big Girls Don't Cry- Fergie 
Alive- Sia

6) Rebound mode
Time to move on and get over that loser. Wack these tunes on for some confidence.

Needed me- Rihanna
Horny '98- Mousse T
How To Be A Heartbreaker- Marina and the Diamonds 
Sex With Me- Rihanna
F U Betta- Neon Hitch
Forget You- Cee Lo Green
Sexy Bitch- David Guetta featuring Akon
Bubblegum Bitch- Marina and the Diamonds

7) Beyonce mode 2.0
After the break up and after the rebound you know who you are (a grown woman) and what you want (a faithful and loving man). So sing about it; "I'm a groooooown woman! I can do whatever I want!"

Grown Woman- Beyonce
Run The World (Girls)- Beyonce
Don't Hold Your Breath- Nicole Scherzinger 
Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)- Kelly Clarkson
Beautiful Liar- Beyonce featuring Shakira 
Feeling Myself- Nicki Minaj featuring Beyonce

8) Reminiscent 
Everything happens for a reason. Allow yourself to think of the memories but don't dwell on them too much! Don't waste another second on your ex; instead fill your time with these songs!

Somebody Else- The 1975
Someone Like You- Adele
Think Of You- MS MR
Kiss Me- Olly Murs
Better In Time- Leona Lewis
Think of You- Cee Lo Green
Thinking Of You- Katy Perry

9) Over it.
Enough time has passed and you're over it. So here's some happy songs to help you celebrate being you

Send My Love- Adele
Smile- Lily Allen
Thinking Of Me- Olly Murs
Fighter- Christina Aguilera
Changing of the Seasons- Two Door Cinema Club
Oh No!- Marina and the Diamonds
Independent Woman Part 1- Destiny's Child
No Scrubs- TLC
Forget- Marina and the Diamonds

What songs are on your break up playlist? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

"My insecurities could eat me alive"


So I am inspired by different people all the time. However, this week I've been inspired by two incredible young women from the blogging community- Amy and Jemma of Blonde Amy and Dorkface Blog. This week, both of them have written very openly about their insecurities and I marvelled at this. They were so brave and so frank and yet when I looked at these girls, I didn't see any of these flaws. I still saw them as the beautiful, talented, loving girls I always have! But I could see these posts weren't for the benefit of how others saw them; it was to help them confront their flaws themselves and learn that they're okay. In fact, they're more than okay because they make them both who why are today! They're both talented, they're both funny, considerate, intelligent, beautiful and lovely, no matter what flaws they see in themselves. 

I'm always picking out my flaws, so today I wanted to share my own flaws with you, inspired by both Jemma and Amy's posts (which you can read here and here). 

1) My weight
Booooy is this a biggie. Like most girls I know, I have some days where I look in the mirror and think "God damn girl look at you! You so fine". Then I have other days where I wish I could cut myself out of my skin to reveal a gorgeous goddess inside of me. It's not my legs or my arms that I particularly care about but my belly because whenever I look down all I see is a flabby pouch. Ugh. 

2) My KP
KP stands for Keratosis Pilaris and is a skin condition that causes dry, rough, tiny bumps on your skin. For me, I suffer on my shins up to my kneecaps and on my forearms and a little on the back of the tops of my arms. It's not always noticeable on my arms, but when I get cold the lumps almost look purple. My ex used to constantly ask me if I had goosebumps even though he knew it was just my skin, and when my youngest sister was about 6 or 7 she pointed it out and asked what it was. Its made me very self conscious. 

This perfectly demonstrates my KP and my nose...sigh

3) My nose
My dad once told me I had a big nose like his, and my ex, several old 'friends' and my sisters have previously joked about how large my nose is. I know it's not as big as it could be, but it's also a little upturned at the end like a ski slope and it moves when I talk, which another old 'friend' pointed out when I was younger. I just hate my nose!

4) My writing
Some days, I love my work. I feel like I'm great at what I do and people tell me that my posts/articles are great. Other day's I know my grammar is slacking, I'm not writing in complete sentences, my words have gone to pot. And it freaks me out because if I can't write, I lose half of my jobs! It's worrying when I think that I'm not actually good at the one thing I want to be good at. 

5) My boobs
They're a little larger than average which is fine. However, I don't always wear a bra and several people have taken their turn at mocking how my boobs look when not in a bra. While my boobs appearance is none of their concern and while nine times out of ten I don't care what people think about me, sometimes it really does get to me. It can be quite cruel. 

6) My snoring
And boy, do I snore. My mum actually had to go for a drive at 3am because my snoring was keeping her awake, my sister frequently moves to sleep downstairs and I am the butt of many jokes at home about my sleeping habits. Some days I don't snore at all and some days I snore like a warthog. It comes and it goes and I always hate it. 

7) My eye
One of my eyes is smaller than the other and goes really squinty in photos. I absolutely hate it and only my pal Bobbie has ever really seen how bad it can be. Nothing can fix it, nothing can change it, and I absolutely hate it. 

Inspired by Jemma who inspired Amy who has inspired me, maybe Jemma's post on her securities will inspire you to open up about yours too. What do you feel insecure about? 

Love from,
Florence Grace


Back on TV again!

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I'm so excited because I am back on TV again! 

Okay, okay, not quite yet, but the new series of 'Last Fan Standing' starts on September 3rd on 4Music and I'm involved with it. For those of you who didn't already know, back in October/November, I participated in a show called "Shoutouts", the first ever live TV show on 4Music. I got to meet Ollie and Toff from MIC as well as the presenters of the show, Will Best and Maya Jama and I also met some people who I have remained in touch with today, which is lovely!

Now, I've been invited back to participate in another live show, "Last Fan Standing". LFS isn't usually a live show, so I was surprised when I was asked to come to the studio for it, but it turns out it's running a little differently this year. On September 3rd you'll see my face on screen as part of a home video recording, defending the BEYHIVE (obviously) as the ultimate fandom. After this, there is three live shows that I've been asked to attend...I'm going to be at at least one of them, but hopefully all three if I can get the time off of work!

I'm so excited to be doing more work with 4Music and the Boxplus Network as they're so great to work with, and I'm flattered to have been asked back again! Being on live TV is such a surreal feeling and I love seeing all the messages and tweets after the show saying "I saw you!!!!!!" haha!

I'll hopefully fill you in with more details of the live shows closer to the time, and I hope lots of you will tune in!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Holding grudges

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Do you know what is a massive waste of your time? 

Holding grudges.

Honestly, what is the point? Where does it get you in life? Absolutely no where. 

Now, I'm not saying you have to like everyone, have to be friends with everyone or have to get on with anyone; that's a pretty impossible thing to ask. But what I am saying is that you don't have to go through life constantly disliking people because you're holding a grudge against them. From my own experience I can tell you that it is absolutely draining. After a while it seems like you're only holding a grudge for the sake of holding one, eventually forgetting the original reason you were mad anyway. 

The simple solution to this is to simply cut people off. I'm being serious! Why would you want to keep someone in your life but hold a grudge against them forever when you could cut them off? There is absolutely no way you can maintain a healthy relationship or friendship with somebody when you're holding something against them. If you're that upset over something they did or said, just get rid of them from your life and move the heck on. 

Life is legitimately too short to be unhappy, and time is so precious. God forbid, if you should die tomorrow would you feel happy about these grudges? Or would you feel like they'd been a huge waste of your time and energy? I think we all know it's the latter. 

Either build a bridge and get over whatever happened or let that shit go. Don't cling onto hurt forever because it will keep you hurting forever. You can't be happy if you're allowing yourself to be weighed down with negativity. Just let it go, in whichever way works best for you. (For me, it's cutting people off but you might be more forgiving than I!)

movies reactions mad emma stone sorry

Is there someone you need to build a bridge with, or someone you need to cut off? Do it now. You'll be far happier and better off in your life, I promise. 

Love from,
Florence Grace


Sexism in Soaps


I titled this piece "Sexism in Soaps" purely for the alliterative purposes. I only watch one soap and that's Hollyoaks, but my point is probably valid across all soaps. 

So obviously sexism is everywhere, all the time. However, it was only the other day that I realised one massive, blatant act of sexism in Hollyoaks that really wound me up. A female character, Leela, entered the show as a firefighter, which is a pretty cool career I thought. A single mum for a while, Leela was earning money to look after her two sisters (one of which turned out to be her daughter in the end...) and was basically the breadwinner for the family. This was a pretty cool #bossbabe and I approved. 

And then Hollyoaks created this scenario; the fire station cut Leela's hours down and eventually got rid of her altogether. Of course, Leela wasn't going to sit around doing nothing all day. So what did she do? She became a house cleaner. She literally cleaned toilets and made beds for a pittance. I was so mad. Finally they had a female character who wasn't portrayed as a "slut", who wasn't having babies with every man left, right and centre and wasn't living off of benefits in a house that seems to have an infinite number of rooms (McQueen family, I'm looking at you!). They finally had a woman with a bit of a 'masculine' job role, a worthy career and they took it away from her and made her a cleaner. (No, there isn't anything wrong with being a cleaner. But for the purpose of the point I'm making, going from a firefighter to a cleaner sucks). 

Why? It hasn't benefited or affected the story line in any way at all so I don't see why this adjustment needed to be made. It's not the only sexist mistake they've made either. Pretty much all of the females working at the hospital are nurses, not doctors. There was a female doctor, but they killed her off. Most of the other women are "stay at home mums". 

However, they have redeemed themselves in some ways. They have some entrepreneurial women, such as Grace Black, who owns and runs her own nightclub single handedly, Esther Bloom who came into some money and bought her own coffee shop which she also runs and Maxine, who started her own taxi women especially for women to keep them safe. 

I don't watch any other soaps as I've said, but have you noticed sexism in any of them? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Career vs. Relationship


Last week, I saw this image online. It really irked me and I had to share it on Twitter to see what some of my pals thought of the image. Luckily, their thoughts were very similar to my own; that it was ridiculous. 

This is the image I'm talking about. The one that states that "A career is great but you can't curl up with it when you're lonely at night". 

There is several things about this post that piss me off. Firstly, its the implication that a relationship is more important than a career. And okay, while for some people it might be, for other people it's not. Who is anyone to dictate to someone what should be a priority to them? If chasing your dream career is your number one focus in life, great. If settling down with the love of your life is your number one focus, brilliant. If it's neither of those, good for you. It's a personal opinion and totally down to each individual. 

Secondly, why does there have to be a competition? Why can't a woman (or a man, but given that it's a woman in the image, I'm going to speak as a woman) have both a determined attitude toward her career and also have a partner who she is happy with? Why is it apparently impossible for a woman to have both? I mean, speaking from personal experience, I know a lot of men are definitely intimidated by a woman with big dreams and a career driven mind, but that's a problem with the man surely, not the woman? 

Thirdly, no, you can't curl up with a career at night. But you can sleep alone in the house you bought, in your own Victoria Secret pj's in a lush double bed with designer bed sheets and a belly full of food and drink, smelling of Paco Rabanne perfume, all of which was purchased by you thanks to your man career.

Fourthly, you can have a career and a dog. Just saying. 

dog sleep cuddle dachshund comfortable

(You can also have a career and a man and so snuggling can definitely still commence). 

Lastly, the image itself. I don't get it- is this woman working with a pizza whilst naked? Looks pretty perfect to me! Is she chilling naked with a pizza and her partner who is taking the photo? Also a pretty perfect scenario. 

Ladies, don't let images like this try to tell you that focusing on a relationship is more important than focusing on your career. To be honest, don't let images like this tell you anything. As I said at the beginning of the post, it's up to an individual what they wish to focus on; if they want to focus on a career, fine, if they want to focus on a relationship, fine. It's actually no one else's concern or business what anyone else is focusing on. 

This image was posted by a man (honestly, I can't say that surprises me) and I think men (as well as some women, but particularly men) do need to be more accepting of the fact that nowadays, women's careers rank very highly in their list of priorities. Men shouldn't feel threatened by this; instead, they should celebrate it. It's definitely a very good thing. 

What do you think? Is there a battle between career vs. relationship? Should this battle even exist? Let me know in the comments below.

Love from,
Florence Grace

Healthy living/weight loss update


So for about a month now I've been doing this 'healthy living' thing. I was vegan for a short time, I've cut out sweets, chocolate and crisps from my diet considerably, I use vitamin supplements and protein shakes and I eat some form of salad almost every single day. I'm not exercising anywhere near as much as I should be, and this is the next thing for me to work on. But what has happened as a result of this? Let me tell you.

I've lost just over half an inch from my stomach's widest point and have lost an inch from my waist. I have lost not one but two inches from my thigh. And, according to my dad's scales, I have lost a stone!

I'm thrilled, of course. However, I know my dad's scales have been a little unreliable in the past so while I'm not sure of my actual weight, I do know that whatever I did weigh, I know I now weigh a stone less than that. Amazing, right?! I'm so happy! 

People have begun to notice too. When I saw my friends Poppy and Abby the other week, the first thing they did was exclaim "Flo you've lost so much weight!". Someone at work commented that I looked slimmer and my dads girlfriend told me my face looked slimmer and that I was looking "svelte". 

In addition to all of this, last week in Topshop I got into a top that was three sizes smaller than what I normally wear and in to a pair of trousers that were a size smaller. I couldn't believe it! 

It's nice that changes are happening that I've been waiting a long time to see. It's even better that I'm enjoying making the changes, making new foods and finding new healthy recipe's so that I actually love eating better things for me. I've tried orzo pasta, cherry peppers stuffed with ricotta, cold noodle salad, flatbreads, falafal salad...the list goes on! It's made me more creative in the kitchen and also helped me to loose weight. I couldn't be happier. 

It's the exercise I've got to work on (still) and I say this every time! I think it's because I know how much I hate exercising! My chest goes tight with asthma, I hate the feeling of being sweaty and my shin splints hurt after a few minutes of movement. My mum keeps suggesting swimming (as well as her beloved Jillian Michaels, who I just find so damn tough!) so maybe I'll be giving that a go next. 

Overall, I'm happy with my progress in the last month. Let's see how much I've improved on myself by the end of September! 

Love from,
Florence Grace



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I have been doing a happy birthday blog post for all of my little group of friends this year, and today marks the last one- its Alec's birthday!

I knew Alec was odd when we first spoke at college- he likened my blue, fluffy jumper to a care bear. I'd never heard a boy talk about care bears before, let alone be called a care bear by one, so I knew something wasn't quite right with him...

Joking! Kind of, anyway...!

Alec is the person I became friends with last in our little group, but I really wish we had become friends sooner because he is such a laugh. I don't even really remember the specifics of how we became best friends; I just know that one moment he wasn't in my life at all and the next, he was. It's funny how friendships happen like that.

Out of BJ, Carda and Alec, Alec is the most like me. We're both really into music (not necessarily the same) and good films. We both love going to gigs, we both love to shock BJ and Carda with wild sex talk that they don't always 100% understand and we love MIC too.

Alec can be a bit odd, though, as I said. He waves at every single dog we walk past because he loves them that much, he will always wear a jumper, even when we were on the beach (sorry, a zip up hoodie) and he dates... well, we won't go there!  (Katie, if you're reading this, you're the girl I like the most and I can't wait to meet you!)

Alec has really helped me get through 2016. He is great at reminding me why I'm better off single by pointing out hilariously worded flaws in my previous relationship. He surprised me after my break up by saying I was meeting him and another friend, James, when in reality, BJ and Carda were there too, and they all took me bowling and out for dinner to cheer me up. He also (along with James but today is about Alec!) spent part of the Valentine's weekend with me, seeing Deadpool at the cinema. He rarely sleeps (told you he was weird) which means if I ever send a stressed out whatsapp at 2am I usually get an answer out of him. Oh, and he's a total gent because after we went to the cinema the other night, he walked me home! 

He's great at judging potential dates, telling me if they're worth my time or not. He's not so great at sending random guys on Tinder messages from me. But he's always great at putting a smile on my face and making me laugh! Even if I'm just laughing at him rather than with him...

Alec, you are a tip top guy, so I hope you've had the best birthday ever and been spoiled rotten! Thanks for being the best pal ever! Love you lots and lots!

Love from,
Florence Grace

How do you react to comparison?

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The other day I was reading through a businesswoman/bloggers' social media feeds. I'd only just followed her, so I was having a browse, ya know? And while I found her incredibly inspiring by everything this woman was doing, I also felt a bit...gutted.

This woman had been blogging/content creating for just a few short years and had managed to set herself up with a six figure salary. Six figures!! Her blog is dedicated to helping other bloggers to do the same as her and she made it sound so easy- it just made me feel worse! 

Now, I know that is the wrong way to think, and as I said, I was inspired by this woman, but I couldn't help feeling a little bit 'meh' about how little success my own blog had brought around. I just couldn't help it. I wanted to have been able to utilise my skills the way she had, earning myself a six figure salary just like her! 

The inspiration is the important part here though, and thankfully it quickly eradicated my feeling of crapness. Quickly, I was writing up schedules and to do lists in my planner. I was bookmarking this woman's posts, putting into practice what she was saying and also following other inspirational bloggers and businesswomen she mentioned, taking in their tips too. I did some online research, some online reading. I watched some YouTube tutorials. In short, I cracked down trying to better myself and my work. 

Now, everyone's going to compare themselves to someone, sometime. It happens and is often out of our control. But what's important is learning from the comparison, motivating yourself from it, being inspired by it- not moping over it! 

I might have felt a bit crap after realising I wasn't half as successful as this lady, but have I let it phase me? Of course I haven't! I've allowed it to motivate and inspire me. Now, you do the same!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Money, money, money


So money is something that I think worry about a lot. I usually whizz through my entire pay check each month, usually with little to show for it, wondering where it all went. Often, I think about how I'll ever be able to afford to move out, live independently, pay for driving lessons should I choose to have them...the list goes on.

thegirlfriendexperience  friends sad angry money

Of course, the reality of the situation is that I realistically won't be able to save any real money until I have a full time job and then I can afford to save a couple of hundred a month to put towards moving out whilst still having money to spend on myself.

However I've now encountered an obstacle. The obstacle being, my younger sister's earnings.

Her wage is already higher than mine as it is, but she has an awful  lot of money in the bank right now, and she's just started to work full time so this amount will only increase! It made me sit back and think, boy, I would love to know I had that much money sat in my account! So I decided that I would make it happen.

I have actually done quite well with my money this month and not even spent half of my wages, which makes a change. However, from September, I'm going to make a conscious effort to save a good portion of my wages. I have a holiday to book with my sister but that's all I intend on spending, except maybe the odd £5 spent here or there while I'm out and about and need a drink or something.

As many of you will know, I have a few paid jobs. The plan is to not even touch the wage from two of them and put that straight into savings and then just live off of the wage of the third one. As I saw YouTuber VelvetGh0st tweet earlier, you should save a third, invest a third and spend a third of your wages. I'm going to try and save 2/3 of my wages, so we will see how that goes. By the end of this year, I'd like to have around £500 in my savings.

I figure now is the best time to start saving- I have no real responsibilites, I don't pay rent and I only have a phone bill and Netflix as my outgoing payments. It would be harder to save if I was paying for a mortgage and numerous other bills! So I'm going to try and do as much as I can now. To be honest, I wish that I'd started sooner. I've made it my new years resolution since I was 16 to start saving to move out and never had- if only I'd stuck to my resolution, I'd maybe even be moved out by now!

I wish I'd even started saving from when I was a kid, but ah well. I've eaten lots of take out food, bought lots of treats for myself and paid for lots of eternal memories with the money I haven't saved so I guess every cloud, hey?

Here's to saving and becoming more of an adult!

Love from,
Florence Grace

P.S. Thanks for inspiring me, Clo. This one's for you. 


THAT Innocent tweet

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Last night, people anxiously sat at home, wondering what fate had in store for them.

Of course, it was A Level Results Eve! Teenagers across the country who had spent the last two years of their life studying and working hard to obtain a certain set of exam results had approximately 12 hours left before they found out how they'd done- and their fate was sealed.

It was at this time that popular drinks company, Innocent Smoothies, decided to make a joke that a number of people took in an oh so serious way- myself included. Here's the tweet:

Now, as an individual who works in the social media industry, this did irk me. Yes, I can understand that it's meant to be a joke and meant to be something lighthearted to put a smile on the strained and stressed teens of the UK but, really?

Let me tell you something about working in social media. It isn't easy. Now, it might not be as gruelling as the career of a doctor or a dentist or a lawyer or a vet. You might not need as many qualifications to obtain a career in social media. But let me tell you what you do need- a lot of time, a lot of energy, wit, humour, patience, good grammar, good spelling, a knowledge of things as and when they happen and a knowledge for the business you are running social media for. It's quite literally a 24/7 job and it can- and will- take over your life. I'm always glued to my phone, a factor that caused several arguments and fall outs in my previous relationship. I'm always checking the news on my iPhone, checking current trends on Twitter, trying to link them to the companies I'm working for. I have to post relevant content at peak times, keep the audience for each account engaged and interested. It might not sound difficult but it's honestly so much more than it's made out to be.

In addition to this, I also know people working in social media who are extremely qualified. Several girls I know who are social media managers/social media assistants/content creators all have relevant degrees from university, as well as A Level's and GCSE's. I myself have 12 GCSE's, 5 A Level's and a college foundation diploma. People who work in social media aren't necessarily without qualifications or lacking in intelligence.

What irked me more, however, was Innocent's 'apology' following the tweet and the uproar that came about because of it.

I know they've written it in the same upbeat, slightly sarcastic tone they use throughout all of their tweets, but I think in terms of an apology, it just didn't quite cut it. However, I did see them making more genuine sounding apologies to individuals who tweeted them, so clearly these two tweets were for the sake of the publicity on the account whilst trying not to be too serious about the situation- who knows?

If you failed your A Levels, no, it's not the end of the world. There's so many other routes you can take to reach your dream career. However, don't think you can "fall" into any job just because you "failed" your exams. Social media based jobs are included in that.

Love from,
Florence Grace


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Last month, I decided to get back into my monthly playlist posts. We're over half way through August, so I thought today would be the perfect day to share my August playlist with you guys! It's a good 'un...

  • Same Ol' Mistakes- Rihanna
  • Somebody Else- The 1975
  • Prayin'- Plan B
  • Pretty Girl Rock- Keri Hilson
  • Alarm- Anne Marie
  • Habibi- Eve-Yasmine
  • Needed Me- Rihanna
  • Return of the Mack- Mark Morrison 
  • Who Do You Think Of?- M.O (on every playlist, always!)
  • Cold Water- Major Lazor featuring Justin Bieber and MO
  • Send My Love- Adele
  • Moment for Life- Nicki Minaj featuring Drake
  • My Boo- Ghost Town DJ's
  • Ironic- Alanis Morissette
  • Perfect Strangers- Jonas Blue featuring JP Cooper
  • You Don't Know Love- Olly Murs
  • Cruel- Snakehips featuring ZAYN
  • Freak Like Me- Lee Walker, DJ Deeon and MNEK featuring Katy B
  • Its My Life- No Doubt
  • Bitter Sweet Symphony- The Verve
What a brilliant playlist, right? It's full of some 90's classics as well as some current chart smash hits. Let me know what songs you love from this playlist in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace 

It's that time again...


Today's post is late, and it's also going to be a quickie because, as per usual, I have so much work to be doing, I need to shower, I might even need to do some cooking for my lunch tomorrow (I need to consult my recipe book...) and it's almost the end of the day! 

I thought I'd do something today that I have never done before; I want to share the cover of the next issue of Love from... with you guys on here, before it's shared anywhere else tomorrow! So, drum roll please...

The cover for Issue 6 of Love from... magazine is here!

Gorgeous, right? 

I'm so excited to have Eve-Yasmine as a cover star because she is a massive part of my career success so far! If you've read my blog posts for a while, you will probably have heard me mention her before. It's thanks to her that I started a blog and so, essentially, it's thanks to her that I'm where I am now! She is such an inspirational young woman, and her interview is one of my favourites I think! 

This issue also see's the start of our new GIRLBOSS series, where we find the most inspiring, motivational, entrepreneurial, successful girls around and give them a space to talk about who they are and what they do! This issue is all about Sarazaar Cosmetics, as used by The Kardashians, which is pretty exciting. 

And there's all the usual brilliant articles from the usual columnists on uni tips, wellbeing, mindfulness, a travel guide, recipes and tonnes more. It's an issue you honestly don't want to miss (if I do say so myself!) and as usual, I'm incredibly proud of it!

If you want to order a copy, you can do so at or at Orders will arrive at your door on September 1st, which is so soon (exciting for magazine reasons, scary because the year has gone so fast!)

Let me know what you think of the cover of this issue in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


Pornography; more of a problem than pleasure


Today, Radio 1, 1Xtra and Radio 4 combined channels for half an hour to discuss being addicted to pornography, linked with a new documentary that has just been released and is now available on BBC iPlayer. I was eager to listen to the half an hour slot to see what was discussed- and I am so glad that I did! 

Pornography addiction is a very real and very serious problem, as unlikely and as humorous as it might sound, and hundreds of people suffer from it every year, with ages ranging as young as 15 and as old as 79, in both males and females. 

The radio show had live speakers who were just random members of the public, all with different views on pornography. One gentleman was very blase about it all, stating that it was like "real life on acid", that it was "just sex" and that people just needed to "learn to detach" reality from fantasy. One woman spoke openly about her ex boyfriends addiction to porn and how it had a negative affect on their relationship, forcing them to split up. An expert spoke on the show about how it affects children as young as eleven who have access to pornography on the playground (scary but true). All in all, it was an interesting show to listen to with a lot of diverse opinions that gave me a lot to think about. 

Here's what we do know about pornography:

- It can lead to an addiction 
- It can alter peoples sexual tendencies, fantasies and sex lives in both a negative and positive way
- It can be accessed by anyone at almost any time via the internet or in magazines
- It can cause relationships to break down
- It alters men's perception of women 
- It shows women being treated as objects rather than people
- It creates unrealistic expectations of sexual relationships

One man on the show stated that watching porn actually made him unable to treat a woman as a person. Instead, he treated women as objects, perceiving them as sexual beings and nothing else. All from watching porn. Pornography can even lead to infertility if people become addicted to it. It's just absolute madness. 

But does it have to be so bad? Pornography is meant to be enjoyable (and I use that term loosely) but there is an issue with this, as was discussed on the show. "Pornography is for a male's made by men for the enjoyment of males". This couldn't be more true! Yes, sure, women do watch porn, whether that be on purpose or simply by scrolling through websites such as Tumblr, where photos and videos are shared quite openly. But there is absolutely no denying that the vast majority of porn is made with a male gaze view, and that is where the problem lies. Pornography is vastly about admiring the sex appeal of a woman, about watching what a man is capable of doing to a woman and what a woman is capable of 'taking'. And whilst this might be enjoyable for men, it can lead to further, more serious issues later down the line. 

One woman on the show recollected on the events with her ex boyfriend who became controlling over her body and sex life once he began to watch more porn. He told her what to wear in the bedroom, how to shave herself, what to do. 

Now don't get me wrong, if you're in a consenting relationship, some people like to be dominated and told what to do- but this is always when there is a mutual understanding between partners. To be controlled by a partner because they are trying to turn their sexual relationship with a partner into a porno is a different scenario entirely and is not okay. 

Another man spoke about how he and his wife of over ten years had just divorced due to his addiction to pornography and how it had broken their relationship down, creating all kinds of problems. 

All from something that seems as harmless as pornography. 

I'm not against pornography, masturbation or having an open and exciting sex life. Whatever works for you as an individual and you with a consenting partner is fine by me. You do you, boo! But there is no denying that now, when the world is connected to more resources at a click of a button than ever before, pornography is more of a problem than a pleasure. People don't know where to stop, they struggle to define what is consensual and what is abuse, they struggle to separate fiction from fact, fantasy from reality. 

I'm no expert but something needs to be put in place for safety reasons that will make pornography more difficult to access- if not for everyone, at least for those under 16. It's disgusting that eleven year olds are watching porn on the playground. It's disgusting that 15 year old's can become addicted to it. I have no idea what but something needs to happen. We can't keep going at the rate we are because it seems that the next generation of this world will just be sex addicts. 

As I've said, I'm not against pornography (despite it completely abusing women and making them seem like sexual beings rather than actual people...). Use it with a consensual partner to liven up your sex life, watch it while you masturbate for some personal pleasure, whatever floats ya boat. But there needs to be some way to monitor an individual's use of it and an easier way to start to realise when there's a problem. 

What do you think? 

Love from,
Florence Grace 


Sexism in sports

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Sexism at the Olympics has been very, very present. If you hadn't noticed the fact that several female athletes are being titled as "African American athlete" and "so and so's wife" by media outlets rather than being actually named when they win medals, you must have noticed the outrage caused by Helen Skelton's outfit as she documented the events of the swimming events. 

Obviously, the lack of naming female athletes is disgusting enough on it's own. I can't believe that in 2016 media outlets are actually being so blatantly sexist. Well, unfortunately I can believe it, but still. How appalling! Why should a woman be denied being fully celebrated simply because she's a woman? Why is a males achievement more important? It's disgusting! The outrage continued when a writer for The Sun referred to some Muslim athletes as "burka wearing hags". I am stunned The Sun even thought to print that. 

But worse than that is the reaction to Helen Skelton's outfit. Which was, I hasten to add, not at all outrageous or inappropriate. 

Apparently, people were outraged at how much leg Helen was showing as she presented the swimming (you know, were men are wearing nothing but tiny little swimming trunks...) alongside a man who was wearing shorts, showing as much leg as Helen. 

But worse than this (yes, it gets worse) was what happened last night. Last night, Gary Lineker presented on TV in his boxer shorts. And did anyone complain? You can bet your bottom dollar they didn't. In fact, several jokes were made about his boxers covering too much


Please. Please. Is this society for real?! A woman can't flash some leg whilst presenting mens swimming and having them half naked on screen without receiving incredibly harsh comments regarding what kind of woman she is yet a man can present on TV in his underwear, which shows a visible penis bulge might I add, and everyone think's it's a laugh? 

I am more disgusted than ever with mainstream media. How disgusting, seriously. Men being almost naked, fine. Women's legs in a dress as she presents in a boiling hot country in the height of summer, not okay. Seriously, what is with the crazy insane double standards? I am so beyond sick and tired of it! 

I am so angry. I don't really have the words to even properly articulate myself and my feelings, but this is outrageous. Truly outrageous. 

Women aren't being named when they win medals. Women's achievements are being overlooked in favour of men's. And now women are shamed for what they wear whilst presenting whilst men can present in their underwear. 

Mainstream media, I am done. So done. 

Love from,
Florence Grace

Rush Hair Salon: A Review

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Last week I received an email inviting me to review a new hair salon in Milton Keynes, Rush Salon. In exchange for the review I would receive a complementary cut and blow dry. I haven't had a hair cut in over five years, due to my last hair cut being quite a traumatic experience; I had my hair cut to a certain length due to split ends and it just stopped growing from that point. I feared this would happen after every appointment so I just never made another one for fear of ending up bald! However, I know my hair is in an awful state and so when offered the free hair cut I decided why not? 

I wasn't sure what to expect from Rush Salon as from the outside it looks like a very small unit hardly big enough to hold one salon chair let alone a whole hair salon. But looks can be deceiving and they definitely were in this case. Whilst the entrance was small, containing a till and some free standing display units filled with a variety of hair products at the back of the shop there was a staircase. I was pointed in the direction of the stairs and proceeded to ascend them. Upon reaching the top I could not believe my eyes.

I was in the most glamorous hair salon I had ever seen in my life. High ceilings, large ornate looking mirrors and tall vases filled with exotic looking flowers were just some of the eye catching features in the salon. I was invited to take a seat in the "lounge area" which consisted of a large black cushy sofa and two large armchairs as well as a fancy coffee table with some magazines.

 I wasn't sat down for long as almost straight away an assistant came over to seat me in front of one of the large gold mirrors. I was offered a drink but politely declined however I noticed from other clients that "a drink" consisted of a beverage of your choice brought out to you on a tray along with a smaller tray with some Lindor's on it, so refreshments were definitely up to scratch! 

I was taken to have my hair washed. The girl washing my hair wasn't too chatty and the water was a little temperamental, often going boiling hot to freezing cold in seconds, but it was explained to me that there was a problem with the pipes at the moment, so I forgave this. The hair wash was very enjoyable and I feel like I had a good head massage!

I was then put into the talented hands of stylist Kelly. She discussed with me what sort of look I wanted for my hair in detail to make sure she knew exactly what I wanted and then set about doing it. She explained every stage of the process and every product she used in great detail, which was really useful for me, as well as chatting to me normally in between this. The whole process took about half an hour and  I left with some glamorous looking, voluminous curls.

There was only one problem with this hair appointment. The salon did not know I was a blogger reviewing the salon; they thought I was a paying customer. In addition to this they only had me down for a blow dry whereas I had been promised a cut and blow dry. Of course, this is not the salon's fault but is the fault of the PR company I was communicating with. However, Kelly did give my hair a quick trim (which it definitely needed!) to make up for the fact I wasn't getting a cut, which was really very lovely of her. She indicated how much hair I would need cutting off to get it to a healthy length, and while it's more than I want cutting off, I'm definitely going back to her come pay day to get it done properly!

Thank you so much to Kelly and Rush Salon for the free blow dry and for being so accommodating despite the miscommunication! I'd definitely recommend Rush Salon and wish I had more photo's to share with you guys! I guess you'll just have to go along to see what it's like for yourself...

Love from,
Florence Grace
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