Silk-Skin Review!

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Yesterday me and my best friend Abby went to the Professional Beauty show in London. I had never been to this show before but Abby had been the previous year so had filled me in and I was pretty excited! I couldn't wait to have a shop around all of the different beauty stalls, meet some new business contacts, build some PR relationships and discover some new beauty brands!

We got to the show as it opened at 10am and straight away got ourselves a free, giant golden Moroccan tan bag which we used to pop our goodies in throughout the day. Walking around the first lot of stalls, I stopped and had my hair done, and me and Abby both got our lips done with a divine glitter lip kit that stayed on my lips for 29 hours without smudging, chipping or smearing! I was beyond impressed and bought four different glitter colours...the best part is, they can also be used on your eyes too! Anyway, that's another post for another day. Today I want to talk about the second product I bought, the Silk Skin Exfolitor kit.

I hadn't heard of these hair removal exfoliator pads before, but Abby had. There were several stalls selling them, but one when woman waved us over we decided to have a chat with her. She sat us down straight away, hauled my leg over her lap and straight away began rubbing at my *slightly hairy* leg with one of these pads. In less than ten seconds I had a baby smooth calf- it literally felt like silk! I was beyond impressed.

I don't have very hairy legs anyway- my leg hair is very thin and blonde and grows very slowly. I'm not ashamed to admit that I can go for a couple of months before I even need to shave my legs! However, when I do shave them, one thing I do have to deal with is the prickly growth! While it takes a long time for this to happen on my legs, on other areas of my body (under my arms, my bikini line) this can happen as soon as the next day!

The woman manning the Silk-Skin stall explained how this exfoliating pad got rid of all of your hair in seconds (as she had demonstrated on Abby and myself) but better still, there was no prickly grow back! Of course the hair would grow back- in three months time! But when it did, it wouldn't feel prickly like shaving. I couldn't believe it; I mean, yes, she'd made my legs feel like silk right now, but for three months? Really?

The lady went on to tell me how these pads could be used all over the body, including the face (not that I would need that!) and that it took twenty-five minutes to shave the whole body entirely. She also assured me that the kits were cruelty free and good for sensitive skin too, which really made me happy considering I get quite bad eczema. I don't know what it was but something sold me and I purchased a pack that would last two years for £20- the price of a pack that would last one year, so it was a bit of a bargain!

I couldn't wait to try the kit out as soon as I got home. Within the kit you're given two pink pads, one larger one about the size of a tangle teezer, and one tiny one the length of your forefinger, meant for your bikini line and your face. You have to stick the exfoliation pads on yourself, and there's enough pads in the box to get you through the year. This part is very easy to do- they have backs that you peel off, just like a sticker, and then you simply stick it to the pink pad.

The pads have handles on which makes it easy to hold while using- and the using part is very simple indeed. You just rub in circular motions over your skin at quite a vigorous rate, moving the pad both clockwise and anti clockwise until the hair comes off; a process which honestly takes seconds and is a very painless process too! I did both of my legs fully in under five minutes and can happily report that today there's no prickly-ness. My legs are smoother than they've ever been after a shave! At the Silk-Skin stand the lady explained that shaving was very damaging to the skin, and no one would ever achieve smooth silky skin with a razor- this exfoliating pad would change that.

Well, I know it's only been a day but I must say, so far, so good! I have since done my underarms and bikini line and I am smooth with no itchiness from regrowth, no pricklyness from regrowth and actually, no sign of regrowth at all. This was definitely worth buying and I'm so glad that I did! It's definitely going to come in handy for summer, and I couldn't recommend it enough. If you're going to spend £20 on anything this year, it should definitely be a Silk-Skin kit!

Love from,
Florence Grace
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