Saving face!


When it comes to my face- or rather, looking after my face- I am the worst. I often leave my make up on when I go to sleep simply because I'm too tired to take it off, or if I do take it off I just use a babywipe (I can feel all the beauty bloggers screaming at me right now). I do use a moisturising strobe balm underneath my foundation which keeps my face quite soft but that's honestly about it. I don't really have many major skin issues, so skin care just isn't something that I think about. 

So when my friend Chloe, who is the account manager of Clinique at the Aylesbury Boots store invited me to come down and find out about their different skin care products I thought, 'why not?'. 

Well, I'm not lying when I say that girl has changed my life. For real. 

I have never used Clinique products, and obviously never had a facial or skin care routine, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect and let Chloe have complete free reign with my skin and my face. I find it quite hard to find products that I enjoy using on my skin, but Chloe assured me that Clinique products are as good as perfect- they test them on something crazy like 800 people, 7 times over! If one person has a bad reaction, they don't put it on the market. So yes, the products are practically perfect!

The first thing she did was ask me about any problem areas I felt I had, such as dry skin, enlarged pores, redness and so on. She used a little nifty device to make note of the issues I told her about. 

I told her that my biggest problem was getting little patches of dry skin in my T-zone and my horrific pores on my nose that I just can't seem to do anything about. From the description of my own skin, Chloe was able to work out in just a few minutes the exact products I would need for my skin. This included three bottles of product and a rather daunting looking brush...

She started with the scary looking brush. Clinique like to teach their clients how to use products before they buy them, so rather than just using the brush on my face Chloe instructed me how to use it and made me do it myself. The brush vibrates for 30 seconds and you just gently rub it over your face. I felt very revived afterwards! It's a little steep in cost at £79 but it lasts forever and you can use it all of the time, even in the shower! So it's definitely a worthwhile investment. 

Once I'd brushed my face over with this little device, it was time for the products! Chloe started with the facial soap, which was massaged into my face to cleanse it. It went on really smoothly and didn't feel too heavy or sticky on my skin which was a nice sensation on my face- I hate when products feel really heavy on my skin, it's so uncomfortable! 

The second thing she used on my face was the Clarifying Lotion, a product that acts as a liquid exfoliator. She explained to me that the problem I was having with my pores is that they were probably just clogged up with dirt (bleeee!) and needed a good cleanse. I sat there thinking "there's no way this will work, I've cleansed my pores before and nothing happened". But oh my gosh I could not have been more impressed. Chloe used literally the smallest amount of product on a pad that she wiped over my nose, and then she showed me what came off...

Okay so first of all how gross is that!?! But once you get over the inital gross-ness of it, how amazing is that? She wiped a teeny tiny amount of liquid over my nose and with absolutely no pain, no drama, no stinging, nothing, it pulled all of that out of my pores! I looked in the mirror and could see a difference in my nose straight away! I have honestly never been so impressed with a product and genuinely couldn't believe my eyes!

The third thing was the Dramatically Different lotion, which was bright yellow! This cream was so light on my skin and rubbed it so easily. It's used to keep your skin looking vibrant and keeps the natural glow from within to make your skin look healthier. You can put it on underneath other products too and it improves how they stay on your skin! Chloe did a patch test on my neck of a product, one with Dramatically Different lotion underneath and one without and there was a noticeable difference, both in how easily the product was applied to the skin and also how it felt on my skin afterwards!

Following this three step skin care routine, Chloe knew I wanted to work on sorting my pores out, so introduced me to the Pore Refining concealer, a product that makes your pores virtually invisible! It was hard to pick up on camera the dramatic difference that it made but we gave it a go... it made my nose feel incredibly soft too! (You'll have to excuse the dryness on my nose...this is part of the problem we are trying to eradicate!

Left side is with the pore concealer, right side is without!

It's safe to say I was impressed with this skin care routine, and was desperate to find out how much it would cost me to buy these products and continue with the routine at home. Well, it's safe to say they aren't the most cost effective products in the world, and altogether would come to about £70...however, the products last for two years and, as Chloe pointed out to me, everyone see's your face every day! It's important to use only the best products on it! 

While I sadly can't afford the full size products right now, Chloe showed me that there was a great alternative, of all three of the skin care products in a smaller size for just £20- so this is definitely something I'll be investing in! However, Chloe was also kind enough to give me some samples of the products she'd used on my face to tide me over until payday, which is great!

I was also then told about an amazing deal that Clinique has on offer right now! If you buy any skincare product, as long as one of them is foundation, you get some incredible free gifts! Take a look at all of these...

Incredible, right? Not only is the makeup bag a decent size and super cute in design, it's jam packed with Clinique goodies, including a gorgeous lipstick and highlighter! As previously mentioned, I hadn't ever used Clinique products before, but after having a play around with all of these products it's safe to say that I'm fully converted into a Clinique fan! Not to mention I am now correctly looking after my face, 21 years later...

If this post wasn't enough to convert you into a Clinique fan too, then maybe this offer will. Head over to the Clinique counter in Boots in Aylesbury and quote the code "LFFGClinique" to receive a free foundation sample! (If you feel a bit weird about saying that outloud, you can also show them this part of the blog post!) So what are you waiting for? Pop into Boots Aylesbury and spoil yourself to something from Cliniques brilliant range of products!

Thank you again to Chloe for inviting me in to get sorted out- she was absolutely amazing and I was so beyond impressed with her service, her advice and just how lovely she was! She's definitely a credit to Clinique and has made a new customer out of me!

Love from,
Florence Grace 

9 Signs A Guy Is A Fuckboy

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There's absolutely no denying that when I came out of an almost-6-year relationship the concept of fuckboys was definitely a new one. When I was 14 (the last time I was single!), 'fuckboys' just weren't a thing- or, at least not as much of a thing as they are now. Suddenly, I was thrown right into the deep end because everything had changed. You didn't just like someone and become boyfriend and girlfriend; suddenly there was a difference between 'talking', 'seeing someone', 'dating' and then being 'in a relationship'. 

To be honest, I hate it. But not as much as I hate fuckboys. I'm now well aware of how to tell if someone is a fuckboy or not, thanks to the guidance of my girlfriends and it has started saving me a lotta lotta time. If you're still as baffled as I was this time last year, let me share with you some of the signs of a Grade A fuckboy...

All about the snaps
If he only ever snaps you, he's a fuckboy. Believe. Me. If he won't add you on Facebook, if he won't text or call you, heck if he doesn't even ask for your number at all, but if he snaps you alllllll of the time, better believe the boy is a fuckboy. It won't be long before the dick pics and the nude requests come rolling in, and they'll all be more awful than the last. Delete, block and tell that boy BYE. 

He messages you past 2am
And by message, I mean snaps you of course. But seriously, if you hear from a guy after 2am he is honestly only after one thing; a booty call. It doesn't even matter if they don't have your number, they will call you through Facebook messenger. Trust me

He ignores you in person
So you've been chatting quite a lot, sending a few cheeky pictures, talking about hooking up...and then when you see him in person, he totally blanks you! What's that about? 

Girl, it's because he's a fuckboy. 

He will come and see you on special occasions
Like, a Friday night past 2am. When you're drunk. So he can pick you up in his car and have his way with you. Nuh uh girl, don't do it. Do. Not. Do. It. 

Every conversation is about sex
"Hey how are you? Had a good day? Yeah, good, I had a great day thinking about you...wanna send me a picture to remind me what that booty looks like?" 

This is a genuine conversation I have had with a fuckboy. And it's not unique- it's pretty standard fuckboy conversation. If he don't wanna talk to you about your day, he's not interested in anything other than the bang he's trying to get. Cut him off. 

His words don't match his actions
If he always talks about banging you (in a mutual conversation, not when he's pretending to ask about your day first...) but never actually comes to bang you, he's a fuckboy. And possibly also has a girlfriend. Either that or he's a virgin who has succumbed to the peer pressure of 'lad culture' and that's why he feels the need to talk about sex all the time. Either way, steer clear. 

Speaking of girlfriends...

Fuckboys are rarely single
Either they have a girlfriend, have ten women on the go or they've got a girl who thinks she's his girlfriend who will definitely come for you if she finds out you've been chatting with/sleeping with 'her' man. Honestly, fuckboys are never 100% single. Ever. 

They never want more
When you eventually get sick of the bullshit and tell him you want him to step up to a relationship of leave you alone, he'll come out with some crappy "I'm not ready right now but if I was it would be with you...let's see how it goes for now, just take it slow?"

No. Do not 'see how it goes', because you will see him going after every other girl except you. He's just saying this to ensure you stay in his life to send him nudes whenever he likes, and he'll try and act like he's genuinely sorry that he isn't in the right space of mind to date but believe me, he doesn't give two shits. Respect yourself enough to walk away...or brace yourself for him begging for nudes come 2am.

Remember...their social media profile says it all
If they write non stop about football and menism, pose with a joint in every Insta post, tweet J Cole and Drake lyrics and are holding a fish in their profile picture, they're a Grade A fuckboy. 

(This one's a joke...kinda)

Love from,
Florence Grace 

Remember ladies, you can sleep with whoever the hell you like, and if you want to go for a fuckboy, that's cool boo, keep doing you! No judgement from me, I've been there and done it and it's not for me! This is a post for the girls who want to steer clear of them. 
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