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I absolutely love having friends who are incredibly talented and doing super cool things- and one of my friends, Tiffany, is part of the amazing four piece band, Blushes. This weekend saw them releasing their debut EP, 'Private Viewing', and I was absolutely thrilled to be asked along to cover the event. Not only did I get to see Blushes perfom live, but I got to see a whole host of other talented musicians too (who will receive their own blog posts in due course...).

Blushes have such a unique sound to them, and from the moment I first heard their music I fell in love with them! More recently, when they released a track from their EP, 'Skin', I was shocked at how much the group had progressed and improved. They were good before, but now I felt like they were amazing! I relayed this feedback to Tiff who told me that if I enjoyed 'Skin' that much (I did), then I'd love the rest of the EP...
Guess what?
I adore it. From start to finish I was absolutely capti…