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I changed my mind

When I was younger, I wanted a life that emulated that of my parent’s; married with kids and a house by the time I was 22 years old.
Lol, okay. Next joke please!
I’m 22 in six months and haven’t even made it past a second date with someone in the last 18 months, let alone be anywhere near a marriage, moving out of my mums or a pregnancy deadline!
But not only that- I’ve decided that I want a completely different life for myself than the one that I envisioned when I was younger. I wanted to live in a big house with a husband who had a good job while I stayed at home looking after our two children, a son and a daughter, and our assortment of pets. That was my dream- and now, to me, it seems like such a sad one! Of course, there were dream jobs I wanted- mainly to be a singer or in a band, or a writer (Jacqueline Wilson was my biggest inspiration), then as I reached 11/12/13 I wanted to work in radio and TV and be Fearne Cotton, but ultimately I wanted to be a mum and a wife, above anything…

Being Bridget Jones

So often you’ll see girls writing online about how they’re like Bridget Jones because they are spending a Saturday night in with a tub of ice cream instead of going out on the ‘sesh’. And you’ll see all these other girls commenting in agreement ‘omg yes gal me too #singlelife #crazycatlady’.
Well, I’m here to set you all straight. I am the real Bridget Jones. And not just because I am partial to a tub of Ben and Jerry's on a Saturday night either. Let me tell you why…
1)‘Yes I will always be just a little bit fat!’ This is one of Bridget’s infamous quotes from the film as she tries to defend herself to her boyfriend, Mark. I am this girl. I’m never going to be a size 6, I will always opt for a pizza over a salad, I absolutely despise exercise of any kind and so yes, I will always be just a little bit fat! You see that roll I have when I sit down, or wear a crop top? That’s from the share bag of doritos I enjoyed all by myself last night while watching Bridget Jones. Suck it. I thin…

Being a Communications Officer

When I started my new job as a Communications Officer, I got a lot of questions about what my new role actually was and the kinds of things it entailed. Justine from Girl Gone Dreamer asked if I would do a blog post on the subject- and so here it is, better late than never! So, what does a Communications Officer actually do?
Handle Social Media Anyone who knows me will know how much I adore social media, so I was thrilled when I found out that a huge portion of my job role was to handle the company’s social media. I help to run the Twitter and Facebook account and soon might even be looking into doing some YouTube work too. I take a lot of joy in doing this and always get so excited whenever somebody tweets us, because then I get to tweet back! 
Internal Communications I have been told by my colleagues that internal comms are my strength, which I was thrilled to hear, given that I’ve never done them before! I would say internal comms is definitely the main bulk of my job- I write endlessn…

Where I'm at now

I’ve never been so happy with my life- ever. I genuinely mean that too. Growing up, there was always one issue or another going on in my life, whether it was me being bullied, relationship or friendship problems, body confidence issues or dealing with my parents’ divorce; there just always seemed to be something going on to detract from my happiness.
So you can only imagine my surprise when I came to the realisation the other week that, for the first time in my life, everything is good.
"I just wish that younger me had known that it was possible to be this happy all of the time."

I honestly am at a place in my life where, for the first time ever, everything is going really well. I started my new job, which I’m really excelling at and absolutely loving. I have a buzzing social life and am surrounded by all of the best people I’ve ever known. I’m in a good place financially, I’ve got some exciting travel plans to look forward to, as well as other upcoming events that will be a…

Printing with Printiki*

Growing up, my bedroom walls were covered from floor to ceiling in photos of me and my friends- when I moved house and had to take them down it was heartbreaking! I also fell in love with photography and was going to study it at university, before choosing to study it at my local college instead.

Photo's are just so special to me, and I take them all the time. I'm one of those girls who snapchats every single moment of her life, just so I can relive the memories later on. I love editing photos to make them look pretty for Instagram, I just adore being able to capture special moments in life and being able to share them with the world. 
Something I always forget to do now that I am older and have a busier lifestyle is print my photos out. It seems such a task to trek to my local Boots or Jessops and pay extortionate amounts to print out small quantities of photos. So imagine my absolute joy when I discovered Printiki, a photo printing website, through a competition run by Jemma…

Does Twitter really need an edit button?

There’s one thing avid Twitter users long for more than anything else in the world- an edit button.
Every time a social media platform brings out a totally random update, you’ll see endless tweets of fury: “Instagram can give us identical snapchat filters and Twitter STILL can’t give us an edit button?!
But do we really need an edit button on Twitter?
To me, the answer is simple: no, we do not.
You can only imagine the havoc that would be caused if people were able to tweet something and then edit it before anyone else could see it, changing their words entirely. Bullies would have an absolute field day! Tell someone to kill themselves, leave it there long enough for it to effect the individual it’s being said to and then edit it to something sweet and lovely, so that to the outside world you look like the best of friends. And not only bullies and ordinary everyday people, but imagine people in power too! You can only imagine the likes of Piers Morgan and Donald Trump being able to adjus…

The importance of female friends

I was always the girl who said she got on better with boys than girls. And back then, it was true. My friendship with girls was always very fickle- I had a new best friend almost every six months or so! But my friendships with boys always lasted years, I was always friends with the same boys throughout my entire school life pretty much. There’s even some boys from primary school I’m friends with now! I can’t say the same for girls.
When I went to an all girls secondary school, I decided now, more than ever, that I got on better with boys. I just didn’t fit in with girls the way I did with boys. I didn’t know how to do my hair or makeup, I didn’t wear the right clothes, I wasn’t pretty or skinny, rich or popular- all things that girls seem to care about in a friend and boys don’t. While I did have female friends, all of my closest friends, including my very best friend, were boys from the all boys school across the road.
Now that I’m older, things have changed slightly. I don’t know if i…