Being Bridget Jones

So often you’ll see girls writing online about how they’re like Bridget Jones because they are spending a Saturday night in with a tub of ice cream instead of going out on the ‘sesh’. And you’ll see all these other girls commenting in agreement ‘omg yes gal me too #singlelife #crazycatlady’.

Well, I’m here to set you all straight. I am the real Bridget Jones. And not just because I am partial to a tub of Ben and Jerry's on a Saturday night either. Let me tell you why…

1)      ‘Yes I will always be just a little bit fat!’
This is one of Bridget’s infamous quotes from the film as she tries to defend herself to her boyfriend, Mark. I am this girl. I’m never going to be a size 6, I will always opt for a pizza over a salad, I absolutely despise exercise of any kind and so yes, I will always be just a little bit fat! You see that roll I have when I sit down, or wear a crop top? That’s from the share bag of doritos I enjoyed all by myself last night while watching Bridget Jones. Suck it. I think I look great.

2)      I have sung ‘All By Myself’ into a hairbrush home alone and felt every word.
Because hey, we’ve all been through that kind of break up right? Unfortunately for my family, neighbours, and anyone else in a five mile radius, I had a whole soundtrack to sing along to, not just Celine Dion. I can't believe I'm confessing this online.

3)      I keep a journal
Well, it’s a blog and a Twitter feed, but all those thoughts that Bridget has and shares on paper? I share with you guys on here. You all read my endless break up blog posts (and absolutely loved them, can I just point out) and you all read about my dating experiences on Twitter. I am a bit of an over sharer- like Bridget!

4)      I have a great gang of friends
I mean, they’ve never taken me on a spontaneous trip to Paris (guys, come on), but they do give me great advice like ‘don’t iron your hair’. No, on a real though, I think my little gang is just as fab as Bridget’s, although I don’t have any famous 90’s singers in it…yet.

5)      I can’t cook
Remember her blue string soup? Yeah. I can’t even cook soup, let alone make it from scratch. Wow, could I actually be worse than Bridget Jones?!

6)      I continuously try and fail to get the attention of the man I like
…only to get attention from a man that I don’t like. Why is life so cruel?! Just let the guy I like drop me a message already, rather than all these has beens cropping up months later trying to rekindle something that wasn’t ever even there!

There is one difference between me and Bridget- I don’t own big knickers! In fact, it’s a laughing matter between some of my friends and I as to what they consider ‘granny pants’ and ‘big knickers’ and what I do- however, that is a little TMI that I won’t be sharing! Regardless, there is so much more to being Bridget Jones than eating ice cream on a Saturday night- believe me, I know!

On a scale of 1-10, how Bridget Jones are you? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace


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