Does Twitter really need an edit button?

There’s one thing avid Twitter users long for more than anything else in the world- an edit button.

Every time a social media platform brings out a totally random update, you’ll see endless tweets of fury: “Instagram can give us identical snapchat filters and Twitter STILL can’t give us an edit button?!

But do we really need an edit button on Twitter? 

To me, the answer is simple: no, we do not.

You can only imagine the havoc that would be caused if people were able to tweet something and then edit it before anyone else could see it, changing their words entirely. Bullies would have an absolute field day! Tell someone to kill themselves, leave it there long enough for it to effect the individual it’s being said to and then edit it to something sweet and lovely, so that to the outside world you look like the best of friends. And not only bullies and ordinary everyday people, but imagine people in power too! You can only imagine the likes of Piers Morgan and Donald Trump being able to adjust things they had previously said to try and make them seem like less of an arse (if that's even possible...)

There’s a delete button available! If you make a mistake in your tweet that’s so bad you have to edit it out for the tweet to be deemed acceptable, then just delete the whole tweet and start from scratch! But with that being said, is anyone going to be bothered about a small error you’ve made in a tweet? Probably not. If it’s that bad, its worthy of being deleted. If its not delete-worthy, don’t worry about it! I'm almost certain no one cared if you made a small typo or forgot to include a relevant emoji. 

On the other side of things, who is making that many mistakes that they need an edit button anyway? Just check your tweets before you send them, it takes less than thirty seconds and really isn’t that hard!

While Twitter could emulate Facebooks feature of being able to reveal the original version of an edited comment, is it really worth the hassle? Do we really need an edit button to encourage people to say nasty things that they think they can then alter just for the laughs? I don’t think so. For all the drama it could cause, it just doesn’t seem worth it. Check your tweets instead!

Love from,
Florence Grace


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