9 MORE Signs a Guy is a Fuckboy

A couple of months ago I wrote a post titled ‘9 Signs a Guy Is a Fuckboy’. You guys loved it and it fast became one of my most read posts. Boys and girls enjoyed the post, and most people messaged me to say how accurate it was- boys included! Since then, I’ve come across even more fuckboys (would you believe it!) and found even more signs that giveaway whether a guy is nice or whether he’s a fuckboy. Obviously, I’m about to share them with you so you know how to spot a fuckboy too!

He turns his read receipts off
Even worse, if you start messaging and the read receipts are on and then after a while he turns them off. I mean, this is just frustrating more than anything else, but is also a sign a guy wants to be able to avoid your messages- and the messages from all the other girls he’s chatting to as well.

Similarly, he turns his ‘last seen’ off
In my previous post, I mentioned how fuckboys lie about not being on their phones but their ‘last seen’ was two minutes ago. I thought that was the worst it could be, but I was wrong. The worst thing is when they turn their ‘last seen’ off altogether, so you can’t calculate how many minutes you’ve been waiting for a reply. (It’s 47 minutes and 12 seconds, but I mean honestly, who’s counting?)

They only ever message you when you upload a selfie
Come on girls. You all know that guy. You don’t hear from this guy for weeks, months even, and then you upload a new selfie and you’re met with a ‘hey’, ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘what’s up?’ every single time. Yes, I look banging. Please just like my photo like a normal person and then leave me alone. I don’t want to talk; I just want to be admired from afar.

They don’t have any photos on Facebook
What am I supposed to do when I’m telling my friends about you and your only photos are three profile pictures from five years ago? But wait…it’s 2017. Why isn’t there any photos of you? We’re living in generation selfie!!

He’s probs keeping a low profile online because then it’s easier to chat to multiple girls and lead numerous lives in a way that only a fuckboy can.

They like five selfies in a row
And I’m not talking the last five (or more!) selfies from this month. Sometimes they scroll back as far as the last year, yet somehow manage to do this in 10 seconds and suddenly BAM, BAM, BAM, you’re bombarded with likes from the latest guy to join the fuckboy club.

They kick off when you reject them
If a guy asks you on a date and you say no, he should accept that like a champ and move on. Right? Well, if a guy’s a fuckboy, it doesn’t quite work like that. Nope, if you reject him, he’s suddenly going to kick off and act like you’re a disgusting shitbag who he wouldn’t go near if somebody paid him. Alright Dan, let’s just ignore the fact that you were begging for it two minutes ago shall we?

They insult you to attempt to win you over
We all know boys are dumb, but fuckboys take stupidity to a whole other level. Yes, sure, tell me I’m frigid and boring and that you can change that with a life changing night with you, that’s really gonna make me want to bang you! Not. Fuck off and find a new sock to bash one out in to.

They INSIST they aren’t a fuckboy
The biggest fuckboys are the ones who make a point of telling you over and over and over again that they aren’t a fuckboy. You can trust them, they’re different, they won’t hurt you, they care about you! And when you don’t believe them, they’ll act all hurt that you think they could possibly treat you that way…
…and then they do treat you that way. Because they’re a fuckboy.

They send unsolicited dick pics
Come on. No nice guy would ever do that. 

And here's a bonus one...

They use olive oil as lube
That’s a joke…kind of. If you know, you know. 

Hey, it's just banter, right?

Love from,
Florence Grace

As always, this post is intended to be humerous and not cause offence. 

Quality, not quantity

Since I have been old enough to understand what it means, the phrase ‘quality, not quantity’ is something that I have always lived by (unless we’re talking about alcohol, because it doesn’t matter about the quality of what you’re drinking, if you drink enough of it you still get drunk)

In recent years, and more specifically in the last two years, the phrase ‘quality, not quantity’ has been applied to the people in my life. Growing up, it’s drilled into us that in order to feel loved and to be happy with your life you must be surrounded by a tonne of people.  Books, TV shows, movies and other elements of pop culture all tell us that if you don’t have many friends then you’re a ‘loser’ or an ‘outcast’.

It’s time to stop this way of thinking, and start believing in quality, not quantity instead!

Society has made us feel like we have to surround ourselves with as many people as possible to be happy, and this has caused us to feel its okay to create fake friendships, to have false intentions towards other people just to keep them around us so we appear ‘popular’, and honestly I can’t help but wonder, what’s the point? Wouldn’t you rather be surrounded by less people, but people who actually genuinely love and care about you? I know I would- because I know it’s important to choose quality, not quantity.

Image may contain: one or more people, glasses and close-up Image may contain: 2 people, glasses and close-up Image may contain: 2 people, glasses and close-up

When I was younger, I had a lot of friends- and with these friends came arguments, bitchiness and backstabbing. There’s no denying that being surrounded by a large group of friends, particularly when its dominated by females, is pretty gruelling work. And while I’m definitely speaking from personal experience, I know from having had plenty of conversations with other people about this that I am not alone in my feelings.

The older I have become, the less I have tolerated bullshit behaviours and attitudes from people claiming to be my ‘friend’, and the easier it has become to cut people off who no longer add any positivity to my life. No, I don’t have over 1,000 friends on Facebook anymore (why was I so proud of this?) and no I don’t get invited to a party every weekend anymore. No, I don’t get an abundance of people begging to see me or make plans. But do you know what I do have instead?

Real friends.

I can count my real friends on both hands, and I like it that way. I know I can trust them all, I know they all love me unconditionally as I do them, and I know they’re dependable, genuine and just nice. There’s no backstabbing, no bitching, no arguing. Everything’s easy, the way it should be in a real friendship. While I have less friends now, they’re the most top quality friends I’ve ever been lucky enough to call my own.

In terms of relationships and friendships, ‘quality, not quantity’ can also be applied to the length of time you’ve known someone. I have friends I’ve known for a handful of months who have better intentions for me than someone I’ve known for years and years. Time is just a number, it means nothing. It’s quality, not quantity.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, selfie, close-up and indoor

I think when it comes to friendships and relationships with other people, it’s important to remember that there are different levels to them, too. You don’t ever have just ‘friends’, so don’t feel bad about having 5 friends, for example. You’ll nearly always have your best friends, then your close friends, other friends, work friends and then acquaintances. There’s probably more people in your life than you would first think, so don’t ever feel like you’re totally alone- you definitely aren’t. However, no matter how many people you have around you, be it 10, 20 or 50, maybe even more, you should never let the level of quality you look for in a person waiver. Always surround yourself with best friends, close friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the highest quality. You don’t deserve any less than that.

I recently wrote about how your vibe attracts your tribe, and how your tribe also creates your vibe, and that ties in quite nicely here. Whether you think it or not, the vibe of the people you surround yourself with will rub off on you- so it’s important that you surround yourself with the best people possible, who’s values in life match your own, who life you up and make you better, who support you and inspire you and who aren’t afraid to be real with you, no matter what you’re going through.

My group of friends might be small, but I couldn’t fault a single one of them.

Quality, not quantity.  Remember that.

Love from,
Florence Grace

Your vibe attracts your tribe

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You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. For the most part, I have found this to be true.

However, have you ever stopped to think that maybe, it might work the other way around? Maybe your tribe actually creates your vibe? Now that’s something I definitely know to be true.

Over the last two years of my life, I’ve made a huge amount of changes, and a lot of these changes have revolved around the kind of people I’ve been spending time with. It hasn’t always been easy to recognise that some of the people I believed that I loved the most were incredibly toxic for me, but once I opened my eyes and saw how they were dragging me down, I was able to cut them off and make room for more positive, dare I say it, better people in my life instead!

"Five types of people you want to surround yourself with: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful and the open minded"

When you surround yourself with negative people, critical people, even destructive people, it really can bring you down, even if they aren’t directing any of these negative attributes directly toward you. Their energy definitely rubs off on you and you start to pick up on these behaviours, until soon you are negative and critical and destructive too- which is just so mentally exhausting and not the kind of person anyone should aspire to be.

Surround yourself with happy people who uplift you, inspire you and support you and watch how different your life becomes. At the moment, I’m surrounded by the best people I have ever been friends with. They’re all so positive and happy, have a great attitude towards life, support and encourage me and are just generally brilliant. In turn, it’s made me happy and positive, altered my own outlook on life and enables me to give them the same support and encouragement they give me.

Today is National Best Friends Day in America (I don’t care that I’m not American, I love an excuse to celebrate something, particularly the amazing people in my life) and it really got me thinking about the people I call ‘best friends’, and how they differ from people I called by the same name this time last year, two years ago, five years ago and beyond.

I’ve still got my ride or dies, Bobbie, Alec, Poppy and Abby. Bobbie and me have been friends for around 5 years now, while Alec, Poppy and Abby have been my best pals for about three. More recently I’ve made friends with Alex, and while we haven’t known each other for even half a year yet, she’s already one of the best people in my life.

Then there are other people in my life who I absolutely adore; old timers like my Topshop girls, Chloe, Smithy and Lauren- they're the kind of friends you don't always see, but when you do it's like you have never been apart! Then there's the newer people like Tiff, Destiny and Calum, who haven't been around as long as the rest but have already shown themselves to be just as fabulous

Those of you who have followed me for a while or read my posts regularly might notice there are some names there who you would probably have expected to see, who used to crop up on my blog and other social media pages quite a lot, who are now absent. Like I said, you have to learn when people are no good for you and cut them off, for your own sake. Other times, you simply outgrow people. It’s sad but true.

I’m incredibly lucky to be surrounded by such incredible people all of the time, and I couldn’t love them all more. I have definitely spent  a long time creating the perfect tribe for myself and I think I’ve finally got there.

While it’s true that your vibe will attract your tribe, your tribe definitely creates your vibe- so choose yours wisely!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Kissing retail goodbye!

Today I left my job at Topshop, after working in retail on and off for five years, and I can safely say…

Wow, I will not be doing that again.

At least, as far as I can help it. If money gets short and I need to make ends meet, then okay I may need to take on another part time retail job. But for now, and for the foreseeable future, I can safely say hallelujah, goodbye retail, been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and I will not be back. (To be honest, I haven’t worn the t-shirt; Topshop tried to make me and I refused)

My TS1135 pals xxxxxxxx

However, retail wasn’t all bad. It has it's moments; Christmas in retail is always lovely, the store discount was great and I have also made some incredible friends who I hope stick around in my life for a very long time, all who have helped me make some amazing memories. In my time in retail though, I've learnt some valuable lessons, so I thought I’d share them with you guys!

People suck
No, honestly, you all suck. I don’t care if you have owned these jeans three months and now they have ripped inner thighs from where your legs have rubbed together where you walked; it’s not a fault, you’re not getting your money back and I’ll thank you not to get shitty with me about it. Similarly this dress that you blatantly wore for a night out and are now bringing back- I’m not stupid, please don’t insult my intelligence like this, you’re not having a refund.

The Manager will tell you what I told you
Ask to see the manager all you like, they’re going to tell you exactly what I told you, and I’m gonna stand there smirking at you like the fool you are while my manager denies your stupid request just like I did.

 2 broke girls kat dennings retail retail problems i hate my job GIF

…except for when they won’t.
Sometimes the manager will let you get your own way for an easy life because you’re an asshole who won’t leave us alone. Don’t smirk at me like you were right all along; I was right, we just want to get rid of you.

Yes, you do have to pay for a bag
I don’t care if its free advertising for us, I don’t care if you’re annoyed about the charge, I don’t care if another shop gives you bigger ones for 5p or gives out free ones, in fact I honestly don’t care what you have to say about a bloody carrier bag at all. Just decide if you need one, pay up and leave.

Girls are filthy
From entire faces of makeup being wiped on t-shirts, period stains in bodysuits and poo stains in pants, I have seen it all. Girls are absolutely filthy- worse still, no one ever owns up to it. They just dump the ruined item somewhere for it to be found and leave. Girls who do this are animals, your mum didn’t raise you right.

Customers ask stupid questions
“Do you work here?” No, I’m just wearing this bright purple lanyard marked with TOPSHOP over and over again for fun, because I think it’s a really cool accessory for my outfit! Alternatively, I’m just stood behind the till because I’m a customer playing shop, not someone who actually works here. Lol.

 day today retail sums frontline GIF

You must fit the reputation of the store you work in
Countless times I have had girls give me a once over followed by a dirty look, and on three occasions I have had people discuss my weight/body in front of me (but not actually with me, don't be silly!), simply because Topshop has a rep for selling smaller sized clothes and I am not smaller sized. Hello, I still fit in their clothes and I look fucking great in them too, so I’ll thank you not to discuss my body, at least until you’ve left the shop and I can’t hear? Thanks.

Customers want you to be mind readers
“Is my parcel in?” Uh… I don’t know? Did you get the email to say it was here? What is the name on the parcel? What is the order number? There are so many things I need to know before I can answer the very broad question that is “is my parcel in”. God.

Other than these relatively small gripes, working in retail is actually good fun- you make friends, you have a laugh and Christmas gets especially festive when everyone’s in good spirits, shopping for Christmas gifts and playing Christmas music! I will miss the positive parts of working in retail, but I’m far happier knowing I don’t have to deal with all of the negatives anymore!

Have you worked in retail? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

Love from... turns 2!

It's the 1st of June today, which means that two years ago today, I officially launched my business- my magazine, Love from... magazine.

I can not believe that it's been two years! Two whole years since I held that first published copy of Issue 1 in my hands and thought, this is it. This is what I want to do. Of course, in my head I had my doubts- who doesn't when they're setting up their own business? And so it seems like a huge deal to have reached this two year milestone. 

I can't lie and tell you that it's been a smooth, easy journey. It hasn't. I've been so busy trying to grow and evolve the magazine that I've had to pour in more money than I was often making, I've altered the price up and down, the page numbers, the layout, I've taken on writers, lost some then taken on more, I've lost endless hours of sleep pouring over page layouts and I've stressed over printing faults and late delivery...

...yet here I am. Two years later, seven issues down the line, an interview with Radio 1 DJ Gemma Cairney under my belt and still girl bossing my way into the media industry with my very own publication. 

All too often people have asked me what the point of my magazine is. Why don't I just give up? Quit? Move on to something more 'successful'? 

I'm not a quitter. 

I'm also not in it for the 'success'. I'm not saying it wouldn't be absolutely fucking fantastic if one day we were the new Cosmo (especially when Cosmo is so shit), but honestly I do this for the absolute love of it. Nope, I don't make a profit, or any kind of living from running this magazine. I couldn't sack off my jobs to do this full time. But do you know what I do get instead? 

I get to do something I absolutely love and share it with other people who all absolutely love it too. Creating a magazine almost singled handedly and distributing it to people, only to hear how much they love it is such a rewarding feeling. 

I also get to help people who want to work in the media industry and need to gain experience. It's a tough industry, it's hard to gain work experience at magazines, and so we rarely turn away anyone! We have taken on professional writers, newbie writers, people writing to boost their career and people writing for nothing other than personal enjoyment. Some of our writers have developed so much since starting with us and it makes me so proud to see. People do use me/the magazine on their CV and as a reference, and if I can help people get to where they want to be, then that's enough to satisfy me. I want to help people, I want to create opportunities for people and I want to create the nice little community that I have of content creators and creative individuals- that feels really special. 

"I'm not saying it wouldn't be absolutely fucking fantastic if one day we were the new Cosmo... but honestly I do this for the absolute love of it"

Finally, I just really enjoy doing it. From writing to editing, creating graphics and doing page layouts to interviews and holding the final product in my hand, I have so much fun doing this. And you know what they say about life; if you don't love what you're doing, you're wasting your time. 

Over the last two years I have had the most fun running this magazine- and it's all been a brilliant learning curve too. Of course, I couldn't have done it without a multitude of people. The magazine runs entirely on your undying support, be that through promoting the mag off of your own back, writing for me, reading our articles, following us online or, better still, buying a copy of the mag- everything you do helps me. I can't even begin to express how bloody grateful I am. 

I'd like to take up a small portion of this post to thank as many people as I can, in no particular order whatsoever...

Justine M, Jade M, Bobbie G, Poppy W, Abby B, Jemma (Dorkface), Fiona, Lydia D, Tara C, Lauren (Blonde Vision), Eve-Yasmine, Sonia, Jessica Debrah, Patricia Odje, Tarantula Soph, Kate C, Josh W, Abigail T, Bea Cross, Gemma Cairney, Kat Gaskin, Iris Zhou, Comeback Magazine, Nicole W, Chichi O, Tash E, Genevieve M, Nathan M, Ffion D, Nada Satte, Hout Kov, David Bailey, Ruby Mae Moore, Vanessa Sanyauke, Remel London, Nissy Tee, Jodie McCallum, Maya Jama, Georgina Grogan, Ashley James, Fran M, Francesca R, Siobhan B, Table 21, Jamie Farr, James N, Alec C, Lucy, Louise R, Kate M, Annie Lewis, Rin, Lauren K, Charlotte D, Claire, Young Britannia, Fairytale Gourmet, Prairie Charms, Amara, Shamie C, Fay, Ciara L, Adele S, Blink FM, Go Think Big, Poppy (with my name), Karen, Charlene M, Sarah (my ray of sunshine), Zoe T, Helen M, Emma C, Annelise P, Alix B, Lucy H, Rebeckah M, Chloe M, Chelsea M, Tarnya R, Tiffany M, Blushes, Birthday Card, Clo, Dad and Mum...

I think that's everyone- all my writers, advertisers and inspirations! I would love to list all of my buyers and online readers too, but then we'd really be here all day long! Just know that I truly am so thankful for your support and all that you do to help keep Love from... running! Who would have thought all of this, my mini empire, could stem from a small patch of internet- my blog? Not me, that's for sure!

I honestly don't know where the last two years have gone but I am thoroughly looking forward to the next year of Love from...- and all of the years after that! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you one million times. I adore you all. Here's to the future of Love from... magazine; HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY

Love from, 
Florence Grace 

We're looking for writers, online contributors, selling digital copies of the latest issue and have the next issue available for pre-order! Check it all out here lovefrommag.com

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