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9 MORE Signs a Guy is a Fuckboy

A couple of months ago I wrote a post titled ‘9 Signs a Guy Is a Fuckboy’. You guys loved it and it fast became one of my most read posts. Boys and girls enjoyed the post, and most people messaged me to say how accurate it was- boys included! Since then, I’ve come across even more fuckboys (would you believe it!) and found even more signs that giveaway whether a guy is nice or whether he’s a fuckboy. Obviously, I’m about to share them with you so you know how to spot a fuckboy too!
He turns his read receipts off Even worse, if you start messaging and the read receipts are on and then after a while he turns them off. I mean, this is just frustrating more than anything else, but is also a sign a guy wants to be able to avoid your messages- and the messages from all the other girls he’s chatting to as well.

Similarly, he turns his ‘last seen’ off In my previous post, I mentioned how fuckboys lie about not being on their phones but their ‘last seen’ was two minutes ago. I thought that was the…

Quality, not quantity

Since I have been old enough to understand what it means, the phrase ‘quality, not quantity’ is something that I have always lived by (unless we’re talking about alcohol, because it doesn’t matter about the quality of what you’re drinking, if you drink enough of it you still get drunk)
In recent years, and more specifically in the last two years, the phrase ‘quality, not quantity’ has been applied to the people in my life. Growing up, it’s drilled into us that in order to feel loved and to be happy with your life you must be surrounded by a tonne of people.  Books, TV shows, movies and other elements of pop culture all tell us that if you don’t have many friends then you’re a ‘loser’ or an ‘outcast’.
It’s time to stop this way of thinking, and start believing in quality, not quantity instead!
Society has made us feel like we have to surround ourselves with as many people as possible to be happy, and this has caused us to feel its okay to create fake friendships, to have false intentions …

Your vibe attracts your tribe

You’ve probably heard of the saying ‘your vibe attracts your tribe’. For the most part, I have found this to be true.
However, have you ever stopped to think that maybe, it might work the other way around? Maybe your tribe actually creates your vibe? Now that’s something I definitely know to be true.
Over the last two years of my life, I’ve made a huge amount of changes, and a lot of these changes have revolved around the kind of people I’ve been spending time with. It hasn’t always been easy to recognise that some of the people I believed that I loved the most were incredibly toxic for me, but once I opened my eyes and saw how they were dragging me down, I was able to cut them off and make room for more positive, dare I say it, better people in my life instead!

"Five types of people you want to surround yourself with: the inspired, the passionate, the motivated, the grateful and the open minded"

When you surround yourself with negative people, critical people, even destructive …

Kissing retail goodbye!

Today I left my job at Topshop, after working in retail on and off for five years, and I can safely say…
Wow, I will not be doing that again.
At least, as far as I can help it. If money gets short and I need to make ends meet, then okay I may need to take on another part time retail job. But for now, and for the foreseeable future, I can safely say hallelujah, goodbye retail, been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and I will not be back. (To be honest, I haven’t worn the t-shirt; Topshop tried to make me and I refused)

However, retail wasn’t all bad. It has it's moments; Christmas in retail is always lovely, the store discount was great and I have also made some incredible friends who I hope stick around in my life for a very long time, all who have helped me make some amazing memories. In my time in retail though, I've learnt some valuable lessons, so I thought I’d share them with you guys!
People suck No, honestly, you all suck. I don’t care if you have owned these jeans three m…

Love from... turns 2!

It's the 1st of June today, which means that two years ago today, I officially launched my business- my magazine, Love from... magazine.

I can not believe that it's been two years! Two whole years since I held that first published copy of Issue 1 in my hands and thought, this is it. Thisis what I want to do. Of course, in my head I had my doubts- who doesn't when they're setting up their own business? And so it seems like a huge deal to have reached this two year milestone. 

I can't lie and tell you that it's been a smooth, easy journey. It hasn't. I've been so busy trying to grow and evolve the magazine that I've had to pour in more money than I was often making, I've altered the price up and down, the page numbers, the layout, I've taken on writers, lost some then taken on more, I've lost endless hours of sleep pouring over page layouts and I've stressed over printing faults and late delivery...

...yet here I am. Two years later, seve…