9 MORE Signs a Guy is a Fuckboy

A couple of months ago I wrote a post titled ‘9 Signs a Guy Is a Fuckboy’. You guys loved it and it fast became one of my most read posts. Boys and girls enjoyed the post, and most people messaged me to say how accurate it was- boys included! Since then, I’ve come across even more fuckboys (would you believe it!) and found even more signs that giveaway whether a guy is nice or whether he’s a fuckboy. Obviously, I’m about to share them with you so you know how to spot a fuckboy too!

He turns his read receipts off
Even worse, if you start messaging and the read receipts are on and then after a while he turns them off. I mean, this is just frustrating more than anything else, but is also a sign a guy wants to be able to avoid your messages- and the messages from all the other girls he’s chatting to as well.

Similarly, he turns his ‘last seen’ off
In my previous post, I mentioned how fuckboys lie about not being on their phones but their ‘last seen’ was two minutes ago. I thought that was the worst it could be, but I was wrong. The worst thing is when they turn their ‘last seen’ off altogether, so you can’t calculate how many minutes you’ve been waiting for a reply. (It’s 47 minutes and 12 seconds, but I mean honestly, who’s counting?)

They only ever message you when you upload a selfie
Come on girls. You all know that guy. You don’t hear from this guy for weeks, months even, and then you upload a new selfie and you’re met with a ‘hey’, ‘hi’, ‘hello’, ‘what’s up?’ every single time. Yes, I look banging. Please just like my photo like a normal person and then leave me alone. I don’t want to talk; I just want to be admired from afar.

They don’t have any photos on Facebook
What am I supposed to do when I’m telling my friends about you and your only photos are three profile pictures from five years ago? But wait…it’s 2017. Why isn’t there any photos of you? We’re living in generation selfie!!

He’s probs keeping a low profile online because then it’s easier to chat to multiple girls and lead numerous lives in a way that only a fuckboy can.

They like five selfies in a row
And I’m not talking the last five (or more!) selfies from this month. Sometimes they scroll back as far as the last year, yet somehow manage to do this in 10 seconds and suddenly BAM, BAM, BAM, you’re bombarded with likes from the latest guy to join the fuckboy club.

They kick off when you reject them
If a guy asks you on a date and you say no, he should accept that like a champ and move on. Right? Well, if a guy’s a fuckboy, it doesn’t quite work like that. Nope, if you reject him, he’s suddenly going to kick off and act like you’re a disgusting shitbag who he wouldn’t go near if somebody paid him. Alright Dan, let’s just ignore the fact that you were begging for it two minutes ago shall we?

They insult you to attempt to win you over
We all know boys are dumb, but fuckboys take stupidity to a whole other level. Yes, sure, tell me I’m frigid and boring and that you can change that with a life changing night with you, that’s really gonna make me want to bang you! Not. Fuck off and find a new sock to bash one out in to.

They INSIST they aren’t a fuckboy
The biggest fuckboys are the ones who make a point of telling you over and over and over again that they aren’t a fuckboy. You can trust them, they’re different, they won’t hurt you, they care about you! And when you don’t believe them, they’ll act all hurt that you think they could possibly treat you that way…
…and then they do treat you that way. Because they’re a fuckboy.

They send unsolicited dick pics
Come on. No nice guy would ever do that. 

And here's a bonus one...

They use olive oil as lube
That’s a joke…kind of. If you know, you know. 

Hey, it's just banter, right?

Love from,
Florence Grace

As always, this post is intended to be humerous and not cause offence. 
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