Kissing retail goodbye!

Today I left my job at Topshop, after working in retail on and off for five years, and I can safely say…

Wow, I will not be doing that again.

At least, as far as I can help it. If money gets short and I need to make ends meet, then okay I may need to take on another part time retail job. But for now, and for the foreseeable future, I can safely say hallelujah, goodbye retail, been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and I will not be back. (To be honest, I haven’t worn the t-shirt; Topshop tried to make me and I refused)

My TS1135 pals xxxxxxxx

However, retail wasn’t all bad. It has it's moments; Christmas in retail is always lovely, the store discount was great and I have also made some incredible friends who I hope stick around in my life for a very long time, all who have helped me make some amazing memories. In my time in retail though, I've learnt some valuable lessons, so I thought I’d share them with you guys!

People suck
No, honestly, you all suck. I don’t care if you have owned these jeans three months and now they have ripped inner thighs from where your legs have rubbed together where you walked; it’s not a fault, you’re not getting your money back and I’ll thank you not to get shitty with me about it. Similarly this dress that you blatantly wore for a night out and are now bringing back- I’m not stupid, please don’t insult my intelligence like this, you’re not having a refund.

The Manager will tell you what I told you
Ask to see the manager all you like, they’re going to tell you exactly what I told you, and I’m gonna stand there smirking at you like the fool you are while my manager denies your stupid request just like I did.

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…except for when they won’t.
Sometimes the manager will let you get your own way for an easy life because you’re an asshole who won’t leave us alone. Don’t smirk at me like you were right all along; I was right, we just want to get rid of you.

Yes, you do have to pay for a bag
I don’t care if its free advertising for us, I don’t care if you’re annoyed about the charge, I don’t care if another shop gives you bigger ones for 5p or gives out free ones, in fact I honestly don’t care what you have to say about a bloody carrier bag at all. Just decide if you need one, pay up and leave.

Girls are filthy
From entire faces of makeup being wiped on t-shirts, period stains in bodysuits and poo stains in pants, I have seen it all. Girls are absolutely filthy- worse still, no one ever owns up to it. They just dump the ruined item somewhere for it to be found and leave. Girls who do this are animals, your mum didn’t raise you right.

Customers ask stupid questions
“Do you work here?” No, I’m just wearing this bright purple lanyard marked with TOPSHOP over and over again for fun, because I think it’s a really cool accessory for my outfit! Alternatively, I’m just stood behind the till because I’m a customer playing shop, not someone who actually works here. Lol.

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You must fit the reputation of the store you work in
Countless times I have had girls give me a once over followed by a dirty look, and on three occasions I have had people discuss my weight/body in front of me (but not actually with me, don't be silly!), simply because Topshop has a rep for selling smaller sized clothes and I am not smaller sized. Hello, I still fit in their clothes and I look fucking great in them too, so I’ll thank you not to discuss my body, at least until you’ve left the shop and I can’t hear? Thanks.

Customers want you to be mind readers
“Is my parcel in?” Uh… I don’t know? Did you get the email to say it was here? What is the name on the parcel? What is the order number? There are so many things I need to know before I can answer the very broad question that is “is my parcel in”. God.

Other than these relatively small gripes, working in retail is actually good fun- you make friends, you have a laugh and Christmas gets especially festive when everyone’s in good spirits, shopping for Christmas gifts and playing Christmas music! I will miss the positive parts of working in retail, but I’m far happier knowing I don’t have to deal with all of the negatives anymore!

Have you worked in retail? Did you love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace
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  1. I used to work in retail but I absolutely hated it! I am so glad I got out. I recently considered going back since I went freelance so that I could get extra money but I just can't stand the negatives (rude customers, ungrateful managers, patronising staff) so I couldn't go back. I also noticed that for some of the people working in the stores I worked at, a lot of them were 'stuck' there and that really put me off. Also, my freelance career is gradually taking off and I find myself doing more and more because things are becoming much more demanding, so my freelance career is my priority and I wouldn't be able to work in retail anywhere (unless the hours were low and my contract was temporary.)


    1. Yes, in future I may have to go to retail for one or two days a week depending on how my finances go, but hopefully not!

      I'm so glad your freelance career is taking off, your writing is so good and you're so talented, you really deserve this! Keep slaying, girl boss!

  2. I don't miss retail one tiny bit. I am always pleasant to shop assistants now because I have been there and a lot of people are rude. It takes two seconds to smile and say thank you.

    1. I'm exactly the same- not that I ever treated shop assistants badly but I treat them EVEN better now because I know how crappy it can be to be there!