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LFFG is three!

My baby is three today!
And by my baby, I mean my blog. Duh.
Honestly though, I can’t believe that Love from, Florence Grace is three years old today. Three years ago today I made the decision to begin sharing my life online, opening up to strangers on the internet – and I can tell you now it was the best decision I have ever made.
My blog has brought me new friends. It has created employment opportunities for me. It has helped me to find myself, boost my confidence and become more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve done things I could never have imagined being accessible to me, I’ve met people I could only have dreamed of meeting, I’ve started my own business, I’ve entered into an entirely different career field than I was about to embark on this time three years ago, and have moulded my entire life around my blog and being a content creator.
I’ve found a new sense of self, a new identity through my blog. My dreams and goals have altered quite drastically, I want different things from l…

REVIEW: Ombar Chocolate*

July 7th was World Chocolate Day, and while I somehow managed to miss that (honestly, how?), the team over at Ombar were kind enough to send me some of their products so that I could still participate in the celebrations, even if I was a little late to the party.

Let me tell you from the get go that Ombar chocolate is no ordinary chocolate. Ombar chocolate is, to put it simply, healthy chocolate. For real! While the company use raw cacao in all of their products to ensure that the nutritional benefits of cocoa are preserved within the product, the chocolate is also all:

Dairy freeGluten freeRefined sugar freeOrganicVegan Honestly, what more could you ask of a mere chocolate bar?!
As mentioned above, Ombar leave a high percentage of raw cacao in all of their products and there are a lot of health benefits to them doing this; for example, enhanced memory performance, improved focus, verbal fluency and a better working memory in elderly people and also a positive effect on cardiovascular…

Unapologetically me

Yes, it's me again. The Pizza Princess, back with more words of wisdom about exactly what the picture says; being unapologetically me...

As someone who shares her life online, it leaves people quite open to involve themselves in my life, create their own opinions on me and the things that I do and sometimes even share those opinions with me via various online platforms. It doesn't always happen online - sometimes people are openly rude, harsh or judgemental straight to my face, and that can be really tough to deal with. On more than one occasion I've had to deal with nasty remarks that have made me want to get under my duvet and hibernate for the rest of my life. For real
Fortunately, as time has passed, I have become more and more immune to nasty comments. I've made no secret of the fact that I used to be bullied quite badly online, and I used to let people's opinions of me and how I was living my life really get to me. I was in a very low place for such a long…