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I love drinking, I love live music and I love food. When The Piano Works in Farringdon got in touch with me and invited me to their venue for brunch, watching a live band and with bottomless alcohol, I could hardly say no!

I didn’t really have any idea what to expect. I had never been to a venue like this before- part club, part restaurant, with two live pianists in the centre of the room, with other musicians such as a trumpeter and a drummer joining in on occasion. The best thing is, all of the songs that are performed are by request of the guests! On each table there are some napkins and pens where you can write your name, a song and a special shout out if you have a message you want to share. If you’re feeling very generous, you can write an amount to tip the musicians, to get your song played sooner! Waiters come around to collect the napkins from your table and take them up to the musicians, who then learn the songs on the spot before performing them! It doesn’t have to just be piano-based music either, the musicians are very temporary and will play the likes of Beyonce and Drake as well as some classics. They can honestly learn and play anything.

 I’m definitely a brunch kinda girl, and always love a good brunch date! The brunch at The Piano Works is incredible. Literally incredible. Not only is there an extensive, utterly delicious range of food options, you get the choice of bottomless prosecco, bottomless Bloody Marys or two cocktails of your choice. Obviously I opted for bottomless prosecco- you’d be silly not to! Our waiter, whose name was Red, went above and beyond, and only let my glass get empty once- and when he did, he was so disappointed in himself and apologised profusely before filling my glass to the brim. It’s safe to say when I left the venue at 2pm I was definitely not sober!

The food was so, so good. I went for the fried breakfast and it was just delicious- the sausages were out of this world, and when I went for breakfast the following day at my local ‘spoons, the sausages just did not compare at all. I need to make a trip back just to try them again.

The Piano Works isn’t just open for brunch- you can attend for lunch, dinner or just to drink too, and from 9pm at night the floor opens up for people to dance, creating more of a party atmosphere! I’d definitely recommend booking well in advance though, as when I turned up for my booking at 12pm (which was the time the venue opened) the venue was already full!

I enjoyed my time at the Piano Works so much that I booked to go back in September as soon as I could! The service was brilliant, the food and drink was incredible and the whole experience was just faultless. I had such a good time with my friend Alex and can’t wait to return. Get me more of that bottomless prosecco…

Love from,
Florence Grace

My experience at The Piano Works was kindly gifted to me but all thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information on my collaborative posts please see my Disclaimer at the top of the page.

Click For Therapy *


Therapy is not something I have considered for myself, ever. I like to think that I'm a pretty strong individual. I don't suffer from depression or anxiety, or any other mental health issues as far as I'm aware. I've not always had a happy time in life but for the last two years I have been happier than I have ever been! I am surrounded by lovely people, have a good career, and am relatively successful. There's no way I could need therapy of any kind, for any reason.

Or...maybe there was.

It was first brought to my attention by two of my best friends that perhaps I needed to "speak to someone" about some issues I had been through when one day I had a completely random melt down during a BBQ, when I had previously been having the best day with them! It came out of the blue and I couldn't understand it, and of course when they suggested a therapist I said no straight away. Me? Need help? Need to talk to someone about my feelings? I don't think so!

"You need to start removing the bricks from this wall you've built up around yourself"

I don't really want to go into too much detail, because despite my blog being a very personal and open space, the things I've dealt with are not things I really want to share, for the meantime anyway. I've suffered a lot in a couple of different ways that have scarred me for life, and overcoming them has been far from easy. What I can tell you is that it's really damaged me emotionally and I now struggle to open up to anyone. Just this week my friend Alex said "You need to start removing the bricks from this wall you've built up around yourself"

And I know she's right.

That's why I was happy to find Click For Therapy, a website that allows you to find an ideal therapist for yourself in just a few minutes. Therapists often have a huge waiting list, and they're not always affordable either. This is where Click For Therapy comes in, helping you to source the most suitable therapist in the closest proximity to you. Now, you might think that this is what Google can do for you, but Click For Therapy is a lot more helpful. You can select specific types of therapists, rather than doing a general therapist search, and assess them for yourself very quickly.

Therapy isn't something I considered before, and is still something I feel dubious about now. However, it's a huge comfort to know that a site like Click For Therapy exists if I reach a low and feel like I really need to speak to a therapist about the issues I have been through. I'm always so reluctant to ask for help, but maybe now it's time to admit defeat. Sometimes you need some help, be it in the form of family, friends or a therapist, and there's no shame in that.

Love from,
Florence Grace

This post was written in collaboration with Click For Therapy but all thoughts and opinions are my own. For more information on my collaborative and sponsored posts please read the disclaimer at the top of my page. 

National Pink Gin Day 2017!*


Have you heard of Pink Gin Day?

Probably not! That would be because August 3rd 2017 is the first ever Pink Gin Day, an event that will be celebrated across the globe! The day has been created by Martin Edgerton Gill, founder of Edgerton Pink Gin, and will be celebrated all over the world by a number of bars and pubs who will be serving pink gin at a discounted price for all to enjoy!

I didn't even realise pink gin existed until I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Pink Gin Day press event on the 25th July with Alex. I don't particularly like gin but it was a party in an absolutely gorgeous venue (The Rose Lounge at the Sofital Hotel!), it was pink themed and you had to wear pink, so I was happy to attend- and I am so glad that I did!

The event was truly lovely. I got to meet the Martin Edgerton Gill himself, which was a bit of an honor to be honest! He was wearing a pink shirt, and was so sweet, kissing myself and Alex on the cheek, complimenting our outfits and chatting with us for a full five minutes about why pink was such a great colour. Aside from this, the event consisted of mingling with the other guests, drinking huge pink gin-based cocktails and listening to Martin tell the tale of how pink gin came to be. (Martin also introduced the tea bag to Britain...but that's another story for another time!).

Despite not being a gin drinker, I am happy to say that I absolutely love pink gin! I threw back two large cocktails with ease and can't wait to enjoy some of the pink gin that I was gifted at the event in celebration of the day today!

The pink gin was first launched in 2011 when Martin realised two different things. First of all, Bombay Sapphire, the most popular gin on the market at the time, was bright blue in the bottle, but when you poured it out, it was white. This was very disappointing! Secondly, pink was a far better colour than blue- something that Martin felt particularly strongly about  thanks to it being all of his daughters favourite colour! So what did he do? He decided to make a bright pink gin that retained its colour when poured from the bottle and didn't even fade when mixed with a tonic.

The gin is made from 15 different and unique botanicals, including pomegranate, which contributes to the bright pink colour of the drink. It also uses a botanical called Damiana, something no other gin used at the time Martin was creating Edgerton's Pink Gin. This botanical possesses a unique is well known for being an aphrodisiac!

This Pink Gin Day, make sure you celebrate at home or at a bar to the full extent! Wear something pink and try some delicious pink gin. If your local isn't celebrating the event, try making the Pink French 69 at home! All you need is 250ml of Edgerton Pink Gin, 125ml of simple syrup, 125ml of lemon juice, champagne and lemon twist. Stir the gin, syrup and lemon juice into a medium pitcher with ice before straining into champagne flutes and garnishing with lemon peel. Simple!

With pink being my favourite colour, I can't wait to celebrate Pink Gin Day 2017 and I hope you guys will join me in celebrating too! If you do, make sure to use the hashtag #PinkGinDay17 and tag @edgertonpinkgin

Feel free to tweet or Instagram me any snaps of your celebrations too! @flomatthews_

Happy Pink Gin Day!

Love from,
Florence Grace

This product was gifted to me by Edgerton Pink Gin but all views are my own. To find out more about my sponsored posts, read my disclaimer under the tab at the top of the page!

Natural beauty with Clinique! *

Not too long ago I worked on an exciting collaboration with Clinique all about their new skin care campaign. I was able to offer you guys the chance to get yourself  a free Clinique product and to tell you all about the fabulous free gift you could get if you spent a certain amount of money on Clinique products at Boots. Well, I'm back with another brilliant Clinique offer for you, and to tell you all about their latest campaign, how to create the No Makeup makeup look, an exciting collaboration with designer Jonathan Adler and how you can claim more freebies- thanks to me!

After receiving a fab skin care treatment for my last collaboration with Clinique, this time around I was fortunate enough to receive a makeover! I'm pretty rubbish at doing my own makeup- I can't do a cut crease or contour to save my life, I usually just slap on some sparkly eye stuff, make my face as glowy as I can and then think I'm good to go. However, Clinique advisor Beth took me into her safe hands, ready to do a 'no makeup makeover' on me. The aim of the makeover, in case it wasn't obvious, was to create a gorgeous, natural look that I could recreate everyday using very few products that made it look like I was almost wearing no makeup at all, literally just enhancing my natural features.

Beth sat me down ready to remove any makeup I was wearing- luckily, I had none on anyway, as I'm quite comfortable going out without any makeup on (because I'm a natural beauty, obviously...) so that saved her a job! She wanted to start with the base, so she used a product I had used at my previous Clinique appointment, the Clarifying Lotion, to get rid of all the dead skin cells and dirt from my face. I'm always fascinated by how much dirt comes off of my face, even when it looks totally clean! I mean, it's gross...but fascinating.

After this was a cream that she used as a base for the look which made my face soft and ready for a makeup, as well as creating a 'fresh' looking glow that looked healthy and nautral, and not too overboard. I believe this was the 'moisture surge', pictured above.

Next up was my foundation, which Beth got spot on, just by looking at me! Honstly, it was the perfect colour match to my skin tone. I was beyond impressed! The foundation glided on with Becca's fingertips so easily, and was very light and blendable, as well as buildable if I wanted thicker coverage- not that I needed it! One layer was just fine. She started from my nose and swept outwards to cover my face, then once she'd rubbed gently with her fingers she used a brush to blend it in and make sure there were no 'tide marks'.

One of the things I love about my Clinique experiences is that they always make them very hands on, so that you can learn while they do it! Beth always did half of my face and let me do the other half, so I could really get to grips with the look. 

Following the foundation was my favourite beauty product; highlighter! Anyone who knows me will know that I think you can never have too much of a glow! Beth didn't go overboard with the highlighter for this look, just did the 'Clinique C'  around my temple and cheekbone. It created a nice, dewy glow around my face. She drew the 'Clinique C' directly to my face with the Clinique chubby stick highlighter, then used her fingers to dap it in, although she said this could also be done with a brush, it is all a matter of personal preference.

Once the highlighter was applied, Beth used a subtle shade of blusher, just the smallest amount, to give me a natural, rosy and sunkissed look! 

After, the highlighter was the eye look. Beth gave me a couple of options (from the Jonathan Adler collection...but you'll just have to keep reading if you want to see those!). I went for a smoky brown colour that was quite subtle but had a nice shimmer to it. I let Beth apply this to both eyes, purely because I'm no good with eye makeup and I wanted to look pretty decent for the rest of the day! She also applied a little bit of highlighter to the inner corners of my eyes to make me look more 'awake'. (Believe me, after my sleepless nights that is definitely something I'm going to do more often!)

Following the eyeshadow was the lip look! There were three shades to choose from from the Jonathan Adler collection, all named after his favourite holiday locations. Despite it being a natural makeup look, I went for a vibrant pink shade called 'Palm Beach'. However, Beth managed to use her skills to make it look natural, using a small amount of colour on a tiny brush to paint my lips to make it look more like a rosy lip stain than a bright, shocking pink lipstick look. 

Finally, I needed to keep my look in place, so Beth spritzed me with some fixing spray to keep me looking naturally glowy, sunkissed and gorgeous all day! 

I felt beautiful by the time Beth was done with me! You can tell that she did her job well, because my beautiful natural no makeup look was so subtle that it didn't show up on camera! I literally look like I'm not wearing anything at all. The best I could get was this selfie in natural light that really caught the gorgeous glow from the highlighter! Other than that, I was so impressed. You couldn't tell I was wearing makeup yet my skin looked perfect, and I looked like I had a beautiful rosy glow about me! (Also, the products all smelt lush so my face smelt divine too...) This is definitely a look I will be recreating at home to make myself look naturally gorgeous.

Now for the fun part for you guys...the Jonathan Adler collaboration and the freebie for you guys! I hope you're ready for this collaboration because it is the most beautiful collaboration of beauty products I've ever seen! Brace yourself...3...2...1...

I know, I know...absolutely stunning, right?! Considering Jonathan Adler is a furniture designer, he's really come through with this makeup collaboration and I am so beyond impressed with it! Look at those lipstick cases, those brushes- I want them all! (Chloe who arranges the collaborations knew I'd love the brushes and told Beth to make sure she showed them to me...she was right! That girl knows me too well).

This is the most perfect summer collection from the shades of the makeup to the packaging itself, and while it all looks so luxurious it doesn't cost as much as you'd think either! This isn't all he's designed either...he's also collaborated with Clinque to design the free gift that you can receive if you purchase two Clinique products, as long as one of them is a foundation or skincare product! 

The makeup bag, designed by Jonathan Adler, comes with a chubby stick highlighter, a mascara, an eye makeup remover, a moisture surge cream (the same cream Beth applied before my foundation), some micellar cleansing wipes to use on your face and eyes and last but not least a gorgeous lipstick, with a casing that matches the makeup bag! It's all about that coordination you know! The best part about the lipstick is that there are two shades of lipstick for you to choose from, a plum colour or a pink colour- you decide! I went for the nudey-pink colour, as I feel this fits better with the natural beauty 'no makeup' look.

Better still is the 'step-up' gift offered by Clinique. If you purchase two items from Clinique, with one of them being a foundation or skin care product, you get the standard free gift mentioned above. However, if you purchase a third product, you also receieve either an 8-shade palette designed by Jonathan Adler worth £22 or full size travel smart night moisturiser worth £39. Amazing, right? 

And it doesn't stop there! You can also get yourself a freebie, as promised at the start of this post! Just head over to the Clinique counter in Boots, Aylesbury and then either quote 'LFFG Natural Beauty' or show them this blog post to receive a free foundation sample in your colour! You're welcome, kids. 

I would just like to say another massive thank you to Chloe, Beth and Clinique for allowing me to participate in this fab collaboration. Clinique are always a joy to work with and I am always treated like a Queen and spoilt rotten! If you take advantage of my code, let me know! And if you make any purchases and get your free gift, send me pictures, I'd love to see what you get! 

Will you be rocking the no-makeup makeup look this summer? Ler me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace
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