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Not too long ago I was having a browse on Twitter and catching up on lots of my favourite bloggers posts from the last couple of months. I'm always so busy that I often forget to read everyone's posts and usually only click on ones that appear on my timeline and catch my eye. 

One blog I spent a lot of time browsing through was Tarnya's blog, and one of my favourite posts I read was the story of how her and her husband met. As me and Jonny have been together a while now and I speak about him quite a lot with you guys, I decided that I wanted to go ahead and share the story of how I met him, because I love it and think it's pretty good! So let's take it back to the year 2000...

...Well, only kinda. The year 2000 was when I started primary school, as a cute little 5 year old in reception. The reason this is relevant to the story is because- dun, dun, duuuuun- Jonny went to the same primary school as me! He was the year above me, but right from reception through to year 6 (aged 5 to age 11 for anyone outside of the English school system!) we were at the same school. Obviously we didn't speak and we weren't friends or anything, but I was aware of who he was. As I got older, I heard of him- and his younger brother- through my younger sister and through my ex- boyfriend and some other mutual friends. So I was aware of his presence (lol) but still didn't really know him. 

Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Fast forward quite a few years later to when I was 21, single and a bit of a town rat, out partying every weekend. One night, which Instagram tells me was the 20th January 2017, I bumped into a guy, who we will call S, who said hi to me and had a bit of a chat with me and my friend. (The relevance of this seemingly insignificant detail will become apparent very soon...). Me and my friend, A, left the club to go to another one to finish the night off- and here is where I saw Jonny for pretty much the first time since primary school... a whole 10 years ago haha! He was really drunk and by himself and A had popped to the loo so I was alone Jonny tried to dance with me. I was not interested and politely told him no quite a few times, but he persisted until A came back from the loo and intervened. That was the end of that- or so I thought!

After we were done at the club, A and I decided to go to McDonalds. We were sat there enjoying our drunken food when who should come in but S and Jonny. S came over to sit with us straight away- and so Jonny did too! And whilst me and S were chatting, Jonny and A were chatting too. It was kinda like a cute double date thing, and after that night we had a *brief* group whatsapp the four of us. As it happened, us girls weren't interested in either of the boys and the whole thing kinda faded out and that was the end of that- for real.

Girlfriend and Boyfriend

Fast forward again to 3rd July 2017 when I went to British Summer Time at Hyde Park to see Justin Bieber. Who did I bump into there? Only S, and another of his friends! We spent the day together- strictly as friends- and this lead to me chatting to S again. One day, a couple of weeks later, he sent me a snapchat of him and Jonny at his house together and invited me to join them. I was busy at the time so had to decline but I said "I miss Jonny, lets do something soon". Little did I know how that sentence would set in motion a chain of events that would completely change my life!

On the 6th August 2017 S dropped me a text inviting me bowling with him and Jonny- but we weren't going to tell Jonny I was coming, to keep it a surprise. I was this close to saying no, because I was so tired and just couldn't be bothered to be honest, but my mum persuaded me to go and so I said yes- and I'm so glad I did! Let's just say Jonny wasn't over the moon with the surprise of me when him and S picked me up (he rarely cracks a smile as it is) and the evening ended up seeing a couple of friends joining us, us not going bowling and being utterly spontaneous but so much fun! 

"It was the start of the summer, it felt just like it was the start of forever"

Following this, me, Jonny, S and the rest of the group of friends met up as much as we could over the summer. I saw Jonny and S almost every single day! I made it clear to one of my girlfriends who was hanging out with Jonny, S and I that I wasn't into Jonny though, the way that she was into S. In fact, I even said "I hope Jonny doesn't think this is some double date set up, because it is never going to happen!". He informs me he said the same to S! It's funny how things change...

Cute couple

And then one day, something just clicked. We only went on one 'date' so to speak, and whilst we never really acknowledged the fact that we 'liked' each other over the course of the summer, we kind of knew that each other did and we acted like a couple- he'd pick me up from work, we'd cuddle on the sofa at our friends houses, that kind of thing. But we never said anything out loud or addressed the topic- I was certain he was keeping me in the friend zone and whilst ordinarily this would have put me off and made me want to give up and go for someone else,  it seems that there must be something special about Jonny, because I didn't give up. I stuck around anyway, waiting to see what would happen, and I'm so glad that I did! 

After an incredible summer, one slightly nervewracking date, several car journeys where I waited for a kiss that never came, one weekend apart whilst he was at a festival, dozens of facetime calls and text messages, endless nights spent together, cuddled on the sofa at our friends house and plenty of banter and roasting of each other (mainly me to him, I won't lie), Jonny and I finally had our first kiss on 3rd September 2017- and shortly after he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

We've been pretty inseparable ever since! He moved in with me after two months, and we're moving into our own place after four. It's happening slightly faster than with most relationships but I wouldn't have it any other way- especially when everything just feels so right! I've never felt like I've matched anyone so well, but me and Jonny make a really great team! I can't help but feel like we were just "meant to be" when I go over the story of how we met, and that makes me feel really happy. I honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world every single day and I love him more than I can say. I can't wait to see what the future holds for us! 

Waddesdon Manor

Sorry if this was too gushy or cheesy for your liking, but I hope for the most part you enjoyed it! How did you meet your significant other? Share your stories with me because I genuinely love hearing them! 

Love from,

Florence Grace

*P.S.* Props to anyone who guesses the song I quoted to add extra cheese to this post...

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  1. This is the cutest post ever! So glad you're super happy, you deserve it flo xx

    Abi | abistreetx


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