10 Signs Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

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Dating nowadays is so hard. You have to go through so many stages of 'talking' and then 'seeing each other' and then 'dating' before committing. And half the time, the boys you're talking to bail before you even get further than talking anyway! They either end up ghosting you completely or revealing their true fuckboy colours and forcing you to cut all ties (even if you do end up calling them every time, without fail once you've had a few voddy and cokes- sigh). 

However. It's not all doom and gloom.

If you're lucky, then soon enough you'll find someone you think is 'the one'. A boy- or, rather, a man- who sweeps you off your feet and proves to you that actually, all men aren't the same. The problem is, these guys are so few and far between, how are you supposed to know when you have found a genuine keeper? 

Don't worry, girls. I've got you covered. Here are some handy signs that will indicate to you whether a boy is staying the night or staying for life (hopefully). 

1) He speaks girl code.
You know, when we're super annoying and say the total opposite of what we mean, but somehow he still gets it! You know, like when you tell him you want nothing from the shop, he still comes back with your favourite snack without you having to ask. That kind of thing. 

2) He understands your hormonal needs. 
You need a McDonalds there and then to satisfy your cravings? No problem, let's go on a trip. Complaining about tummy cramps? Don't stress, he's already preparing a hot water bottle for you. Crying one minute because just his mere existance is annoying the hell outta you and then pining for attention the next? He's cool with it, he just goes with the flo(w). (Lol- punny, right?). Not every guy is sensitive to a woman's hormonal needs, so if you find one who does exceptionally well in this department, chances are he's a keeper. 

3) You click with them like with no one else.
As cliche as it sounds, you know when you just click with someone and it's like you've known them forever? You need that feeling, and that feeling will only come with a true keeper. Someone who you mesh with from the get go, who you can hang out with like a best pal- someone who finishes your sentences. It's cheesy but it's true!You need some common ground, shared interests, similar tastes in things, to be on the same wavelength. Whilst it's important to have differences, it's more important to have things in common to create that spark that makes the longlasting relationships so undeniably good. 

4) He (still) surprises you.
Because hello, who doesn't love surprises? I say 'still' in brackets because let's be honest, it can be hard to keep some mystery and element of surprise in long term relationships when it seems like there's nothing new left to do or to learn about each other- but if he can still find ways to keep on surprising you, you're on to a winner. It doesn't matter how big or small that surprise is- it could be as simple as bringing you home your favourite chocolate bar just to put a smile on your face, or a grander gesture such as booking a spontaneous, surprise weekend away. It doesn't matter, a surprise is a surprise, and it's the thought that's gone into it and how it leaves you feeling that counts.

5) He supports your decisions...
...as long as they're right for you, and he helps you to consider ones that might not be entirely right for you without coercing you into doing things for his own selfish or even malicious reasons. A keeper will always allow you the freedom to make your own choices in life- about your career, your friendships, your lifestyle choices and eating habits. If you wanna go vegan, he'll support it even if he doesn't. If you wanna stop speaking to your mate because she copied your blog post, he'll support your decision. If you want to quit your job because you want to switch your career up, he'll support it. If it makes you happy, he'll support it. However he isn't afraid to step in and offer support and advice if he thinks a decision you're making might be a bit hasty and not thought through properly. 

*Sidenote: It is very important to find a man who meets the above criteria but does not manipulate you into making decisions that he wants you to do. This is a sign of an emotionally abusive partner and should never be tolerated* 

6) Your friends and family love him too.
This one is vital because, thanks to their outside perspective, our family and friends can usually pick up on someones true intentions for us a lot faster than we can. If your friends and family love your other half almost as much as you do, it's a pretty good sign that this guy is doing everything right and that he's got a good chance of being a keeper.

7) He's your best pal.
He's always there for you, in whatever way you need him to be. He'll be there through the good times and the bad times. He'll support your work (e.g. reading all your blog posts...) and let you cry on his shoulder. He'll look after you when you're sick and let you run different outfit ideas by him for any occasion whilst acting (and sometimes even being) genuinely interested. He'll listen to all your gossip but actually retain the knowledge and remember it all whilst holding the conversation because he's genuinely interested in your day and your life and not just your boobs (like a fuckboy- duh). Come rain or shine, 24/7, a keeper will be your number 1 and your best friend. 

8) You can be gross together.
He'll hold your hair back when you're throwing up and then help you to brush your teeth because you're way too drunk to do it yourself, you'll squeeze all his spots and clean up the horrific mess he leaves in the toilet. And yet you're still in love with him...which means he must be a keeper!

9) He excels at the small things.
He finds out the name of that song you like and keep singing because he knows you'd love to download it. He sends you flowers when you're sick, and buys you more 'just because'. He comes up to you out of nowhere and kisses you on the forehead, or the cheek. He lights candles of his own accord to 'create an atmosphere'. He tells you he loves you out of the blue. He tells you you're beautiful randomly but often. No, we shouldn't award men for doing the small things in life that constitiute just being a decent human being, but small actions such as the ones listed go a long way, and it is a good sign he's a keeper if he does small, thoughtful actions like this regularly. 

10) You love him through it all. 
On the good days and the bad days. When he leaves his clothes next to the washing basket, instead of in it. When he still believes in the cleaning fairy, and pretends he doesn't know how to iron. When he acts like a total troll and when he acts like Prince Charming. When he leaves crumbs all over the counter for the millionth time and when he tidies for you without you having to nag 1,000 times. When he spends 6 hours totally ignoring you for the football and when he surprises you with a spontaneous date night. Through it all, you still love him. 

And that, my friends, is the true sign of a keeper. 

Love from,
Florence Grace 

How did you know your partner was a keeper? Let me know in the comments below!

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DORKFACE Shop | A review!


Jemma, the blogging queen, more commonly known as Dorkface, is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Not only is she incrdibly supportive of everyone, a talented writer and the founder of the awesome community that is The Girl Gang, she's also an incredible artist who creates absolutely amazing and one of a kind products that are sold on her Etsy store. A few weeks ago, Jemma asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing some of her products- and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity! I love all of her products so was thrilled to be gifted some, especially when the package turned up and it turned out everything she sent me were items I had planned to buy anyway! 

The Packaging

Packaged in an envelope with cute stickers on, the actual products inside of the envelope were sealed in a plastic packaging filled with sparkly glitter and brightly coloured, polka-dot confetti! It was basically Jem in an envelope! She left a very sweet note on the front too, which really made me smile- just like she'd hoped!

A4 Prints

Jemma included not one, not two but three A4 prints in the package and I was over the moon when I saw that this 'You Better Work Bitch' print was included, as it was one I was waiting to buy when I had some extra cash! It's a gorgeous shade of pink and is so bold and blunt, I love it! It's definitely going to be displayed in my office space when I sort everything out in my new house... I am forever in need of motivation!!


The other two prints included were this gorgeous city collage print which has a beautiful quote layered overe it and one of her pieces of art. I actually bought one of Jemma's canvas paintings earlier on in the year because I was so taken with it, I don't think she's ever created a piece I don't love! 

Each of the prints came in their own unique wrapping too and all are printed on high quality photo paper so they make great wall hangings or great gifts for friends and family! She has so many different prints to choose from too, so you're bound to find something that you'll fall in love with... just browse the collection here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DorkfaceShop?section_id=17173151

A5 Prints

If you haven't got room for some A4 prints, don't worry- she has some equally as gorgeous A5 prints which are great for putting on your desk or on shelves! The two Jemma sent me were this super cute gameboy print, which I think my youngest sister will love for her 'tumblr aesthetic' themed bedroom/life (don't ask, it's a 15 year old thing...apparently). However, the above floral print is divine and is one I am definitely going to be putting in a frame- I think just a simple white one will compliment this print the best, because I wouldn't want to detract from the colours in any way! Again, all the prints were individually packaged and they're all printed on high quality photographic paper. 

Weekly Planner

I was thrilled to receive this weekly planner from Jemma! I have wanted it for so long and it was on my ever-growing list of things to buy when I finally had money! Now that I have my own place, I think I'm going to use this to keep track of what Jonny and I are doing in the week and maybe use it as a meal planner too. 

The best thing of all is that this comes with a mini, all-in-one pen and wiper! So you don't need to go out and buy one yourself. Again, printed on high quality card and individually packaged. 


Last but not least are these snazzy little bookmarks! I am always leaving books bent open so I don't lose my page- which then creases the spine, something that, as a book lover, I hate! So these bookmarks really are going to be well used, and well loved too! Covered in segments of Jemma's art which I think is from the A4 print featured above, with a cute little pom pom to remind you of where your place is, what is not to adore about these?! 

Overall, this was a very beautiful, very generous package from Jemma and I was more than happy to receive all of this! I couldn't recommend her shop more if I tried, and I can't wait until my next pay check comes through so that I can treat myself to some more of her products- she recently did a gorgeous print about being wonderful and brought out some mega cute pencils with cheeky messages on them too! I'm definitely going to spend, spend, spend! 

If you want to have a browse of what she has on offer, check out her site here: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/DorkfaceShop

Thanks again to Jemma for sending me all of these goodies- I adore them all! 

Let me know if you purchase anything from Jemma's store, and what you decide to get!

Love from,
Florence Grace 

My Career Plans for 2018


Anyone who knows me will know that I am incredibly career-orientated. I'm all about being a girlboss, I'm always trying to make more money, looking into new business ideas, learning how I can further myself and become better at what I'm already doing. I am definitely a go-getter and that's not something that's going to change in 2018- in fact, it's only going to become more apparent. 

I've got so many ideas whirling around my brain about things that I'd like to achieve over the next year in terms of my career. I'm not going to set myself any solid goals (for one of the first times in my life!) because I don't want to feel disappointed in myself if I don't achieve them. However, I am going to make a list of these plans (in a notebook as well as in this post!) and speak them into existence and just hope and pray that they spring to life!

So, what do I want out of my career in 2018?

1- A book
Yep, thats right! I want to at least have started- if not have finished- a book. At the start of 2016, when I found my world being turned upside down, I vowed to keep myself busy, and one of the ways I planned on doing this was to start writing a book. Well, I can tell you that I made several starts at different books but didn't really have a direction with it. In 2018, I'd really like to get back to the writing and get somewhere with my dream book. I've thought about it long and hard and have more of a direction for it now- so I guess we shall just have to wait and see where the year takes me! 

2- Get back into radio shows
Be that as a presenter (ideal) or as an assistant or runner of some sort (realistic) I want to get back into working in radio. It was such a huge passion of mine, presenting my own show and engaging with listeners was something I really loved to do, so it's something I really want to get back into again. I've already applied for a couple of positions in studios in London so I'm hoping something will come from them! I'm not going to give up though, because being a radio presenter is my number 1, all time favourite dream job! But in the meantime, while I wait for destiny to intervene and land me the Radio 1 breakfast show slot, I'm going to...

3- Start a podcast show
Random, right? Something I've never even considered before. My mum mentioned it to me in the summer and I kind of just brushed it off. It wasn't something that really fell into my bracket- or so I thought. In October, I attended an inspirational and motivational event where I spoke as a 'successful woman in business'. I got to meet one of my heroes, Remel London, who suggested I start my own podcast, either linked to my blog or linked to my magazine, Love from..., as a way to get one step closer to radio stations. I'd told her I didn't really feel YouTube, although I'm tempted to dive back into this after my previously failed attempt, but a podcast just sounds far more exciting to me! I'm hoping I'll be able to launch it about mid-year, if all goes to plan... and believe me, there's a lot of planning to do! But this is something I'm really, really excited about!

"I'm not a jack of all trades, I'm a master of many. I don't feel there is anything I can't do if I want to"

4- Write more!
There was a time when I was writing for a dozen different publications...and over time, that just kind of dwindled down to...well. Nothing. 

I really miss seeing my work on other websites and in printed magazines, so one of my goals this year is to write for more people, more often. I've already started 2018 off with a boom, landing myself the chance to contribute to a book which is launching in March (more on that soon!) but I want to reach out and write for more publications again too. Writing is another huge passion of mine and something I really love, so I want to just do more of it!

5- Offer more freelance services
I have branched out into more developed social media management that also incorporates website building and web design. Expanding my skills landed me a brand new job role, where I've learnt even more skills, and so I'd love to offer my freelance services on a broader basis. (Hint hint. If you need a social media consultant, social media manager or web builder/designer, hit your girl up. I'm right here!). If this took off this year, I'd be thrilled, but I'm more than happy to just put the plans in place this year and watch it take off next year!

6- Boost Love from... magazine
As always, I want to continue boosting my baby up and expanding the magazine. I took a little breather to refocus- and also, just relax!- at the end of 2017 but now I'm back and ready to take on whatever the magazine throws at me. I'm hoping to bring out two really amazing issues this year that will blow your mind. Hopefully. Yay!

Phew! That sounds like such a lot, doesn't it? Tackling all this as well as working full time will be challenging, but there was a time where I had seven jobs (don't remind me) so I'm sure I can cope. I'm nothing if not ambitious, so I can't wait to take all these goals on and *hopefully* achieve them! Watch this space...

What are your career goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments below!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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Flying the Nest


If you follow me on social media, you'll probably be sick to death of hearing about me moving out. Sorry, but I'm not done talking about it- and probably won't be for a long time either! 

Finally, I am flying the nest!

I have wanted to move out for as long as I can remember- since I was about 17. I remember being so determined to turn 18 and thinking that that would automatically make me an adult and able/ready to move out. HA! How wrong was I? I was nowhere near ready, and nowhere near rich enough either! However, a few years down the line I am now more financially secure than I've ever been in my life, I'm in a wonderful relationship with a partner I'm happy to be moving out with and I have just turned 22, so have a bit more adult independence under my belt! (Some might debate this... but I'm gonna roll with it). 

So the time has come...I am leaving home to embark out on my own life with my boyfriend, to start building our lives together, and I could not be more excited about it. I was a little worried about the whole process at first- my boyfriend and I have only been together 4 months and so on more than one occasion I have been faced with someone who is totally shocked and has tried to instil doubt into my mind and make me back out of my choice to do this. Sure, moving in with someone you’ve been dating for 4 months is pretty quick, and pretty risky. But I love Jonny, I want to build a future with him- so why wait until a time that is determined as ‘right’ by everyone else?


For my whole life, I’ve been stubborn and if I want to do something, I’ll do it. If I want something to happen, I’ll make it happen. When I set my mind to something, that's it- there's no going back. My parents will confirm that for you! So when a situation arose where I then found myself having to move out, I knew that it was the right thing to do to move out with Jonny. Luckily, he was even more enthusiastic about it than I was, and we’ve basically said a big "f you" to people who have told us that it won’t work out, that we can’t afford it, that the decision we're making is wrong etc. etc. It's our life, it's what we want to do and we're happy. To be honest, we don't care what anybody else thinks. 

*(aside from the people who have expressed genuine concern out of worry for us as good friends who just want us to make the right choice and have been supportive of us ever since realising this is exactly what we want)*

Of course, there was still a small, teeny, tiny bit of anxiety at the back of my brain- but then I read an amazing post by one of my favourite bloggers, Vix, who is in a very similar situation to me, and she instantly made me feel better when I read this:

blog quote

I know that she’s right, and I know that I was right to follow my gut instinct and fly the nest with my boyfriend right now. If it messes up, sure, it will be sad- but I would rather know now then after spending 5, 6, 10 years or more together! And I am quite sure that it won't, anyway. 

Life is short, and I am a big fan of living in the now. We love each other very much, we want to be together for the foreseeable future and we both want to live together and start this next chapter of our lives together. Is there a need to wait? I don’t think so.

I’m so looking forward to moving out but there are some things I’m feeling a bit nostalgic about. I’m going to miss my not-so-baby sister so much. I’ve lived with her for her whole life and I can’t imagine not seeing her every day at the table, moodily stirring her cereal, or hearing her blurt out the same Declan McKenna song over and over again. As bizarre as it sounds, I’ll miss having my mum nag me- something that has just become a part of my life and routine over the last 22 years! I’ll miss the family dinners (even though they were getting more and more rare) and I’ll miss someone always being in the house with me!


I’ll also miss the house itself. I’ve made a lot of great memories there. I’ve drunk myself to throwing up there, I’ve made pancakes with good friends there, I’ve cried over boys there, I’ve had my spirits lifted and my heart broken there. I’ve learned to cook there, learned to use the washing machine. I got my own room for the first time in three years, my first double bed that I could enjoy just for me. Above all else, I made a lot of memories with Jonny there.

But there’s no point lingering on the memories and feeling all maudlin and nostalgic about it. I'm excited to decorate and place all of our new furniture and home-y bits. I'm excited about making our own rules in our own home. I'm excited to have friends over to dinner, the way they've had me over so many times before now. I'm excited to have a glam room! (More on that later...). But above all else, I’m excited to start a brand new chapter of my life tomorrow with Jonny by my side- I really can’t wait to see what it brings for us.

Wish us luck with our move tomorrow- I’ll probably be MIA for some time but cross your fingers for me!

Love from,

Florence Grace

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Why It Might Be Time to Kiss THAT Friend Goodbye


I haven’t even begun to go into what this post is about and already I bet you know exactly what friend I’m talking about. You know I do! They popped into your head as soon as you read the title, didn’t they? Because you’ve been thinking about them for some time now, haven’t you? Thinking about how they add nothing positive to your life, about how drained you feel after spending any time with them and how you just wish…well, that you could get rid of them to be honest!

2018 is the time, sis. You’ve got to kiss that friend goodbye- for good! Do you want to know why? Let me help you out by opening your eyes...

Their presence will exhaust you
Their presence will leave you feeling drained, and this will begin to take a toll on your mental, emotional and even your physical wellbeing! Life is far too short to spend it with people who leave a toxic taint on your life. You only want to be surrounded by people who lift you up, make you glow with happiness, give you nothing but love and laughter! If someone leaves you feeling bleak and miserable all of the time, cut ‘em off- ain’t nobody got time for that!

They will try to isolate you
A lot of the time, negative and toxic friends will try to isolate you from your other friends. This is down to their own insecurities- they feel bad about how they treat you and recognise that some of your other friends treat you better. They don’t want to lose you, so instead try to isolate you. They spread rumours, cause disruption between you and your other friends and become clingy, making plans with you all of the time and acting hurt/offended when you say you can’t make them in an attempt to make you feel guilty. It’s manipulative, nasty behaviour and it’s not what you need in your life! Kiss that ‘pal’ goodbye and go into the new year free of any bad vibes!

They will try to keep you down
Did you achieve something great? You can guarantee that they achieved something even better! They will belittle your achievements, mock you passions and try to keep you on the same level as them, if not beneath them. You need friends who will support you, encourage you and lift you up to help you to meet your full potential!

You feel scared to tell them no…
…or, in fact, anything you really feel at all. It is impossible to be honest with them! You can’t be bothered to see them throw a hissy fit because you tell them something they don’t want to hear, and you don’t want to cause an argument because to be honest, you can’t deal with the stress they’ll bring you when they try and make you feel bad simply for being honest. Who needs that? Not you, hun.

You don’t actually like them
You’re no longer friends with them because you like them, or because you want to be in their company. Nope, you’re now only friends because you’re too scared to tell them you don’t want to be friends anymore- and actually, you don’t know how to tell them either!
Girl, its time. You have to be brutal and just bite the bullet.

Don’t feel shame about doing it via text or a phone call- if that’s the easiest way to be honest, then so be it! Tell them you aren’t interested in hanging out anymore, you want some time apart or some space and then hang up/put your phone on airplane mode for a while to let things simmer. If you really can’t face the confrontation, you could ghost them completely. Block them, delete their number and move on without them- this is the harsher option but hey, whatever works for you. Alternatively, you could take a deep breath and have a serious and mature conversation with them being totally honest about your feelings. Let them scream at you and throw a strop, then go home and block them on social media so they can't harass you. 

Whatever your method, just make sure you kiss that 'mate' goodbye, because 2018 is not going to be another year that sees you being dragged along behind anyone else toxic! Get your glow up on and make this year all about you!

Love from,

Florence Grace
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