10 Signs Your Boyfriend is a Keeper

Dating nowadays is so hard. You have to go through so many stages of 'talking' and then 'seeing each other' and then 'dating' before committing. And half the time, the boys you're talking to bail before you even get further than talking anyway! They either end up ghosting you completely or revealing their true fuckboy colours and forcing you to cut all ties (even if you do end up calling them every time, without fail once you've had a few voddy and cokes- sigh). 

However. It's not all doom and gloom.

If you're lucky, then soon enough you'll find someone you think is 'the one'. A boy- or, rather, a man- who sweeps you off your feet and proves to you that actually, all men aren't the same. The problem is, these guys are so few and far between, how are you supposed to know when you have found a genuine keeper? 

Don't worry, girls. I've got you covered. Here are some handy signs that will indicate to you whether a boy is staying the night or staying for life (hopefully). 

1) He speaks girl code.
You know, when we're super annoying and say the total opposite of what we mean, but somehow he still gets it! You know, like when you tell him you want nothing from the shop, he still comes back with your favourite snack without you having to ask. That kind of thing. 

2) He understands your hormonal needs. 
You need a McDonalds there and then to satisfy your cravings? No problem, let's go on a trip. Complaining about tummy cramps? Don't stress, he's already preparing a hot water bottle for you. Crying one minute because just his mere existance is annoying the hell outta you and then pining for attention the next? He's cool with it, he just goes with the flo(w). (Lol- punny, right?). Not every guy is sensitive to a woman's hormonal needs, so if you find one who does exceptionally well in this department, chances are he's a keeper. 

3) You click with them like with no one else.
As cliche as it sounds, you know when you just click with someone and it's like you've known them forever? You need that feeling, and that feeling will only come with a true keeper. Someone who you mesh with from the get go, who you can hang out with like a best pal- someone who finishes your sentences. It's cheesy but it's true!You need some common ground, shared interests, similar tastes in things, to be on the same wavelength. Whilst it's important to have differences, it's more important to have things in common to create that spark that makes the longlasting relationships so undeniably good. 

4) He (still) surprises you.
Because hello, who doesn't love surprises? I say 'still' in brackets because let's be honest, it can be hard to keep some mystery and element of surprise in long term relationships when it seems like there's nothing new left to do or to learn about each other- but if he can still find ways to keep on surprising you, you're on to a winner. It doesn't matter how big or small that surprise is- it could be as simple as bringing you home your favourite chocolate bar just to put a smile on your face, or a grander gesture such as booking a spontaneous, surprise weekend away. It doesn't matter, a surprise is a surprise, and it's the thought that's gone into it and how it leaves you feeling that counts.

5) He supports your decisions...
...as long as they're right for you, and he helps you to consider ones that might not be entirely right for you without coercing you into doing things for his own selfish or even malicious reasons. A keeper will always allow you the freedom to make your own choices in life- about your career, your friendships, your lifestyle choices and eating habits. If you wanna go vegan, he'll support it even if he doesn't. If you wanna stop speaking to your mate because she copied your blog post, he'll support your decision. If you want to quit your job because you want to switch your career up, he'll support it. If it makes you happy, he'll support it. However he isn't afraid to step in and offer support and advice if he thinks a decision you're making might be a bit hasty and not thought through properly. 

*Sidenote: It is very important to find a man who meets the above criteria but does not manipulate you into making decisions that he wants you to do. This is a sign of an emotionally abusive partner and should never be tolerated* 

6) Your friends and family love him too.
This one is vital because, thanks to their outside perspective, our family and friends can usually pick up on someones true intentions for us a lot faster than we can. If your friends and family love your other half almost as much as you do, it's a pretty good sign that this guy is doing everything right and that he's got a good chance of being a keeper.

7) He's your best pal.
He's always there for you, in whatever way you need him to be. He'll be there through the good times and the bad times. He'll support your work (e.g. reading all your blog posts...) and let you cry on his shoulder. He'll look after you when you're sick and let you run different outfit ideas by him for any occasion whilst acting (and sometimes even being) genuinely interested. He'll listen to all your gossip but actually retain the knowledge and remember it all whilst holding the conversation because he's genuinely interested in your day and your life and not just your boobs (like a fuckboy- duh). Come rain or shine, 24/7, a keeper will be your number 1 and your best friend. 

8) You can be gross together.
He'll hold your hair back when you're throwing up and then help you to brush your teeth because you're way too drunk to do it yourself, you'll squeeze all his spots and clean up the horrific mess he leaves in the toilet. And yet you're still in love with him...which means he must be a keeper!

9) He excels at the small things.
He finds out the name of that song you like and keep singing because he knows you'd love to download it. He sends you flowers when you're sick, and buys you more 'just because'. He comes up to you out of nowhere and kisses you on the forehead, or the cheek. He lights candles of his own accord to 'create an atmosphere'. He tells you he loves you out of the blue. He tells you you're beautiful randomly but often. No, we shouldn't award men for doing the small things in life that constitiute just being a decent human being, but small actions such as the ones listed go a long way, and it is a good sign he's a keeper if he does small, thoughtful actions like this regularly. 

10) You love him through it all. 
On the good days and the bad days. When he leaves his clothes next to the washing basket, instead of in it. When he still believes in the cleaning fairy, and pretends he doesn't know how to iron. When he acts like a total troll and when he acts like Prince Charming. When he leaves crumbs all over the counter for the millionth time and when he tidies for you without you having to nag 1,000 times. When he spends 6 hours totally ignoring you for the football and when he surprises you with a spontaneous date night. Through it all, you still love him. 

And that, my friends, is the true sign of a keeper. 

Love from,
Florence Grace 

How did you know your partner was a keeper? Let me know in the comments below!

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