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Jemma, the blogging queen, more commonly known as Dorkface, is one of my favourite bloggers ever. Not only is she incrdibly supportive of everyone, a talented writer and the founder of the awesome community that is The Girl Gang, she's also an incredible artist who creates absolutely amazing and one of a kind products that are sold on her Etsy store. A few weeks ago, Jemma asked me if I'd be interested in reviewing some of her products- and I, of course, jumped at the opportunity! I love all of her products so was thrilled to be gifted some, especially when the package turned up and it turned out everything she sent me were items I had planned to buy anyway! 

The Packaging

Packaged in an envelope with cute stickers on, the actual products inside of the envelope were sealed in a plastic packaging filled with sparkly glitter and brightly coloured, polka-dot confetti! It was basically Jem in an envelope! She left a very sweet note on the front too, which really made me smile- just like she'd hoped!

A4 Prints

Jemma included not one, not two but three A4 prints in the package and I was over the moon when I saw that this 'You Better Work Bitch' print was included, as it was one I was waiting to buy when I had some extra cash! It's a gorgeous shade of pink and is so bold and blunt, I love it! It's definitely going to be displayed in my office space when I sort everything out in my new house... I am forever in need of motivation!!


The other two prints included were this gorgeous city collage print which has a beautiful quote layered overe it and one of her pieces of art. I actually bought one of Jemma's canvas paintings earlier on in the year because I was so taken with it, I don't think she's ever created a piece I don't love! 

Each of the prints came in their own unique wrapping too and all are printed on high quality photo paper so they make great wall hangings or great gifts for friends and family! She has so many different prints to choose from too, so you're bound to find something that you'll fall in love with... just browse the collection here:

A5 Prints

If you haven't got room for some A4 prints, don't worry- she has some equally as gorgeous A5 prints which are great for putting on your desk or on shelves! The two Jemma sent me were this super cute gameboy print, which I think my youngest sister will love for her 'tumblr aesthetic' themed bedroom/life (don't ask, it's a 15 year old thing...apparently). However, the above floral print is divine and is one I am definitely going to be putting in a frame- I think just a simple white one will compliment this print the best, because I wouldn't want to detract from the colours in any way! Again, all the prints were individually packaged and they're all printed on high quality photographic paper. 

Weekly Planner

I was thrilled to receive this weekly planner from Jemma! I have wanted it for so long and it was on my ever-growing list of things to buy when I finally had money! Now that I have my own place, I think I'm going to use this to keep track of what Jonny and I are doing in the week and maybe use it as a meal planner too. 

The best thing of all is that this comes with a mini, all-in-one pen and wiper! So you don't need to go out and buy one yourself. Again, printed on high quality card and individually packaged. 


Last but not least are these snazzy little bookmarks! I am always leaving books bent open so I don't lose my page- which then creases the spine, something that, as a book lover, I hate! So these bookmarks really are going to be well used, and well loved too! Covered in segments of Jemma's art which I think is from the A4 print featured above, with a cute little pom pom to remind you of where your place is, what is not to adore about these?! 

Overall, this was a very beautiful, very generous package from Jemma and I was more than happy to receive all of this! I couldn't recommend her shop more if I tried, and I can't wait until my next pay check comes through so that I can treat myself to some more of her products- she recently did a gorgeous print about being wonderful and brought out some mega cute pencils with cheeky messages on them too! I'm definitely going to spend, spend, spend! 

If you want to have a browse of what she has on offer, check out her site here:

Thanks again to Jemma for sending me all of these goodies- I adore them all! 

Let me know if you purchase anything from Jemma's store, and what you decide to get!

Love from,
Florence Grace 


  1. This is so lovely of you, thank you SO much babe! I appreciate it more than I could say! xxx

    1. No, thank YOU for being kind enough to send me all these wonderful products! I'm just so sorry the review took so long!! xxx

  2. Totally agree with your review. I'm especially in love with the planner and new years resolutions.
    Also I have the explore print in blue and is quite simply my favourite all time print.

    1. Aren't all her products just the best?! Thanks so much for reading :) x


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