Why It Might Be Time to Kiss THAT Friend Goodbye

I haven’t even begun to go into what this post is about and already I bet you know exactly what friend I’m talking about. You know I do! They popped into your head as soon as you read the title, didn’t they? Because you’ve been thinking about them for some time now, haven’t you? Thinking about how they add nothing positive to your life, about how drained you feel after spending any time with them and how you just wish…well, that you could get rid of them to be honest!

2018 is the time, sis. You’ve got to kiss that friend goodbye- for good! Do you want to know why? Let me help you out by opening your eyes...

Their presence will exhaust you
Their presence will leave you feeling drained, and this will begin to take a toll on your mental, emotional and even your physical wellbeing! Life is far too short to spend it with people who leave a toxic taint on your life. You only want to be surrounded by people who lift you up, make you glow with happiness, give you nothing but love and laughter! If someone leaves you feeling bleak and miserable all of the time, cut ‘em off- ain’t nobody got time for that!

They will try to isolate you
A lot of the time, negative and toxic friends will try to isolate you from your other friends. This is down to their own insecurities- they feel bad about how they treat you and recognise that some of your other friends treat you better. They don’t want to lose you, so instead try to isolate you. They spread rumours, cause disruption between you and your other friends and become clingy, making plans with you all of the time and acting hurt/offended when you say you can’t make them in an attempt to make you feel guilty. It’s manipulative, nasty behaviour and it’s not what you need in your life! Kiss that ‘pal’ goodbye and go into the new year free of any bad vibes!

They will try to keep you down
Did you achieve something great? You can guarantee that they achieved something even better! They will belittle your achievements, mock you passions and try to keep you on the same level as them, if not beneath them. You need friends who will support you, encourage you and lift you up to help you to meet your full potential!

You feel scared to tell them no…
…or, in fact, anything you really feel at all. It is impossible to be honest with them! You can’t be bothered to see them throw a hissy fit because you tell them something they don’t want to hear, and you don’t want to cause an argument because to be honest, you can’t deal with the stress they’ll bring you when they try and make you feel bad simply for being honest. Who needs that? Not you, hun.

You don’t actually like them
You’re no longer friends with them because you like them, or because you want to be in their company. Nope, you’re now only friends because you’re too scared to tell them you don’t want to be friends anymore- and actually, you don’t know how to tell them either!
Girl, its time. You have to be brutal and just bite the bullet.

Don’t feel shame about doing it via text or a phone call- if that’s the easiest way to be honest, then so be it! Tell them you aren’t interested in hanging out anymore, you want some time apart or some space and then hang up/put your phone on airplane mode for a while to let things simmer. If you really can’t face the confrontation, you could ghost them completely. Block them, delete their number and move on without them- this is the harsher option but hey, whatever works for you. Alternatively, you could take a deep breath and have a serious and mature conversation with them being totally honest about your feelings. Let them scream at you and throw a strop, then go home and block them on social media so they can't harass you. 

Whatever your method, just make sure you kiss that 'mate' goodbye, because 2018 is not going to be another year that sees you being dragged along behind anyone else toxic! Get your glow up on and make this year all about you!

Love from,

Florence Grace


  1. I've used the ghosting technique on toxic people in the past, or I deliberately drift apart and keep my distance.

    I prefer this method because I have found that whenever I try to talk to toxic people about how their behaviour is making me feel, they get aggressive, explosive, angry, manipulative, hostile, or they'll continue to harass me instead of respecting my boundaries.

    In a way, ghosting is harsh but sometimes it has to be done. I don't like confrontation and toxic people aren't receptive to understand how their behaviours have negative impacts on people.

    Plus, I'm at a stage in my life where I feel as though I don't owe toxic people an explanation for why I'm not talking to them anymore. I think that life's too short and it's best to ghost and move on. :)


    1. As per usual, I really couldn't agree with you more! Whilst initially, ghosting someone might make you feel a little guilty, you're right- life is too short to give every toxic person an explanation! Just get rid of them!

      If it works, it works!


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