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3 Things You Can Take Away From a Bad Date!*

I’ve been talking about dating a lot recently. But that’s just because there is so much to say! Whether it’s about finding the best dating sites, how to get back into dating, staying safe while dating or even just some good old date ideas, there’s always something to talk about – better still, there’s always stories to share too!
I think the worst date I went on was with a guy that I had politely said yes to on a night out because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings (rooky error). He made me pay for the entire date and that was just a total ball ache because I wasn’t even into the guy! That was a harsh lesson that taught me to be more honest with myself (and dates) and learn to say no and mean it!
Whether you’re part of the Oxford dating scene, the Sussex dating scene, the London dating scene, the Manchester dating scene or the Norfolk dating scene, I think we all have stories we can tell about bad dates. If you’re a Leeds single, a Liverpool single, a Wiltshire singles or a Nottingha…

Ask For Angela - Keep Safe While You Date*

Whilst love, sex and relationships are spoken about across mainstream media platforms a lot, one topic that isn’t often brought up is safety in these situations. While safety is always paramount in any kind of relationship, it is particularly important at the beginning of a relationship, when you first start dating someone. You are essentially doing what your parents always warned you against doing – meeting up with a stranger (who you may or may not have met online) that you probably don’t know too much about, and this can sometimes be incredibly dangerous.
Of course you should use your common sense and do all the sensible things – tell several friends and family members all about your date. Tell them their name, age, where they work, where they’re from and most importantly of all, where you’re meeting and what time. Make sure you meet your date in a public place with lots of people, and if you can, try and meet your date somewhere that you’re familiar with.
But what if you do all…

Why the Men In My Life Have to Be Feminists

I feel like before I really delve into this blog post, I have to make one thing clear:

Feminism is about the equality of the sexes.

It's as simple as that. It's not about hating men, it's not about trying to be better than men, it's not about becoming superior. It's about women being treated in the same, decent way men are treated. 
So with that thought in mind, why wouldn't I want the men in my life to be feminists? Why wouldn't I want to have mutual respect for the men in my life? I want them to value me the way I value them - not see me as less than them, beneath them even. I want them to view me as the same as them, on their level. Anything less is just simply not for me. 
Not too long ago I was reading out a Twitter thread to my boyfriend. It was all about things women found to be a turn off in men, and one that I read out loud was "If he's not a feminist". I laughed, because obviously I agreed - I'm not attracted to men who aren't…