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You shouldn't pay more if you're plus size

Pfft. What is plus size anyway? As someone of fairly average build, I vary in clothes size, often ranging from a size 12-16 in bottoms (those hips of mine are just so unforgiving) and a size 8-16 in tops. Yep, I know. How unreal is that?

Plus size is generally anything over a size 16, although some websites do differ on where they begin their plus size range. Recently, there has been some debate as to whether clothes in a plus size range should be more expensive than those in the 'normal' range, because they use more material, following a scandal from New Look. 

Sigh. Anyone who can't see straight through that as yet another scam to discriminate against those who don't fit into Westernized societies idea of an acceptable body type needs their eyes tested, and perhaps their head checked too. 

Honestly, it's just a way to embarrass people who are considered plus size, discriminate against them and generally make their life more difficult. Not only that, but it's an …

Which female characters in film and television inspire you?*

Films and television shows really have a massive influence on our lives - although sadly, not always positive. With so many negative influences from some of the less sophisticated TV shows and films, such as Geordie Shore and 50 Shades of Grey, it's often hard to find strong, iconic female characters that stick with us long after we've finished watching. Watching iconic female characters being brought to life on HD Televisions, Panasonic ones in particular (given their high quality!), is a really special experience and one that I thoroughly enjoy. So, which female characters do I consider to be inspiring, iconic and just pretty damn incredible?

For me, one of the strongest, most iconic female characters I have ever encountered on screen is Liz Gilbert in one of the most life changing films of all time, Eat, Pray, Love. (Warning - there are spoilers from here on in!) The film tells the story of journalist, Liz, packing up life as she knows it following an unexpected breakup to…