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Four Years of Love from, Florence Grace!

Four years is a long time, don't you think?

I'm nowhere near the same person I was four years ago. I'm not friends with the same people, I'm not dating the same person, I'm not in the same job. Everything is completely different, and when I look back on the last four years of my life, I can't help but to think about how everything would be even more different had I not started my little blog - four years ago to the day.

Four years ago, I was sat anxiously waiting for my A Level results, I was deciding if I was going to go to the university that accepted me or not, I was wondering if photography was really the career I wanted to pursue - in short, I was totally lost. Until I started my blog and began to create my own career. Blogging helped me to find my way, find myself and totally change my life and I find that totally mind blowing. 

I've been looking back through my Facebook page, right to my first year of blogging, and there's so many exciting things …

Skinny Doesn't Equal Happy

Recently I started a new weekly Q and A series on Instagram all about body positivity and self love. A lot of the questions I get really stick with me, and I feel like I need to dedicate more than just one tiny snippet of Instagram story to the answer. A great example of this is this question here:

For me, this had one very obvious and simple answer that I had to share with everyone - skinny doesn't equal happy. Plain and simple.

(Disclaimer, before we really get into it: This isn't me saying skinny people can't be happy - this is me saying that if you work so hard to get skinny it doesn't mean it's going to make you happy. Hope that makes sense)

Really, there's so much more to speak about when it comes to weight and self love. It's all well and good me sitting there telling people that skinny doesn't equal happy but that's not going to be very helpful for them when they want to resolve their issue of having no confidence. This isn't the first …

Men Need To Do Better

*Trigger Warning. This post discusses sexual assault, sexual abuse and rape*

As someone who has been a victim of abuse and a victim of rape/sexual abuse previously, I get a bit anxious around men I don't know. One of the worst things I have to do in life is get into a lift by myself, with no one I know, and every other person in the lift being a male. My palms get sweaty and clammy, my chest gets tight, I feel sick and generally unsafe. When I step out of the lift, it's like coming up for air after being held down under water for almost too long.

It only happens when I don't know anyone else. If I'm in a lift with Jonny, with my friends or even with a male colleague, I'm totally fine. But if I know no one else in that lift, and am the only woman present, my mind tells me that I am not safe.

Lifts are the worst. However, I get a little anxious walking past groups of men, or in front of men (one or more) or walking past men in clubs. In fact, in Ibiza a man tried to …

Bullying and Online Trolls: My Story and What I've Learned

Bullying is something I have spoken about a couple of times on my blog before because it really is a topic quite close to my heart. However, I'm taking the time to discuss it with you all again because it's an issue that remains as relevant as ever.

I have been bullied quite a few times in my life - I was bullied for a short time at primary school, an even shorter time in my first year at secondary school which actually involved the bully being removed from my form and then I was bullied online from Year 10 to Year 13 and throughout my first year at college, resulting in about 5 years of bullying.

I thought it was over when it died down in about 2016 but over the last year it's begun to start up again - and it's only since this most recent bout of bullying that I've begun to really notice something; the bullying begins when I become more successful.

When the online bullying started in Year 10, I had just got myself into my first proper relationship, one of the few…

Love YOU Q and A's

Yesterday morning, I used Instagram's newest feature, the Question Sticker, to host a Q and A over the course of the next 24 hours about body positivity and boobs. This was in relation to a blog post that I published yesterday morning about boobs (you can read that here!) and how I learned to love mine, even though they aren't 'perfect' in the eyes of the world.

The Q and A was far more successful than I had anticipated and some of the questions I received were actually quite challenging - I definitely needed more than just an Instagram story to answer them, and so some of them I will actually be covering on my blog. However, it wasn't just the kinds of questions I was receiving that allowed me to measure the success of the Q and A, nor the quantity of questions either, but rather the feedback I received during the Q and A, and even now after it.

So many individuals, male and female, came to me with just the nicest things to say about how much I was helping them t…

Let's talk about boobs (again!)

Boobs. Half the world's population has them - and yet they're a topic that are so often misunderstood. For that reason, it's a topic that I love to talk about.
I have been blessed (arguable word, but we'll go with it) with relatively large boobs. Sitting firmly at a tiny little A-B up until I was 16, I suddenly sprouted, bypassing pretty much all other cup sizes and jumping pretty quickly up to an astonishing F cup. An F! At the time I was proud, because everyone wants big boobs, right? I wore outfits that showed them off, frequently received compliments about my curvaceous figure and generally felt pretty lucky to be part of the "big boob gang".
Until the online bullying started. Because one of the comments that seemed to appear over and over again was that I had "saggy" boobs. This was something I'd not paid any attention to before, I'd never even considered my own boobs to be saggy and I definitely didn't feel like this was a good th…

Ibiza for beginners!

If you have me on Instagram, you'll have been subject to my ongoing spam of Ibiza photos! I recently went on holiday there with my boyfriend, Jonny, and honestly I had such a good time. 
Whilst Jonny has always, always wanted to go to Ibiza, it's never appealed to me - I've not really ever wanted to go and get smashed day after day and come home feeling crappy. To me, that didn't sound like a holiday. However, back in 2017 when Stormzy hosted the first ever Merky Festival at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, I knew I wanted to go - so when the tickets for the 2018 festival went on sale, Jonny and I booked them straight away! The festival itself is only two days, so we decided to fly out the day before and add a couple of days afterwards too, to make it more of a holiday. 

I was a little dubious for a number of reasons. First of all, at the time of booking the holiday, I had put on weight and didn't feel comfortable in my own skin, so I worried I'd feel horrible and unatt…

I can't make up my mind!

I am the worst at making decisions. I mean literally, the worst. 
Once I've made a decision, great! I stick to it, I'm rock solid on it and there's no wavering me. And it's odd, because in a lot of aspects of my life, I'm incredibly decisive. From a very young age I've known exactly who I am, what I want from life and what I want to achieve. Those were very easy decisions for me. 
But ask me what I want for dinner, where I want to go at the weekend to make the most of the sun or what TV show I want to watch and I'm stumped. 

I guess it's a good thing that I'm decisive about the things that count, right?
I recently relaunched my blog and announced that I was going to be focusing on four main categories - body positivity, self love, relationships and careers. However, after my recent holiday to Ibiza, and with three more holidays coming up over the next 10 months (and hopefully more!) I discovered that you guys really enjoyed my travel content. More s…