22, you've been fun...

I dunnoooo about youuuuuu but I'm feeling twennytwoooooooo

Sorry guys - it's the last day I can sing that and mean it, because as of 3:29pm tomorrow, I will be turning 23. 23!! I can't cope, that just sounds so old to me.

Growing up I thought that by now I'd be married, own my own home and have at least one baby, probably with another on the way.




Can you imagine me with a baby right now? Jonny takes up enough of my time and energy as it is, let alone with a baby too...

But seriously, here I am at 23 and nothing about the life I'm living now is as I planned or expected - or, in some cases, even dreamed. Being 22 has been amazing for me. I've achieved so much - things I would never even have considered being within reaching distance for me. I've cut off some of the most toxic, poisonous people you could imagine and surrounded myself with only the best people in life. I've worked longer and harder, I've found peace with body image and self love and begun working on helping other women (and men!) to do the same.

Life has been treating me so well and some days I can barely believe it's all real - I really am fortunate enough to be leading a very, very good life and I almost feel like it must be a bit of a joke, and any day now someone's going to shout GOT YA! and announce to me that my life is a new series of the Truman Show and nothing that's happened is real.

The last twelve months have seriously flown by, and when I look back on them individually, my mind is blown by all the things I actually did. I really underestimate myself sometimes, but reflecting on the last year has shown me just how much I am capable of achieving, as long as I never stop believing in myself. Since my 22nd birthday last year, I have:

- Met my ultimate hero in life, Tom Hanks (albeit very briefly) and had him say 'Happy birthday!!!' to me, as well as sat and listened to him talk about life for a couple of hours... now that was a great way to start 22!
- Presented my first live gigs, six shows of 1,000 people at a time for Safe Drive, Stay Alive
- Presented the annual staff conference at work to the entire company, including the Managing Director
- Managed to get a promotion at work, upping my hours from 16 to 40 and almost tripling my salary
- Taken on more freelance clients and work
- Turned Love from... magazine into a monthly magazine
- Been to Ibiza, Barcelona, Bristol, Manchester and - as of tomorrow - Rome
- Met Anne-Marie (my hero, my idol)
- Saw Beyonce and Jay-Z (my Queen)
- Become the most confident and happy with myself than I've ever been in my whole life
- Begun working in the radio industry again, even getting to speak on air, and meet some incredible guests
- Starred in a music video for Blushes
- Became a bloody published author!!
- Started taking care of my body and regularly exercising, including doing a weekly workout class
- Moved into my own home with my boyfriend (major omg!!!) and just renewed the contract for another two years
- Celebrated my one year anniversary with Jonny

Wowza. I mean, I moved out of my family home and into my own home - crazier than that, it's a home I'm sharing with a boyfriend. Crazy. I thought 21 was the best year of my life but 22 was seriously good, and if every year can be as good as this one I'll be happy for the rest of my life!!

I'll be celebrating my birthday in Rome for a long weekend and I am so looking forward to alllll the pizza and pasta. Plus, I've wanted to go to Italy forever, so I am seriously excited. 23 is going to be another great year for me I hope - I'm not setting myself any major goals, because I find that now, when I just go with the flow, great things just tend to find their way to me... so let's hope that keeps on happening! However, I already have a couple of sick things planned and several holidays and gigs, so even if nothing else happens besides those, I know that it's going to be a good year.

As I step out of 22 and head into 23, I'm leaving behind all the shitty people I thought had a place in my life, I'm leaving behind toxic thinking regarding my body and weight and I'm leaving behind anything that doesn't bring me happiness and inner peace. No bad vibes over here please! More money, more success, more good health and even more good vibes please! Roll on being 23...

See ya on the flip side gang!

Love from,
Florence Grace

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  1. Happy Birthday!

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