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Where did all the bloggers go?

Out of nothing but boredom, I was scrolling through my 2,400+ followers on Twitter the other day, just having a nosy at who follows me really. I scrolled through every single one, all the way back to the very start of the list. And wow. I mean, really, wow. 

There were so many people I missed. So many people I met when I first started my blog, almost five years ago! A naive 18 year old looking to create a life in the media industry for herself, passionate about getting her voice heard and 'becoming famous' and was making a million and one pals along the way. Now, at 23, I look back and wonder where on Earth we all went... because half the people I was looking at weren't bloggers anymore, and the other half were people I don't speak to/don't speak to me. 

For a while, I felt sad. Sad that these once exciting friendships built on a shared love and passion for writing and creating content had fizzled out. Sad that there were so many amazing women in the world that I was…